14 Best Headphones Under $200 In 2020

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What Should Influence Your Choice for Buying the Best Headphones Under 200 Dollars?

Entertainment is a major part of lives and it helps keep our stress levels in check. Many of us get this entertainment from watching movies or the TV, listeing to music or excersing. But the quality of our enjoyment can sometimes ultimately depend on the devices and rescources we use in this process. That is why when listening to music on really cheap headphones with poor audio quality or watching TV with really bad picture quality can actually produce negative results and leave us feeling even more annoyed then before we seeked their aid.

This is why we have created a list of top 14 best headphones under 200 dollars in 2020, to make sure you get the most out of your purchase in your most convenient price range. So these are some guidelines to govern your thought process and give you some sort of an idea of what to consider when looking for some headphones for yourself.

The Appearence

There are so many different types of headphones out there that it could make your head spin. For this reason it can be difficult to pick a favorite amongst them. This is why in this list we have made a complete summary of the headphones we deem are the best, whether it be in their sound quality, comfort or appearance. So in it you can find the look that suits you and be sure that it is still going to serve decently in other respects as well.

The visual appeal although not the most important aspect in terms of quality does govern a large role in picking the headphones you want. It is vital when you pick your pair that you like how you will look in them and whether or not it fits your style. Although for some might have indifferent feelings towards this, some do consider it crucial.

There are all sorts of varieties of headphones, from retro looking pairs to modern and sophisticated sets. There are those pairs that look cheaper and those that look well above the 200 dollar price range. Some are even brands that some might already be familiar with that produce good quality headphones, like Sennheiser or Beats.

So make sure you remember this when hunting after your pair of headphones.

Best Headphones Under $200 In 2020 – Top 14

Headphones Under $200ModelRatingReview
Audio-Technica ATH-M50x4.7Read Review
Grado Prestige4.4Read Review
Samsung LEVEL on4.3Read Review
Logitech 982-0000794.2Read Review
AKG K5504.3Read Review
Sony MDR10R4.3Read Review
Philips Fidelio4.4Read Review
Beats Solo 23.3Read Review
Sony MDR-75064.6Read Review
Sennheiser HD 3804.4Read Review
V-Moda Crossfade4.4Read Review
Beyerdynamic DT7704.5Read Review
Pioneer HDJ700R0.0Read Review
Sennheiser HD 5984.6Read Review


Another thing that should be kept in mind is your level of tolerance for comfort. Some headsets can prove to be a little bothersome when used for longer periods of time, causing irritation or in some cases pain to the outer ear. This might not be a huge concern if you don’t intend to use headphones for longer durations anyway, although it would always be advisable to get a comfortable pair nonetheless. There is a multitude of ear cups and materials and headbands designed to provide high levels of comfort and so it would be wise to test your headphones out if you can before purchasing them to ensure they fit your ears well. Though most headphones already have adjustable cups and swivels for easy rotation to negate the stress of buying headphones that do not fit.

Most headphones brands have realized the growing attention to offering truly comfortable headphones and thus have been probing the market with headphones that boast a variety of different materials, from soft, plush velour to slightly more rigid pleathers’.  All in all, there is a lot of options when it comes basing your choice of headphones on their level of comfort, but you can rest assured that most will be more than satisfactory with some slight exceptions.


Price is an aspect that governs so many things in our life and it is with this in mind that it is no coincidence that this falls into the mix when we talk about some of the things that might influence your choice. Price is a very variable thing and depends on a multitude of various factors. One cannot just assume because that one pair of headphones looks or sounds better is going to be more expensive. The price depends on the type of materials used, the quality of the materials, the company that is selling them as well as the audio quality.

So make sure that when you’re buying your headphones you find something appropriate for your budget. So it might be a smart idea to in advance decide on an amount that you want to set aside before venturing forth on your shopping spree.

The Quality of Sound

The sound would be the last category to keep in mind and perhaps the most important one. In the end it all boils down to this and after all this is the main purpose of headphones, but with so many options to choose from it is a good idea to play around with the different styles, brands and builds of headphones to make sure you get the complete package.

All of the headphones mentioned in this list of top 14 best headphones under 200 in 2020 are in their own respect very impressive in terms of quality of sound, but there are certain key features that stand out more in some than others. So keep an eye out for these things when looking for your pair of headphones to ensure you find what you need.


Now that we have covered the basics it is important to understand that there is no right or wrong here. In the end your personal preference has the last say and what you think is the best might not necessarily be what this list has picked as the best. So by all means pick what suits you best and do not be discouraged by thinking you could’ve past by better, if you are happy with your purchase and you love your headphones that’s all that matters.

So with all that out of the way let’s jump into the list.

Top 14 Best Headphones Under $200 In 2020

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones


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So finally we get to the number one place here on our list. This is the long awaited per of headphones and it comes down to the Audio Technica ATH-M50X. Audio Technica are known for very good headphones so it should be no surprise that these have finished at our most prestigious place. Obviously this is completely a thing of preference and the headphones you pick are entirely your choice.

The Audio Technica ATH-M50X is an upgrade to the earlier ATH-M50’s that came before them with a lot of improvement done to make them even better. The previous model was good at the time but the M50X wipes it’s imperfections clean.

The look of the Audio Technica ATH-M50X is something that is easily recognizable from looking at the inscribed logo on the ear cups with the nice addition of the metal trim around them. The headphones are very large in size and the box itself that they come in is massive. This makes them look expensive and tough. They are tough but in terms of price they are right where they should be, actually even a bargain. They are probably the best all round headphones you can get for a reasonable price. This is one of the main reasons these have made it to the first place in our list.

The headphones come with a leather carrying case that is perfect for the headphones, not too large, not too ambitious, just plain and simple, just a basic drawstring carrying case. It keeps the headphones safe and scratch free and helps for storage. The cable is proprietary but it’s also a lock in detachable cable, so it kind of makes sense that its proprietary. The headphones come with two cables, one coiled and one normal.

The comfort is something that has been improved from the M50’s, they used to have a high clamping force and not enough padding to counteract this pressure. Thankfully with the M50X this issue has been solved with better padding and lowered clamping force. The headband also provides some additional comfort with some plush underside padding as well. The overall comfort level is up there with the best of them. They are very sturdy and durable, they flex easily and the cups have varying axis of rotation to allow for the optimal configuration. The ear cups also collapse in between the headband for easier storage.

The sound is perhaps the most important of the fields and it is the main reason why these headphones are where they are. The sound quality is phenomenal, because it’s the perfect balance of everything with the added bonus of even better bass than with the M50’s. The sound is clear, the tones are all heard vividly and the 43mm drivers work hard to bring everything together as well as they do. The tones are a bit brighter as they go higher, the treble is perfect and the bass is slightly more emphasized but that only makes the headphones better. They have been redesigned with a slightly more modern sound in comparison to their predecessor and the sound difference is noticeable. The only thing is that they don’t isolate sound very well but honestly this is not much of a concern when considering everything else you are getting with this product.

So in the end we are looking at a very good pair of headphones made by a very accomplished brand in this field. They are a great all rounder, in terms of comfort, style, sound and price. It is therefore no surprise that they have made the first place here on our list. So if this is the pair you are looking for, you aren’t even going to be spending the full 200 Dollars to get them and you are going to have a marvel of engineering in your possession, so consider well before getting your pair and may luck find you.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Amazing all round performing headphones

Look amazing

Price is a bargain

Not completely sound isolating

Grado Prestige Series SR225e Headphone

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First on our list we have the Grado SR225e. We have already looked at headphones from this category before on this website and if we remember there is a lot that makes these headphones stand out more than others. First off the headphones are handmade in Brooklyn, by a family run business that has been running for well over 60 years. Its well oiled machine that runs without hindrance to make sure they provide some of the best headphones on the market. They are a company that is largely underrated due to their lack of advertisement on a larger scale, yet they still make great profits and keep producing more and more products. They make cheaper headphones for under 100 USD as well as headphones over 1000 USD as well. They have a wide scope of headphones available and definitely know what they are doing.

The thing that makes this company different is that their overall quantity is substituted by the quality of their products, seeing as they are being handmade and as such the prospect of mass production falls out of the question. This means that you are guaranteed to receive a product that has been thoroughly inspected and tested before being shipped. This is truly a step of passion taken in the right direction as you know that careful and deliberate attention has been put into each and every pair of headphones, one of which may someday be yours.

The look of these headphones is completely unique and does not necessarily scream luxury. They are far from luxurious but this was not their intention in the first place. They look more retro than anything else and are very simple in design. This makes them stand out as the brand that they are and it’s what makes the difference between a pair of Grado headphones and any other pair from another brand. The headband is just a bit of leather padding and the headphone cups are done over in a mesh, a classic in regards to the Grado look. The cups are covered in a sort of foam padding that looks very inexpensive, yet is very comfortable.

The headphones despite looking like they are lacking in comfort are actually not at all. Their lightweight means that heavy or intense padding on the cups is not a necessity and they easily fit to any head size. This means that you don’t have to worry much about any discomfort from prolonged use.

The audio quality is a thing worth marvel. They sound absolutely fabulous. It is clear that a lot of attention goes a long way in the story that embellishes these headphones. They are all tested and verified and checked by one of the owners before being shipped to ensure they are all working to his exact specifications and desired intent.

The headphones are open back, which means that there is audio leak and that there is a soundstage and thus the bass tones are a little toned down. So don’t buy these if you are looking for that drop in your dubstep, because you won’t find it here. These headphones are more for listening to jazz, rock or some instrumental as they focus more on the mid to high tones more than anything else. In this respect they are great and you will definitely not be disappointed. They create a sense of the sound coming from all around you rather than from inside your head and still let you hear what’s going on around you.

So all in all these headphones are amazing and are truly a footprint in the industry of headphones, but it’s the price in combination with some of the design choices made that make this come in at our 2th place on the list. The headphones are otherwise still a great purchase, but at this price we have to consider some of the other options available first and see what they have to offer.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Great care goes into every product

Really good audio

 Look a little on the cheaper side

Are underrated

Quite expensive

Samsung LEVEL-On Premium Stereo Headphones

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It is nothing strange to see headphones being produced by Samsung considering their massive footprint in today’s global economy. With this in mind we have at our 3th place the Samsung Level On headphones, featuring two available color options, black and white. They both look great but the accent is going to be thrown on the white ones, largely due to the fact that these ones look a lot more impressive.

Immediately the tan colored headband and cups stick out like a sore them amidst the white plastic and chrome trimming. Definitely a bold move, but one that we feel has paid off. It helps accentuate the quality of the material of the padding and makes for a really good looking pair of headphones. Although they look good the plastic upon touch does feel a little troublesome in terms of durability.

The headphones are quite comfortable despite the cups not being very large. The cups are deep though and can allow for moderate use before becoming a nuisance .They conveniently fold up to fit into the plastic carrying bag that is provided with them. The carrying case looks very impressive and durable and comfortably houses the headphones and the cable inside, whilst proving protection with the hard plastic walls and visual appeal with the smooth exterior fabric. The headphones themselves are very flexible aside from the adjustable length and so should prove an easy fit for all sizes of head. The overall build quality is good, solid yet the headphones feel rather light.

The headphones come with a cable of admirable quality matching in the white color and sport a set of dials that allow for the control of the volume and the skipping threw tracks. Besides the dials there is also an in built microphone that allows for talking and control via the S Voice application over Samsung smart phones.

The audio quality offers some pretty impressive bass that stands out quite well amongst the tones. The headphones are good at cancelling out the noise of the surroundings and leaving you at peace with your music. The general quality of the sound is not amazing or at the same level as some of the other products on this list, but the bass has quite a good response and the audio is still very decent.

Overall the headphones look better than they sound in our respect. This is not to say that they sound terrible, only that when you look at them they create certain expectations that aren’t quite met in terms of the audio reproduction and could be further worked upon in future project that could involve new models of Samsung headphones.

So if you are looking for headphones based on their look more than their sound than this is the pair for you. They look very fashionable and have a very strong brand backing them up.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Look pricey and stylish

Cable with dials and a microphone for interactivity with the S Voice app

Comes with a case

Not the best audio quality

Could feel a little more durable

Logitech 982-000079 UE 6000 Headphones

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The Logitech UE6000 headphones are something that makes your jaw drop from the second you slip them out of that box. It was clear that Logitech really put their time and dedication into making this product. They look amazing with a dark matt gray finish along the plastic bits of the headband. The only downside would be the glossy black of the outside of the cups that easily leaves fingerprints and can rather ruin the general appeal of the general look. This though is not as bad as it sounds and can easily be cleaned if proper care is taken. They also have a lot of blue hints everywhere around the headphones, including the inside of the ear pieces between the cups and on chrome trimming on the outside of the earpieces.

The headphones come with a square shaped carrying case again with the hints of blue around the zip and coating the entirety of the inside of the case. There is a pocket to keep your cable inside as well. The cable conveniently is also in blue, keeping well in the spirit of the blue tone they have gone for with these headphones.

The cable has physical dials for altering the volume and using some other functions with your smartphones. They work with Android or Apple products alike. The headphones also comes with a rather unusual little device, a headphone splitter. The headphone splitter allows for more than one pair of headphones to be connected to the same device, so that two people can listen to the same song from the same source without having to each listen from one ear piece.

The comfort of the headphones is another thing that is worth mentioning when it comes to the Logitech UE6000. They have soft cushions for the ears cups and firm yet squashy padding on the headband. It has comfort taken into account for and the headphones can be worn for longer periods. The cups are quite deep and your ear for most should not be touching the inner side of the earpieces. The headphones fit well, are adjustable and rather flexible. Also they fold up quite easily to allow for easy storage in the carrying case or anywhere else for that matter.

The sound quality is admirable with the general focus being thrown on the bass. For this reason they are great for listening to hip hop or some dub step. Anything really that focuses a lot on bass. The audio is really clear and the tunes sound great, but not amazing. A minor hiccup in a really great pair of headphones. On the plus side they are not bad for gaming and really make those sound effects come to life. The added option of a button that turns on active noise cancellation is a little extra that throws a bit of spice on this product.  Although the music quality is good, it is an area of the headphones that could be worked on slightly in the future to put a little more spin on the competitive edge in the market.

All in all the headphones come in at about 94 Dollars and honestly for this sum of money the headphones really are a bargain. They look great, they are comfortable and they sound more than good enough to leave you with a lasting impression of contempt.

Advantages and Disadvantages:


Look really stylish

Good price

The sound quality could be better

AKG K550 Closed-Back Reference Class Headphones

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These headphones come from a brand that stands behind an impressive and expansive collection of headphones and microphones alike and so are no stranger to our lists. They have made their mark on other lists on this website and as such make their first debut here on the top 14 best headphones under 200 dollars now.

First off the sound of these headphones is something a little different that is not quite what you would expect. They have gone for more of an idea of open sounding headphones while actually being closed back headphones. In this regard they have accomplished this task rather effectively. They create a truly immersive three dimensional experience, but this has an effect of what sort of music you’re going to use these headphones for. These headphones are not putting a whole bunch of focus on bass and mainly aim for the mid to high tones that would appeal more to picking out smaller details in sounds and producing clear vocals, than anything else. For this reason they are more for jazz, blues, rock or music that focuses on vocals. Great for instrumentals and such. So in general although their scope of music genres is wide, try to stay away from anything with a bass vibe.

Now that we have talked about the sound it’s time to move onto the look and what you can expect from this. Now to begin with AKG headphones have a certain style they implement with all their headphones that makes them rather distinguishable from the first glance and this rule still applies. They look great, they have a bit of metal meshed with the plastic and all in all look and feel great. The build quality is exceptional and it’s almost impossible to hear any sort of squeaking or crunching as you fiddle with adjusting the headphones. The only downside to the build would be the size of the ear cups. They are rather large, larger than we would expect and unfortunately so large for some that they over extend beyond the ear. This proves to be a little bit of a nuisance over time. Another problem is due to the fact that they are slightly on the heavier side and that there is not a whole lot of padding on the headband, some discomfort can be felt on the top most part of your head that’s in contact with the headband. This can prove frustrating over time.

With all this said, the headphones still look great and feel very sleek and stylish. They promote luxury and are definitely different in terms of the size of the ear cups. But if you are going for something different and you are looking for open back headphones with a little more noise cancellation than this is a great buy. They are great ‘open back’ closed headphones and truly make these headphones different in a lot of respects.

With the price coming in around 139 USD, you are not exactly looking at a bargain price but rather a price marketed at the true value of these headphones. So if you have a little extra on your budget and are looking for something a little different than look no further.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Great imitation of open back headphones

They are different in many respects and in a good way mostly

A little on the pricey side

Ear cups are a bit too large

Sony MDR10R Hi-Res Stereo Wired Headphones

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Sony has really outdone themselves with this product. This pair of headphones truly sticks out amidst the headphones that we have looked at so far and even some that we are still to look at. The visual aspect and appeal of these headphones is one of the key outlining features that bring all the well deserved hype to reality. They are part of Sony’s series of lifestyle headphone that are intended for everyday use and can be worn no matter the activity. Their design plays a large role in enabling this aspect to be so effective.

The headphones come with a little black bag that is more than accommodating for the headphones. The bag closes via a drawstring and due to the nature of the bags material and flexibility allows for easy storage in bags and such.

The build quality is worth complimenting and they feel very durable and well made. It is clear that Sony put time behind making these headphones. The ear cups are positioned such that they swivel both vertically and horizontally which allows for adjusting but they do not fold up as some of the other headphones, rather the ear cups are put to lie flat.

The design of the headphones is of a very contemporary nature and stands proud with the idea of making them everyday headphones in the twenty first century. In general they are made from plastic and the padding is covered in a synthetic type of leather. The colors are another part of the reason for the headphones looking so impressive. The mix of black and chrome and red trimming around the earpieces really makes subtle moves at ensuring that the headphones really pop out from the general public.

The headphones are one of the more comfortable pairs on the market and paired with the combination of being lightweight truly make them almost perfect. The headband and ear cup padding is just plush enough and sits comfortably over the ear. The entire headband is encompassed in the synthetic leather covering a large area of the headband making sure that comfort is evenly distributed to all regions of the head.

The audio feedback with these headphones is all round good but not amazing. Which is actually a good thing because although they do not completely dominate in one particular area, they dominate in a more broad sense of the idea. The bass is not a governing aspect of the sound and makes its presence lightly in the back drop. The focus is a little more on the highs and mids, and vocals sound fantastic too. They are a lot warmer than most headphones. The point is that although the bass might not be overpowering it doesn’t have to be, because it complements the headphones as they are. They are great for basically all music and almost every song sounds good on them. That is the whole point, because even though they might not kill on a certain track they will neither disappoint on it either. This is a good reassurance as you want to be able to enjoy all your music and these headphones are a sure guarantee of that. The only thing that these headphones might not be as good in is jazz music or classical music. So if you prefer this genre over others perhaps in this case you might want to opt for a pair of open back headphones instead.

Otherwise, in general for a price of around 100 USD, you are looking at a very solid all round pair of headphones that will serve all your needs with a high level of satisfaction while at the same time looking way more expensive than their retail value. This is a bargain price and one that should be taken advantage of so consider your options wisely because this is certainly a good buy.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Look and feel expensive


Great all round headphones in terms of sound quality

The sound could be better

Philips Fidelio L2 Audio Headphones

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These Philips Fidelio L2 headphones are a huge step up from their cheaper variant the L1’s. There are tons of reasons why they are better than the L1 but are they better than the other headphones on our list of top 14 best headphones under 200 dollars?  Yes and no, that is why they aren’t first, obviously but there are a lot of positive reasons why they should be considered when looking for your pair of headphones.

Firstly let’s talk a little about the design. They are definitely in line with the contemporary style of a lot of headphones that we see on this today. They are a mix of black on the leather and dark chrome on the ear cups with a tint of orange stitching and orange coloring on some other small components around the device. The build quality is sturdy and they feel rather durable. The ear cups swivel around an axis and do not fold in.

The headphones come with two cables out of the box, one of which is an audio dedicated cable only meaning that it has no dials and is exclusively meant for audio playback. The other has dials for interaction with the smart phone via the cable dials. Another thing that comes out of the box is a black drawstring pouch for the headphones. The pouch is not very appealing in terms of the other competitors options but this is not important in terms of when we’re looking at the headphones and at least it offers some form of protection against scratching.

The sound quality is something that makes these Philips Fidelio L2’s make a big impact. They are semi open back headphones meaning that there is some sound leak and depth in the tones as well as limited bass. Although the bass tones are more emphasized than in other open or semi open back headphones. The clarity of the headphones is exceptional and perhaps one of the more clear sounding headphones so far. They give the tones a lot of depth and they have a bit of a warm feel to them. They are great for a lot of music because of the bass being a little more present, but songs that focus heavily on bass could be the only weakness. The only downside to them is that the outside noise of the surroundings can ultimately change the listening experience for the worst as they aren’t very good at noise cancellation. So make sure that you are in doors when you are using them, unless you like being aware of your surroundings in which case this might not be such a big issue for you.

The headphones look great, they sound great and even though the carrying case could be better the headphones are amazing and are really impressive. They are a little on the pricier side but if you like what you’ve read and you don’t mind that they are quite affected by the sounds around you then by all means strongly consider these as your option of headphone.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

 Clear audio feedback

Look fantastic!

 Little more pricey

Don’t have very good noise cancellation

Beats Solo 2 Wired On-Ear Headphone

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Beats is a big brand for headphones and it’s no wonder that we’re seeing something from them here on our list of top 14 best headphones under 200 Dollars. It’s important to remember that although some brands are well established and put a lot of money into advertising their merchandise, does not necessarily mean that there products are the best. If anything they might just be more expensive while being just average.

With the Beats Solo 2, the case is not quite as bad. They are slightly over priced but when you by them you are wearing a popular brand that will definitely attract some attention your way. If this is the kind of thing you’re after than go for it.

The design is in line with other Beats headphone models with some slight differences. It is very easy to recognize them and they are slightly bigger than their cheaper counterpart, the Beats Solo HD’s.  The Beats Solo HD come in a lot of different colors namely, black, white, pink, red, blue and silver. This large scope of color options is not seen as popular with other brands but is a great plus when choosing your own, as they’re that much more personalized. Although the black colored headphones are the only ones that feature the red trim on the inside of the cups. The cups ear cups are a lot larger than one the Solo HD’s and have a great seal around the ear. The only downside to this is that the pressure caused by the cups can prove to be quite irritant and uncomfortable over time. The build quality is good but the hinges look somewhat compromising. The finish of the material is glossy, which looks expensive but also leaves fingerprints all over them.

The comfort is decent, the headphones are very flexible and are able to bend dramatically with a high resistance to snapping, but don’t be tempted by this and start stretching them too much, they are still not unbreakable. The headband has padding on the underside and proves to be comfortable enough, it is only the ear cups, as already mentioned, that are of concern. The flexibility means that they are an easy fit, but they still have a clamping force strong enough to hold them in place.

The headphones fold in to allow for storing. They come with a pouch with the Beats logo printed on them, which comes with the headphones. The accessories are an aspect that the Beats Solo 2 package doesn’t have a really big impact on, the only things that come with the headphones are the pouch and a single cable. Although the cable has remote talk features it still falls short of some of the accessories offered by other brands, especially when it costs as much as it does.

So although the headphones don’t come with as many accessories and the cups aren’t the most comfortable, is the sound good enough to bring them redemption? The answer is yes. They are great in the department of sound quality and this is truly an area where they come to light. Their audio and vocal reproduction is very clear and the bass is done almost perfectly. The bass is not over emphasized or over clunky and makes genres like dubstep, hip hop or rap really come to life the most. The whole range of tones has a nice balance and the audio feedback is truly a sensation  that needs to be experienced. They might lack in some genres like classical music or genres that focus more acoustic instruments but for that sort of music you are best off with open back headphones. The sound leak is minimal and the noise cancellation is very good.

So all in all the beats headphones are not without their faults, there are a lot of reason to get them and why not to get them. In the end it comes down to whether or not you’re up for dishing out 200 Dollars for a pair of Beats headphones. Whatever you choose you are not going to be disappointed, there are many more headphones to come.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Good brand

Good sound quality

A lot of color options

Not very comfortable


Sony MDR-7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphones

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Sony is a brand that prides itself on their particular attention to the quality of sound that their headphones provide. The Sony MDR-7506 is a pair of headphones that can match their competition at almost twice their asking price. This is because the audio quality is just astounding. They can be used on a professional level and it’s because they are very well tone balanced. They are one of the clearest sounding headphones out there and are just an amazing all round performing product. They allow you to hear every imperfection in a song and pick out minute and distant sounds. For this reason they are perfect for recording studios or artists working on music. This is one of the aspects that makes them very viable in a professional atmosphere and looking at the cost are almost a no brainer to get. They are good for almost all genres of music including jazz and classical but do lack in their ability to create a good sound stage. For this it is best to look towards a pair of open back headphones.

The headphones come with a 40mm driver and have an impedance of 24 ohms, which also means that you can crank your volumes really high. Although this is not intended, at least the option is there for those with a blatant disregard for their hearing. For this reason they produce a lot of sound leaking and can be somewhat bothersome for those around you, but since they go quite loud, at the levels of volume that are comfortable the sound leak is not nearly as bad.

Now that we know that the sound is great what about the other areas? Well in terms of comfort they are neither great nor terrible, rather acceptable. They do not create the levels of irritation that would leave you in frustration or horrible discomfort, but will become noticeably present at some points. The cups are large but could be wider and it is in this lack of width that the problem arises, as this means that some peoples ears will not completely be covered. The headband does not have a lot of padding but just the right amount to provide a sufficient balance between comfort and size.

The design is not something that will attract a buyer or make them think anything much in particular about the pair of headphones. They look very basic and it’s because of these things and the money saved in production on these aspects that makes the headphones cheaper than normal. So in some sense they are a diamond in the rough. Those who know they are good will go after them and those that know nothing about them and rather judge through appearance are going to be left shorthanded.

So in the end these headphones can be largely underrated because of their appearance but in all truth they are really very good headphones that make a mockery of headphones twice their price. The one downside to them that is unavoidable though is that they do not have a detachable cable and although the cable is coiled it has no features to interact with volume controls or other such things. So this can be a little irritating but nothing that is unmanageable.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Great audio quality

 Good for all genres of music

Really affordable

Not very appealing visually

Not the most comfortable

Sennheiser HD 380 PRO Headphones

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Sennheiser is another great brand that makes some really good headphones that can be both affordable and high quality. This pair would be a mix of the two but at an above average standpoint. Sennheiser headphones are easily recognized and the company puts a lot of its money into advertising. They are also a brand that has been around for a very long time, so be sure that people will know what you are wearing is quality.

The build quality seems a bit questionable due to their lightweight but they still feel quite durable. The color is black and they have a matt finish, with the Sennheiser brand name on the top side of the headband. The clamping force of these headphones is something that is almost borderline frightening. They really put down substantial pressure when worn and can be quite uncomfortable over longer durations. Otherwise the cups are very large and equally as deep. The size and depth seems a bit unnecessary and definitely seems that way, but this comes down to preference in the end. The shape of the cups is made to match the shape of the ear for a better fit and a better seal, which is successfully achieved. The cups can rotate vertically and horizontally and the headphones fold in, meaning they are quite flexible and so can allow for the perfect fit.

The cable is coiled and longer than it needs to be. It is detachable but the jack that goes into the headphones is proprietary, meaning if it breaks you’re going to be replacing it with another one from Sennheiser. This is a bid downside and is possibly the Achilles Heel of this product. The headphones though, do come with an accessory that is seems a bit better off than the cable and that would be the carry case. The material of the carrying case is smooth to the touch and feels very sturdy. It’s not too large and does not take up  too much space. As well as this the headphones come with a screw on 6.3mm head jack as well as the standard 3.5 mm head jack.

When it comes to sound quality this headphone captures it all. A human ear is able to hear frequencies from 20 to 20 000 hertz and these headphones have a range from 8 to 27 000 hertz. So rest assured that you are hearing it all, even the stuff that you can’t really hear. The bass is really well done, it’s not muddy and mixes in great to provide the perfect back drop to a good balance of tone. The impedance is around 54 ohms meaning the headphones work better with the additional Watts from your amp, phone or tablet.

Coming in at around 150 USD, the headphones are not too overpriced considering the brand and the sound quality, but rather just where it should be. So if you do decide to get this product know that every Dollar is accounted for in terms of what you’re getting. Although there are some things like the clamping force that could be a bit better and further worked on, you won’t be disappointed in the end.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Good sound quality

Big range of frequencies

The price is acceptable

The clamping force is a bit overdone

V-Moda Crossfade LP2 Vocal Limited Edition

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We have reached our top 5 headphones on our way through the top 14 best headphones under 200 Dollars. The pair starting off the list is none other than the V-Moda Crossfade LP2. The headphones are amazing both in terms of build and sound. Out of the box they come with a boat load of accessories, including a really well built hard shell carrying case for the headphones, two Kevlar coated cables, one with a mic and buttons and the other just standard, two extra cup plates in a metallic silver finish and a manual for the headphones. The case comes with Velcro patches that stick to the inside, the patches are for holding your cables in and the design idea is completely unique and looks amazing. the Case is black on the outside and bright red on the inside.

Now enough of the accessories and on to the headphones themselves. The first thing you will notice when you pick them up is how well built they are. They are reinforced in every area that might be somewhat weaker or breakable and use a lot of metal around the body to make for an even more durable set of headphones. They are exceptionally durable and can flex almost to the point where the headband is straight and they will not break. They will definitely survive the test of time and this means that you won’t have to worry about them breaking. What’s the point of buying expensive headphones if after a couple of months they break or stop working? With the V-Moda Crossfade LP2 this isn’t an issue. The headphones are almost all black with hints of metal around the cups. The headband is of leather and has the brand logo on the top. The plates on the outside ear cups can be removed and even customized to have unique logo’s or colors.

The comfort is an area which has also been given a lot of focus during the making of these headphones as they truly are a delight to wear. There is padding under the headband that isn’t obnoxiously large but instead just large enough. The padding on the cups is very plush and they are both big and deep. There is little coating on the actual plastic on the inside but the depth should make sure your ears never get there. The headphones are have a bit more of a clamping force and the pressure could be a problem over longer durations but they are still comfortable enough to provide good listening time for a couple of hours before becoming a nuisance.

Now the sound quality. These headphones are obviously bass emphasized and this is something that you’ll notice immediately as soon as you put them on. The bass done really well though but in some songs it can be a bit much. Otherwise if you are someone who loves bass these are definitely for you. They aren’t too clear in some of the sounds because of the bass but it’s not too bad. Also the highs have been toned down slightly so that you can listen to music a bit louder without damaging your ears as much. Which is great because this caters well to headphones that are designed for bass. As such these headphones do great with genres like RnB, hip hop, dubstep and rap.

All in all these headphones are very well built and you can rest assured you will be using them for a while, they have great sound quality and the audio leak is almost nonexistent even on max volume, making them great on planes.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Very durable

Lots of accessories come with the headphones

Good bass

The bass might be slightly over emphasized

Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro

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The Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro is the first of really serious professional headphones in our list. The others are great but this product moves out of that league. The headphones on first glance don’t look like much and the first thing that will catch your eye are the huge Velur padded ear cups, but the thing with this pair of headphones is that everything is replaceable. Even the headband comes off.

The Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro are probably the single most comfortable pair of headphones on this list thus far. The padding on the cups are great for anti sweat and are very comfortable. The cups themselves are large and deep meaning good comfort and good seal. The clamping force is the perfect combination between too much and too little. You can use these headphones for hours on end and still want to keep them on just because they are so comfortable.

Though the design is simple, the look still has a strange appeal to it. They are black almost in entirety with the exception of the grey Velur padding on the cups. The build quality is firm and durable and the they are pretty lightweight.

Now the sound quality is what makes them professional headphones. They sound fantastic. Although the treble and bass are overdone it isn’t as terrible as it sounds, rather just makes a sort of synergy that brings everything together. The tones come out very well, the sound is pretty clear and most genres sound great on these headphones, especially ones that rely on good bass. There is little sound leak and they are quite loud. The only downside is that the impedance is around 250 ohms, meaning you are going to need to hook them up to an amp for their maximum potential to be exploited.

So for an asking price of around 140 USD they are both affordable and a great pair of professional headphones that you can wear all day and not even know they are there.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Extremely comfortable

Good price

The bass sounds great

The impedance is quite high

Pioneer HDJ700R DJ Headphone

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Right off the bat there is a certain reason why you would get these headphones and for whom they are most catered to, and that would be for DJ’s. These headphones are specifically built for DJ and all of their functions are meant to make the life of the DJ easier.

First off let’s just talk a little about the look, the build quality and the colors that the headphones come in. The color variants are black, white and red. The build quality is very good, they feel very durable and seem like they can handle a lot of movement and punishment. The design makes them look quite expensive but this is not surprising when you take into account the quality of the materials used in the build. The look is very unique, clean and contemporary. Depending on the color you pick they have different colors of chrome trimming.

The headphones are flexible and durable and can fit on all head sizes easily. The one feature here that has been clearly made especially for DJ’s is the swivel on the cups. The ear pieces can swivel sideways back and forth using a step-click mechanism that moves the cups into position, allowing for one ear to be free to hear what’s going around you. The inclusion of this feature is something unique to headphones in this list. The material of the padding on the headphones is well made, the cups as well as the padding on the headband are soft. The only downside is the that the size of the cups isn’t very big and as such it can be quite uncomfortable for the ears. So they won’t be too comfortable for longer periods of time.

For those of you who have used Pioneer products before than you will know what good sound means. These headphones are very much in line with this. The clarity, the bass, the treble is all there and in good synergy and quantity. The only thing that could perhaps be further expanded on is making the bass and treble a little more felt, but this is not at all that bad as at present. The mid and high tones come out really well. The low tones can at times be muddied a little by the bass but otherwise they sound great too. The sound isolation is great and would be even better if the cups were slightly larger.
The headphone comes with two cables, one with a coil and one without. The coiled cable is only partially coiled meaning that it’s not as heavy and as a DJ this means you can jump around more without the threat of the cable pulling out from the weight. Another thing with the cable is the additions of small notches on the 3.5mm head jack that allow you to rotate the cable into place on the headphones and lock them in place. This is especially useful when you are a DJ on stage and don’t want your headphones coming unplugged mid song.

Although the headphones are around 2 Dollars above the price range we couldn’t resist adding them to our list, for they were really good to be cast aside for a lousy 2 Dollars. So if you don’t mind paying the extra 2 Dollars then these headphones could be your next tool in your DJ career.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Great dedicated headphones for DJ’s

Good audio quality

Look very stylish

Not very comfortable

Sennheiser HD 598 Over-Ear Headphones

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In at second place comes a pair of headphones from a brand many of us know and love. Yes it’s Sennheiser and we are looking at their Sennheiser HD 598 model. We have already seen a pair of headphones from this brand in our list and now we have another and this is because Sennheiser really know how to make great looking and functioning headphones for affordable prices. Out of the box these headphones look amazing. They look very luxurious and expensive. They somewhat remind us of the interior of a Mercedes. They are white in color, pulling slightly to a more yellow hint with a finish of wood looking trims around the sides of the headband and ear cups. The Velur padding on the cups is also brown and just makes them stand at all the more.

The comfort of these headphones is something that you will notice the moment you slip them on. They are something out of a fairy tale. If you could you might even consider replacing your pillow with them. They can be worn for hours on end and offer maximum comfort throughout. The headband padding is softer than that of the firmer padding on the ear cups but is no less comfortable. The headphones are on the heavier side but don’t cause too much pressure on the top of your head. The build quality is excellent with the only negative being on the plastic sliding size adjuster which has been known to break in the past with Sennheiser headphones. Although it has been reinforced it’s still a point of concern. The rest of the headphones is done in a plastic finish with the Sennheiser brand name engraved on the top of the headband, looking amazing as always.

The sound quality is something that Sennheiser have done right again. The bass is wonderful, the treble is wonderful, the mix of tones is wonderful, by now you can guess that they are wonderful. They do a lot better at retaining the clarity of the sound in the higher tones, which most brands don’t pay particular attention to. The treble is present in moderate quantity and comes into the mix perfectly. The headphones is have a great bass backdrop and make everything come together perfectly. The headphones can be used professionally and on an everyday basis. They are great on all genres and will not disappoint.

All in all these headphones look great, perform great and cost at a fraction of what you’d expect. Wearing these headphones will definitely bring attention your way and for some this might be too much but otherwise for those who do not mind as much, these headphones look great and sound great. Another product Sennheiser has done right and another close match on our list of Top 14 best headphones under 200 Dollars for the number one place.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

They look amazing

The balance of sound is perfect

They are very comfortable

They hinges for adjusting the size could be made a bit more resilient

Best Headphones Under $200 – Top 5

A General Overview of Everything

Now that we have gone through everything we can make a few comments and suggestions based on some of the key aspects that we have covered in this list. Some of the major things to look out for when going after your pair of headphones and how to recognize a good pair for you.

The secret when picking a pair for you is nothing more than just a thing of personal preference. Whether it is the look, the sound, the price or the comfort that you are going after it matters not, so long as you are happy with what you have. This list should serve as some sort of a guideline or informative foundation upon which you will build your final verdict. You do not need to agree with the order of the products in this list, just make sure that you find yours and that you are contempt with them.

All of the headphones listed here in this list are in their own way good and have their own respective strengths and weaknesses. So it is just a matter of which strengths match your interests and which don’t.

What Sort of Music Do You Listen To?

What sort of music do you listen to? This is an important question to ask yourself and don’t forget to take into account what sort of music you are listening to. The genres of music that you listen to play a critical role in the choosing of a  pair of headphones. Some headphones are open back some are closed back and this makes a big difference in terms of the audio output and the way it affect the music. For a someone who loves the classical genres more and likes to play jazz, blues and in general music that doesn’t focus a lot on bass than the open back headphones category should be the one that you have your eyes on. Otherwise if you love your RnB, your hip hop and dub step than closed back headphones are for you. In general for this genre of music bass is important and makes a big impact. With all the pairs of headphones mentioned in our list of top 14 best headphones under 200 dollars in 2020 you will see a variety of headphones that have acceptable bass. In this case you can then narrow down your search between these headphones and choose the next most important characteristics for your purposes.

Finally some of the headphones here are designed for professional use, some for DJ’s and some are just for casual everyday listeners. So it is important to consider this aspect to as this will make a difference in terms of the range of frequencies that the headphones have been made to pick out and the things the audio gives feedback to.

So with all these things in mind be mindful of your budget and remember that more does not necessarily mean better. If you are chasing a brand than that is another thing entirely and you might be paying extra for royalties  but if it is attention you seek or the confidence in a brand than by all means go for it. All in all be brave, be bold and we hope you find the best pair of headphones for you.

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  1. Anybody that has an m50, a grade or a pair of beats in their top list cannot be trusted. They are just audio hypebeasts that don’t care about quality. “Though I will admit the solo 2’s are better than the m50’s,” because you can still crank the sound up on the beats without getting overwhelmed by highs, and muddy bass, and you actually get mids on a pair of beats. And on to grados; people who buy grados are old people because they can’t hear the siblance or ear-raping highs that are put out by them. It is literally dog whistle high, like 11k or what not and it hurts. If you are old you will be fine, otherwise they are just shit cans that you are wearing for style points, not to mention every grado sounds almost identical. Even 1000+ dollars in

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