Top 10 Headphones for Music Lovers In 2020

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Almost all people nowadays can’t go a single day without listening to music in some surrounding. This is a prominent characteristic especially with younger generations and Millennials. The younger generations are now mostly comprised of self-professed audiophiles who require specific headphones for music lovers. The new generations are extremely connected to new music, way more connected than the older generations were due to the modernization of technology and due to the change in people’s lifestyles. It is now a very uncommon sight to see a person who has no contact with any form of technology for listening to music. This also has to do with the oversaturation of the music industry. New music is always coming out and new genres are always being discovered to keep from music becoming dull and boring. Music has recently become one of the largest industries making extremely large profits from the sale of music and related music products. These products may range from instruments to devices like headphones or earphones. Some music lovers find it very important to have high quality headphones so that they can enjoy in listening to music at the highest possible quality. Luckily for us there is a seemingly infinite amount of choices you can make to suit even the most specific needs,from incredible bass tones to euphoria inducing treble sounds.

Modern music listeners are extremely picky when it comes to choosing just the right sound to suit their needs since it is something they spend a lot of their time doing.

What Type of Headphones Should I Buy?

When discovering what type of headphones is your favorite, the first thing you should consider is what type of headphone you find most comfortable, and the only way to know this is to try different types of headphones at the shops. Some people consider ear buds the most comfortable form of headphone, while others would rather prefer over the ear headphones which are more robust but are more difficult to carry around as oppose to ear buds. While over the ear headphones are more difficult for maneuvering, they also boast a better quality of sound and a better noise cancelling effect. If you are looking for a device which you want to use on the move, like on your everyday commute on the train or while jogging around the block, ear buds would be the suggested choice. Over the ear headphones are a clear winner for listening to music at home because they provide the most comfort and the best listening experience. Some types of headphones are made especially for people who like to listen to music while exercising so they have hooks which you can clip around your ear to ensure that they don’t fall off while doing any exercises. This is very useful because you can do your daily routines without ever having to adjust the headphones or worry that they are going to fall out. Another variant of ear buds is the Bluetooth ear buds which connect to your phone automatically and are attached to one another by a single short cable. These are convenient because they can be casually slung around your neck when you’re not using them, so they aren’t a hassle.

If I Pay More for the Headphones Will I Get a Better Experience?

When buying headphones putting in an extra buck will definitely improve the experience that you will get from listening to your favorite songs. Music lovers are the types of consumers which will likely want to have the best possible listening experience and won’t hesitate to spend an extra sum of money to achieve the greatest possible result. At one stage the increase in quality of sound that the headphones produce is very minimal with a very large increase in price. This means that there is a line which only extreme audiophiles will cross, and buy the most expensive and exclusive headphones for the highest quality sound entertainment system. These systems are extremely comfortable, have extremely great functionality, have an immensely good sound and are sure to leave you in awe after using them.

Are These Headphones Also for Commercial Use?

A great quality of headphones isn’t only for people who make music and exclusive producers as some people may think. It is obviously a great advantage for producers to have the highest tonal range on their headphones so that they are aware of what sound they are producing. Audiophiles usually really want to her the best possible sounding audio so that they can hear the songs that they love and cherish in the best possible light. Many customers are in need of having high quality music at their disposal when they are on the move, it makes long tedious journeys and daily commutes a lot more interesting and adds some flavor to them.

Best Headphones for Music Lovers In 2020 – Top 10

Headphones for MusicModelRatingReview
Beyerdynamic T14.2Read Review
Sennheiser HD 6504.6Read Review
MEE Audio Pinnacle P14.1Read Review
OPPO PM-34.6Read Review
Bowers and Wilkins P54.1Read Review
Beats Solo34.5Read Review
V-MODA Crossfade4.2Read Review
Audeze SINE3.7Read Review
Shure SRH15404.5Read Review
Marshall Major II3.7Read Review

Why Not Just Buy Cheap Headphones?

When it comes to more expensive headphones, as the expression goes, you get a bang for your buck. Cheap headphones almost always provide a sound which is unclear and has very little tonal range. The lower range of headphones also isn’t very promising when it comes to quality of bass. Sadly, cheaper headphones are devoid of bass entirely and they don’t provide any bass tones which the user can enjoy. Cheaper headphones also lack the comfort aspect that their more expensive counterparts have. With more high quality materials and specially crafted and shaped headphones comes a more comfortable to wear product that can enhance our everyday lives.

Now that we’ve had a rough look at these intense devices, we can commence our top 10 headphones for music lovers list. This list is comprised of a list of headphone devices which I am sure that most audiophiles will take a liking to. These devices are in the list based solely on the quality of sound that they produce.

Top 10 Headphones for Music Lovers in 2020

Beyerdynamic T1 Tesla Audiophile Stereo Headphones


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These headphones are definitely ones of highest quality. They are manufactured and handcrafted in Germany by experts in the trade of making amazing devices for listening to music. They boast an impeccable sound and are simultaneously extremely comfortable to wear. There is little to no noticeable discomfort while wearing these headphones for long periods of time due to the incredibly good build quality. The Beyerdynamic T1 Tesla headphones have an incredibly specific lightweight sound profile to them. The technology used in them is in a way revolutionary, using Tesla Technology and re-engineered transducers which are a new form of technology that gets the highest quality of sound to the user. With this new technology the listener can now listen to the headphones at almost double the volume of the regular headphones you can get at the stores, with very extremely precise and intricate sound. These headphones are a very useful tool to have especially if you are a customer who wants to use them for producing music at the highest tier.

The headphones are semi-open shaped and come with cables to connect to any modern device with an AUX port and they come with a metal case for storage which is convenient when you want to travel with the headphones and don’t want them to get damaged.

These headphones come at an exceptionally high cost but the product that you are getting is hand-crafted to ensure that there are no issues with it and that they are of the utmost quality when they are delivered to you. With this high cost comes an experience which is unforgettable. These headphones will have you weak at the knees once you hear the sound that they produce. In order to get the most out of these headphones it is also important to keep in mind the format of the songs that you are listening to, because with different formats comes different quality of sound. FLAC formats are among the best formats for music in general as the quality of the sound is a lot higher than that of its counterparts like MP3 or MP4 formats. When FLAC files are transferred from one place to another, the quality of sound on them remains unchanged and unaltered unlike when you copy MP3 files. When copying MP3 files too many times, the size of the file is reduced and with that comes a drop in the quality of sound. The sound is more muffled and there may sometimes be a buzzing noise, or a feint white noise in the background that can be heard.

This device is not extremely well optimized for portable devices such as phones and mp3 players. If you want them to produce the highest quality sound and have maximum enjoyment they should be connected to an amplifier like the Beyerdynamics A1 amp which is another product designed by the same company. With the amp set up, the T1 Tesla headphones produce a much higher quality of sound and can push a lot more volume through them as compared to when you connect them to your smart device or mp3. The amp allows for a higher volume of sound to be pumped through it and it’ll surely give you the experience of a lifetime.

All in all the Beyerdynamics T1 Tesla Audiophile headphones are a very expensive device which is intended for only the most avid listeners of music and for that reason the quality of sound displayed from the headphones is top class. The sound that the headphones emit can be greatly improved by using the aforementioned Beyerdynamics A1 amp, giving it that extra kick that we all greatly desire.

All in all this product would be a great choice for individuals looking for a long-lasting quality product that they can hold and treasure for a long time, using all of its advantages as best as they can. This product isn’t recommended for listeners who aren’t that into music because this is still a large investment for a product that you may not use as much as someone who loves music will. These headphones are recommended for people listening to any different types of genres, be it classical, rock, alternative rock, pop etc. They are a perfect choice for the people who are ready to take that step further into the deep, introspective aspect of music. With these headphones, honing out individual instruments when they play songs in a band feels almost second nature. You really begin to feel the band chemistry, and hear the true emotion of the players playing the songs, as opposed to just listening to the jumbled noises that come out of your ordinary headphones. This device is highly recommended if you are willing to pay a large sum of money for a quality set.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Extremely high quality audio

Very lightweight

 Need an additional Amp to listen to headphones at maximum potential

Sennheiser HD 650 Open Back Professional Headphone

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The Sennheiser HD 650 Headphones are our second pick for our top 10 list of headphones for audiophiles or music lovers. The Sennheiser HD 650 headphones are also manufactured in Germany like its counterpart, the Beyerdynamic T1’s. The headphones are slightly less expensive than the Beyerdynamic headphones, but that doesn’t mean that they don’t produce a high quality of sound like the T1’s do.

These headphones have received positive reviews from experts all around the world. Sennheiser is an extremely well acknowledged company and has been revolutionary in creating the best possible sound for different types of devices for a very long time and is usually the first choice of headphones for a lot of users nowadays. It has become a staple in the music industry as a very innovational company with the will to constantly improve their technology and equipment in search of finding the most balanced and suitable devices for people like us to enjoy. Sennheiser is constantly improving the music industry and market by adding high quality, high fidelity products that are sure to get you jumping around the room with glee. This is the reason why Sennheiser has been a competitor in this industry since the mid 1900’s and is also why even today it is still going strong.

The greatest thing about these headphones is that they boast an extremely different and unique sound, unlike many other companies. Sennheiser have got their headphones to sound extremely refined and have an extremely particular sound.

The build quality of the Sennheiser HD 650’s is an extremely important aspect about them. Sennheiser as a company takes great care and consideration when tending to these products so that there are no problems with the headphones when they reach you. This is shown in the way they are built. They are composed of extremely high quality titanium to ensure that they are not cumbersome when you are wearing them and so that you can wear them for long periods of time without having to worry about it getting uncomfortable and having to take breaks in between listening to give your ears a break. The padding on the headphones is extremely soft and comfortable on the ears. Also adding to the comfort of the headphones is the elliptical design of the headphones, which are adapted in such a way that they fit the wearer perfectly with no feeling of discomfort whatsoever. The headphones are built to resist harsher impacts and usually come with a two year warranty depending on the retailer you buy them from. The cabling that comes with the headphones is also very resistant to damage and is detachable, which can be useful for cleaning purposes.

These headphones can be used with portable devices of any kind, like mobile phones, mp3 players and similar devices. They are designed primarily for these devices and function in unison perfectly.The very vast channel separation that the heaphones have is incredibly well suited for listening to more refined music like jazz, acoustic and classical genres of music. While listening to these genres the tones are a lot more prominent and that is where you start to see the true beauty of the quality sound that the Sennheiser HD 650 headphones produce.

The Sennheiser HD 650 headphones, just like other headphones of this caliber perform much better and produce a higher quality sound when connected to an amplifier, high quality portable blue ray players and also by using the aforementioned lossless digital music files. Only people who are very accustomed to listening to extremely expensive headphones, such as veteran audiophiles may find any weaknesses to these headphones as oppose to other headphones higher up in the price spectrum of quality Hi fi systems. Ordinary people that listen to these heaphones with no knowledge of other types of audiophile headphones are sure to get blown away by the miraculous sound that these headphones produce.

These headphones are accepted and widely used in studios where eyeing out individual components in a song is required and are therefore suitable in a lot of different types of surroundings and situations.

For people out there who are looking to go the extra mile to get that kick that they so desperately desire, there are many accessories that you can buy for these headphones that contribute to this already miraculous product. CH 650 S cables are available for purchase for around two hundred and forty dollars retail price. These cables are used for connecting your set of headphones to an amplifier. The length of these cables is around 3 meters so there is no issue when it comes to having a short cable you need not worry. This cabling just like the product itself is top notch quality. Only the highest standard of quality can be expected from these Sennheiser products.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Is created by a company with a long history of high quality products to assure quality.

They are very comfortable for the user to wear.

In order to get the best possible experience, they should be connected with CH 650 S cables, to maximize the quality of the sound output and they come at quite a hefty sum.

MEE Audio Pinnacle P1 High Fidelity in-Ear Headphones

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With the third set of headphones in this list we chose to go for this ingenious set of high fidelity in ear headphones designed and crafted by MEE Audio. MEE audio is a company which specializes in creating in-Ear headphones of very high quality. The practicality of these headphones is very different from the previous headphones that were mentioned. The fact that they are in ear headphones allows them to be used in many different circumstances. These circumstances can include going for a jog, hiking, exercising at the gym and also for everyday use. These headphones are a lot easier for transporting as compared to the previous headphones that we mentioned. This essentially means that you can take them out of the house and listen to them wherever you want which is a big advantage over the previous headphones that were mentioned. The over the ear headphones are much larger than the in-ear headphones and that can cause problems when trying to use them outside the house. Many people prefer to use the extravagantly expensive headphones in a controlled environment where they won’t have to worry about whether or not something is going to happen to their headphones or whether or not there will be any damage done to them.

Customers often argue whether or not in ear headphones are more comfortable to wear than over the ear headphones and a vast majority prefer the in-ear headphones because they feel more stable to wear and the sound from the headphones is directed right into the listener’s ear so they hear the music in its best form.

These in ear headphones designed by MEE Audio are very nice to listen to all types of modern, conventional music; they have solid, crispy bass tunes and very precise treble to suit any listener’s needs. One can listen to jazz, classical music all the way to rap and hip hop on these headphones.

This set of headphones is built with utmost care and they are built to last a very long time with zinc alloy housings and the fact that you have interchangeable, replaceable cables to ensure that the headphones don’t stop working once there is wear and tear in the cabling. The design of these headphones is also very customizable, to suit all the users wants and needs. Three sets of Comply memory foam ear-bud tips come with the headphones as well as six pairs of silicone ear-bud tips. This is very useful because the user of these headphones will never have a problem with finding a size that suits their ear size and shape. It is useful to have headphones that fit nicely so that you can hear the songs that you love without having to think about adjusting the headphones because they keep falling out or anything like that.

As with all the headphones in this list the quality of sound is vastly improved if the songs that you listen to are not compressed and are in a format which supports the highest quality of sound.

If you are looking for a pair of headphones which you want to last a very long time and that you can take anywhere without having to worry whether or not they are going to get damaged, these are the perfect headphones for you. They boast incredibly good sound at a reasonable price for headphones designed for audiophiles. These headphones are mid-range when it comes to their price but still have an incredibly unforgettable sound experience which a lot of other users will agree with.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Increased versatility due to the headphones not being bulky

Can be used when exercising or doing any types of recreational activities

The sound quality that the headphones produce is less impressive than with the previous pairs of headphones

Over the ear headphones are usually more comfortable to wear than in ear headphones and can be worn for longer periods of time without having to take breaks.

OPPO PM-3 Closed-Back Planar Magnetic Headphones

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OPPO is a company that has been heavily involved in the making of high fidelity headphones and other electronic devices since it was founded in 2004. It is a very prestigious company with great reviews all round for their products. The OPPO PM-3’s use planar magnetic technology in order to produce high sound quality, similar to some of the other higher tier products mentioned on this list. With the headphones using planar magnetic drivers, the quality of sound that they produce is far greater than headphones that don’t use this kind of technology. This product is a great candidate for being the best headphones for music lovers due to the price not being too high and due to it having great reviews from a lot of customers that have used this product and have said that it was one of their favorite pairs of headphones.

The headphones are closed-back, which means that they provide great noise cancellation. This is great when you are travelling somewhere, on the bus for example and you want to isolate yourself from everyone. Headphones with good noise cancellation are great when you want all of the sound to be focused straight into your ears.

The headphones come with a detachable 1.2 meter cable and a microphone and controls. This is useful to have because a vast majority of headphones don’t have the option to have a microphone on them. The microphone is a very convenient tool to have on your headphones because it simplifies your life. Instead of having to take your headphones off in order to take a call, you can simply push the button on your device and you will be having a conversation instantly. The long cable is also a useful tool because when you have a long cable, nothing is constricting your movement; you can be sitting on the other side of the room and still listen to your headphones with no issues.

These headphones, as with other products in this price range are best listened to with a connected amplifier. The amplifier pushes the sound out at a higher volume and the tones are a lot more balanced when listening to your music.

These headphones are great all round headphones so you can listen to a multitude of genres on them. These are possibly the best headphones for someone with little to no prior knowledge of high tier headphones because they produce a great sound and they are very well balanced ensuring that whatever the listener wants to listen to will sound great.

Another great aspect of these headphones is that they are very light. In fact they are currently the world’s lightest closed-back planar magnetic headphones on the market. This is great because when headphones are light, they can be worn for very long periods of time without becoming a nuisance to the user. This is great for people who want to produce music because when you are a producer, sometimes you have to have the headphones on for very long periods of time.

The style of these headphones is very elegant and they are great to wear even when you are outside. They are stylish and are made from very high quality materials, which is the reason for them being so light. The aluminum frame of these headphones is incredibly light and very durable ensuring that these headphones will last a long time. This is great because you don’t want to constantly be thinking whether or not the headphones will break.

The bass on these headphones may be a bit underwhelming for some customers. The V-moda headphones mentioned in this article sport a lot more bass. Some may argue that the OPPO headphones produce a sound which is much closer to the sound that the producers intended you to hear, but that is for you to decide.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

The OPPO PM-3 headphones are the lightest closed back planar magnetic headphones on the market which ensures that you can listen to them for hours on end without any discomfort

They produce a great tone and a very accurate sound

The headphones use planar magnetic drivers which produce a far better sound than regular headphones which don’t have this technology

The bass tones on these headphones may be underwhelming to customers looking for that extra boost

Bowers and Wilkins P5 Wireless Headphones

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The Bowers and Wilkins P5 set of wireless headphones are a good choice for any type of music lover or audiophile because they sound very good and they also look the part. Bowers and Wilkins is a famous brand which has been supplying the world with quality headphones for a very long time and it seems that that’s not going to end any time soon to be quite honest. These headphones were designed by a large team of engineers and have been thoroughly designed to get the best sound possible to the user.

The Bowers and Wilkins P5 headphones sport a very fashionable look and are easy on the eye. They don’t stand out or bulge too much like other headphones of this style. They have a very sleek and elegant look which is great for use outside the house or whenever you are on the move.

The great thing about these headphones is that they have the option to be wireless. They do indeed have cables included with them so it is optional to have them set to Bluetooth mode. When listening to the headphones in Bluetooth mode, the sound quality that you hear isn’t really as good as when you listen to the headphones with the cables attached. This is due to the fact that some of the quality is lost in the transmission of the frequencies from the device to the headphones.

These headphones are ideal for audiophiles who really need some headphones to go around the city and be on the run with them. The headphones are also great because the battery once fully charged can last up to around seventeen hours which is more than your regular set of headphones. So if you are going on a trip somewhere, you would probably be fine with charging them once to full battery. The fact that they are Bluetooth headphones is great because when it comes to listening to headphones in crowded places there are many instances when someone gets hooked onto the cabling of the headphones and rips them right off your head. This can be very irritating and can lead to unnecessary frustrations when you are supposed to be relaxing and enjoying your music to its maximum potential.

These headphones are best when you are listening to Rap and RnB songs, because they have great mid tones and also have reasonably good bass tones which will have you on your way to hopping around your room like a lunatic, or even in the bus if that’s what you’re into but we don’t recommend it.

The only downfall of these headphones realistically speaking is that they are quite expensive and it is debatable whether or not you can find a cheaper pair of headphones with better sound for the same price or maybe even for a lower price than this set of headphones. At the end of the day it all comes down to personal preference. For someone this may be the perfect set of headphones, perhaps the best set that they have even heard and someone might say that they are too overpriced and that the sound that they procure is not up to par when compared to the price.

A lot of artists also support this pair of headphones as well as the company Bowers and Wilkins so the pair of headphones is probably also a good choice for an aspiring producer of any kind of music, be it Rock and Roll, RnB, acoustic or even classical music. These headphones would do a good job because with the precise sound that they produce, you can hear every little bit of music that you produce. It’s very important, and I can’t stress this enough for a producer to use a good set of headphones which can pick up on lower frequencies, and sub bass. This is a very important aspect of music making because sometimes that’s what makes or breaks a song that you are trying to produce. It becomes very hard to tell the difference between high pass frequencies and low pass frequencies when using common, cheap headphones and that’s the reason why they are almost never used when producing music of any kind.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

The headphones have a very sleek look and don’t attract too much attention when the user is wearing them

They produce a decent sound for listeners who really enjoy music

The price is moderately high for this set of headphones and there are other headphones with similar specs which could be a better choice than these headphones

The sound quality of the headphones is reduced when not plugged in with the cable which is unfortunate because the Bluetooth is supposed to be a very big advantage to the headphones.

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

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When it comes to headphones that music lovers desire, a very popular choice is the Beats by DrDre. The market for these headphones is predominantly comprised of hip hop and rap music listeners probably because the creator of these great headphones is none other than the rap legend DrDre, who was in the rap music group NWA. The music group NWA can be considered as one of the first world famous Rap groups and one of the most important groups which started the rap movement across the entire globe.

A big priority for Beats by DrDre is to have stylish headphones which people are also going to want to wear as part of their outfits, that’s why there are so many color options that come when buying Beats. You can pretty much get your beats in any color you want. There are some colors which aren’t in your common set of colors like the rose gold colored Beats by DrDre, and these can look very stylish and compliment your look.

The beats are also a very good choice for people who are planning to make any kinds of music, from rap beats to classical acoustic music due to the fact that the headphones are equipped with great mid, bass and treble tones. This becomes very useful when making a song because you can adjust all the parts that you need and single them out without much hassle. It’s very common these days to find a DJ promoting these headphones for making music, because they have become a staple in the music industry for people wanting to produce music.

Beats by DrDre has become a subsidiary of Apple Incorporated. This is great because when it comes to apple products there is no question of the quality of the products that they produce; Apple products usually last very long without breaking. This is very important when buying a product. When buying a product you want to ensure that it will last you as long as possible so that you can avoid having to waste money buying the same product again, wasting your money.

Now let’s get onto the product at hand. The Beats Solo3’s are a very impressive set of headphones which have recently come out to markets. They are a huge step up on their predecessor the Beats Solo2’s. The previous versions of the beats had gotten complaints that the bass was too dominant when listening to the headphones and that they created a buzzing noise that cancelled out the mid and the high tones, but this doesn’t seem to be a problem with the new Solo3’s. The Solo3’s have a far better sound, and they seem much more balanced than the Solo2’s. They seem to have gotten the formula down for the perfect balance of high mid and bass tones. Essentially this is the hardest part to get right, because there are many musical tastes out there and many people want different things when looking at headphones. For example rap listeners wouldn’t mind having headphones which have a dominant bass on them but someone listening to rock music may have some concerns when buying these types of headphones.

The Wireless aspect of these headphones is really where they show themselves the most. The connectivity of these headphones to devices with apple services is extremely well integrated and easy to use due to the fact that Beats are a subsidiary of Apple incorporated. When you connect these headphones with one apple device, it automatically connects to all other devices activated with your apple account. Whenever you want to use your headphones on your devices you don’t have to worry connecting them because they automatically connect to your devices when they are turned on. If you are concerned about a reduction of sound quality when listening over wireless, there is nothing you should worry about. The Beats Solo3’s are extremely well designed so there is little to no loss in quality of sound that the headphones produce. The great part about these headphones is that when they are fully charged they can last up to forty hours. When comparing this to other headphones of the same price range we can see that these headphones are far more superior concerning their battery life. This is great because you can charge the headphones once and not really have to worry about charging them any time soon. Many headphones have a problem where they have to constantly be charged and this is usually a hassle.

Some people may be concerned with the build quality of these headphones. The headphones are predominantly made of durable plastics. Some people may be fine with this but a lot of other people would prefer the material to be made of something more durable like some type of metal. This is not the case with the beats, the plastics may be of high quality but they can still break easily. At this price range there are definitely better choices when looking at the build quality.

The headphones are generally very comfortable, they have great padding for the ears so you can wear them for long periods of time without feeling too uncomfortable. This is great for producers who can sit at the studio for hours and hours not taking the headphones off.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Are great in terms of wireless connectivity

Can easily connect to all Apple services

Have great sound quality

They are made of plastic which some listeners may be avoiding.

V-MODA Crossfade Wireless Over-Ear Headphones

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The V-MODA Crossfade headphones are headphones with one of the best sounds out there for a mid-high price range product.

V-MODA is a company whose headquarters are located in California, America. They have an incredibly high standard of quality so when buying their products you should have little to no doubt in the amount of effort they put into making their products as wonderful as possible. V-MODA is a common choice for DJ’s nowadays, famous DJ’s like Nervo and The Chainsmokers are examples of famous DJ’s that use V-MODA headphones and these are just a few of them.

The V-MODA headphones are a very common choice for people who are music lovers. They offer great value when you look at their price and the actual quality of the product. With the newest advances in technology being used on the headphones it’s no surprise when you hear that these headphones are selling so well on the market. They have a far superior sound to any other headphones in this price range. A great thing for audiophiles who really want to have a great pair of headphones to listen to but don’t have ridiculous amounts of money is that this pair of headphones exists and doesn’t have an insane price. They are usually sold at around three hundred dollars, retail price, which isn’t too high considering that most of the other audiophile headphones can go up to six or even eight hundred dollars.

The V-MODA Crossfade Wireless headphones have a very sleek design, comparable to that of a modern day race car. They almost look streamlined. The headphones are very fashionable and can easily be worn outside the house without looking crazy.

Unlike the Beats that we spoke about previously, these headphones are very sturdy. This means that they can take many impacts without taking much damage, and without bringing harm to the components inside the headphones. This is very useful because many headphones have a problem of breaking too easily, too often I hear that my friend or someone I know has had their favorite pair of headphones broken by someone sitting on them or that they dropped them and they stopped working. This isn’t a problem with the V-MODA Crossfade headphones. The headphones are made of incredibly resistant metals that can take quite a beating and they are very sturdy so you don’t really have to worry too much about them getting damaged.

The headphones have been designed in such a way that they fit over the users ears perfectly, without feeling heavy or uncomfortable. The pads on the headphones are very soft and will ensure that you will be listening to music for very long periods without taking them off.

The only downfall of the headphones is that they are larger than other types of headphones of the same class. They aren’t really designed for wearing while going to the gym or things like that; they are more for users who want to listen to music while lounging at home. This is a shame, and partially why I prefer wearing in-ear headphones. A big advantage to headphones is the fact that you can listen to music wherever you go anywhere without being a nuisance to people in your surroundings. If you can only listen to your headphones at home or predominantly listen to them while you are at home, they lose their point a bit.

The headphones have very decent connectivity with devices like smartphones and mp3 players and there have been many positive reviews for people using these headphones with Apple devices of any kind. The quality of sound that the headphones produce is relatively unchanged when using the wireless connection instead of using the cables. The headphones have a far worse battery life span than that of the Beats in the previous paragraph. The Beats can last up to forty hours while these headphones have clocked in at around eight hours and thirty minutes when being played at maximum volume. This theoretically is a big difference in battery life, so this may or may not convince someone to buy a different pair of headphones. If you are not too concerned about having to charge the headphones quite often (Once per day) then these headphones are still a better choice than the beats due to the superior sound quality that they produce.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Produce a very high quality sound

Great wireless capability

Great connectivity to almost all modern devices

Relatively short battery life

May be too bulky for some users, they aren’t too convenient for outside use.

Audeze SINE On-Ear Planar Magnetic Headphones

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The Audeze On-ear Headphones are made with Planar Magnetic technology. This technology provides us with a much more accurate sound and when you listen to them it makes you feel as if you are at the concert as oppose to just listening to your favorite band on the headphones. Audeze uses patented hardware like Uniforce voice coil technology, fluxor magnet arrays and fazor elements to create that long sought after sound that everyone craves to hear.

The materials used to make these headphones have been designed with BMW and are therefore very lightweight; they weigh in at just less than six grams, which makes them ridiculously light and incredibly convenient. They are incredibly light and they can be folded flat in order to put them into any kind of travel bag. This is useful because many people find it difficult to transport their headphones when they are travelling or when they are going somewhere. With the Audeze SINE headphones you don’t have to worry about them being very cumbersome.

The interesting thing about these headphones is that they are the first on-ear planar magnetic headphones. With this new technology you can experience extremely high quality bass as well as very accurate acoustic tones. Before this model was created they thought that the planar magnetic technology was too large and couldn’t be implemented on headphones but due to the constant innovation in the technological industry, engineers found a way to add this technology to this set of headphones. This feature sets these headphones apart from the rest. It adds that extra bit of kick that headphones need and also creates a sound which is like no other. The sound produced from these headphones is a very precise sound which is specific only to these headphones. Anyone that has listened to these headphones will be able to tell them apart from other headphones of the same price range. This is due to them being the only headphones using the planar magnetic technology and also because Audeze takes pride in what they do and the way in which they create these headphones. They are created in such a way that there is no room for error, the headphones are created with extreme precision and only the best materials are used in the making of these headphones.

When touching these headphones you immediately get the feeling that the headphones aren’t cheap. This is apparent even when just looking at them. The headphones are made from a very high quality anodized metal which gives them that extravagant look and feel. The anodized metal does make the headphones a bit heavier than its plastic counterparts but many people would prefer to have heavier headphones that are built well rather than light headphones which will break apart right after you purchase them. The headphones are fitted with a leather headband of highest quality, to keep you listening to music without feeling the constraints of the headphones on your head. The only downside to the headphones may be that the clamping strength of the headphones may be too much for some people. The headphones press down on your ears too hard for some reason, but luckily for you this can be adjusted by stretching out the headband. Due to this clamping strength though, these headphones may be a good choice for exercising or doing activities. A lot of customers said that these headphones didn’t fall off their heads when they were exercising which is a good sign.

The ear pads on these headphones are really comfortable and can be worn for long periods of time without being a burden to the user. Some users had complained that the size of the ear pads was a bit too small so be sure to check out whether or not the size suits you before you buy a pair.

As great as these headphones are there are also some things that people don’t like about them. The fact that the headphones don’t have Bluetooth is a problem for people because it is convenient when you don’t have cables to get into the way. Also another thing about these headphones is that they don’t have an inbuilt microphone. Many pairs of headphones at this price range have inbuilt microphones. Microphones are always a useful tool because it can be an inconvenience when you have a pair of headphones connected to a phone, it can be a hassle to have to take the cable out of the phone in order to answer a call and then have to put it back in when you’re done. Also it is useful using headphones in public transport for example where you can’t hear your regular speakers on your phone.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

The headphones produce a great sound

Very lightweight headphones allow for you to listen to music for prolonged periods of time without strain

The headphones don’t have Bluetooth

The headphones don’t have an inbuilt microphone which can be problematic for some people.

Shure SRH1540 Premium Closed-Back Headphones

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Shure is an American company in Chicago, Illinois, that was founded in 1925. The quality of products that Shure produces is on par with most of the major companies that sell headphones nowadays. Shure creates products for the recording of music as well as microphones and many other different types of devices.

The Shure SRH1540’s are at first glance a very large pair of headphones. They are bigger than most headphones that are on the market at the moment. This is not a concern for people listening to these headphones at home, but for people who are looking for a pair of headphones that they can take out of the house everywhere they go, these may not be the choice for you. With the headphones being so large, it becomes more difficult to transport them wherever you go.

The Shure headphones implement 40 mm neodymium drivers which are the components that make the sound of these headphones extremely precise and give them that extremely crisp sound that so many audiophiles are after nowadays. The headphones have a closed back and have a circumaural design. This gives the wearer comfort while wearing these headphones for longer periods of time and it also helps the ears feel less strained when wearing the headphones while in studio or when just lounging at home.

When you pick the headphones up you would be surprised at how light weight they actually are, considering the size of them. They are made with high grade aluminum, which is actually used in the crafting of airplanes. This gives the headphones incredible durability. They can last for a very long time and are very resistant to any kinds of impacts. This is a good show of the amount of quality Shure puts into all of their products. The headband is also of very high quality, it is an ergonomic headband which is padded and can also be adjusted with the strap at any time. This is great because it fits all different types of heads and everyone can find the size to suit their needs.

If you are not satisfied with the ear pads that you get with these headphones you can change them with other ones that you get with the set of headphones. The replacement ear pads are made with Alcantara and are very low density, these can be put on for that little bit of additional comfort. They are made with slow recovery foam which makes the ear buds adapt to the shape of your ears. This is great because it assures you that the headphones will rest comfortably on your head without having even tried them on.

The cables that come with the headphones are super durable. They are made in such a way that it is really difficult to tear them or to cause them to stop working. They are also detachable, this is great when you have to pack the headphones when going on a trip or simply carrying them to your friend’s house.

The headphones have a lot of things that you can adjust on them. They come with additional cables in case you lose your cables or in case they stop working, they come with replacement ear pads in case your ear pads get worn out and finally they also come with a Shure case, so that you can transport your headphones without feeling the risk of damaging them on the way to somewhere.

The sound that these headphones make is very neutral, which is great for an artist who wants to record something. In order to record something you don’t want your headphones to display noise inaccurately. That’s why many people feel that these headphones are great for creating music because they have very balanced treble, mid and bass tones. This is also ideal for people who are really into hip hop, rap, jazz and others. The headphones also have a great noise cancellation effect. When you listen to music on headphones, one thing you really don’t want is to have other people listening to your music. This is commonly a problem on public transport where you are standing next to some person and you notice that they can hear what you are listening to. This can be very uncomfortable at times and is avoidable by using Shure headphones.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

 Great sounding headphones with long-lasting appeal

The headphones look great

They are really sturdy and can take a beating

They are quite large and can be a problem when wanting to transport them anywhere.

Marshall Major II


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Marshall is a company that is based in London, England, and was founded in 1960. The company has specialized in making everything from headphones to amps to microphones. Marshall is an incredibly respected company in the business of music making and many people find it the staple for guitar amps and electric guitar equipment. They truly put a lot of effort into all of their products in order to ensure that the customers are always satisfied. They also do this through great customer service, and service centers which are more than happy to assist you with any problems you may have.

On the last spot in our list we have put the Marshall Major II on ear headphones. These headphones would be among one of the best choices if it weren’t for the negative comments that they got in terms of build quality. At first look the headphones are really a work of art. They look great and they feel great and robust in your hands. The materials used for making the headphones are of very high quality; the headband is made of genuine leather and the body is built with high quality plastics, just like other headphones in this price range. The complaint that people had about these headphones is that they have a factory defect where the ear buds would fall off the hinges easily and that the hinges weren’t made to withstand a larger force.

Aside from these minor disturbances, we can safely say that these headphones are perfect for an audiophile who loves listening to rock music as well as jazz enthusiasts. The headphones have really upgraded since the last model, the Marshall Major I’s. The newer models have a far superior bass performance and the sound is far clearer on the newer model.

A great gimmick that these headphones have is that they can fold inwards, so that they are easy to transport and carry around and they also have detachable cables to further help you carry them wherever you want to take them. Unlike the previous headphones we spoke about, these headphones have an inbuilt microphone. The downfall of these headphones is that they don’t have volume controls, so if you are in a crowded bus and can’t reach for your phone in your pocket, there is probably no way you’ll be able to adjust the volume. Also, unlike many headphones on this list, this pair doesn’t come with a carry case. This is sad because transporting these headphones becomes very risky, you never know whether or not they are going to get damaged or not. Considering that these headphones aren’t as pricey as other headphones on this list, this might not really bother you.

Lots of people also complained that these headphones were a bit too tight on their heads so they couldn’t wear them for very long periods of time. This is a shame because if you are a true music lover you may want to listen to music all day, so unfortunately if you have a slightly larger head these might not be the right headphones for you.

The cushioning on the headphones is great and is made of very high quality materials to ensure the user is comfortable when listening to his favorite music.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Great sound quality for generally low priced headphones

Interchangeable pieces for when there is wear and tear

Poor quality of some components can have the headphones breaking prematurely

The headphones may be too tight for some people which may cause a problem when wanting to listen to the headphones for longer periods of time.

Top 5 Headphones for Music Lovers in 2020


At the end of the day all that it comes down to is YOU; the listener. You are the one who decides what sound best suits you. We can sit here all day and explain to you the different types of products that are out there but that doesn’t mean anything when we don’t know what your preferences in headphones are. There are many things that you as a buyer has to look into when looking for your perfect pair of headphones so don’t feel discouraged if you don’t find them on your first buy. It is very likely that the headphones you first buy won’t be your favorite pair. But that’s why we implore you to go out there and test hundreds of different kinds of headphones to get a feel of what your ideal pair of headphones sound like. The three major factors to consider when looking for your ideal pair of headphones is the sound, the price and comfort.

The sound is the iffiest of the three. Taste in sound is very peculiar and it differs greatly from person to person. This is where you need to go out and listen to different types of headphones and primarily see all the possibilities out there. Even when you read about all of these different kinds of technologies being used, it doesn’t mean anything until you listen to what it all sounds like when put together.

The price of headphones is also very important to take into consideration and it goes one in one with the sound. At lower price ranges, you can get headphones which cost a lot but produce a far worse sound than other headphones in the lower range. This is something you should be careful about. When the price range is higher, the risk of buying bad headphones is drastically reduced. Most of the headphones in the higher price range have gone through considerable testing and are more than likely to be suitable for you. This is to say that you have a lot of money to spend.

The comfort of the headphones depends on the type of headphones you like to listen to, whether they are in ear headphones, on ear headphones or any kinds of variants. This relies greatly on the shape and size of the users’ ears and head so there isn’t much we can do from here. This is where you come in. You need to go and try different types and brands of headphones in order to find out what your ideal fit for headphones is. Once you find that, you will have no further problems in finding headphones to listen to music with.

We hope that this list has helped you to find the pair of headphones you have been meaning to buy for all this time.

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