14 Best Headphone Stands In 2020

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If you are one of those people, who love their headphones so much that they want them to have their own place and comfort, in this text you will find the list of the best headphone stands in 2020 that are just a mouse click away.

Once very expensive and not so popular, headphone stands are inexpensive and practically unavoidable nowadays. Of course, is completely normal.

In this noisy world, it is extremely difficult to escape from everyone, concentrate on work or just relax, listen to music or play a video game. That is one of the main reasons why people buy headphones – they are high quality and more noticeable than earbuds and there is less chance for others to interrupt you.

Therefore, when you finally decide to spend a decent amount of money on good quality headphones and bring them home, new problems such as “What is the safest place for them?” appear. Sure, you can always put them in a drawer or just lay them down on a desk, but that isn’t the safest or most convenient place for them. Everyone who wants to prevent their headphones from falling down and damaging and keep them always on hand, should buy a headphone stand. It also keeps your workspace all neat and tidy and probably gives you more space for other things.

What Should I Think About When I’m Buying a Headphone Stand?

There is a variety of stylish, more or less quality stands out there and that’s the reason why you should ask yourself a few questions in order to be more confident about the product you are buying.

  • How Much Money Can You Spend?

There are so many models of stands that you can even get a headache while you’re trying to find the best for yourself. The choice is yours but you should definitely pick the stand that best fits your needs and requirements and don’t let the stand be more expensive than headphones.

  • How Much Space Do You Have?

If you have a large desk, you can buy practically any stand. If not, there are some holders with hooks and clamps that can be attached to the desk, your headphones would be hanging off the side and wouldn’t take much space.

  • Will It Be Compatible With Your Workspace?

If you want your purchase to look good on your desk, you should pay attention to its compatibility with other computer accessories, especially your headphones, and the design of the entire room. Everything sure looks much better when it’s organized and stylish.

  • To Buy or Not to Buy a Stand With Cable Organizer?

If you don’t have Bluetooth-connected headphones, you might want to buy a stand that has a winder. That is actually nothing but a piece of wood or plastic that is used to wind the cable around it. It’s not necessary to have exactly that kind of stand, but your workspace will be cleaner and more organized.

Top 14 Best Headphone Stands In 2020

Best Headphone StandsModelRatingReview
Brainwavz Hengja4.6Read Review
The Anchor4.5Read Review
AmoVee4.4Read Review
LUXA2 E-One4.8Read Review
Satechi4.3Read Review
Brainwavz Truss4.8Read Review
Avantree4.5Read Review
Brainwavz Hooka4.7Read Review
SADES4.6Read Review
SilverStone4.5Read Review
Just Mobile4.4Read Review
Geekdigg4.2Read Review
MOCREO4.2Read Review
Geekria4.0Read Review

What Types of Stands Exist?

Headphone stands are released in different sizes, designs and models. Design is often very important when one has to decide which stand to buy. The position they will have on a desk and the material they are made of should also be taken into consideration.

Classification by Position

Speaking about the position that a stand can have on your desk, we can say that there are two types of headphone stands:

  • Upright Stands

Upright headphone stand is the one that stands freely and it doesn’t have to be attached to your desk or maybe a shelf.  It is enough to put it down on the desk and it’s ready to be used.

  • Under-Desk Stands

In case your choice is an under-desk headphone stand, you will have to attach it to your table. You can choose where you want to put it – under the table, on the side of the table or a shelf near your table.

Classification by Material

The most common materials stands are made from are plastic, metal and wood. No matter what material they are made from, their purpose remains the same. The main difference between materials lies in their quality and durability.

  • Metal Headphone Stands

The one thing we all know about metal is that it’s durable and holds up weight very well. Because of that, metal stands are more durable and stable than the others. They are also more expensive than the others. Cheaper and more modern types are made of aluminum.

  • Plastic Headphone Stands

Plastic headphone stands are also very common and popular, mostly because of their design and price. You can find it in many different shapes and they are quite cheap. Most stores use this type of stands to display their headphones. The problem is their durability and stability. If you’re looking for something good-looking and inexpensive, these stands are great for you, but if you’re looking for something stable and resistant, try something else.

  • Stands Made from Other Materials

Stands made of wood or leather, are definitely also very popular nowadays. They are something between premium and low quality stands. They can be very durable, especially if they are made of wood, but also very esthetic.

 In order to save your time and help you find the best model for you, we’ve prepared a very interesting list of 14 best headphone stands in 2020 for a good price.

Brainwavz Hengja – The Headphone Desk Hanger

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Our first choice is an under-desk headphone hanger made by Brainwavz – a company that makes good quality and practical products for more than affordable prices. Their products are very popular on the market and this won’t be the last one on our list.

Brainwavz Hengja comes in a simple plastic box. Instructions aren’t included although a screwdriver is. It is used to adjust and fasten the hanger to your desk/shelf, both horizontally and vertically because it can be rotated with the hex key.

The design is very simple. The hanger consists of two parts, a head that you hang your headphones on and a clamp. It comes in just one color, matte black, which is quite elegant and stylish and it can be combined with different types of furniture, computers and headphones.

Hengja is fully made of metal, which means that it can hold all headphones, even the heaviest. It is strong and stable although its size is smaller than average stand size. It weighs only 4 ounces, clamp depth is 1.6 inches, plate depth 2 inches and width 1.8 inches. Although it’s made of metal, the clamp has a special rubber protective layer that prevents your furniture from scratching.

The clamp can be attached to the majority of tables but the maximum size is 1.6 inches and minimum 0.5 inches. It means that if you have thicker table/desk than usual, you won’t be able to use this product.

Hengja doesn’t have a cable organizer, although you can wind it on the same part you hang the headphones.

Thanks to its size, you can bring it with you on a trip, to work or anywhere else you want.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The hanger is made of metal which makes it durable.

The hanger saves your space.

The hanger is strong enough to hold heavy headphones.

The hanger can be small for thicker desks.

If you attach it under the desk, you can push it and your headphones can fall down.

The head doesn’t bend and it has screws on its surface that can damage headphones or they can slip.

ElevationLab The Anchor – Under-Desk Headphone Stand Mount

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Our second choice is also an under-desk headphone stand called The Anchor. It comes in one piece. Its top is covered by a protective layer that you have to peel off and attach the stand to your desk. The design is very simple and the product comes only in black color. Its dimensions are 4.1 x 1.4 x 2.2 inches and its weight 1.8 ounces.

It’s predicted to be attached to the bottom of customer’s desk so it saves space and keeps the desk cable free. The Anchor can be even attached to the side of your desk. If you put it under the desk, you can hang on it two pairs of headphones. When you hang just one pair, the other side of the stand can be used for winding headphones’ cable. On the other side, if you put the stand to the side of the desk, you can hang only one pair of headphones. In case they are wired, the cable can be behind the headphones.

The Anchor is made of thick high-quality silicone. It is strong enough to hold two pairs of headphones at the same time and also flexible enough to bend slightly when you leave or take your headphones, so it’s difficult to damage them. It is also bump resistant so you can push it with your knee as many times as you want and you won’t damage it.

The top part has a layer of the same adhesive that GoPro uses, so it’s surely high-quality adhesive and it will stay attached to your desk as long as you want. The only condition is to attach the stand to a clean, dry and finished surface, because if the surface is wet or rough, the adhesive won’t hold. The adhesive needs 24h to reach its maximum strength after attaching.

There is also a possibility that, after some time, you won’t be able to remove it easily. In that case, it is recommended to heat it up for some time (use for example a hairdryer) in order to soften the adhesion and remove it safely.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The stand is small and usually placed under desks, which saves a lot of space.

Once attached, it stays attached for a long time.

The Anchor can hold two pairs of headphones as well as their cables.

The stand can’t be removed easily.

The material can bend under large and heavy headphones and they can fall down.

AmoVee Acrylic Headphone Stand Gaming Headset Holder/Hanger

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AmoVee is a Chinese company known for its modern, good quality and affordable products popular around the world. One of those is AmoVee Acrylic Headphone Stand. This company constantly improves their offer, so we will present you a new, better version of AmoVee Stands.

AmoVee Headphone Stand has very interesting, simple and minimalistic design. It’s omega shaped which makes it even more interesting than the other stands because its curves follow the natural form of headphones. There are no extra details on the product itself and it does not have sharp edges that can damage your headphones. This is one nice and simple black holder.

AmoVee is compact, about 9.8 inches high, 2.4 inches wide and 0.24 inches thick. The length between its arms is 4.7 inches. The stand is not too big nor too small but its height isn’t adjustable which could be a great characteristic for one stand. This is important because it sometimes happens that bigger and stronger headphones make pressure on the stand and it can damage headphones. In general, this stand is universal and it is made for all headphones.

The stand is made of acrylic, which makes it quite light (8.8 ounces) and also quite strong. It doesn’t need any fixation, you just unwrap the package, put it on a desk or a shelf and that’s it. You can easily move it on the desk whenever you want and it will fit perfectly anywhere. You can even take it with you on a trip, or move from house to work. Headphones stick to this stand hard that you can even have some problems taking them off. It is necessary to use both hands when you take or leave your headphones. The stand can easily fall down if you don’t do so.

Anyway, if you like minimalistic and simple looks for more than acceptable price – this is the right stand for you.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The stand has simple, elegant and appealing design.

It is made for headphones of all sizes, which makes it universal and easily combined because of its black color.

Headphones sometimes cling too strong to the stand, so it could be a problem to separate them without knocking the stand down.

LUXA2 E-One Black Solid-Metal Aluminum Universal Gaming Headphone Stand

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The next product on our list is LUXA2 E-One Headset/Headphone Stand. E-One is a universal headphone stand intended for all types of headphones. It comes alone in a box without manual, which you really don’t need as the stand is made in one piece.

The design is very appealing and elegant. The product we chose is black, but there are also some other colors available (gold, silver, rose gold) for a few more dollars. Because of a variety of available colors, it can be the right choice for ladies who want their workspace to be very stylish and unique.

E-One has satisfying dimensions (4.5 x 4.1 x 10.4 inches) so that large headphones can rest on it without major problems because of its height. It is also very thin at the same time so it doesn’t occupy a lot of space on your desk. The stand is quite heavy for that kind of product (1.2 pounds). It might not be nice to move it from place to place, but it sure means that it is more stable than lighter versions of stands.

This stand is made from high quality aluminum but it doesn’t have rough edges like some aluminum stands. It even has diamond cut design on its bottom in order to prevent scratch. The top of E-One has a rubber part that supports headphones and prevents them from slipping. Rubbery sticky pad is set on the bottom of the stand’s base to prevent sliding.

The only problem this stand can have is height. This isn’t a small stand but it isn’t sometimes high enough for wired headphones (especially for those that have self-adjusting wing system) because the jack on those headphones touches the stand’s base. That can cause problems with cables and headphones in general and lower the quality of sound.

Advantages and Disadvantages

High quality construction, stable and simple.

The design is attractive and elegant; the product is available in four colors.

It’s not possible to adjust the height of the stand and that can cause problems with wired headphones.

Slightly more expensive than other similar products.

Satechi Aluminum USB Headphone Stand

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Satechi Headphone Stand is a really special stand. It’s not only a headphone holder; it has some extra features and it is compatible with all kinds of headphones.

It comes in three parts, the top, the base and one USB cable for connecting your headphones with your computer. When you open the box, you will have to put these parts together which is not complicated but the thing is that once it’s put together, it stays together. There’s no way to disassemble it and maybe take it somewhere with you.

When we speak about the design of Satechi Headphone Stand, we can say that we are really pleased to see a stand that has such an elegant and simple design at the same time. It also comes in four colors – gold, rose gold, silver and space grey.

The stand is not so big, but some say it could be a bit higher although its dimensions are quite satisfying (8 x 1.5 x 8.3 inches). It weighs 1.1 pounds, which makes the stand quite stable and durable.

Satechi Headphone Stand is made from aluminum and its top has rubber part that prevents headphones from falling down. It also has one more important thing and that’s a cable organizer on the back side of the stand, so you don’t have to worry that you will damage connectors or the quality of sound.

What makes this product so unique are those extra features we mentioned previously. On stand’s base there are three 3.0 USB ports for transferring data, one 2.0 USB port on the back side and an audio port. To be honest, it’s quite something to have so many extra ports. Even if you don’t need it every day, it can be useful for charging phones or other devices.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The stand’s design is modern and timeless at the same time.

The stand is available in four different colors, adequate even for ladies’ rooms.

Unlike majority of other stands, Satechi Headphone Stand has a cable organizer.

It can be considered as pricey.

Once put together, its parts can’t be separated anymore.

Brainwavz Truss Under Desk Dual Headphone Hanger Stand Mount

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Brainwavz Truss Headphone Hanger is one more of Braiwavz products that we will present in our text, and we think Brainwavz surely deserves it.

It’s not made of more parts, there’s just one piece, so you won’t need instructions to show you how to install this stand. It’s enough to unwrap it, peel off the protective layer on the top and attach the stand to your desk. Just make sure that the surface you’re attaching the stand to is clean, dry and flat.

The design is really simple, it is available in only one color, but that’s even not so important considering the fact that this type of stand is predicted to be put under customers’ desks. Anyway, it looks quite nice and stylish, so it can surely be easily combined with any furniture or computer accessories.

Dimensions (6.7 x 2.8 x 2.8 inches) show us that this product is even smaller than similar models. It’s also not the heaviest stand in the world because it weighs only 1.6 ounces. However, it’s quite long so it was proven that, although it was meant for two pairs of headphones to hold at the same time, it can hold at least three, maybe even four if they aren’t very large.
It’s also a good thing that this stand lets you get rid of all of those cables because you can wind cables on the hooks – there’s enough space for everything.

Brainwavz Truss is entirely made from metal, except for that thick layer of 3M VHB adhesive tape. Considering the fact that this stand is made from metal, it is sure that it can hold very heavy headphones. Pay attention to one thing – the adhesive on the top is very strong and once you put the stand on one side of your desk, it is really difficult to remove it, so think twice before attaching it the first time.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The hanger has metal construction; it is strong and reliable.

The hanger saves the space on your desk; you can put at least two pairs of headphones on it without worrying about their safety.

It solves problems with cords lying around your room.

High quality for low price.

It is difficult to reposition it after attaching.

Avantree Universal Solid Steel Headphone Stand Hanger with Cable Holder

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Avantree Headphone Stand is universal headphone holder suitable for a variety of headphones’ models.

The design is minimalistic, simple, but very elegant at the same time. It is available in black color, although there is one more model – Bamboo Headphone Stand, suitable for those who want strong and wooden stands. Wooden stand is a bit more expensive. The black model is easily combined with most furniture, computers and other gadgets.

Avantree Solid Steel Stand comes in three pieces – silicone headband and base and one metal bar. The installation is quite easy once you find out that the metal frame should be inserted into silicone base. After that, you push the base all the way down and press it. Then comes the headband. It’s necessary to pay attention to small ribs under the top. Those ribs have to cling to the top of the metal bar firmly, so try to move the headband in the direction ribs go.

The stand is quite light; it weighs only 12.6 ounces. It’s 1.57 inches wide, 9.84 inches high and the diameter of its base is 5.9 inches. Avantree Headphone Stand is considered to be quite strong and suitable for many types of headphones. There’s space for only one pair of headphones, but the good thing is that the stand’s base is actually a cable holder and it can really hold anything else if you have wireless headphones (for example – cell phone).

This model consists of metal and silicone parts. Metal bar is there to provide stability because a part of that bar goes under the base and makes it more stable. The headband produces some pressure on the base and increases its stability. However, the main problem this product has is the weight of the base. Because of its lightness, it’s quite possible that the stand won’t be suitable for heaviest models of headphones. Silicone base is used to prevent slipping, because, in a certain way, it sticks to the surface. However, it can cause a lack of stability, especially when pushing the stand to the left or to the right.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The stand is nicely designed, simple and attractive.

The stand’s head is made from silicone which is soft and prevents your headphones from slipping, damaging or falling.

The stand has a base where you can put cables.

The silicone base is not as stable as it should be. The base could be stronger if some weight was added to it.

A bit pricey in comparison to similar models.

Brainwavz Hooka The All Metal Headphone Stand Hanger

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Here it is – one more product made by company Brainwavz. Brainwavz Hooka has similar quality and similar price to the other two stands we have already presented. And it’s also very popular among users.

Brainwavz Hooka is one solid headphone hanger made for vertical surfaces such as walls or shelves around your working or gaming space. The design is not so great, it isn’t as interesting and attractive as other Brainwavz hangers are, but it surely does its job – saves your space and removes clutter from your desk. It’s made only in black color, so you can’t choose, but you can definitely combine it easily with any workspace.

This hanger comes in one piece, without an instruction, but that’s something you won’t need as it’s so simple to install it. You just have to peel off that protective layer from the back side of the hanger and press it to a wall or a shelf. It’s the same as it is on the other Brainwavz hangers. On the back side there’s a 3M VHB that we’ve already mentioned. Once again – just be sure that the surface you’re applying the hanger to is completely clean and dry.

Brainwavz Hooka is relatively small hanger (3.9 x 2.4 x 2 inches); certainly smaller than regular headphone stands. Although it’s small, there’s enough space for the largest gaming headphones. There’s even a possibility to hang on it two pairs of smaller headphones and there’s also enough space to wind cords on it if necessary.

The hanger is very light as it weighs only 4.5 ounces, but thanks to its metal built, it’s capable to hold heavy headphones. There are no soft parts on this hanger. When you put your headphones on it, the hanger doesn’t bend and saves its form. One good thing some other Brainwavz models don’t have is a raised tip at the end of the hook that prevents headphones from falling off.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The hanger is smaller than headphone stand and stronger than some other hangers are.

The hanger has a part that rises at the end of the hook and protects headphones from falling.

You can wind cords on it or just let them hang under the hanger, but in any case, they cause less problems than usual.

Good price for that quality.

The adhesive on the backside can hold too well and cause problems if you ever want to move the hanger.

The design could be improved.

SADES E-Sports Gaming Headphone Cradle

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Sades E-Sports is a headphone stand that fits perfectly only in gaming space. The design is effective and attractive, the product is available in red and blue colors combined with black. It’s detachable so that you can even separate its parts and bring it with you if necessary. It will certainly be noticed on your desk especially because the light can go through red and blue parts and that makes the stand look unusual.

This stand comes in parts you have to put together. The instructions are written on the back of the package although it’s quite simple to set it up. In that package, you will find a black base, two arms with black foam on the top and two clips. First you put those arms into the base (push them hard) and after that you put those two clips on arms. Those clips keep arms together and make them more stable. The foam on the top is soft and enables your headphones to lie nicely on hanger and prevents them from slipping off.

The stand weighs only 8.8 ounces and its dimensions are 6.3 x 5.5 x 10.6 inches which makes it very easy to move anywhere you want, especially if you separate the parts and wear it in pieces. There’s enough space for most headphone models to hang freely and also enough space to wind the cable.

Sades E-Sport is made from plastic which makes it good for the price but not the most stable stand in the world. We can’t say that it doesn’t hold headphones nicely, but it’s just not so stable. It has a lack of balance and sometimes you get a feeling that it can fall down.

Advantages and Disadvantages

It has unique and interesting design.

It’s universal, compatible with many types of headphones and you can solve your problem with cables.

The stand is made from plastic acrylic materials which can cause problems with stability and balance.

It’s not so easy to put its parts together; you have to push hard and can get a feeling that you can break it.

SilverStone Technology EBA01B Aluminum Hi-Fi Audio Premium Headphone Stand

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SilverStone Technology Headphone Stand is certainly the product you can mix with products that make some more famous companies. The design is truly elegant. The product is available in black and silver colors so it shouldn’t be a problem for it to fit in any surrounding. It has beautifully rounded hanger/top so it looks sophisticated, but at the same time enables headphones to lay nicely on it. It has nice finish, but the edges towards the front of the hanger are a bit sharp which can damage your headphones if you don’t take them off carefully.

The stand comes in three pieces along with screws. There’re also included detailed instructions how to put it together, which is not easy at all and the manufacturer doesn’t provide a screwdriver. In the package, there are the base, the arm and the top. Everything should be connected with those screws. However, once you put it together, the stand really looks like it’s made in one piece only. The good thing is that on the bottom side of the base are four silicone pads that fix the stand to any surface and disables sliding.

Unlike other stands we presented, this stand is truly heavy. Its weight is 4.2 pounds and the base has at least half of that weight which is good because it provides stability. This is quite a big stand (15 x 12 x 2 inches) and as you can see, the arm is longer than usual. That’s the reason you can hang there not one, but at least two large pairs of headphones. If you use smaller headphones, the number increases.

SilverStone Stand is made from aluminum which means the stand is pretty stable, durable and can last for many years. Its price is not negligible, but if you appreciate good quality products and love your expensive headphones, this stand can be worth that price.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Strong and attractive metal headphone stand.

The stand has heavy base, so it’s really difficult to turn it over.

The stand requires assembly, which is not so easy.

A bit pricey.

Just Mobile HeadStand High-Design Aluminum Headphone Hanger

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HS-100BK is one of the highly recommended headphone stands among reviewers. And we understand why. Its design is so simple that there’s just nothing much to say about it except that it comes in black color, that it’s easily combined and looks quite elegant on any desk. It’s so simple and has all the most important features for one headphone stand.

Just Mobile HeadStand comes in a very attractive packaging in two pieces that you will have to put together on your own. And to do that, you will need a screwdriver because the top part has to be screwed to the base with two screws. Basically, that’s it. The hanger is designed in a special way; it has curves that form a dent for headband. The dent prevents headphones from slipping or moving. The base is also done very well. Its bottom is covered with rubber material that sticks to any surface, so you don’t have to worry that the stand will move and scratch your desk.

This stand doesn’t occupy much space, but it’s high enough for most headphones to hang on it normally without touching the base. Its dimensions are 12.1 x 8 x 1.6 inches and it weighs only one pound. You certainly can’t hang there more than one pair of headphones because of the dent we mentioned in the previous paragraph, but there’s more than enough space for one pair so you won’ regret buying the stand. Even better if your headphones are wired – there’s a special place between the disks the base was made of. There you can put the cable. If your headphones have thicker cables there won’t be enough space but you can simply hang them on the hanger.

The stand is made from high quality aluminum that makes it attractive and not so heavy, but also quite stable, especially because of the base form, although it could be even thicker.

Advantages and Disadvantages

HS-100BK is high quality aluminum stand, made for all sizes of headphones.

The stand is extremely simple but it does its job better than many other stands.

The stand has cable organizer.

The stand is quite pricey if we take into consideration that it is very simple in design and has no extra features.

Geekdigg Gaming Headset Headphone Stand

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Geekdigg Gaming Headphone Stand is a multifunctional stand that can hold headphones and phones/tablets at the same time and it has a cable organizer. This stand is available in two colors – black and white/transparent, so it is easy to combine it with most computers and other accessories in your workspace. Geekdigg Gaming Stand is stylish and edgy, so it would probably look best on gamer’s desk, but the edges aren’t sharp so your headphones won’t be damaged.

This stand comes in two pieces that you have to put together. However, that’s not a problem because a screwdriver and four screws are included in the package. You will need only two screws to attach the arm to the base, so the other two screws are there as spare parts. On the back side of the arm, there is a cable winder, which has holes on its top and bottom side. You can put 3.5mm audio jack through it; your cable will be neatly winded and the connector won’t be damaged. The base is equipped with rubber pads that prevent the stand from slipping and it also has a phone/tablet holder, so they can be always in your sight.

Geekdigg stand is very light with its 11.2 ounces of weight. Anyway, the stand is really stable and sturdy because it has heavy square-shaped 4-inch long/wide base. The stand is 10.3 inches high and the length of the cable organizer is 4.5 inches. As you can see, there is enough space there for any model of headphones, even the heaviest and largest ones.

The stand is made from plastic material which gives it lightness, but that also makes it less stable than metal stands. If you put some heavy headphones on it, it might appear slightly unbalanced or it might be easily tipped over, but concerning the price and acrylic construction, it’s more than a good purchase.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The stand’s design is modern and interesting.

It’s cheap.

It’s made of plastic so it’s not as stable as some other stands are.

MOCREO Headphone Hanger

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Mocreo is one of those companies that improves its products based on customers’ suggestions. They are always trying to satisfy their customers’ needs. One of their most popular products is this headphone hanger.

If you have more than one pair of headphones, especially if they are wired, this is the right hanger for you. Mocreo Hanger was made for holding two pairs of headphones of any size. The design is not perfect, but the stand looks good enough, it comes in black color so it can be easily combined with desk setup or furniture. The most important thing is that the stand does its job very well.

It comes in three metal pieces that you have to put together using screws and a screwdriver that are also provided by manufacturer. There’s also a brush for cleaning the dust of the stand included.

Mocreo Stand has a weight of 1.1 pounds and is high 10.2 inches. The base is slightly longer than the top (11.6 inches) and that provides more stability. It is not just a piece of metal, it is a tray that can be used for organizing cables. Also, you can leave there other small items that are usually scattered on your desk (pencils, pens, phones…). There are small keys on its bottom which keep your desk safe from scratching.

The top consists of one bar that slightly bends and makes safe place for headphones. Those curves prevent headphones from moving on the hanger or to slip off. The edges of the hanger are smoothened in order to make headbands safe from damaging.

Mocreo Hanger is made from metal. Because of its construction and weight, this stand is very stable and durable. It is made to last a long time and it’s a really good product for the price you have to pay.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Metal construction.

There’s enough space for cables or other small items.

There’s a lot of space for two large pairs of headphones.

The design could be improved.

Geekria EJJ-0012-01 Headphone Stand  

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Geekria EJJ-0012-01 Headphone Stand is probably one of the simplest products we have presented to you. We can’t complain about its design because it’s quite nice looking and the colors are neutral so it can fit wherever you want it to fit. The arm is silver and the base is transparent so, actually, the only thing that will be noticed there are your headphones which is probably the most important thing.

This stand comes in two pieces without a manual, but you actually don’t need one. The only thing you have to do to assemble it is to put the arm into the base. As the arm is just a thin metal bar and the base has one small hole in the middle, it’s obvious what you’re supposed to do. The bottom of the base is not covered in rubber, so there’s a tendency of sliding.

EJJ-0012-01 is thin and it won’t take up too much space on your desk. Its dimensions are 8.7 x 6.3 x 1.2 inches so, as you can see, it should be a bit higher. It’s also quite light (it weighs only 7 ounces) and the base could be heavier in order to increase stability. On the top of the arm, there’s a metal bar only 1.2 inches long so is not really adequate for thicker gaming headsets. If you have some of the largest headphones, you should try with different manufacturer, or buy another model of stand also made by Geekria; a version with a longer metal bar (3.3 inches).

This model is made from aluminum and acrylic materials that make it light and can cause problems with balance. You can turn it over accidentally, because the base is not as heavy as it should be.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The stand’s design is simple and minimalistic.

It’s easy to assemble it.

There are some cheaper and better-quality models.

Best Headphone Stands In 2020 – Top 5

To sum up everything we’ve learned about headphone stands – some might say that these products are completely useless, but many others think these things can help you make some extra space in your room or office or anywhere you use headphones.

You must have noticed that there are hundreds of models of headphone stands to read about in order to decide which one to buy. Let’s just point out once again the key advantages of headphone stands and the most important qualities they should have.

Key Advantages of Purchasing a Headphone Stand

  • Keeps Your Headphones Safe

The main advantage of this product is that it protects your headphones from damaging. You know that situation when you accidentally drop or push your headphones, they fall down and then you have to inspect them closely to make sure that they are not damaged.

There are also many people who keep their precious items in original boxes; at least some time after buying them. You sure know how annoying it must be when you have to use something quickly and you have to open the box, take the product out, and after using it, you have to put it back in the box. After some time, most people just give up and start leaving those items everywhere – on their desks, beds…

That’s one of the reasons we buy stands. After picking the place where you want to put your stand, you will always know where your headphones are. They can be on the wall, on the desk, under the desk or on a shelf, but they will always be safely hanged on your stand.

  • Keeps Your Workspace Clutter-Free and Saves Space

If you’re a person that likes its workspace to be clean and tidy and you have one or more pairs of headphones (especially if they are wired), a headphone stand is the right thing for you. You must hate all of those things all around your table, tripping up the cables lying on the floor or hanging from the desk. Just one headphone stand can improve the situation. Your headphones will always be at the same place and those cables will be wired on the stand.  If you choose the right stand, it all could be even out of your sight, somewhere under the desk. Then you can put something else, more important, on the desk.

  • Extends the Life of Your Headphones

Last but not least, headphone stands save your headphones from damaging. If you have the right storage for them, they will last for a long time; their headband and ear cups won’t be damaged, cables won’t be tangled and they won’t crack, the sound quality will stay as good as it was the day you bought your headphones.

And now something about the essential characteristics that every headphone stand should have.

First of all, you should choose something made from a quality material. It doesn’t have to be metal, but you should find something stable, balanced and durable; something that will last.

Second of all, you should decide what features you want the stand to have; weather you need a simple stand with the only purpose to hold your headphones, or you want something more modern with USB ports or cable organizer.

Last of all, there’s the looks. It isn’t the most important thing in the whole story, but why shouldn’t you buy something that looks really good on your desk? If it does its job and looks good at the same time, it can only make you more satisfied with your choice.

We tried to present some of the greatest models we found for reasonable prices. Some of the prices may seem too big for a stand, but you choose whether you want good quality holder for your headphones or something that you’ll have to change on monthly basis.

Of course, you can try to find something very cheap or simply avoid buying these products because you think they are unnecessary. What happens when you damage your headphones that cost a few hundreds of dollars because you didn’t want to buy something that’s ten times cheaper? Remember, sometimes some extra expenses can save you a lot of money. So, we advise you to go through our list of 14 best headphone stands in 2020 and think over.

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