14 Most Comfortable Headphones In 2020

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Looking for a pair of comfortable headphones that don’t hurt your ears, lay nicely on your head and send to your ears good quality sound? In the text below, we will prove to you that this goal is not impossible to achieve. We will give you some basic explanations and definitions of the word comfort, explain the most common problems with headphones in this area, show you how to avoid them and, of course, suggest 14 most comfortable headphones in 2020 that we have tried.

What Is Comfort and Why Is It So Important?

When different people speak about comfort, everyone has different things in mind. Comfort has relative meaning that is special and unique for every individual. That is the case with furniture, clothes, shoes and even with those feelings you get in someone’s presence. There is no difference when speaking about headphones.

In modern world, comfort loses its importance. The market is flooded with so many products of various shapes and forms. What we will buy is determined by many factors such as popularity, age and often the price. Many people would rather buy a modern T-shirt than a comfortable one. We do the same thing with headphones.

Headphones have become integral part of our lives, they are considered expendable and we often don’t buy headphones that can last, deliver great sound and feel comfortable in/on our ears, but those shiny, colorful and trendy headphones that other people consider great.

We have to ask ourselves is that really so important. Do you really think that it is more important to have trendy expendable headphones that hurt your ears and cause headaches, than a pair of quality, durable and comfortable headphones that will last for years and make you feel great? In our opinion, you should forget about fashion and do/buy things that make you feel better and make your life more interesting and pleasant for living.

That is the reason why you should look at our list of most comfortable headphones and think about our suggestions.

Most Comfortable Headphones In 2020 – Top 14

Most Comfortable HeadphonesModelRatingReview
Sennheiser HD 5984.6Read Review
Bose QuietComfort 354.5Read Review
Sony MDR75064.6Read Review
Sennheiser HD 6504.6Read Review
Bose QuietComfort 254.2Read Review
Sony MDRXB950BT/B4.2Read Review
Audio-Technica ATH-M50x4.6Read Review
V-MODA Crossfade4.4Read Review
Sennheiser HD280PRO4.3Read Review
Skullcandy Crusher4.4Read Review
Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO4.5Read Review
Grado SR80e4.4Read Review
Sennheiser Momentum4.2Read Review
JLab Audio3.6Read Review


What are the Most Common Problems with Headphone Comfort?

We are sure that every one of you has encountered different problems with at least one pair of headphones. These problems can vary from person to person, but everyone had some of them. We say that the problems with headphones can be different because we are all unique and our heads and ears are shaped differently. That’s the reason why the best option would be if all manufacturers would produce only headphones with adjustable cups and headbands so that every customer can find the best size, pressure, and position for himself.

We all know this is still impossible. We will have problems with the comfort of our headphones for a long time and some of the following problems will still be present.

  • Too much pressure on ears

The most pressure on your ears put big on-ear and over-the-ear headphones. Their cups are usually massive and badly shaped so they put pressure on ears and make listening practically impossible. Many manufacturers make round and rectangular cups. These are cups with straight edges and their shape can never match the shape of human ears. Luckily, some companies have started production of slightly different headphones with oval, D-shaped and high-end cups that customers like more.

When it comes to smaller headphones, such as in-ear headphones, they can also put too much pressure on your ears, because they go too deep in your ear canal and that can be really unpleasant for some people.

  • Sweat effect

The next problem with headphones is the sweat effect that they cause during warm days or in warm rooms. There have been recorded more problems of this kind with closed-back headphones because they have bad air circulation than for example opened-back headphones.

However, if you choose to buy on-ear or over-ear headphones, there is a great chance to encounter this problem because manufacturers make cups from unpleasant materials that your skin doesn’t love.

  • Too heavy headphones

Big headphones have bigger weight than small ones and you can expect them to become unpleasant after a few hours of wearing. In those cases, your ears hurt and the pressure that the headband puts to your head is unbearable.

If those headphones have more than 9 or 10 ounces, they can cause serious pain if you have to wear them often or for several hours straight.

What Characteristics Should Have a Pair of Comfortable Headphones?

When you are looking for the most comfortable headphones, you can watch pictures and read reviews on the Internet as much as you want. That can help you completely. Just like our text, other reviews can only show you what you should pay attention to when choosing between different products.

Every person is unique and his or her body, ears and heads, in particular, are not an exception. The shape of our ears and heads is different and the only way to find the right headphones for you is to visit some stores where these products are presented and try them on. There is also a possibility to rent headphones online and wear them for some time.

We suggest you to find the easiest way to try different headphones and here are the things you have to think about when trying/testing headphones.

  • Comfortable ear cups

Some of the most important things about headphones are their ear cups or ear tips, depending on the type of headphones. Some of the characteristics of ear cups and ear tips, important for comfort, are size, shape, and materials these parts are made from.

The size of ear cups/tips is important because some of the biggest problems with headphones are caused by picking the wrong size of cups/tips. Every owner should find the perfect size for his ears. In the opposite case, none of them will be completely satisfied. If they are too small, ear tips tend to fall out, ear cups tend to put extra pressure on your ears, and they simply can’t isolate noise in the way the right cups/tips would. One of the best solutions for this problem is to offer to buyers several replaceable cups/tips in different sizes, included in the package. That way, people can find the right size for them.

When speaking about shape, we must say that ear cups and ear tips are produced in different shapes. The variety of shapes is more noticeable on on-ear/over-ear headphones. Most of them are round, oval or D-shaped. None of these follow natural shape of human ear and we can’t say exactly which shape is the best and the most natural.

When it comes to materials, we recommend soft foamy cushions and natural materials that don’t make your ears sweaty and sore. Velour has proven itself as the best possible material for making ear cups. If you really want to have leather headphones, try to buy those made from genuine leather, because they hurt less your ears than faux.

We would also recommend buying headphones with cups that can move vertically or from side to side because those cups are more pleasant and adjustable to your ears than fixed ones. Especially if you’re wearing glasses or have a piercing.

  • Comfortable headbands

When buying or testing headphones, don’t forget to inspect headbands. They may not seem, important, but they really are. The entire impression about headphones can be ruined because they are too short or too long, especially if they are not adjustable. That depends on the quality of headbands.

It is pretty bad if your headband can’t be adjusted – if it doesn’t have some extenders. In that case, you risk that ear cups won’t be able to completely cover your ears and that causes bad noise cancellation.

Remember that good headband must have good cushioning. It shouldn’t be too thick, but it should be soft and comfortable and made from foam.

  • Normal pressure/clamping force

Every pair of over-ear or on-ear headphones puts some pressure on your ears and head in general. It would be completely unnatural if you wouldn’t be able to feel headphones on your head. However, the pressure shouldn’t be so high that it makes you take your headphones off after one hour or earlier.

When you are trying out headphones, try to focus on the pressure they make. If they soon start to hurt your ears or to put unpleasant pressure on the head, they are not made for you. Be careful when buying big headphones, because some of them, especially over-the-ear headphones tend to be quite heavy.

The List of 14 Most Comfortable Headphones In 2020

Sennheiser HD 598 Over-Ear Headphones

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Sennheiser is company that originally invented open-back headphones back in 1968. They are known for their high-quality products and one of those is our first choice – Sennheiser HD 598 open-back headphones.

This model has very attractive and stylish design. It is available mostly in beige color, but they can also be found sometimes in black. They are large and not so light weighted (they weigh 9.6 ounces), but they are extremely comfortable, in spite of its real weight. Many users say that they would never guess the real weight of their headphones. Sennheiser HD 598 are wired; the cable is 3m long and it can be connected to almost any modern device because of its 3.5mm golden-plated connector. The audio cable is detachable and tangle free. It is also practically damage free because of a so-called twist-to-lock mechanism, which makes the cable safe from damaging in case of pulling.

Sennheiser HD 598 have solid construction, which makes them very durable. They are made mostly from quality plastic materials. The headband is covered with natural leather. One of the things that can be easily noticed is thick cushioning on the headband, which is one of the things that makes these headphones so comfortable. On the ends of the headband and on the front side of ear cups, you can see some wooden parts, which are there for pure aesthetics. Ear cups are big and they are designed to go over user’s ears. They are stuffed with foam and covered with velour, which is the most comfortable material for making ear pads. Velour doesn’t make your ears sweat and the combination of foam and velour makes these pads one of the softest and most comfortable pads in the world. They are pleasant for wearing, even for many hours, especially because they practically don’t put any pressure on your ears or other parts of your head.

When it comes to the sound, we can say that Sennheiser HD 598 offer high-quality sound. The bass is good, the sound is clear and it really feels natural and detailed, and it is partly natural because of open-back design. However, there are some things you should have in mind. These are open-back headphones and that has some consequences. Headphones like these tend to leak great amount of sound and they can’t use noise cancellation technology, so you will be forced to hear people around you, just like they will hear your music. This can be problematic if you want to use this model outside your house or at work, but if you want them only for your private rooms, they are perfect.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Attractive and stylish design

Detachable 3m long cable with twist-to-lock mechanism

3.5 mm gold-plated connector

Solid construction, durable headphones

Thick layers of cushioning on the headband and ear cups; extremely comfortable

Natural and rich sound

Sound leakage

No noise cancellation technology

Bose QuietComfort 35 (Series I) Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling

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Bose is one of the most appreciated companies in the world that produces all types of headphones. They are famous for their high-quality products that cost a lot in most cases, but it turns out they are really worth the money you spend on them.

Bose QuietComfort 35 are made to be comfortable. The word “comfort” in the name proves that the manufacturer tried to make headphones that could be worn for hours without any problems. We can say that Bose succeeded in it.

Bose QuietComfort 35 are perfectly designed over-ear close-back headphones. They come in black and silver colors, but we can say that black version looks more elegant and stylish. These headphones are nicely shaped and the finish is really smooth. The headband is wider than some previous versions of Bose over-ear headphones and it has relatively thick cushioning. Headband wideness is one of the reasons why Bose QC 35 are a bit heavier than others (8.3 ounces), but the weight and wideness helped to achieve better stability on user’s head. Ear pads are oval and stuffed with soft foam material, which is covered with smooth and soft leather. The touch of that leather on your ears makes you feel satisfied and relaxed. These headphones are so comfortable that you won’t feel any pressure on the top of your head or your ears, which won’t be sweaty even after many hours of wearing.

QC 35 are both wireless and wired headphones. They are meant to be used like wireless headphones, but the manufacturer included audio cable in the package, just in case you run out of battery (which is really difficult because it can last up to 20 hours without charging). In the package, you will find one USB charging cable and hard case for transporting your headphones safely. 2.5 mm connector is on the left ear cup. On the right cup, there are built-in mic, volume controls and one button for Bluetooth pairing and NFC. The mic offers easy making calls and talking without any problems or interference. Bluetooth pairing is really easy and fast, especially if you download free app that enables you easy control of the device. With the help of this app, you can turn on passive mode of listening, which saves battery life.

These headphones are made from quality materials, mostly from plastic, but the speakers are made from metal. That means that these headphones are very durable and solid, so they will last for a really long time.

Bose QuietComfort 35 offer their users great sound. These headphones use active noise canceling technology (ANC) that protects you from outside noise that cars, motors, and other people make. You will be able to dive into the world of your favorite melodies and completely relax. ANC is activated when you use headphones without the cable and there’s no way to turn it off (except plugging in the cable). However, the sound is balanced and natural enough for ordinary listeners. The sound is not as clear as on some other headphones, but its digital equalizer helps to balance all sound elements and deliver quite pleasant melodies.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Attractive and elegant design

Wired and wireless usage

Long battery life (up to 20 hours)

Extremely comfortable headband and ear cups with soft and thick cushioning

No pressure on user’s head, no pain, and adjusting

Made from quality materials; ear pads covered with soft leather

Universal 3.5 mm gold-plated connector

Great balanced sound with ANC

ANC cannot be turned off when using Bluetooth

Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphones

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Sony MDR7506 Professional Headphones are, like their name says, headphones made for professional use. That’s the main reason why they have been produced and sold since 1991. Many DJ-s, professional musicians and others who use headphone at work, are common buyers of this product. That doesn’t mean that ordinary people can’t have it or like it. They can and they do.

MDR7506 come in black color and its design is basically the same as one older model produced by Sony in 1985, Sony MDR V6. The main difference is the label on the ear cup. V6 has red label “for Digital” and MDR7506 has blue label “for Professional”. These headphones can’t brag with elegant and attractive design, but they are far from ugly. Their headband is adjustable and ear cups are movable too. The headband is long enough so that even people with bigger heads can use them normally and ear cups have specific size. It is something between on-ear and over-ear cups. MDR7506 are wired headphones with 10-inch long coiled cord. It is not too long or attractive, but it is long enough for work at your desk. There are no extra features such as mic or control buttons and that’s the reason why some might consider these headphones bad for connecting to phones because you can’t really make calls while wearing these big headphones.

Sony MDR7506 come only with one carrying vinyl case and one 6.3 mm adapter plug for regular 3.5 mm gold-plated connector, which is really great for professional use.

These headphones are made from metal and plastic. They weigh only 8.1 ounces and that’s why we are surprised how the manufacturer managed to put so many metal pieces in such a light pair of headphones. The inner part of headband is metal and the padding around it is unexpectedly comfortable and soft, although it is thinner than average. The front side of ear cups is in shape of a racetrack and the first ring is made from plastic, while the second one is metal. Because of that, the speakers are protected and headphones offer less sound leakage and more protection from unwanted sounds interfering. Ear pads are made from relatively thick material. They are soft and extremely comfortable, but there were some complaints about their durability. However, these pads are replaceable and you can order extra pads separately for less than $10.

When it comes to sound quality, Sony MDR7506 offers good, balanced and lively sound. The bass is decent and the sound is really loud so you won’t need any amplifiers. However, some users have problems with the clarity of sound. It is so clear and detailed that you will be able to hear every hum or mistake. That’s understandable because they are made for professional use, but it might be unpleasant for ordinary listener.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Durable headphones made from metal and quality plastic

Good sound quality

Good price for great quality

Universal 3.5 mm gold-plated connector with 6.3 mm adapter

Extremely comfortable; adjustable headband and soft replaceable pads

 /  Made for professional use

Too detailed sound for some users

Not too attractive or modern design

Ear pads can get worn out

No noise canceling technology

Sennheiser HD 650 Open Back Professional Headphone

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Sennheiser HD 650 Open-Back Professional Headphones are another Sennheiser’s great product made for professional use mostly and made to last for many years.

These headphones have simple design, but they are very elegant and luxuriously equipped. The headband is wide and generously cushioned. Its length is adjustable, so it can fit different people. Ear cups are oval and closed-back, which ensures better fit on your ears and less sound leakage, as well as good noise reduction. These are over-the-ear headphones but they are not too big, they give just enough space to your ears to fit comfortably and just the right amount of pressure to ensure good noise reduction. They are wired, the cable is replaceable and it is approximately 10 inches long. The cable ends with 6.3 mm gold-plated connector. There are no mic and remote controls on the headphones, so these are not really good choice if you need headphones for your phone and answering calls.

Sennheiser HD 650 don’t have any spare parts or accessories included in the package. You will only get one mini-plug adapter (3.5 mm adapter), which you can use if you need to connect your headphones to different modern devices.

HD 650 are made from quality materials, mostly plastic. They have neodymium magnets, which ensure great sound. Most of the customers are completely satisfied with product’s durability, but there were some complaints about the headband. Some say their headband cracked after some time and it was impossible to fix it. HD 650 aren’t the lightest headphones on the market, but considering that their weight is above 9 ounces, they don’t put much pressure on your head or ears. However, if the headband cracks, the pressure appears and that creates multiple problems. Ear pads have rich and thick layer of soft stuffing, which is covered with soft velour, the best material for ear pads because it ensures great comfort and less sweating.

Sennheiser HD 650 are made for professional use, and that means mostly for mixing music. Of course, ordinary people can buy it for everyday use and they won’t regret because the sound quality is great. The sound is rich and punchy and the bass is also good. However, these headphones show their best only when used by professionals. They have great frequency tolerance (10 – 39500 Hz) which is perfect for mixing music and DJs will be very satisfied. HD 650 have neodymium magnets and aluminum voice coil that ensure powerful sound and fast response.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Simple but pleasant design

Durable headphones with solid construction

One of the most comfortable headphones on the market

Great sound

Aluminum voice coil for fast response

Neodymium magnets

Decent noise reduction and little sound leakage

No noise canceling technology

No microphone or remote controls

Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Bose QC 25 are predecessor of later Bose QC 35 model and QC 25 has really set some standards for creating great quality long-lasting headphones. The fact that QC 35 has kept many QC 25 features proves that these headphones are truly great.

Bose QC 25 have simple and elegant design. They are available in two colors – black and white with nice matte finish, but for $100 more, you can combine whatever colors you want for your headphones. These headphones are wired; the cable is detachable and it ends with L-shaped connector. These headphones are specially designed to match the design of certain iPhones and iPads, but they are also compatible with Android and Windows devices, especially Samsung. However, some of the options may not work when connected to certain devices. The headband is adjustable and it is covered with soft cushioning that ensures comfortable wearing without pressure to your head. Double hinges make these headphones more adjustable and comfortable. The ear cups have circumaural shape and they are movable so that they can easily adjust to your ears. The pads are comfortable, especially because they are covered with thick soft material and soft leather finish that lays nicely on ears and doesn’t make them sweat.

QC 25 are made from quality materials, mostly plastic, but ear cups are made from zinc. They are quite stable on head and durable and they weigh only 6.9 ounces, which is far less than average. They come with one AAA non-rechargeable battery and one carrying case, which could look small at the first sight, but it really isn’t. There’s just enough space for the headphones inside the case, which is also quite sturdy in order to protect headphones while traveling. One of the interesting facts about these headphones is that they receive power supply from that AAA battery, but they can also work without it. In case you suddenly run out of battery (which will be quite difficult because it can last for more than 35 hours straight), you can continue to listen to music, although the quality of sound will get quite low and passive. QC 25 have great inline mic with remote control, which is compatible with Apple devices.

When it comes to sound quality, we can say that Bose QC 25 offer great sound. It is warm and balanced. They are quite loud and that high-profile sound cannot be turned off. These headphones use ANC technology that can be turned on and off whenever you want by pressing the switch on the right ear cup.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Simple and elegant design

Comfortable headband and ear pads that put no pressure on your head and ears

Compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows

These headphones can work without power supply

ANC technology that can be turned off if necessary

Lighter than average

Good mic; phone friendly

Some feature might not work with certain OS

Sony MDRXB950BT/B Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones  

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Sony MDRXB950BT/B are exceptional headphones made for bass lovers and audiophiles. They have simple but elegant design and they come in three colors – black, red and blue with pleasant matte finish. These headphones are big over-ear headphones that might seem too large for someone, but they are more comfortable than you could ever imagine. The headband is wide enough to provide stability on user’s head but also light and soft for extra comfort. Ear cups have round shape, which is standard shape Sony uses, but they have added some extra layer of soft material in order to make ear pads more comfortable for wearing. The shape of the pads’ holes follows the shape of human ears. The cushions are covered with soft pleasant leather material.

These headphones are wireless, which also increases comfort level, not only for cable haters but for everyone. They come with one chargeable battery, which can last for 20 hours between charges and up to 200 hours on standby. They can be easily paired with both Android and IOS devices and you will have great signal within 33ft distance range. In case you run out of battery, you have USB charging cable that can be inserted into any device (phone, tablet or notebook) to continue listening. Sony MDRXB950BT/B have many buttons and plugs built in the ear cups, which enables more comfortable use. There are USB plug for charging cable, power on/off button, remote controller and built-in mic that is not perfect (especially in crowded places), but it can come handy in case you have to answer calls. There is also one more button meant for turning on/off bass boost mode for bass lovers.

Sony MDRXB950BT/B are made from plastic and brushed steel that is used for making headband for example. The construction and the thickness of ear pads have resulted in increased weight (10.1 ounces), but Sony made it in the way that you don’t realize their real weight because it is spread evenly on your whole head. In spite of quality materials these headphones are made from, many customers had problems with their durability, because the headband easily breaks, especially on joints.

As you can expect from product made by Sony, sound quality is great. They offer two modes – normal mode and bass boost mode. The sound is balanced, pleasant and very detailed. One of the flaws of this Sony model is that it doesn’t support ANC. However, the ear pads are so thick that we can say Sony once again succeeded in making great headphones with great passive noise cancellation, which isolates great amount of outside noises.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Simple, elegant and wireless design

Built-in mic

Comfortable with extra cushioning on ear pads

Balanced and detailed sound with optional Bass Boost mode

40 mm drivers for wide frequency response (20 – 20000 Hz without audio cable or 3 – 28000 Hz with audio cable)

Up to 20 hours of battery life between charges

Good passive noise cancellation

Tend to break easily, especially on headband and ear cups joints

No ANC available

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Monitor Headphones

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Audio-Technica ATH-M50x are headphones made mostly for professional use, but many ordinary people are constantly buying this product and they are quite satisfied with it. These headphones are available in black and white colors. The design is not so attractive, the headphones look really big and dominant plastic construction gives them slightly cheap look. However, they look comfortable and when you try them, you will see that they are even more pleasant for wearing than you could ever imagine.

ATH-M50s are big over-ear headphones with big headband and big ear cups with nice big cushioning that provides stability on user’s head without pressure that usually causes pain and headaches. The headband is really comfortable and its size is adjustable, so it can’t be too small for anyone. Ear cups are quite big and they have large soft pads, which are covered with some kind of leather. These cups are also replaceable, so if you don’t like them, you can buy pads made by a different company.

Unfortunately, just like other headphones predicted for professional use, ATH-M50s are wired, but their cable is detachable and replaceable. The cable has 3.5 mm connector and it has twist-and-lock design, which prevents sudden pulling. Ear pads can be swiveled for 90 degrees in order to enable users to perfectly adjust headphones to their head and ears. The bad thing is that these headphones don’t have mic, so you won’t be able to use them for answering calls when they are connected to your phone.

ATH-M50s come with 3 different audio cables. The first one is straight 1.2 m long; the second is straight too but 1.8 m longer. You also get 1.2-meter to 3-meter coiled cable. That way, you don’t have to buy new cables if something happens to the one you use. You just take out one of the two remaining cables that you get in the package and that’s it. The package also contains one carrying case.

These headphones are mostly made from plastic and that’s obvious. The basic part of the headband is made from steel and those thin rings on the front side of ear cups are made from metal. However, it turns out that ATH-M50s aren’t as durable as you would hope. Many customers complained about the durability of their headphones. They say that headphones get worn out after some time and the paint on the headband and ear pads starts to peal, which makes them look terrible.

One thing we can’t complain about is the quality of sound. It will satisfy both regular customers and DJs, musicians and other people that make music for living. The sound is balanced and pleasant, also very detailed, which can be expected from professional headphones. Sadly, these don’t use ANC technology, but they are not so bad in creating passive noise cancellation thanks to big thick pads.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Great detailed sound

3 replaceable detachable cables included in the package

Good passive noise cancellation

Extremely comfortable and pleasant for wearing for many hours

Great choice for mixing music

Poor quality of materials used

Not so attractive design


V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Over-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Headphone

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V-MODA Crossfade M-100 are headphones that weren’t originally made to be comfortable, but we have to admit that they offer quite satisfying result in this department.

M-100 have unusual, catchy and attractive design. They are available in two color combinations – black/grey and white/silver. They have comfortable headband that lays nicely on user’s head and ear pads with memory foam covered with soft faux leather. The shape of ear pads is circumaural and hexagonal, which follows the shape of human ear and enables it to lay nicely in pad hole. The front side of the ear cups can be adjusted to your needs and desires because any sign or picture you want can be engraved with laser. That way, you can have great headphones with personal touch. These headphones have many screws and hinges, ear cups can collapse so that the headphones can be put into carrying case and transported safely.

Some of the customers complained about the size of original ear pads; they found them too small. The good thing is that ear pads are replaceable, just like audio cables. You can find spare cables and bigger XL pads for really small price, so that shouldn’t be such a big problem. M-100 have detachable audio cable that can be inserted into both left and right cup and on the cable, you will find inline mic with remote controls.

V-MODA Crossfade M-100 come in a rich package. Besides headphones, you will find two audio cables, in black and bright orange, one carrying case and two small corks that are used to seal plugs on ear cups when not in use. That way, you protect plugs from dirt and prolong the life of your headphones.

M-100 are truly durable pair of headphones. They are made mostly form hard materials, such as metal. In spite of the materials used, these headphones aren’t among the heaviest headphones on market. They weigh 2.5 pounds and they aren’t too heavy for wearing on your head, although we wouldn’t recommend wearing on your neck. When it comes to durability, we must mention that these headphones have been tested several times and it was proven that they can survive falling from the six feet height more than 70 times. You can’t really expect more from a pair of headphones, can you?

Apart from all that, these headphones offer great sound. The bass is pleasant and these are good at lows, at mids and at highs. They send very detailed sound to your ears, which makes them perfect for professional use (by DJs, music engineers, etc.), but we assume many ordinary users won’t regret buying these. M-100 also use noise canceling technology. With the help of this technology and those big noise reducing ear pads, we are certain that you will be able to completely shut out the world and relax by listening to your favorite music. In addition, the quality of the mic is really good, so you can connect these to your phone and answer calls when necessary.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Attractive and catchy design

Solid metal construction

Very comfortable headphones

Noise canceling technology

Great detailed sound

Great for professionals and ordinary users

Easily replaceable pads and detachable audio cables

Problems with breaking of cables on headband and cups joints

Small pads for some users

Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphones

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Sennheiser HD 280 Pro are headphone made mostly for professional use, slightly different from the competitors, but also very good for ordinary users, mostly because of the level of comfort provided.

HD 280 Pro come in black color and at the first look they just scream “comfortable”. One of the first things you can see is, that these are big over-ear closed-back headphones with circumaural ear pads that adjust easily to the shape of your ears. You will also immediately notice thick padding on the wide headband and thick pads with foam and soft leatherette coverage that are there only to indulge your ears during many hours of wearing. As they are made mostly for professional use, these headphones have 3-meter long coiled cable. Sadly, just because of their main purpose, the cable is not detachable, but it can be replaced, as the manufacturer claims. One of the things that can be replaced and that can extend the life of your headphones are ear pads and the padding on the headband. Ear cups swivel, which enables easy packing and transporting, but also easy adjusting to user’s ears.

Sennheiser HD 280 Pro come in a simple packaging and the only thing you will get is 6.3 mm plug adapter for universal 3.5 mm connector that is originally on the audio cable.

These headphones are made from plastic, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t durable. They are made from plastic and other light materials because the manufacturer was trying to make lightweight headphones that can be worn for many hours in studios while mixing music. Well, they succeeded in it. They weigh 1 pound and most of the customers claim these are extremely comfortable. On the other side, HD 280 Pro have neodymium magnets that ensure their quality.

As far as the sound is concerned, we can say that it doesn’t suit all tastes, mostly because professional headphones have accentuated bass and detailed sound, and you won’t notice any distortion. HD 280 Pro don’t support ANC, but they manage to suspend up to 32 dB of outside noise, which is really good. They don’t have mic, so they are not so phone friendly, but they are compatible with many different devices and if your plan is only to listen to some audio, you won’t regret buying them.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Comfortable headphones with soft paddings

Ergonomically designed for many hours of wearing without sweating or pressure

Replaceable pads and cables

High sound quality, especially for professional use

Compatible with many devices

Affordable price

Good passive cancellation


Skullcandy Crusher Headphones with Built-in Amplifier and Mic

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The next pair of headphones on our list of the most comfortable headphones are not just comfortable, they are the true example of headphones made for bass lovers and that may be their most important characteristic.

Skullcandy Crusher are wired full-size over-ear headphones with not so interesting design. They are mostly interesting because of wide choice of colors, but besides that, they look quite cheap and unattractive. The headband is really well cushioned and comfortable and it is also adjustable to different head sizes. Ear cups have thick soft pads that offer just enough space for your ears to make you feel comfortable. At the same time, these are tight enough to reduce as much outside noise as possible. The cups can be slightly swiveled in order to adjust to your head and ears easier. Behind the left one, you will find place for AA battery and there’s also a slider for defining bass level. The audio cable is detachable and you can easily replace it and prolong the life of these headphones.

Skullcandy Crusher come in a simple package and in the package, you will find 3.5 mm cable with inline mic and remote controller, AA battery and carrying bag.

When it comes to the quality of construction, these headphones don’t look very durable and there were some complaints about that, but we can say that the amount of quality is proportional to more than affordable price for a pair of full-size headphones. They are made from plastic, which means that you have to take care of them or they will break soon. In spite of materials used, these headphones weigh more than some headphones with metal parts (10.1 ounces). However, these don’t feel hard to wear and they don’t put too much pressure on user’s head.

As we have mentioned above, these are headphones made for bass lovers. They use two different drivers, Sensation 55 and REX40. That AA battery is required for normal activity of Sensation 55 because you can’t increase bass level without it. However, you don’t have to worry; these can work without battery, but that will be passive mode and the sound won’t be the same. The sound, in general, is really good, balanced and pleasant without distortion, but if you adore bass, you’ll have to insert the battery and you will be able to listen to music for up to 40 hours without replacing it.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Very comfortable headphones that adjust to your head easily

Detachable 3.5 mm audio cable

Good quality mic for making and answering calls

Great sound for bass lovers

Built-in amplifier

Affordable price


Cheap design

Not so durable

Possible rattling in the left cup where the battery is set

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO

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Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO are headphones made by German company. They have simple but attractive design and they come in black and grey colors. These headphones are full-size closed-back over-ear headphones, very comfortable and pleasant for wearing for many hours. The headband has thick soft padding, it is adjustable and it enables equal weight distribution on every part of user’s head. Ear cups have circumaural shape and the thick pads are made from soft material covered with pleasant velour that keeps your ears free from sweating. There is enough space in the pad hole for everyone’s ears, they won’t put pressure on ears, but they will protect you from great amount of outside noise.

DT 770 Pro are wired with 10-feet long audio cable without inline mic or remote, so these are not so phone friendly as some other models of full-size headphones are. The cable has 3.5 mm gold-plated connector and they come with 6.3 mm plug adapter. The cable is not rubber, but from some kind of plastic; it is not so flexible and it doesn’t seem so durable.

DT 770 Pro are made from quality materials. They have some plastic parts, but the headband is made from metal. That doesn’t mean they are heavy. On the contrary, they weigh 1 pound and they are considered to be in the group of lighter over-ear headphones.

As far as the sound is concerned, these headphones offer crisp, accurate and clear sound, with good bass and treble. You can choose between several models of Beyerdynamic DT 770 headphones and find the one that suits best your taste. 32-Ohm model is great for listening to music from a cell phone, tablet or some other portable device, although you might need an amplifier because some complained about low sound volume. 80-Ohm model is studio model that is great for recording music in studio environment. If you need headphones for mixing music, choose 250-ohm version and we promise you won’t regret. One of the problems with these headphones is connected to noise canceling technology. DT 770 don’t use ANC and the passive noise canceling is not the best in this class, so these are more for indoor listening.

Advantages and disadvantages

Very comfortable headphones with velour pads

Replaceable pads

Durable headphones

Simple but elegant design

Great sound quality for professionals and ordinary users

Lightweight headphones (1 pound)

No mic included

Audio cable is not detachable


Grado SR80e Prestige Series Headphones

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Grado SR80e Prestige are great headphones you can get for an average price of $90. These on-ear open-back headphones are surprisingly comfortable; although you wouldn’t expect something like that from a pair of on-ear headphones.

The headband is solid but comfortable and its size is adjustable, so these headphones fit people with smaller heads as well as those with M or L sizes. You will feel just the right amount of pressure (clamp force) for headphones to stay safe on your head and that’s all. There won’t be any headaches or sore ears. The ear cups are round and the ear pads are thick and soft. SR80e are wired headphones. They don’t have detachable cable. The cable is Y-shaped and each of the ends goes to different cup. These headphones don’t have inline mic or remote, so if you need something for answering calls, these are not for you.

Grado SR80e come in a rather poor package. You can find there only one 6.3 mm plug adapter for regular 3.5 mm universal connector.

When it comes to the quality of construction, we can say that these headphones are made from solid materials, especially the headband. The pads are made from soft foam that protects your ears. The audio cable is quite durable and solid, but the connector is case unfriendly and very flimsy. The headphones weigh only 8.2 ounces and that’s one more proof that these are very light, comfortable and pleasant for wearing even for many hours. However, many people have complained about the durability of SR80e, especially about the durability of joints between ear cups and the headband.

As far as the sound is concerned, its quality is really great. The sound is pleasant, natural and the bass is full and deep. However, great sound isn’t everything you should think about. Don’t forget these headphones have open cups and no ANC. That means that they leak a lot of sound, but also don’t protect you from outside noise. SR80e aren’t made for noisy streets or any crowded place where you might bother other people with your music. They are more for the intimacy of your house or studio, in case you are professional musician.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Very comfortable for on-ear headphones

Adjustable headband and soft foam ear pads

Sturdy and durable audio cable

Light headphones

Great sound quality

No mic


Sound leakage because of open cups

Sennheiser Momentum Headphone

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Sennheiser Momentum is one more model of full-size over-the-ear headphones made by Sennheiser. As you could already see, Sennheiser is another name for quality. It’s not different with Momentum. With this model, Sennheiser offered to their buyers and fans something really different from the headphones they were used to. Of course, with premium quality and premium looks comes premium price, but we can say it is worth it.

Momentum Headphones have unusual and interesting design. They are catchy and attractive, especially because of the headband that is softly padded on the central part and revealed completely on the ends. There are holes where the screws of the ear cups are inserted. They can be moved up and down in order to adjust the size of the headband to your head. The ear cups have elegant finish and thick soft pads covered with soft pleasant leather that gets in touch with your ears and provides decent comfort for them. Leather can make your ears sweat a bit, but nothing alarming really. Velour cover is on the newer version, Sennheiser Momentum 2, so those should be even more comfortable. The ear pads are oval and there should be enough space for your ears, although you should first try them on because there were some complaints about their size. These are very light headphones with less than 7 ounces weight. First Momentum Headphones were available in only brown color, but finally, they appeared in black and ivory.

Sennheiser sends Momentum with two audio cables. One of them has inline mic with remote controller, but it is compatible only with Apple devices. This cable is 52 inches long and it has 3.5 mm connector with a hinge that enables you to turn straight connector into L-shaped one. The other cable is 56 inches long and it has only straight 3.5 mm connector. This one is used with other devices, such as Android phones. In the package, you will find one hard elegant carrying case and one 6.3 mm plug adapter.

With these headphones, you can be sure that you chose durable product that will last for years. The headband is made from brushed steel, ear cups are metal and the cables are also sturdy and durable. We couldn’t see any potential for breaking and there were no complaints from customers. That may have something to do with the lack of hinges. That means you can’t swivel ear cups, but you certainly get more durable headphones. Anyway, Sennheiser gives you 2-year warranty period and if something happens, you can return them.

Sound quality that these headphones have is really different from majority of headphones on the market. The sound is pleasant and clear, very crispy and the bass is not so emphasized like the sound of some other headphones. The mic offers satisfying quality and the ear cups are closed-back, so some of the outside noises will be shut out, although there is no ANC. One more advantage you get when you buy closed-back headphones is that they don’t leak sound, so you can use them everywhere, on the street, in the office or any other crowded place.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Simple and attractive design at the same time

Durable headphones

Comfortable headband and ear cups

Light headphones

Two detachable audio cables included in the price


Mic is compatible only with Apple devices

Some claim that ear pads are too small

JLab Audio Bomora Over-Ear Headphones with Universal Mic

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The last pair of headphones on our list is the cheapest one, but it can easily be among the most comfortable ones too. When you first see JLab Audio Bomora Headphones, the thing you immediately notice is soft comfortable cushion. That’s exactly why they are made for. To sit nicely on your head and provide supreme comfort during hours of use.

These headphones certainly have the widest range of colors and designs for you. They are available in seven colors and each of them is available with matte and glossy finish. Truth to be told, these are really big headphones and if your head is small, they might be too big. The headband is covered with thick foam that provides extra comfort and soft touch to the top of your head. The closed-back big over-ear cups with thick layer of memory foam are covered with soft eco-leather that provides less pressure on your ears, but it might make them warm and sweaty. The audio cable is detachable and it has inline mic with remote controller, so you will be able to use it with phones and other portable devices and also make calls if necessary.

Bomora Headphones come in a simple packaging and the only thing, besides headphones and cable, you will find there is textile carrying bag for frequent travelers.

When it comes to construction quality, these aren’t the best headphones in the world. That’s one of the reasons why they can be found for $27 or less on sales. The headband is made from steel and it is not prone to breaking, but the coverage on ear pads is prone to peeling, which can destroy the looks of your headphones. In addition, the pads are simply glued to the cups, so there were some cases when the pads just came off.

One of the things you wouldn’t expect from a pair of cheap full-size headphones is good sound quality. However, these offer great listening experience. They are good in highs, in mids and in lows; the bass is emphasized and that makes these headphones great choice for bass lovers. They don’t have ANC, but their passive noise canceling is pretty good, especially because of thick paddings and closed design.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Supreme comfort

Softness and small weight (approximately 9 ounces)

Low clamp force

Wide range of colors

Great sound for the price

Good passive noise canceling

Good price

Low quality of the materials used

The paint peels off


How to Make Your Headphones More Comfortable?

Even if you buy the most expensive and most comfortable headphones in the world, there’s slight chance that they will be too tight for you. The same thing happens with many new things such as clothes, shoes etc. They need some time to adjust to the size of your body.

In case your new or your old headphones are in such condition, here are some things you can do in order to make them wider and more pleasant and comfortable for wearing.

  • Put more cushioning on the headband

One of the most common problems with comfort of your headphones is the pressure that too hard headbands put on the top and both sides of your head. The simplest thing you can do to protect yourself from pain caused by that pressure is to put cushioning on the headband or add extra layer if the existing one is not enough.

You can search online for brand that makes headphones with best cushioning or you can simply go to some store and try some models in order to see which pair has the softest headband. You can also order cushioning separately and just glue it to the existing layer, or you can buy a piece of memory foam in some store that sells that type of goods, cut it out and glue it.

No matter what you choose, it will feel better than it felt before. You will get rid of the pressure, the pain and the anxiety they cause. You will stop moving and adjusting your headphones trying to find the best position. Adding some extra cushioning will definitely enable you to forget about the pain and completely enjoy your favorite melodies.

  • Stretch your headphones

As we have said before, all new products that you can wear, need to be used for some time to adjust and become less stiff and hard. If you try some headphones in a store, that doesn’t mean they will immediately fit you perfectly. Those that you take out straight from the unwrapped box are stiff and they will need some time to lay on your head perfectly.

If you really need to stretch them somehow, you can use some objects that you can find in your apartment (speakers or boxes) and put headphones on them when they are not in use. Just pay attention to the size of the object, it shouldn’t be much bigger than your head because you certainly don’t want your headphones to be too stretched. That might cause falling off and bad noise cancellation/isolation.

  • Buy different cushions/paddings/tips for ear cups/ear pieces

One more thing that causes problems with headphones are ear cups on on-ear/over-ear headphones and ear tips on in-ear headphones.

On-ear and over-ear headphones have big cups with big paddings, which are usually soft, but they are sometimes too thin to offer the necessary level of comfort. That’s the reason why people sometimes decide to order extra paddings in different sizes or even to look for more comfortable paddings produced by other companies. In this case, it is really difficult to find pads that are perfectly compatible with your headphones. If you decide to do something like that, be careful because different pads can change the quality of music that your headphones deliver.

If you have in-ear headphones, try to buy some tips made from memory foam that fits your ears and snugs comfortably in your ear canal.

  • Order custom-made cups/tips like a professional musician

This is extraordinary solution to your problems and we doubt that majority of customers would have enough money to spend on a service like this. However, it is not impossible. Everything can be custom-made. The question is how much you are willing to pay for something like perfect pair of headphones.

Do You Really Need a Pair of Comfortable Headphones?

Definitely! Everything that has contact with your body can hurt it if it is poorly made or it just doesn’t match your body. We are sure that you don’t want to endanger your health because of a pair of headphones.

No matter how attractive they look, how cheap or trendy they are, if you don’t feel good and relaxed while wearing them, consider that waste of money. If your headphones put too much pressure on your head and ears, they will cause pain and anxiety, you will be constantly moving them and you won’t be able to work, work out or just relax. Especially if you have to wear them for many hours.

Your body, your health, and your comfort should be the most important things for you and you shouldn’t do or buy anything that might endanger them.

Our list of 14 most comfortable headphones in 2020 can help you find the best option for your taste and your budget, so take a look and we are sure you will be satisfied with the offer.

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