10 Best Headphones For Airplane Travel In 2020

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So why do we need to consider a list of top 10 best headphones for airplane travel? Honestly the reasons are plenty. We all love to enjoy our music and our preferences vary widely. Which brings us to our first point.

Personal Space

Personal space is something we all desire and at times even need. It is for this reason that sometimes we prefer to listen to our music, videos or audio books without other people’s judgement deterring us from doing the things we want. We don’t want to feel oppressed just for listening to music some wouldn’t necessarily agree with or at most appreciate. That is why this list of top 10 best headphones for airplane travel in 2020 looks at headphones that have a very high degree of noise cancellation that makes sure that you are not only immersed in enjoying your music but also the only one hearing it.

Personal space goes both ways. When you are listening to music you do not want to be bothering those around you either. They might prefer the silence more than music or at least another genre than the one you are listening to. For this reason it is beneficial to have the ability to listen to your music loud enough that you are still enjoying it and that it’s not affecting your surrounding area.


Comfort is another characteristic that is taken into mind when making a selection of headphones for airplane travel. More often than not, flights can take several hours and there is nothing worse than having to endure severe pain or discomfort from long periods of wearing your headphones. This is why comfort plays such an important role in this aspect. The headphones in the list have varying degrees of padding, some though are just ear buds, but regardless all have been chosen with a certain level of comfort in mind. So rest assured that although some headphones might be slightly more comfortable than others they are all more than adequate at handling the challenge.

Another key aspect in comfort is the flexibility of the headphones. You still want to be able to move around freely and not have to worry about the possibility of the head band snapping or getting damaged. Flexibility is also important in fit. The shape of our heads and ears varies from person to person and therefore it is important to ensure that when you buy a pair of headphones they are going to fit. This must be achieved without scarifying or altering the level of comfort in any way.

The type of ear cups vary and it is just a matter of preference what type you favour. Whether its deep plush cups or just conventional ear buds all have a certain criteria to fulfil in terms of offering comfort and we feel that this list has taken that well into account. So don’t stress too much over which you will pick in the end as it should be easier than one might think. There is no going wrong.

Best Headphones For Airplane Travel In 2020 – Top 10

Best Travel HeadphonesModelRatingReview
Sony MDR1000X4.2Read Review
Bose QuietComfort 354.5Read Review
Audio-Technica4.6Read Review
Bose QuietComfort 254.3Read Review
Sennheiser PXC 5504.2Read Review
BÖHM B-663.9Read Review
Bose QuietComfort 204.4Read Review
Beats4.0Read Review
Ghostek soDrop 24.5Read Review
Cowin E-74.1Read Review

Build Quality

This is another important area when considering these types of headphones as you’re going to want the reassurance that your headphones will not break through your travels. With all that packing and repacking that happens when going through terminals you want to be sure that you can put your headphones into your bag dozens of times and not have to worry about whether or not they are coming out in one piece. All in all the build quality of these headphones is all really good and you can rest assured that they will get the job done. The differences are generally in the type of materials with which the headphones are actually made of. So in the end it will come down to personal preference and what appeals to your style and wants more.


Good sound isolation comes at a cost. If you want that all important personal space from someone sitting right next to you, well then you’re going to need the best in technology to get you there. For this you are going to need quite a hefty amount of money. Although this might be a problem for some there are cheaper options that offer these qualities at the cost of sound quality and loudness. All in all though the more expensive variants surely carry their own perks besides just being good isolators of sound. These headphones also offer amazing levels of audio quality with great vocal ranges and fabulous sound stages. So even if you do decide to pay a little more, there is no need to feel bad, you are definitely getting your monies worth.


Style is something that is not particularly important in picking a pair of headphones for airplane travel. Though this might be so, it is very important in our personal decision making process as at times people are often known to pick something for their look or styling over their effective functionality. This is why we have given our list of 10 best headphones some form of priority in terms of their appeal as this aspect will always have a special place in our hearts when we chase after the things we want.

In summation

We must always remember that a devices performance ratings, wherever they may come from shouldn’t outweigh your decision for just simply liking something. So if you like a certain pair of headphones just because it might look like something you can and want to imagine owning, you shouldn’t let anyone sway your mind otherwise. If the price isn’t a problem then by all means go after what you want no matter what anyone says.

10 Best Headphones For Airplane Travel In 2020

Sony MDR1000X/B Premium Noise Cancelling Bluetooth Headphone

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The Sony MDR-1000X headphones are definitely by far the best headphones out there for airplane travel that money can buy. They do cut it close to other big competitors like the Bose Quietcomfort 35 but they still pull out on top. They have made it to our 1st place on our list of top 10 best headphones for airplane travel because they just have a very wide range of features and perks that make them great for this type of travel and use.

Firstly before we get to the features of this product we must just appreciate their exceptional classic finish and style of design. They are all black with a matt finish and the other colour variant is white. Both look stunning but the plus side of owning the black alternative is that it will be easier to keep it looking clean, whereas the white one will catch dirt a fair bit easier. The durability of the headphones is unquestionable, they are well built and can withstand quite the beating ( although this would not be advised ).

The comfort of the headphones is the only aspect of the Sony MDR-1000X that could have been worked on slightly more as the ear cups are not the most comfortable and other Sony products have proven that they can do this better. Otherwise they are far from uncomfortable. They can still serve you well for longer periods of time before the discomfort settles in. The flexibility of the headphones allows for easy fits and adjusting while on the head. The ear cups are foldable and can be rotated to lay flat, for easier storage in your bags or the such.

Now on to the stuff that really makes the Sony MDR-1000X what it is and that’s  the sound quality in combination with the features. The sound quality is absolutely phenomenal and the clarity of the sound is exceptional. The vocals are crisp and the bass is prominent but not overpowering. The vocal tones have a very wide range and they flow perfectly between the lows and the highs. All this is conjunction with the noise cancellation makes these headphones a powerhouse for the sound enthusiast. They really do a great job of isolating one from the ambient sounds around them and by that we mean almost all sounds. This can be a little dangerous at times or cause some annoyance when someone is trying to get your attention, but Sony has found their way around this with some truly innovative technology. The technology we speak of is based around the features that encompass the sound isolation, specifically it’s a function that is activated by pressing a button labelled ‘ambient’. The button switches between modes that allows some of the surrounding noise to leak through the music your are listening to so that you can be more alert to your surroundings. This is just one mode, the other isolates only vocal tones and voices and lets them leak through, so that if someone is calling you, you will be able to hear them. This is achieved through the use of two microphones on either side of the ear cups that transmit the sound through the headphones and into the ears.

Besides the ambient button there is another one to the side of it labelled NFC and when pressed enables NFC pairing of devices when tapped against the outside of the headphone cup. This is a great bonus feature that helps speed up the process of paring your devices to the headphones dramatically. Apart from this the headphones have gesture sensitive padding on the outside of the cups that allows the user to change the volume and swap between tracks with the flick of a finger. Another little cool feature is that while using the headphones, by pressing your hand against the right ear cup you will bring the volume down to mute.

The headphones are wireless and this great for airplane travel as you will save yourself from the entanglement of long cables. The battery life is generous with about 20 hours in the bag, which is more than enough to get you through a long flight. In the case that your battery life does run out there is always the option of using the cable and plugging it into your phone.

The price tag of the headphones is about 330.00 USD and that is quite the cost. These headphones are by no means cheap but what they offer is more than what we think Sony is asking for. The perks that come with these headphones make them great for not only travelling on planes but for everyday use. Although when we are talking of airplane travel their is no better alternative. The headphones are wireless, they have good battery life, they have noise cancelling features that enable you to interact with your surroundings without having you to take them off and finally the sound quality is amazing. If you can afford the price of these headphones then by all means we recommend them for anyone planning a trip somewhere soon.

Advantages and Disadvantages:


Great sound isolation with great features

Good battery life

Classy styling that looks expensive

Could be slightly more comfortable

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones

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Bose is a big name in the industry of headphones and music related equipment and as such is no stranger in our lists. It is no different in this list of top 10 best headphones for airplane travel.  The Bose Quitecomort 35 headphones are in terms of sound isolation as good as it gets. Once you put them on you’ll understand exactly what we’re on about. They completely exile you from the world. This makes them great for use on trains or loud environments and especially on planes. The only flaw with the headphones is that to enable softer sound isolation you need to plug them into the cable, there is no way to tone down the level of isolation when they are wireless. Which headphones like the Sony MDR 1000X have done better in our opinion.

The sound quality is what you would expect of headphones costing around the 270.00 USD mark but nothing more. The vocals are clear and the bass is powerful but it just lacks a little more punch. We feel that this is something that Bose could have improved upon as the sound quality between this device and the cheaper variant, the QC 25 is not very different. This does not make them in any way bad just a little short of their epic hype. All in all though they are more than suitable for dropping jaws when someone puts them on, but just falls short of our top pick. The sound has a great sound stage and the tones come out great.

The design of the QC 35 is a little less colourful when compared to the QC 25  and this gives it that more serious tone and appeal. It makes them feel more expensive, especially when combined with the excellent build quality and choice of materials used to make them. They come in two colours, specifically black and white. The logo sits on the outside of the cups prominently so there is no mistaking what you’re wearing.

The comfort has been really well catered to. The ear cups are very soft and the foam very squishy, offering a perfect fit without sacrificing the level of comfort. They are more than deep enough and get a good seal on the ear to enable that amazing sound isolation.

The headphones have some pretty rigid buttons on the bottom of the right headphone cup. The size of the buttons make them easy to pin point blindly and are angled well for accessibility. The headphones are NFC encoded so they can pair easily with your devices. This feature is a big time saver so it’s nice to see it implemented with the Bose Quitecomort 35’s.

The headphones come with their own carrying case which is a nice little perk. The case is all black and has a hard outer shell that keeps them well protected.

The headphones as we mentioned are wireless which makes them great for airplane travel. The battery life is good, with about 20 hours in the pocket, you should be more then set for your trip. As mentioned they do come with a cable in the case that your battery does run out. They come with a microUSB charging cable as well.

So although the price is quite daunting, the Bose Quitecomort 35’s are more than meets the eye. The sound isolation is unparalleled when compared to other devices and if you don’t mind deducting the sum from your balance necessary to purchase these headphones, you will be far from disappointed.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Amazing noise cancelling capabilities

Very comfortable

Look great

Long lasting battery life

NFC pairing


The sound quality could be better

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones

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Almost every one of our lists has a pair of Audio Technica headphones in it and that is because the headphones are amazing. They are usually quite affordable when compared to their competitors of the same rank. Though there is this difference in price there is little that stands in the way of performance. The headphones sound excellent and have the traditional Audio Technica sound stamp. They are superbly balanced with clear and vibrant, colourful tones, the bass is well emphasized, the lows and the mids are well balanced and the highs sound very clear. There is almost nothing bad to say about the audio quality of these headphones and they will leave you more than impressed.

The build quality is another outstanding feature of the headphones that just makes them feel awesome. They look expensive, they feel durable yet they do this without compromising the flexibility. This is very important as it is very beneficial to have a set of headphones that have these two features working hand in hand. This means they will fit all shapes and sizes of heads without a big risk of breaking and that packing them and carrying them is going to be a lot less stressful.

The design is very standard in terms of the usual Audio Technica look. They have the logo on the side of the ear cups and the only extra addition is the ATH-M50x label on the side of the headphone ear cups. The headphones come in a variation of different colours including, black, white and blue with tints of orange. The colours look great  and widen the scope of options for the potential customer, something that Audio Technica is well known for.

The headphones come with a draw string carrying case with the label on the front. They also come with three different cable sizes a 3m long straight cable, another 1.2 m straight cable and a 1.2 m long coiled cable. This is one of the biggest differences between the Audio Technica ATH-M50 and the Audio Technica ATH-M50x. The M50x has a detachable cable that can twist lock into place and the M50 does not.  This is a pretty big disadvantage when it comes to packing, but the bad side of the cable is that because of the twist lock mechanism you can only buy Audio Technica cables for your headphones and not just any standard headphone cables. Though this can be a little annoying the compensation is that the cables follow suite in terms of the colour scheme of the headphones and make the whole package look the part. Also you do get three cables so it will be a while before all three fail you.

The Audio Technica ATH-M50x have good sound isolation as they are your classic closed back headphones. The comfort is very decent and the cushioned padding on the cups is soft and plush. The seal around the ear is perfect and doesn’t allow sound to leak out. The downside to this pair of headphones is that it does not have any of the other additional features that the previous headphones have offered, in terms of segmented sound isolation that still lets in some of the surrounding sounds. These headphones are completely noise cancelling and the only remedy would be removing a cup from one of your ears.

In terms of the price, Audio Technica ATH-M50x are the first headphones so far in our list of top 10 best headphones for airplane travel that fall below the 200 USD mark. This makes them rather affordable for the level of audio quality offered by the headphones and the levels of comfort, though this does come at the cost of some additional features that the QC 35’s and the Sony MDR-1000x come with. This though is not the end of the world as the headphones still get the job done and quite well at that for a fraction of the cost.

If though you do already own a pair of Audio Technica ATH-M50’s there is no real urgency in upgrading to the M50x as there are no huge differences save the detachable cable. So consider this when buying these, but if you don’t already own your own pair then we strongly recommend this device as cheaper alternative to some of the more expensive variations in this list.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

High levels of comfort

Good price tag

Sound is well balanced and the bass is perfect

Comes in a lot of colour options

It does lack some of the additional features that the other more expensive headphones have to offer

Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones for Apple Devices

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Our second Bose headphones in the list so far and we arrive at the Bose Quite comfort 25. These headphones are a testament to Bose giving what they promised. The headphones have the words ‘Quiet’ and ‘Comfort’ in the name and as it would suggest the headphones are just that, but more on that later.

The Bose Quite comfort 25 is an upgrade on the older version of the QC 15 both in terms of features but also in terms of the design. Bose is a company that stands behind a line of very expensive and high end headphones and so they look as such. The Bose Quite comfort 25 look quite plain in terms of the colour scheme and the not overly exaggerated edges, but they are a big advance in terms of their appearance from the QC 15. They now look a lot more modern and expensive. The Bose logo on the side of ear cups is made of a reflective surface that reflects light at certain angles and makes them look all the more expensive.

The down side to the headphones would be their build quality. As though they might look the part they don’t feel the part as much. The plastic feels cheap and not very durable. They are still very flexible but they just feel a little cheap in the hands, which is not something you would expect coming from a company that assures such high end products.

This aside, we get back to the comfort portion of the name. The headphones are exceptionally comfortable. The cushions definitely turn the tide back into the favour of Bose as they have really gone all out to ensure maximum comfort and they’ve managed this with complete elegance. The cushioning is soft and  made from a memory foam. They definitely look more expensive then the headphones feel. On the head the Bose Quite comfort 25 is a pure joy to wear. They can easily be used for longer periods of time without too much irritation.

The second branch of the name is the Quiet part. The headphones are perhaps the most quiet headphones putting the QC 35’s aside. The noise cancelation is impeccable. They are so quiet that it is almost difficult to hear your own voice  as you listen to your music. The noise cancellation can be both activated or deactivated via a sliding button on the back of one of the ear cups on the outside of the headphones. Once you flip the button you enter a realm of complete isolation and that is something that makes these headphones perfect for your commutes to work or in the case of this list, airplane travel.

The sound quality of the headphones falls a bit short of what they are asking for them. The low tones are the most problematic of areas as they don’t come off quite as they should. They aren’t too impactful on the general flow of tones. On the other side this does improve or at least put more emphasis on the mid and high tones. So though the lows are bad you can still use the headphones to listen to genres like jazz or rock that focus more on vocals and instruments rather than on bass. So if you anyway prefer these genres than you are not losing on much.

Not to get us wrong the sound quality is not terrible, just could be better and the headphones anyway promote quiet and comfort, which is exactly what they are, so we really can’t complain much.

The headphones come with a black hard shell carrying case that looks very much the part in terms of being high end and looking expensive, but apart from that also a very efficient way of carrying your headphones. The headphones come with a triple A battery that is rechargeable, which is not very common with the products that are coming out today but the battery does have a very long life so it’s not that bad.

All in all the headphones are exactly what they promise to be, quiet and comfortable and they do both things with the most satisfying results you would expect. They truly are one of the most comfortable and quiet pair of headphones you can buy out there. Although this might be the case the price is still quite heavy and to set yourself up with these bad boys you are looking at a nice figure of around 280.00 USD.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

The headphones are one of the quietest you will find

They are also one of the most comfortable

They look very classy and expensive

The sound quality could be improved upon in the region of low tones.

They feel a bit cheap as they are mainly built of plastic

The inclusion of a triple A battery makes them a little outdated in this sense

Sennheiser PXC 550 Wireless – NoiseGard Adaptive Noise Cancelling, Bluetooth Headphone

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Sennheiser is a big name and a brand that comes up a lot in our lists so it is no strange thing to see them here in our list of top 15 best headphones for airplane travel as well. The Sennheiser PXC 550 are similar in ways to the Sony MDR-1000x in many ways, both in terms of functionality and features. But there are some things that get in the way of them being top in our list. Though these are minor things the top 5 are in a pretty close race so it was important to look at everything in complete scrutinise detail.

Firstly before we get into some of the key features of these headphones, we should take a moment to admire their beauty for they truly are beautiful to look at. They are very simple, contemporary and they scream elegance. They definitely look the part and cost the part as well. They only come in one colour option and that would be black. They do have some metallic silver finishing touches and tints around the headband and ear cups that just bring out the contrast ever so delicately.

The Sennheiser PXC 550 are a very comfortable pair of headphones to wear. They offer padding on the top of the headband and the cups and large and very deep. Adequate for people who might have slightly larger ears. The padding on the ear cups is very plush and feels more like a cloud then a pillow when you’re wearing them.

The headphones have great active noise cancellation that provides almost full immersion in ones experience while listening to them. This is a huge factor of these headphones as most headphones are not as good at this. They are a little behind the Sony MDR-1000x in this department as they do this a little better, but it is certainly nothing to point fingers at. The active noise cancellation can be activated by double tapping on the outside of the right ear cup. This innovative design is reminiscent of the Sony MDR-1000x, as it too does a similar if not identical thing. Apart from this, the innovative touch sensitive outer ear cup can be used to interact with the playlist, to alternate between tracks and change the volume. This saves in even more time the having to search around for a button with your finger and just all round looks more interesting.

The sound quality of the Sennheiser PXC 550 is as you would imagine from Senheiser, amazing. The bass is the only are where they are a little lacking, but otherwise the transitions between the lows, mids and high tones is very smooth. These headphones are great for listening to genres that are a little more vocal or instrumental heavy, but still pull their own for hip hop and rnb genres as well. Despite the, at times subpar levels of bass, it is hard not to be totally satisfied with the sound of these headphones. They also get pretty loud so make sure you watch the volume at which you play your music.

The Sennheiser PXC 550 are packaged wonderfully and are a joy to look at the moment you pull them out of the box. They come already packed in their carrying case which you get with them. The case looks like an old CD cases only bigger and sturdier. The headphone ear cups swivel into a laying position to allow for easier storage and when they are parallel to one another it turns the headphones on. Quite the little effect.

They use Bluetooth 5.0 and are wireless, which means they are an excellent choice for your commutes. The headphones also have three microphones, yes three, that work together to get the best vocal clarity when talking over the headphones.

So all in all the Sennheiser PXC 550 are a great piece of technology that you really can’t go without. They look stylish they are functional and they just get the job done. They are a little on the expensive side of things but they are well worth their price and sure enough if you opt to go for them you are not going to be displeased.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

The headphones look amazing, they are very stylish and elegant

They are very comfortable

They have many helpful features including gesture control

Not many colour options

The bass on the headphones could have a little more emphasis

They are a bit pricey

BÖHM Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with Active Noise Cancelling Headphones Technology

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We’ve looked at these headphones several times in the past and this is not definitely far from a debut in our lists. This is because when you need a cheap pair of headphones that you can count on to do the job it would be the Bohm Wireless Bluetooth Headphones.

First off in the list so far we’ve seen some pretty expensive headphones but for a pair that ranks in at 85.00 USD they look no less expensive than their competitors. They have a very modern feel to them yet their design is very simplistic. They will certainly catch the attention of passer-bys and it will do so at a fraction of the cost you would be paying elsewhere. They do look different but by all means it is not in a bad way. They come in two different colours, one being black and the other a tan. With a mix of the silver aluminium finish they really do look the part.

The build quality of the headphones is a bit iffy in terms of durability but they are still quite flexible. They are light which makes them feel a little more cheap but this is more of a blessing than a curse in that the lightweight factor means that they won’t exert as much pressure on your ears when wearing them. This is important for longer flights as you want to be sure that you can chain in a few hours of comfortable listening time.

While on the subject of comfort the headphones are quite comfy. The padding is soft and provides some good balance between comfort and seal around the ears. But despite this we feel that they are somewhat lacking and that prolonged periods of time can cause some irritation. The headphones do include some padding around the headband but it doesn’t go a long in way in changing the end result. This is perhaps the most potent weakness of the headphones in this list.

The sound quality of these headphones is quite solid considering their cost. They offer a frequency range that goes from 20Hz to 20K Hz.The lows do suffer a little but the mids and highs come out really well and somewhat save the day. The bass is another prominent feature that is well emphasized in the department of sound quality. The punchy sound that you get from listening to these headphones is refreshing and empowering. The vocals are pretty clear as well.

The active noise cancellation on these headphones can be accessed via a button on the outer side of one of the cups. The noise cancellation is very good and works well to isolate the user from the world around them. This makes them a perfect accessory to have on your commutes whether it be on a bus, train or in the case of this list on a plane. The option to enable or disable the noise cancellation means that you can still be in tune with your surroundings should the need arise. Again these headphones get the job done for just 85.00 USD, most other brands we have looked at thus far have done the same thing at almost triple the cost.

The headphones are wireless and have quite the range. This is another reason that just bauds well for these headphones. They are Bluetooth 4.0 compatible and pair well with both Apple and Android devices. The headphones come with rechargeable batteries that can last up to 18 hours. This is not that long but it should be more than enough to handle a flight and your waiting time at the airport before having to be charged.

So in summation the headphones do have some flaws and they are not the best out there but considering their price they are more than suitable for airplane travel. Apart from just airplane travel they are also very good everyday headphones. They might be cheaper but if anything this is more of a good thing than a bad thing as they only ever so slightly fall short of the other headphones.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Come at a very affordable price

They look more expensive than they actually are

They are wireless and have good connectivity

Do well to isolate the user from the surrounding noise

They are not the most comfortable

The sound quality could be worked upon

The battery life is a bit short

Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

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We come to our first pair of ear buds in our list of top 10 best headphones for airplane travel. First off as the fact that they are ear buds and not the conventional over the ear headphones means that comfort is going to take a bit of a fall here. This is not to say that they are completely uncomfortable to wear, just that they cannot compare to conventional headphones. The ear pieces that are in contact with the outside of the ear tend to be the areas that feel the most irritation after longer durations of usage.

The ear buds, the cable and the packaging all follow a similar pattern of black white and silver colour schemes that shows the particular attention that was paid to all the points of this product in entirety. The ear pieces have the Bose logo in bold lettering that stands out quite strongly.

The build quality of the headphones is more than decent when it comes to the small size of the ear pieces. They feel durable and well built to handle prolonged use. They come with a control module where you can find buttons that control the activation of the noise cancellation along with some other controls for interacting with your music library. The control module is made of a rubbery like material that allows for easy gripping. Though it is a bit clunky and can be quite irritating at times. The control module also runs on a rechargeable lithium battery so it can last a while. If the battery does run out though, you can still listen to your music only that the noise cancellation won’t be able to be activated.

The sound quality of the headphones is surprisingly good. The patented design of the ear buds is the secret behind the superb noise cancellation and this greatly influences the quality of the sound as you are able to completely commit yourself to the music you are listening to. Apart from this the bass is quite intense and feels rather potent. The lows are a bit worse off but the mids and highs transition well into each other. Vocals sound really good on the Bose Quite Comfort 20’s and listening to songs that are more oriented in this direction tend to leave a better impression on the listener.

The price of the headphones comes in somewhere around the 249.00 USD mark, which is not very cheap at all. Considering though that they are ear buds and that can be quite difficult to find good sound ear buds that get the job done as well as some over the ear headphones then it is a big deal. Bonus accessories include a nylon carrying case which looks really nice with the headphones. All in all the earbuds can’t completely complete with the top 5 headphones we have in this list but are a lot more resilient to vigorous movement and can be ideal for airplane travel. Apart from this they come as close to the ideal headphones as one would want, minus the comfort.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

They are very lightweight and easy to store, which makes them perfect for airplane travel

They sound very decent

The noise cancellation is on point

They are quite expensive

They are not very comfortable over longer periods

Beats Studio Wireless Over-Ear Headphone

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Finally Beats make their first debut in this list of top 10 best headphones for airplane travel. Beats is a big brand and one that stands behind high end merchandise that will definitely get you some recognition. They are a very popular brand in the world of headphones and most people are as such familiar with the brand.

Beats headphones follow a very similar look in most of their designs which makes them easy to recognize besides just looking at the logo. It’s no different in the case of the Beats Studio Wireless Headphones. They are simple and elegant in design, with a contemporary look that boasts modern sophistication. Something that Beats have done well throughout their headphone products is made them in wide variations of colours. It is no different here and you can get your Beats Studio headphones in any of the following colours; Black, Matte Black, Blue, Red, Titanium, White, Gloss Black, Gold, Metallic Sky and White Gloss. As you can see this is perhaps the most colour options you will get from a single pair of headphones in a brand. Quite impressive and the best part is that they all look amazing and expensive.

The build quality of the headphones is very good. Nothing bad really to be said here, props to Beats. They have done their homework on this one. The feel very durable and expensive in the hands. They are made of plastic but it doesn’t feel cheap.

The headphones are exceptionally comfortable. There is padding and cushioning almost everywhere on the headphones where you might want. The underside of the headband is almost covered in padding and runs the entire length of the headband. The ear cups too have been padded well. They padding is soft and deep. The clamping force doesn’t feel intrusive and they sit very well on all head shapes and sizes. Despite their rather robust looking durability they are actually very flexible and can stretch quite the fair amount. You can expect to wear them for longer durations without the fear of feeling much or any irritation on your ears.

Alas though when it comes to the noise cancellation of the headphones we run into a bit of trouble. Although they do offer this option it is not very effective in comparison to the other headphones mentioned in this list thus far. While there is active noise cancellation you can’t actually listen to music if you turn this feature on which makes this a little redundant.

Another issue with the Beats Studio Wireless Headphones is that although they are wireless the battery life is only 12 hours. This is not a lot of listening time at all. You can prolong this time by plugging in your cable which extends battery life to about 20 hours, they are no longer wireless. The main problem is that once you do run out of battery eventually, you can longer listen to music at all, even just on the cable. This is a big flaw as most other headphones allow this. The wireless connectivity range is decent though, about 30 feet.

The sound quality follows suite with the punchy bass of other Beats headphones and is amazing for listening to genres like rap, hip hop and dubstep. The lows come out really well and the mids and highs sound pretty good too. If you are someone who prefers these genres and have already used Beats headphones in the past then you will know what to expect here, as it differs little from other variants.

The headphones come with their own mesh black carrying case. Inside the case you will find two straight cables, one red and one black. The case is sturdy and looks very appealing and can definitely keep your headphones safe from damage.

All in all the price for these headphones is somewhere in the range of 380.00 USD, which makes them the most expensive headphones on this list. This is partly the reason that they didn’t take our top pick but also because you are paying more for the brand than the actual effectiveness of the headphones. There are other headphones that do a much better job for a lot less. But then again, if you are a diehard fan of Beats and love the company or enjoy their products, they still produce good audio quality and if you can overlook some of the flaws, then you will be more than happy.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

The headphones look amazing and come in many different colour variations

They are very comfortable to wear

The empowered bass on these headphones makes them ideal for genres like hip hop, rap and the such

Low battery life

Quite expensive

When they run out of battery you cannot use them until they are recharged even if you opt to use the cable

Ghostek soDrop 2 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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These headphones come from a brand that isn’t as popular as some of the ones we’ve covered so far in our list of top 10 best headphones for airplane travel. This aside though they are still a great recommendation and we’ll cover why shortly.

Firstly if you’re familiar with the predecessor, the Ghostek soDrop then you will notice some differences in the design straight off the bat, particularly in the ear cups. They now have a more geometrical, modern design and stray away from the curves of the soDrop. Apart from this the Ghostek soDrop 2 have some more colour options now and improved padding.

The Ghostek soDrop 2 are very comfortable to wear, being covered in majority with padding, included is some perforated leather on the headband which gives it a bit more of an expensive feel. The padding on the cups is also very comfy and can offer decent periods of usage time before irritation kicks in.

The headphones are wireless which reduces the clutter of cables on your commutes and as such makes them great for airplane travel. The battery life is somewhere in the region of 14 hours, which is not great but there are worse.

The headphones have a collection of buttons on the outer side of the headphone cups. The buttons interact with your playlist, by swapping through tracks or changing the volume settings. The buttons are large and hard to miss meaning you don’t have to remove the headphones to get to them. There is also a button for answering calls. This means that the headphones do come with a microphone, which is more than decent.

The headphones do provide some sound isolation but without the option of active noise cancellation they are not perfect. Despite this draw back it’s not as bad as one would think and the sound leak is very minimal.

The sound quality of the headphones is surprisingly good. The bass is very prominent and makes them pop. The mids and highs are come out smoothly and the 40mm drivers are definitely holding their own. The emphasis on the bass makes the headphones predominantly more suited to genres like hip hop, rnb and dubstep but you can still enjoy other genres like jazz and rock with decent quality. The headphones do improve somewhat in quality when they are plugged into the auxiliary cable that they come with, so if you want the bass to be even more deep and pronounced, go ahead and plug them in.

The main selling point though of these headphones would ironically be the price itself. They are only 69.00 USD and for all that they come with this is quite the impressive deal. Most headphones will set you back about twice this much or even thrice, yet these are a cheaper alternative that can get the job done just as well. If you are on a budget and are in the market for some headphones for your flight out of town then these headphones just might do the trick for you. They are comfortable, the sound isolation is pretty solid and they sound good enough. So make a plan of how much you wish to spend on headphones and remember that price does not always assure maximum quality. You can still get away with a lot without paying lots.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

They are a bargain at their current selling price

They are comfortable

They look very stylish

The sound quality is refreshingly good

The battery life is not that good though

The noise cancellation isn’t the best and at times they can leak a bit of sound

Cowin E-7 Active Noise Cancelling Wireless Bluetooth Over-ear Stereo Headphones

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The Cowin E-7 headphones are another pair of headphones that don’t come from a very well known brand, but we did find them to be more then suited for this list of top 10 best headphones for airplane travel, for reasons that we will get into shortly.

The first thing that you will notice with these headphones, which is not necessarily a good thing, is that they look quite cheap. They are very simple in shape and not in a good way. They don’t look like anything really existing is going on. They are almost all black save the silver tints around the ear cups. Their build quality consists mainly of a plastic material that feels cheap and quite fragile. This being said though, the fact that the material they are made of is plastic, means they are very lightweight. This means that the clamping force is reduced and the comfort level immediately rises. The price to pay for comfort in the case of the these headphones is thus their visual appearance. But if this is something you don’t care too much about then your good to go. Most heavier headphones have a prominently stronger grip or clamping force to keep them on your ears and this is one of the first reasons your ears start feeling irritated. This is why their lightweight nature is so important.

To further improve the quality of comfort the Cowin E-7’s have a lot of padding on them. The padding covers the majority of the head band and keeps them from causing any unnecessary pressure on the top of your head. The padding on the ear cups too, is well covered and they are soft, deep and plush. This makes them one of the more comfortable headphones in this list, while also one of the more uglier ones. If this is a sacrifice you don’t mind making then these headphones won’t bother you much.

The sound quality comes from 40mm large aperture drivers on either side, that offer a wide range of frequencies. The bass sounds very deep and has a great response. The mid and high tones can be a bit over the top at times but in general you won’t run into many problems in this area. The headphones do come with the added option of noise cancellation which works rather well on these headphones. This option is quite the selling point of these headphones as at their price of around 69.00 USD this is a steal. The do well to isolate the sound but some leaking does occur though.

These headphones are wireless, which is a big reason why they are great for airplane travel. But an even bigger reason is that their battery life is around 30 hours. 30 hours! This is more than any of the previous headphones in our list and in some cases twice as much. The battery is both removable and rechargeable. It’s also very easy to access, being located behind the plastic plate of the ear cup. The battery can be recharged via the micro USB port found at the bottom of the ear cup. They don’t take too long to charge and before you know it you’re back at 30 hours of play time.

The headphones do have some buttons on the outside of the ear cups that turn them on and enable or disable the noise cancellation. There is an LED light on the outside of ear cups that lights when the device is on or flickers as it is pairing.

All in all this product is a steal. The sound quality, comfort and battery are all enough to make you want to buy these headphones immediately. Their only downside as we mentioned already is the way that they look. We usually don’t like our things looking or even worse feeling cheap. In the case of these headphones though, in comparison to the other big names in this list they are cheap. What you are getting from the is functionality and if that is what you want and don’t plan on taking out a big paycheque then these might just be the headphones for you. After all, despite their appearance the features if the Cowin E-7 are all very commendable. Sometimes it’s what inside that counts and the Cowin E-7 is a testament to just that.

Advantages and Disadvantages :

The headphones have the longest lasting battery life in this list thus far

The audio quality is more than reasonable considering their asking price

They are a very comfortable pair of headphones

They look cheap and they feel cheap

Apart from looking cheap they don’t look all too visually pleasing either

Best Headphones For Airplane Travel – Top 5

So What Should We Take from This List

Now that we have gone through the list of the top 10 best headphones for airplane travel in 2020 we can go through some of the points that are the most important in this list and in picking headphones for your travels.

Noise Cancellation

As we mentioned in the introduction, noise cancellation is a big factor in travelling as you don’t want to be a nuisance to those around you or not able to hear everything that is happening around you at all times. It is nice to be have the ability to choose when you can want your noise cancellation active and when not. For this reason there is a thing called active noise cancellation and although some headphones don’t have it, it is quite a necessity. At the flick of a button or in some cases the tap of a finger you can alternate between full immersion and partial hearing. Noise cancellation is also a benefit in the case that you might just want to sleep on a plane and that you can use your headphones as a form of ear plugs without any music playing.

Active noise cancellation is a feature on headphones that usually if done well carries without a heavier price. So it is a commodity that you have to be prepared to pay for but it is one that will ultimately make the biggest impact. Some headphones only have noise cancellation which requires you to manually take the ear piece off to hear what is happening around you but it’s not too bad. These headphones also usually cost cheaper. So it is important to find a balance between the things you are looking for from a pair of headphones and decide what is more important to you and what you can do without.

Wireless Connectivity

Wireless connectivity is another big thing. This is also a big reason why the majority of the headphones here in this list have this feature. When you’re flying or commuting to work or wherever it is that you’re going it is nice not to have a bunch of cables dangling around your neck. If you travel often you also probably want to travel light and that means, less things to pack and less things to think about. When you have wireless headphones it makes this job far more easier. There are headphones though in this list that are not wireless, but have other features that make them stand out. So it doesn’t mean that just because a pair might not have wireless connectivity its bad, only that it is a beneficial factor.


The headphones in this list are typically more expensive than regular everyday headphones and this is because of the active noise cancelation in relation to advanced and innovative technologies incorporated in the design of these headphones. As such this list therefore has a mix between some of the more expensive headphones and some the cheaper ones. Where you are losing on one thing you are always gaining on another. What do we mean? Well just because you are paying less does not mean what you are buying is going to be bad. Yes you are going to miss out on a few bonus features and perks but on the other hand you are also going to save some more money that can be spent elsewhere. So all in all, price is not always an indicator of quality and especially not in this list. If there is a pair of headphones you like, regardless of the price, get it.


This is another big factor in these headphones. When you are in an environment where you are likely going to be wearing your headphones for longer periods of time it is important to make sure that that time is spent in comfort. You will notice that most headphones on this list have a lot of padding and most time the padding covers the headband as well. This is exactly for that reason. You want to be enjoying the time you spend using your headphones and avoid the possibility of discomfort.


Finally we come to the appearance. Now this not a necessity but it is an important part of our process of accessing what we desire. As such it is important to have the options available to choose something that you feel is best suited for your wants. Some brands have lots of variety while others almost none. Some brands are big names while others are smaller. Whether you like to wear branded headphones that people will recognize or just prefer to go the other route, it’s all up to you. The list contains both types of headphones and rest assured that you will be able to find something that you will like amongst it.

We hope that you have found this list of top 10 best headphones for airplane travel in 2020 useful and safe travels!

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