15 Best Earbuds With Mic In 2020

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Smartphones and earbuds have become extremely popular during a few last decades and that’s the reason we are presenting to you list of best earbuds with mic in 2020, because those that you usually get with your new smartphone are not good enough.

How Can Earbuds and Mics Work Together? 

Mics and earbuds have different purpose. Earbuds are speakers that we use to listen to audio content and mics are predicted for receiving audio input. In order to make these opposite things work together, manufacturers had to struggle a lot.

Speakers and Microphones work in a specific way – in electrical circuit where the flow goes from the source of power to the device and back from the device to the power source. If there’s no source of power, there’s no circuit and the device is considered as “switched off”. When we switch the device on, the flow can go from the device to the source of power and the device will work as intended.

Headphones turn electrical signal into sound through the process of interaction between an electromagnet that creates its magnetic field and electrical circuit, which is created in the field. This causes oscillations of a diaphragm in the speaker and those oscillations are turned into sound waves that we hear as music or speech.

Microphone works in a different way. In the microphone, sound waves are turned into an input that only an electronic device can understand. Microphones also have very thin diaphragms that vibrate when hit with audio waves. These vibrations are turned into electrical signal into coils and those electrical signals go through cables into any device they are connected to.

When specialists have to add mics in earbuds, they have to change standard 3.5mm jack, which has two rings. When earbuds have mics, their jacks have three rings, so that the top of their jacks provides signal for users’ left ear, the first ring for the right ear, the second ring creates electrical grounding and the third ring (that must stand before grounding) creates signal for the mic.

What Kinds of Earbuds Exist?

Earbuds can be grouped by their construction, intended purpose and way of connection.

Their construction and design can be different and that depends on manufacturers. The most common types are the ones equipped with special fixation that enables them to hold tight to the external part of your ear.

By their purpose, earbuds can be divided on those made for cell phones and the ones for players.

Best Earbuds With Mic In 2020 – Top 15

Best Earbuds With MicModelRatingReview
Senso4.2Read Review
TaoTronics4.1Read Review
Phaiser BHS-5304.3Read Review
Treblab XR1004.2Read Review
Bose QuietComfort 204.4Read Review
Phaiser BHS-7504.3Read Review
Anker SoundBuds4.0Read Review
1MORE4.0Read Review
ROVKING4.1Read Review
Panasonic RP-HJE120B3.4Read Review
Symphonized NRG4.2Read Review
Bluephonic4.0Read Review
TaoTronics3.8Read Review
ActionPie VJJB3.8Read Review
NoiseHush NX803.7Read Review
  • Earbuds for Smartphones

These earbuds have special construction that implies not three, but four contacts. The fourth contact is for the mic, which is usually on the cable. Sometimes these models have a controller that enables you to control the volume, answer phone calls and do something else at the same time.

  • Earbuds for Players

Earbuds for Players can be suitable for desktop computers, notebooks, stereo radios or any other audio device.

If we speak about types of connection, there are several:

  • Standard (wired)

In this case, earbuds connect to the source of sound directly through the cable. This type of connection is the most common type and earbuds of almost all kinds, sizes and price range have it.

  • Wireless

Wireless earbuds have special system for connecting to the source of sound. Usually, it is via Bluetooth and they can work without cables. This is very practical and useful, because you don’t have to worry if the cable will be damaged or not.

Which Types of Cell Phones Support Earbuds?

We have to notice that earbuds are a universal type of headphones and because of that, they can be used for listening to music or watching videos on any modern smartphone. The one condition that has to be fulfilled is that the device must have standard connector – mini jack. Luckily, all new smartphones have this kind of connector.

How Can You Check If Your Earbuds Are Compatible With Your Phone?

First, you have to check if your phone has a plug that is compatible with 3.5mm jack. The jack must have three rings (top for the left ear, first for the right ear, second for the grounding and the third for the microphone) as we described in the text above. The problem is that some older models require completely different kind of connection. However, almost all new gadgets have the plug that supports mini jack (both cheap and expensive phones).

Second, today there are products made by Apple and all others gadgets. Those made by Apple use iOS and the rest of gadgets use operating system called Android. If you don’t have original earbuds for your cell phone, you might have some problems with compatibility. For example, your mic might not be able to work or volume controls might work in a wrong way. In order to find earbuds that are compatible with your phone, you have to read carefully technical characteristics of both your phone and earbuds that you want to buy.

The List of 15 Best Earbuds with Mic in 2020

In the next part of our text, we will present you the list of 15 best earbuds with mic in 2020 that we chose based on reviews of users and specialists. We have chosen models from different price ranges.

Senso Bluetooth Sports Earbuds with Mic


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One of the best sellers on Amazon, Senso Bluetooth Sport Earbuds with Mic, took the first place on our list.

Senso Wireless Earbuds come with long and short USB charging cable, dual port car charger, wire tie, three pairs of ear tips and a case where you can put your earbuds when you’re not using them. Ear tips are made in three different sizes; you can choose what fits your ears best and prevent earbuds from falling out. In the package, you will find user’s manual, which can help you in case you have never used wireless headphones before.

The design of these earbuds is simple and stylish at the same time. They come in black color with one connective cable and SENSO logo written on each of earpieces. These earbuds are available in three different combinations of colors – black/red, black/grey and black/blue. In this case, manufacturer has certainly paid more attention to the quality of construction and sound then to attractive design, but that surely won’t endanger its popularity.

Senso S-250 earbuds don’t have many construction flaws. They weigh only 0.2 ounces; they are so light that you probably won’t feel that they are in your ears, even after many hours of wearing.

Over-the-ear hooks are solid and durable, but also ergonomic and soft. They hold tight to your ears and you won’t have that unpleasant feeling that they are about to fall out. These hooks are completely waterproof and sweat proof; you can run with them as long as you want or even swim while listening to your favorite melodies. This is the reason why these earbuds are perfect for any kind of sport like swimming or running. They will stay in your ears no matter what you’re doing.

Cables are durable and flexible, but also very soft. Charger is made from metal, which makes it very sturdy.

S-250 offers you amazing quality of sound. The device uses the latest Bluetooth 4.1 CSR technology and it has great wireless reception. It can be paired with two smartphones at the same time and stay connected even on 30 feet distance from your phone or player. They also have great noise cancellation technology.

These earbuds are compatible with iOS and Android operating systems, so you won’t have any problems no matter what type of phone you use. They also give you the opportunity to use them during working hours without additional charging. They can work for 8 hours or be on stand by for 240 hours on just one charge. If you want to use these just for work out, it means that you don’t have to worry about the battery life and charging for a week.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Excellent sound quality.

Long battery life (up to 8 hours according to audioreputation.com of listening to your favorite music).

These earbuds are unbelievably comfortable and light weighted.

Senso S-250 earbuds have solid construction that makes them durable.

Compatible with iOS and Android OS.

The design should be improved.

TaoTronics Bluetooth in-Ear Earbuds Sports with Built-in Mic

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Our second choice is model made by TaoTronics, company that has become extremely popular among customers because of quality products that don’t cost a fortune.

TaoTronics BH10 earbuds have attractive and sports look. Earpieces are oval and they are made from some kind of strong and durable plastic. They have long grey ring that goes around your ear to prevent falling out. TaoTronic logo is written on ear cups in grey and orange. These colors give these earbuds some kind of freshness. However, ear tips aren’t long enough, so the earpieces often fall out and you have to reposition them. Luckily, they are flexible enough so it is difficult to damage them by constant adjusting.

TaoTronics BH10 earbuds come in a very impressive packaging with one USB charging cable and two pairs of ear tips (large and small ones) and, of course, user’s manual which shows you how to use this device. Earpieces are connected with a thin flat cable, which has a clip on itself. The clip is used to attach earbuds to your clothes.

Microphone is built in earpieces. There are also three buttons; one for decreasing the volume and changing tracks backwards, the middle one is multifunction button and the third button is used to increase the volume or change tracks forward. USB ports are on each earbud and they are covered with a protective layer (rubber flap) that protects them from sweat and water.

TaoTronics BH10 are quite small earbuds and their weight is 0.6 ounces, which makes them very light and easy for wearing. They use Bluetooth 4.1 technology and built-in ceramic antenna enables easy pairing with any smartphone, but you shouldn’t be more than 25 feet away from the device because you might lose connection.

When we speak about sound quality, we can say that BH10 is really good device. Audio drivers are in each ear bud, the sound is balanced, noise cancellation is enabled and you can listen to your favorite music in buses, metro or any other loud environment.

The battery life is more than satisfying. You can listen to music for 7 hours on one charge, which is more than enough even for the longest workout.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Attractive and sports design.

Good price.

Durable battery – up to 7 hours of work.

 Well constructed, durable, noise cancellation earbuds.

Nano-coating prevents damage that sweat and moisture can cause.

Stable wireless connection thanks to Bluetooth 4.1 and ceramic antenna.

Mic’s features should be slightly improved.

Ear hooks and ear buds in general should be improved so that they can stick strongly to user’s ears.

Phaiser BHS-530 Bluetooth Stereo Earbuds for Running with Mic

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Phaiser BHS-530 Earbuds are one of those relatively cheap products that offer great pleasure to their users.

The design is attractive, innovative and ergonomic. When you see them for the first time, it becomes obvious that these earbuds are made mostly for outdoor activities, such as running or some other kind of cardio workouts. They have special shape so you have to wear them behind your head. Memory-wire is flexible and it can be adjusted to the size of anyone’s head. That way, they won’t move and you won’t have to adjust them after every 100 m and you will be able to completely concentrate on exercising. Phaiser BHS-530 earbuds are available in 6 different colors (black, blue, grey, red, green and violet), which means that everyone can find the color they like best.

The mic is built in earpieces. There are also one controller and one USB port, which is protected with a cap. It is very easy to use both mic and remote because of their position, which also makes the calls easier to answer. These earbuds work in that way that the music you’re listening is paused if you have an incoming call. After ending the conversation, the music starts playing automatically.

Phaiser BHS-530 earbuds come with a manual, protective case that is used as a storage for earbuds, short USB charging cable and 3 pairs of bullet-shaped foam ear tips which means that anyone can find the tips that fit their ears.

Phaiser BHS-530 earbuds are made from plastic and that’s the biggest problem with these earbuds. They have tendency to break. However, Phaiser used good quality materials because the earbuds feel quite sturdy and durable. One more problem they have is the cable that goes around your neck. It is not easy to put on because it curls easily, the material isn’t soft and adjustable and the setup requires some effort. Ear tips are made from foam, which makes them soft and comfortable. These earbuds are quite light (0.3 ounces) and they are easy to wear.

Phaiser BHS-530 earbuds are covered with liquipel nano coating which means that they are sweat proof and they can survive if they accidentally drop into the water. Just don’t go swimming with them.

Sound quality is more than satisfying. Phaiser BHS-530 earbuds have 10mm speakers and those can guarantee HD sound. They also use Bluetooth 4.1 technology so that clear, natural sound can come to you quickly and accurately. Additionally, there are ear tips that can make great difference. These are made in a way that helps to reduce the noise from the outside world and concentrate on yourself without disturbing.

Battery of Phaiser BHS-530 can’t live as long as some other batteries can, but they will enable you to make calls for 8 hours or listen to music for 9. That’s more than enough to spend the whole working hours listening to music. The buds can be charged through the USB port and full charging requires maximum two and a half hours. The information about the life of the battery can be seen on smartphones, no matter if it is iPhone or Android, because Phaiser BHS-530 earbuds support all kinds of phones.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Good price.

Attractive earbuds, designed especially for hard workouts.

Available in 6 colors.

Phaiser BHS-530 are sweat proof.

Light and comfortable for wearing with soft foamy ear tips in different sizes.

Bluetooth 4.1, 10mm speakers and excellent ear tips create clear and natural sound for you.

Up to 9 hours of battery life.

Phaiser BHS-530 have tendency to break easily.

Treblab XR100 Bluetooth Sport Earbuds with Microphone

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Treblab XR100 are sports earbuds predicted for any kind of sport activities such as running, hiking, biking etc. Their design allows them to stay in their place and don’t disturb users with constant repositioning and adjusting them. These earbuds have ear hooks that are not adjustable, but they are covered in soft silicone layer that makes them comfortable and pleasant for wearing. The mic is built in earpieces. The controller that helps you to adjust the volume and change tracks is on the top of the right earpiece. USB port with protective cap is on the bottom of the same earpiece. These earbuds are available in black, pink, blue and white so you can pick the color you like.

Treblab XR100 earbuds are made from plastic, which makes them fragile, but they are covered in soft silicone material that keeps them safe from damaging in case they fall on the ground. They are also water and sweat proof so you won’t have to worry if you use them while you are working out or running in the rain, but you shouldn’t swim while wearing them. They are very light (they weigh only 0.3 ounces) and it won’t be difficult and uncomfortable to wear them even for several hours.

Treblab XR100 earbuds come in a nice box with USB charging cable, hard-shell protective case for storing earbuds, 2 pairs of silicone and 3 pairs of expendable foam ear tips in different sizes so that you can find the best size to fit your ears. Of course, there’s user’s manual too.

XR100 earbuds have warm and clear sound and the bass is heavy. The expandable foam ear tips help to suspend all the noise from the outside world. You can easily isolate yourself from the noise and listen to favorite songs without turning the volume to the maximum, but when you do that, there’s possibility for others to hear what you’re listening to.

The battery is rechargeable and it takes 2 hours to charge it completely. After charging, this battery offers up to 9 hours of activity. If you use these earbuds only for workouts, the battery might live even for a week. XR100 use Bluetooth 4.1 technology, which means that you won’t have many problems with wireless signal because you can be up to 38 feet away from the device and still have great connection.

XR100 earbuds are compatible with all smartphones but there’s great difference in sound quality when compared with various models of phones. That’s the reason why you should carefully read specifications and see if these earbuds will work perfectly with your phone or player.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Sport earbuds made especially for hard physical activities.

Ear hooks prevent XR100 from falling out.

Water and sweat proof earbuds (not meant for swimming).

XR100 earbuds are made from plastic and silicone but they are durable and sturdy.

Up to 9 hours of battery life.

Great clear sound with hard bass.

Ear hooks aren’t adjustable.

XR100 earbuds aren’t perfectly compatible with all smartphones and players.

Bose QuietComfort 20 Acoustic Noise Cancellation Headphones

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Bose QuietComfort 20 are, without question, one of the best, currently available, earbuds with active noise cancellation technology. Not everyone loves products made by Bose Company, but we have to admit that they have made progress in the area of suppression of noise.

The design of Bose QC 20 is standard for all Bose products. Earbuds are available in black color only and the mic is on the cable. It works as it is advertised so you can be sure that you won’t have any problems while making your calls; there won’t be any problems with noise cancellation system. Ear tips are quite special, so you should maybe try them somehow before buying these earbuds. A thick cable made in black and blue connects earpieces. The connector is standard, but you have to be careful because you must choose between the version made for iOS and the one made for Samsung and Android smartphones. A clip on the audio cable is predicted for fixing the cable to your clothes.

Bose QC 20 earbuds come with a case, USB charging cable and two spare pairs of ear tips in different sizes. In this package, you will find user’s manual you should read because it can help you use earbuds in the right way. You should put earpieces in your ears in the exact way the user’s manual says. In the opposite, the system for noise cancellation might not work as intended. Bose earbuds have an extra membrane that increases the level of noise suspending.

Ear tips on this model of earbuds don’t hurt your ear canal but they stay firmly and don’t fall out. Bose QC 20 earbuds are well constructed although the buds are made from plastic. Tips are made from silicone and they are pleasant for everyone’s ears. The cable is 132cm long and it is protected with an extra layer of rubber. The product is light so it won’t be a problem for you to wear it.

These earbuds are so great that they can save you from noise in a blink of an eye. When we speak of noise cancellation technology, these earbuds are much better than the others. There is also available one special regime called “Attention”. It is specially made for reducing noise cancellation in those situations when you have to be partially aware of everything that’s going on around you.

The quality of sound is great, although these earbuds aren’t made for audiophiles. The quality of sound decreases when the noise cancellation system is active, but in general, the quality of sound on these earbuds is common for all Bose models (accent on bass).

Battery life is more than satisfying. This battery is necessary because it enables noise cancellation system to work properly, but the problem is that it isn’t removable. However, you will be able to use your earbuds for up to 16 hours without charging and that is really impressive.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The best noise cancellation system in this group of earbuds.

Bose QC 20 provides enough comfort.

Ear buds stick very well to your ears.

Bose QC 20 are great choice for frequent travelers.

Good sound quality.

Battery life up to 16 hours per charge.

The price is not acceptable for majority of users.

The quality of sound decreases when noise cancellation system is on.

Phaiser BHS-750 Bluetooth Sport Earbuds with Mic

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One more model of Phaiser earbuds is on our list of best earbuds with mic.

Phaiser BHS-750 earbuds have improved design compared to the previous similar models. They are more attractive especially because of wing tips. They are also available in different colors – black, violet, green, blue and red. The buds are connected with rounded cable where the mic is located. One more interesting thing about the design is that these earbuds have magnets in the housing, so you can wear them around your neck when earbuds are not in use. They are protected by liquipel nano coating, which makes them sweat proof and can survive short – time contact with water.

Phaiser BHS-750 earbuds come with more spare parts than you have ever seen… Besides earbuds, you will get 6 pairs of wings in different shapes and sizes, 2 shirt clips, 4 cord clips, 4 pairs of silicone and foam ear tips, micro USB charging cable and one case for carrying earbuds when not in use. Because of all these pairs of ear tips and wings, you will certainly find the ones that best fit your ears.

These earbuds are covered in metal materials, which are very solid and sturdy. They are a combination of aluminum and magnesium and they are often used in airplanes. This combination of materials guarantees you durability and long life of your earbuds. However, the cable isn’t so good. Older versions of these earbuds had flat and more durable cables. Phaiser BHS-750 earbuds have rounded cable. It isn’t as good as the old ones were, but it has proven itself as very durable.

If you want to have the most comfortable version of these earbuds, you have to find the best combination of ear tips and wings, which make less pressure on your ears, and isolates background noise in the best possible way. You should also make sure that they don’t move or fall out when you move your head. The material the tips and wings are made from is very soft and pleasant for wearing, so there shouldn’t be much work for you. Also, there are two ways to wear them. You can choose whether you will put the cable down or around your ear, whatever suits you best when exercising or doing any other physical activity.

Phaiser BHS-750 earbuds have 8mm speakers that offer great sound for the money you pay. The accent is on the bass, the sound in general is powerful, and speakers are quite loud. These headphones use Bluetooth 4.1 technology that ensures quality wireless connection and these earbuds are compatible with all kinds of smartphones. The mic is good; it offers great sound even in noisy environment so that the person on the other side will hear you well. It is integrated into a controller on the cable, which has 3 buttons for answering calls and controlling the volume. Also, the foam tips offer great noise isolation when you don’t want to be disturbed by other people and noise in general.

The one thing that stands out is the battery life. Sadly, Phaiser BHS-750 earbuds offer only 5 hours of listening to music on a single charge. However, this battery charges really fast and after only 15 minutes, it will be charged enough to follow you through the longest workout.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Metal construction offers durability.

Replaceable ear tips and hooks enable adjusting earbuds to your ears.

Foam ear tips enable good noise isolation.

8mm speakers are loud and offer great sound quality.

The mic is good and the person you’re talking to will hear you loud and clear.

Battery life is way behind the average.

Anker SoundBuds Slim Wireless Earbuds with Built-in Mic

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One of the cheapest models in our list are Anker SoundBuds Slim Earbuds. According to most reviews they can compete with more expensive rivals. They are almost equally comfortable and sound quality is quite good.

The design surely doesn’t look cheap. Anker SoundBuds look quite sturdy and they are available in three colors – black, blue and red. These buds have nice matte finish and the grey Anker logo is set on the front side of earpiece and rings made from chrome are around logos.

The controller is on the cable that connects earpieces and there’s also a built-in mic. On the controller, there are three buttons that enable you to control what you are listening to and answer calls. Two buttons on both sides of the controller are predicted for volume control. If you press those buttons once, you will increase or decrease the volume, but if you hold them longer, you will be able to change tracks. The third button in the center of the controller enables playing or pausing the tracks, answering calls and turning on/off your earbuds.

Anker SoundBuds come with one USB charging cable (micro USB cable on one, and standard USB cable on the other side), one case for storing earbuds when you don’t use them and three spare pairs of ear tips and ear hooks in four different sizes. Because of that, any customer can find the right size for himself. These earbuds have built-in magnets so you will be able to wear them around your neck when you’re not using them and you won’t have to put them in their case every time you take them off.

Anker SoundBuds have solid construction. It might not be as sturdy and durable as some more expensive models are, but the construction is satisfying. Ear tips are made from silicone and they are very soft just like the hooks. These earbuds are very light (they weigh only 0.5 ounces) so you won’t even be aware of their presence.

The quality of sound can be described as good for the price. Your favorite song will sound balanced, but it wouldn’t amaze any audiophile. If you want to get the best sound that these earbuds can offer, you will have to put on the largest tips that will fit your ears best. However, the tip sometimes can create kind of suction that might be slightly unpleasant.

These wireless earbuds are equipped with Bluetooth 4.1, which is quite good and you can be even 30 feet away from your phone or some other player and still have good connection. Battery life is satisfying. You can use these earbuds for 7 hours straight on one charge.

One more thing that we have to mention is that Anker SoundBuds are waterproof and sweat proof. That doesn’t mean that you can swim with them, but rain and sweat drops won’t damage them.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Interesting design.

Solid construction and soft and pleasant ear buds.

Adaptable ear tips (4 sizes available).

Built-in mic with good and organized controller.

Sound quality and battery life are more than satisfying for the price you pay.

Anker SoundBuds aren’t as loud as other more expensive models are.

Ear tips are sometimes slightly uncomfortable because of the suction they create in your ears.

1More Triple Driver in-Ear Earbuds  

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1More is the name of relatively unknown company in spite of the fact that thousands of their products are being sold and imitated every day in China. This company is actually making headphones for a famous company called Xiaomi. However, 1More is getting more popular for its own products, and the result of their work are these fantastic earbuds we are presenting to you.

This model uses very popular hybrid scheme that combines three drivers, one dynamic and the other two are balanced armatures. That enables users to get the best from both worlds: clear bass and great dynamic power of sound. The same method used Xiaomi. They released one inexpensive model but the quality of the sound wasn’t good enough.

1More, on the other side, released the same, but improved model with better sound quality. The price is higher than Xiaomi model but the quality is also on higher level.

The box that earbuds come in is extraordinary. It’s made form cardboard with orange flowers. The inside is also covered in interesting prints. Every item you get in that box has its own special place. Spare ear tips have their own small box inside the big one and they are carefully arranged by size and material. You will find there 3 spare pairs of foam and 6 pairs of silicone tips in different sizes. The box also contains one storage case with magnetic valve, one clip for attaching earbuds to your clothes and one airline adapter.

The shape of 1More Triple Driver Earbuds is standard, but very attractive. The main part contains driver and it has the shape of conoid. On the earpieces, there are small “legs” that prevent cable from damaging on joints. This model is available in two colors – titanium and gold. The controller and mic are on the cable and the controller offers you to easily answer calls, control the volume level and select song you want to listen.

1More Triple Driver Earbuds are completely made from metal and the quality of assembly is excellent. Because of that, they are worth their price and their durability is not questionable. Audio cable is not detachable, it is Kevlar-reinforced and it has microphone effect (it rustles when it touches clothes). The clip can help you solve that problem. Besides that, the cable is well constructed, it tangles a bit, but it doesn’t become brittle in the cold.

The quality of sound is really good. The bass is rich but it’s not deep enough and it is sometimes too present but it is not critical. However, you should bear in mind that these earbuds aren’t too loud so you won’t be able to turn off every sound around you. The mic works fine; you can make calls as much as you want, but it is sometimes necessary to bring the mic to your mouth so that the other person can hear you well.

1More Triple Driver Earbuds are compatible with both iOS and Android devices. You can connect them to any player, phone or notebook you have and they will work just fine.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Attractive design of earbuds and the following equipment and packaging.

1More Triple Driver Earbuds have three drivers that help them improve sound quality.

Light (0.6 ounces) and comfortable for wearing.

Adjustable ear tips.

Solid and durable metal construction.

The bass is too present.

Sometimes, you have to bring the mic closer to your mouth if you want to talk to someone.

1More Triple Driver Earbuds aren’t loud enough in some situations.

Rovking Sweatproof Sport Earbuds for Running with Mic

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One of the problems many people have with in-ear headphones is the size of ear tips. For some people, it is practically impossible to find the size that fits them because they have small ears. Rovking made one model of earbuds especially for people with smaller ears – Rovking Sweatproof Sport Earbuds for Running.

These earbuds are specially designed for running, jogging or doing any other indoor or outdoor physical activity. Besides the fact that they are very small, light and comfortable, these earbuds are designed to stay in their place. They go over your ears and ear tips snuggle into your ear canals and don’t move during the whole workout. Rovking Sweatproof earbuds don’t have unusual or too interesting design, but they are available in many great color combinations (red/black blue/black, orange/black, white and black) so you will be able to find the best for you.

Rovking Sweatproof come with 3 different spare pairs of ear tips in different sizes and a clip for attaching the cable to your clothes to prevent tangling during your activities. The mic is built in the controller on the audio cable. It has only one button. If you press it once, you can play or pause music or answer and end calls. If you press it twice, you skip to the next track and if you press it three times, you skip to the previous track. Long press starts Siri or Samsung S voice, depending on what type of phone you’re using.

These earbuds have good quality construction for the price you pay. The cable is rounded and made from soft but sturdy material. Ear tips are also made from soft material that adjusts to your ears and enables stability and comfort. Rovking Sweatproof earbuds are also covered in protective layer that makes them sweat proof. They weigh only 0.8 ounces and that guarantees comfort, even after many hours of wearing. You might even forget that they are in your ears.

These earbuds use noise cancellation technology. Wires in cables offer quality signal that enables great sound quality. The sound is clear and loud and the accent is on bass. With the ear tips you get, you will be able not only to listen to music in peace but also to call people and talk to them and they will hear you loud and clear even in the noisiest environment.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Great sound quality for the price.

More than acceptable price.

Noise cancellation technology.

Good mic that enables making calls without noise interrupting.

Predicted for people with small ears.

The design isn’t too interesting.

Just one button on the controller.

Panasonic Wireless Bluetooth In-Ear Headphones RP-HJE120B-K 

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Panasonic RP-HJE120B-K Earbuds come in a simple and transparent oval package. You will find there nothing but earbuds with 3 pairs of spare removable ear tips in 3 different sizes.

One thing that attracts customers are bright colors – white, black, blue, pink, purple and silver. The design is quite simple. Earpieces look like cones with soft silicone tips. Panasonic logo is on the front side of earpieces. The joint between audio cable and earpieces is protected with plastic “legs” and the cable itself is quite thin. It is sturdy but it can wind and tangle. Single button controller is on the cable. With that button, you can play or pause music or answer calls, but there are no buttons for volume control.

The cable ends with an L-shaped jack. Manufacturer claims that the device is compatible with iOS, Android and Blackberry audio devices. However, it might be a problem for the owners of hard cases to put the jack into phone plug. These earbuds are made mostly from plastic materials, but the plastic is really hard so it will be difficult to damage them.

Panasonic Earbuds weigh 1 pound. That’s a bit more than some other earbuds from the list, but they are still considered light and they are definitely comfortable, especially because of the adjustable and soft ear tips. They can easily adapt to any ear and deeper they get, the sound gets better, just like the noise isolation. They stay in their place and don’t fall out.

These earbuds are quite small but the bass is quite strong. Vocals are pretty clear and natural and if you’re listening to music at reasonable volume, nobody around you will know what you’re listening to. Some noticed that the right speaker is a bit louder, but only sensitive ears can hear that. An average user would never be able to notice that. In general, the quality of sound you get is way better than you can expect for 13 dollars.

Advantages and Disadvantages

The quality of sound is better than expected.

The construction is quite good, considering that the earbuds are made from plastic.

Replaceable ear tips available in 3 different sizes.

Light and comfortable earpieces.

Too simple design.

One speaker louder than the other.

Mic remote doesn’t have buttons for volume control.

Symphonized NRG 2.0 Earbuds with Mic

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The next model on our list of best earbuds with mic are Symphonized NRG 2.0 Earbuds. The idea to make earbud from natural wood was truly brilliant, but you should pay hundreds of dollars to enter the club of wood fans. Customers that pay less, complain that the quality of sound is bad. However, that’s not the case with NRG 2.0. Manufacturer used neodymium magnets, which have increased sound quality. Thanks to wood resonance-frequency behavior, these earbuds enable balanced and natural sound of different melodies.

NRG 2.0 earbuds have attractive, unusual and daring design that will distinguish you from the crowd that uses plastic earbuds. This model is a perfect combination of art and acoustics that creates complex but great sound. Ear tips are made from silicone, they are comfortable and soft, but they are in your ears most of the time so others will be able to see only the elegant wooden side of earbuds. Audio cable is well constructed, it has protective layer on its ends (where the cable is connected to earpieces) and it doesn’t tangle at all. It is available in many colors – gunmetal, orange, turquoise, metallic purple.

NRG 2.0 earbuds come in a nice packaging with interesting eco-friendly case for keeping earbuds when they are not in use and 6 spare pairs of silicone tips in three different sizes. The smallest ones are really small so that even kids can use them, but everyone will definitely be able to find the size that best fits him/her.

NRG 2.0 earbuds, unfortunately, have tendency to break easily. It happens that the front and the back part of earpieces fall apart as the result of wearing earbuds in pockets or bags. That happens mostly because of the construction of small thin cables inside them. In case you notice that it will break, put some glue on it to prevent it from falling apart.

The mic is built in a special small box on audio cable but there’s no controller that enables users to adjust the volume or switch songs. However, the mic works very well and you can activate voice control in order to change tracks or answer your calls. These earbuds have noise cancellation system that suspends the noise around you and enables listening to your favorite music and making calls without noise interrupting.

The quality of sound is quite good. These earbuds offer clear acoustics, deep and strong bass without any sound breaking at any volume level. NRG 2.0 earbuds create clean, strong, excellent sound without noise from the outside world disturbing you.

NRG 2.0 earbuds are compatible with both iOS and Android OS and they have 3.5mm jack. That guarantees you universality and great sound.

Advantages and Disadvantages

These earbuds are made from natural wood that ensures high sound quality.

Built-in mic and an option for voice control activation.

Attractive and unique design.

Acceptable price.

These earbuds have tendency to fall apart easily.

There’s no controller that you can use to manually control volume, answer calls and change songs.

Heavier than other earbuds in this category.

Bluephonic Wireless Sport Workout Earbuds With Microphone  


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Bluephonic Wireless Sport Workout Earbuds are designed especially for supporting and motivating your physical outdoor and indoor activities. The earpieces are designed in the way that ensures that earbuds stay in your ears without moving and falling out during the most intense workout. These have flexible ear hooks that go around your ears and soft and comfortable ear tips that will certainly fit your ears.

The mic is built in the earpieces as well as the controller that enables volume control and changing songs. There are also USB charger port and MFB key that offers a lot of options. You can find instructions in user’s manual. The fact that all controls and the mic are on earpieces keeps you safe from discomfort that wired earbuds and their controllers might cause. Audio cable is flat and sturdy so it is tangle free and durable, but it can be too sturdy for some users. Bluephonic Wireless Sport Workout Earbuds are available in black, red and white.

Bluephonic Wireless Sport Workout Earbuds come with micro USB charging cable, two spare ear tips in different sizes and a carrying case to keep earbuds safe when you’re not using them. Earbuds are covered in a protective layer that makes them sweat proof and enables using during workouts and running in the rain.

Sound can be described as natural and pleasant. It is advertised that the bass is strong, but for the price of 39 dollars, it might let you down. These earbuds use CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology which enables listening to music and making calls in noisy environment. Manufacturer used 4.1 version of Bluetooth that enables easy and fast pairing with all models and brands of smartphones and players. Good wireless connection is guaranteed even if you are 33 feet away from the device.

Battery life is quite good. The battery enables up to 8 hours of constant listening to music or talking and you won’t need too much time to fully charge the earbuds. It will take you only half an hour. When on standby, Bluephonic Wireless Sport Workout Earbuds can live for 240 hours without charging.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Available in 3 different colors.

Solid construction that makes earbuds durable.

These earbuds have earpieces made from soft materials that make them comfortable.

Ear hooks enable extra stability during physical activity.

Built-in mic and controller on earpieces.

Clear and natural sound.

CVC 6.0 noise cancellation technology.

/ Minimalistic design without any extra details.

Bass lovers might be disappointed.

The cable is too stiff.

TaoTronics Active Noise Cancellation Earbuds with Built-in Microphone

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TaoTronics Active Noise Cancellation Earbuds are definitely one of the best easily affordable earbuds nowadays. We can say that, at the first sight, they are practically standard wired earbuds. The design is minimalistic and the earbuds are available only in black color, but they have interesting ear hooks that also make them more stable and prevent their movement. Housing is in black and silver colors that make earbuds look elegant.

There are two small boxes on the cable. One of them is controller with three buttons. You won’t find it in the manual, but one click enables answering and ending calls, double click enables changing songs and triple click is used to skip to the previous track. Bellow that controller, there’s another box that is used to activate noise cancellation system and it also contains a battery.

TaoTronics Active Noise Cancellation Earbuds come with a micro USB charging cable, numerous replaceable ear tips and wings, an aircraft adapter and unbelievably many manuals. These earbuds have universal 3.5mm jack that should be compatible with all kinds of smartphones. An aircraft adapter can be used when flying in order to make the flight more comfortable.

TaoTronics Active Noise Cancellation Earbuds are durable and solidly constructed earbuds. They are made from machined aluminum alloy material, which makes them damage resistant. The jack is plated in gold (which enables better connection and improves sound quality) and the housing is really sturdy and strong although in spite of its weight.

Most important factors for the quality of sound these earbuds offer are noise cancellation technology and ear tips construction. Noise cancellation technology is really effective and it manages to suspend almost every sound from the background. It enables enjoying in music, but it is more effective in less noisy environment like airplanes than in everyday situations, especially when talking to someone.

However, if you want to improve the effect of ANC, you should choose right ear tips. If it’s necessary, use the largest tips TaoTronics offers in order to fill the ear canal and shut the noise out. One of the flaws noticed is some kind of hissing when noise cancellation system is activated. You can’t notice that if the volume is on maximum, but when the volume is low, it becomes obvious. Apart from this, the sound quality is good and clear and the bass is strong.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Metal construction that ensures durability.

Universal 3.5mm gold-plated jack.

Noise cancellation technology available.

Good mic with good controller.

Many spare replaceable ear tips and wings included in the price.

Clean sound with strong bass.

/ Minimalistic design available in just one color.

When noise cancellation is activated, hissing can be heard.

ActionPie VJJB-V1S High Resolution Heavy Bass in-Ear Headphones

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Earbuds with two drivers are getting more and more popular. Once they were very expensive elite products and today they are true middle-class earbuds with good prices. Their price range is 30-40 dollars and if you consider models made by Chinese companies, it can be even cheaper. One of those models is ActionPie VJJB-V1S that can be bought for 20 dollars.

ActionPie VJJB-V1S earbuds have attractive design. Extended vertical shape, mirror-like external adapters, and transparent details that allow you to see the inside of earbuds, make the design of these earbuds unique and unusual. However, VJJB-V1S earbuds fit well in your ear. You don’t have to adjust them for a long time and they don’t make you feel uncomfortable if you’re wearing them a few hours.

Larger dimensions of earbuds didn’t affect their weight. They are light and comfortable but they still weigh more than average (8 ounces). Manufacturer did not pay attention only to the design. Construction is very good; sound ducts are made from composition metal, the connector is plated in gold and the cable is thick with firm rubber sheathing. Cable splitter fits perfectly into the design and it enables adjusting the length of cable. Joint between audio cable and jack is protected with rubber material in order to prevent damaging.

The controller is compact and it has one button only and a built-in mic. These earbuds don’t have controller with many buttons and options, but you can answer your calls and speak normally without interruptions or using your hands. The jack is larger than average so these earbuds aren’t compatible with all models of smartphones. They are compatible with iPhone 6, Samsung S5, S6 or even Blackberry Nexus, but you should definitely check specifications of earbuds and your phone in order to decide whether they are compatible or not.

ActionPie VJJB-V1S earbuds come with 2 storage cases and 6 silicone ear tips in different sizes. This way, you can easily find the best size of ear tips for you.

ActionPie VJJB-V1S offers good sound quality. They are equipped with strong dynamic drivers (6mm each) which makes them hybrid earbuds. The sound is clear, balanced and dynamic, without any interruptions. Lower tones sound clear and loud, middle tones are clear enough. Vocals sound real, higher tones are clear but not perfect. Ear cushions sometimes destroy higher tones, but if you take cushions that belong to some other earbuds, the sound gets softer, more real and more pleasant.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Hybrid earbuds with two drivers and improved sound quality.

Acceptable price.

Effective and unique design.

Solid construction and durability.

Variety of ear tips in different sizes.

ActionPie VJJB-V1S earbuds aren’t compatible with all models of smartphones because they have larger jack.

Ear tips make the sound less pleasant.

The mic is too simple for this type of earbuds.

NoiseHush NX80 Earbuds with Inline Microphone  

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NoiseHush NX80 are one of those earbuds that you can buy for a small amount of money and get good quality sound at the same time. In addition, these are not made by Chinese companies, NoiseHush is well-known American brand.

The design of NoiseHush NX80 is very pleasing. They are available in several color combinations – red/black, blue/black, white/black and white/red. This range of colors will certainly satisfy many customers with different tastes and styles. The length of these earbuds is 120 cm and they can adjust to any ear. The audio cable is flat and that differs it from regular round cables. Unlike those standard cables, NoiseHush NX80 audio cable is tangle free and it makes the whole design special and unique. The only problem you can have with this cable are riffles, because it takes some time for them to become smooth.

NoiseHush NX80 come in a nice cardboard box with three pairs of spare ear tips so that you can choose which size of ear tips fits your ears best. In this package, you won’t find any special case, so you can use this very elegant box as a storage when you don’t use your earbuds.

The construction is solid and these earbuds are durable. They have universal jack that enables fast connecting to any smartphone model, Apple, Android or even Windows cell phones. They have 8mm neodymium drivers and connectors plated in gold that improves the quality of sound. Ear tips are made from some kind of gel and they are very comfortable to wear.

NoiseHush NX80 have built-in mic that blocks every outside sound and that enables you to listen to your favorite melodies in peace. You can also use the mic to make calls. These earbuds use noise cancellation technology, which means that you will hear voices as clear as the other person will hear you. The mic is built in the controller on the cable, but that controller has only one button that allows you to answer or finish calls. There are no other options like volume control or changing tracks.

Advantages and Disadvantages

NoiseHush NX80 earbuds have interesting and simple design and flat cables make them even more attractive.

These earbuds are available in different colors.

Solid construction.

Replaceable ear tips in different sizes are included in the package.

Acceptable price for a product made by famous American company.

Excellent sound quality for this kind of earbuds and this price.

The controller is too simple.

Audio cable has tendency to wrinkle.

Best Earbuds With Mic – Top 5

Where Can You Use Earbuds with Mic?

As we have already said, headphones are in use since the beginning of 20th century and earbuds became famous in the 90s. Today we can’t imagine our lives without headphones. They are often used in some professions, but also in everyday life. Headphones are mostly used by DJ-s or pilots. Today, because of smartphones’ market expansion, we can see that earbuds are becoming more and more popular. Everyone wants to have a pair of earbuds. They are excellent for walking, running, working out in a gym or outside the gym…

However, it is interesting to have a possibility to answer calls while doing something else, especially if you don’t have to take your phone or use your hands at all. That’s why people are trying to find the best earbuds with mic. You can use them while driving your car to keep your hands free and make the driving safer. They are also very frequent in offices because they are light, they don’t make pressure on your head and you can easily talk to your colleagues or friends and family without anyone hearing what you’re talking about. After ending calls, you can keep listening to the music that makes you relaxed and helps you concentrate on work. In a gym, you might need them to help you avoid unnecessary small talks, concentrate on yourself and give you enough energy to complete even the most difficult tasks. Let’s not forget traveling. There’s no better friend during long distance trips than good earbuds with loud and clear sound, but designed and constructed in the way that nobody around you knows what you’re listening to.

What Should You Have on Your Mind When Buying Earbuds?

We may have given you the list of best earbuds with mic above, but it’s not enough to read it, go to the store and buy some of those. There are some very important things you should know and define before deciding what type of earbuds you want to buy.

What Do You Need Earbuds For?

First of all, it is important that you define what you need earbuds for. There are so many models of earbuds on the market and all of them have their special purpose. That’s why you have to decide whether you want to use earbuds when you are working out, travelling or doing something else, or you need them just for occasional listening to music.

If you want to use earbuds in noisy environment and isolate yourself completely from everything that surrounds you, there is a variety of earbuds with special active noise cancellation technology.

Noise cancellation is an active system that requires microphone and battery. The mic catches the noise around you and sends opposite frequency into the earpieces. That weakens the impact of unwanted sounds on user. This system is effective when you need it to cancel low-frequency noise like engine roar.

When this system is active, it makes the illusion that you are going to a quieter place, but it doesn’t cancel every single sound. When you press the button that activates ANC, most of background sounds disappear, but some others stay. Those sounds that have to be heard in most of situations are human voice, loud music and other sounds with irregular frequency. You can get the best result if you combine active noise cancellation system with passive sound isolation.

There’s an interesting fact – noise cancellation rating comes from tests made in the best possible conditions. The effect of ANC is tested and measured in environment with low-frequency noise, because in those conditions, ANC reaches its best result. However, that doesn’t mean that ANC with 95% efficiency can suspend 95% of background noise. They will suspend noise on different levels.

What Earbuds Are Compatible with Your Phone/Tablet/Player?

When we say compatible, we don’t think only of jack dimensions. That’s one of the most important things, that’s for sure, but there are also others you should pay attention to. These things are remotes and earbuds sensitivity. The level of sensitivity is the level of sound quality you get when you pair your device with specific earbuds. This is the reason why you have to read detailed specifications for your device and earbuds. If possible, go to some store and try some models. Take your phone or tablet with you in order to see if it’s going to work. If you want not only to listen to music but you have to answer calls often, you should pick earbuds with built-in mic that enables answering and ending calls without using phone. You should also consider wireless version in order to get rid of unnecessary cables that often tangle and disturb you.

How Much Money You Can Spend?

When we speak about the money we want to spend on something, we always ask ourselves if the product is worth the price and does more money guarantee more quality. According to our list of best earbuds with mic, it is obvious that this is not the rule. It all depends on when and in which situations you want to use them.

On the one hand, if you’re going to use them every day, most of the day, you should spend a decent amount of money on the product that you’ll always need. We are sure you don’t want them to break the first time they hit the ground, especially if you’re using them for workouts. In that case, you should find earbuds with ear tips that fit the shape and size of your ears and stand in their place as long as you want them to stay. Mic is also useful in these circumstances; you’ll just have to choose which position the mic should have (on the cable, on earpieces, adjustable or built-in).

On the other hand, if you need earbuds for occasional listening to music during short trips or walks, you shouldn’t waste hundreds of dollars on expensive sport earbuds. Regular ones will be enough. Most of them, anyway, have decent sound quality.

Why Should You Use Earbuds?

The popularity of earbuds is not a surprise and it is related to their small dimensions, comfort and the ability to offer quality sound in spite of small speakers. Manufacturers usually include many replaceable ear tips and hooks in the packaging so that you can improve standard comfort of these products. There are also models with ANC and mics; there are models for bass lovers and the others. You can use them in every aspect of your life, in school, at work, in car, in gym or outside the gym. If it’s too much for you to think about things we mentioned and you don’t want to go through all those pages on the Internet to find the best model, go through our list of 15 best earbuds with mic in 2020 and we are sure you will find something for you.

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