16 Best DJ Headphones In 2020

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DJ’s job includes lots of fun and partying, but there are also some things that every DJ takes really seriously. Among those things, buying DJ headphones are one of the most important. DJs often spend a lot of time and money, trying to find the best pair of DJ headphones in 2020. Some of the features are common for most of DJ headphones, but there are also features that some DJs prefer, and some not. In this article, we will try to mention all the important features and technical specifications every DJ should understand before buying a pair of DJ headphones. We will also try to explain all the specific requirements that should be met in order for some DJ headphones to be considered great. After short introduction, we will present to you our list of 16 best DJ headphones in 2020, so you don’t have to search elsewhere after you read the intro. Whether you are beginner searching for some cheaper but good quality headphones, or a professional DJ with years of experience searching for more expensive high-end pair of headphones, you will definitely find some great choices here.

Understanding Technical Specifications Important for DJ Headphones


Drivers are devices that transform electrical signal into audio wave. Depending on the size, type, and material they are made of, audio properties of the driver and your headphones will be different. Some of the best DJ headphones on the market use dynamic drivers, usually made of neodymium. They have large drivers, usually larger than 40mm in diameter.

 Frequency response (Frequency Range)

Human ears can hear sound that ranges from 20Hz to 20,000 Hz in frequency. Anything that goes lower or higher than that doesn’t make much difference, although some musicians claim that bass is much stronger and highs are brighter with headphones that have larger frequency response, so we can say that buying those won’t be a bad thing. Some DJ headphones have frequency response that goes from 5Hz to 30,000Hz.


Impedance is actually electrical resistance, and it is expressed in Ohms, but we won’t bother you with physics and electrical engineering. We are just going to explain what kind of effect impedance has on performance. Headphone impedance can be as low as 8 Ohms and as high as 600 Ohms. Impedance is directly proportional to voltage needed for the best performance – lower impedance means lower voltage needed, higher impedance means higher voltage needed. All the headphones designed for everyday use have low impedance (less than 50 Ohms), and that is why they can offer good sound quality when connected to a phone or mp3 player (these devices have low-voltage batteries). Higher impedance headphones might work fine when you connect them to your phone or player, but they won’t reach their full potential until you connect them to some more powerful source or until you buy a headphone amplifier. Studio headphones usually have high impedance (up to 600 Ohms), while most DJ headphones have impedance that ranges from 32 Ohms up to 150 or even 200 Ohms. You should also know that although headphone impedance is given as one number, it varies depending on the frequency of the tunes you are listening to, and the impedance you can see on the package is measured for frequency of 1Khz.

 Sensitivity and Efficiency

These two terms cause a lot of misunderstanding. They are similar but not the same and we will first explain these terms, and then point out the problem. Sensitivity is the measure of SPL (Sound Pressure Level – expressed in decibels) for applied amount of voltage (in millivolts), and the unit of measurement is dB/mV. Efficiency is the measure of SPL for applied amount of power, and the unit of measurement is dB/mW. What you find on the package is usually efficiency, but most manufacturers mistakenly call it sensitivity, and sometimes you will find just nominal SPL in decibels. In the text below, we won’t be making big fuss about that, and we will use the terminology that was used by the manufacturers. One more thing you should know is what kind of effect sensitivity has on performance. To put it simply – higher sensitivity means louder sound. DJ headphones usually have sensitivity (or efficiency, to be precise) of 90-115 dB/mW. You should be aware that there will be some power losses during use, but you surely don’t need this kind of loudness, since even 90 dB can cause hearing damage, and 120 dB is the threshold of pain. DJs need loud headphones, but even they should take care of their ears, especially because their ears are, in a way, part of their equipment – there are no many deaf DJs in the world.

 Total Harmonic Distortion (THD)

There is no perfect audio driver in the world, and every driver distorts audio signal to some extent, especially at higher volume. Some manufacturers don’t show THD, but in case they do, you should be looking for THD lower than 1%. There is basically only one rule regarding THD – lower THD = better sound quality and less distortion.

 Maximum Input

Maximum Input is expressed in mW, and it represents the maximum source power that headphones could take and still work properly. If the source power exceeds the maximum input, drivers will get damaged beyond repair. If you are using amplifiers with your DJ headphones, you should be aware of the maximum input in order to match the source power and input power. That way, you won’t damage your headphones.

Best DJ Headphones In 2020 – Top 16

Best DJ HeadphonesModelRatingReview
Sony MDR75064.6Read Review
Audio-Technica ATH-M50x4.6Read Review
Sennheiser HD280PRO4.3Read Review
Beyerdynamic DT 7704.5Read Review
Sennheiser HD 84.5Read Review
Sennheiser HD 2024.2Read Review
Denon DJ HP11004.2Read Review
Sennheiser HD25-14.4Read Review
V-MODA Crossfade4.4Read Review
Pioneer HDJ-20004.3Read Review
AIAIAI TMA-24.2Read Review
Beats Mixr4.2Read Review
AKG K181DJ4.0Read Review
Bluedio U Plus4.5Read Review
Monoprice 1083234.2Read Review
Behringer HPX20004.0Read Review

Important Features of DJ Headphones

 Sound Quality

DJs don’t have the same requirements regarding the sound quality as audiophiles, studio producers, or regular listeners. The most important features of DJ headphones should be strong and punchy bass and clean highs. DJs won’t make much use from headphones made for audiophiles with perfectly balanced audio. Our list is good starting point, but the best thing you can do is to go to some local audio store and try some of the headphones, and not make decision based only on our or any other list. You should also be aware that the thing with headphones is like with shoes, sometimes you need to wear them for a while before they show their full potential.

 Closed-back VS. Open-back VS. Semi-open VS. In-ear headphones

Well, there is almost no debate here – huge majority of DJs prefer closed-back headphones over any other type. There is a couple of explanations for that. First, they do better job at isolating you from the environmental noise, so you don’t have to turn the volume up and risk damaging your hearing. Open-back and semi-open headphones are not that great at isolating, and a lot of sound leaks through them, so they will never be as effective as closed-back headphones, although some semi-open headphones combine some of the good features of open-back and closed-back headphones, and could be used for DJing. Second, closed-back headphones offer stronger bass, which is, as you already know, one of the most important features of any DJ headphones. In-ear headphones are becoming more and more popular (especially some Shure and Weston professional earbuds with triple and quad drivers), but although they offer good sound and noise isolation, they seem to be impractical, and they are nowhere near to becoming the first choice for DJs.


Comfort is incredibly important feature since DJs spend a lot of time with their headphones, whether they are on their ears or around their neck. Headbands and earpads are equally important and they have to be well-cushioned. DJs should search for headphones with swiveling earcups and adjustable headbands. As you already know, DJs often use only one earcup to monitor their cue while monitoring the current mix with another ear, and when they do that headband is around their neck, and one earcup is on the ear. That’s why it is extremely useful to have earcup that could be swiveled and comfortable headband. Weight is one more important feature that contributes to the comfort. DJs should search for lightweight headphones since they will spend hours and hours wearing them, and it could be exhausting if they are too heavy.


There are some disagreements regarding this issue. Some DJs prefer buying a couple pairs of cheaper less durable headphones that offer satisfying sound, while others prefer buying one pair of really expensive and durable high-end headphones. Both stances have some pros and cons, and we won’t argue what’s better option. You can make the decision based on your budget and your experience.

 Coiled VS. Straight Cords and All the Other Things You Should Know About Cords

Most DJ headphones have coiled cords, although there are some models with straight cords. There is no undivided opinion on what is better option, but there are other much more important things about cords you should pay attention to when buying new DJ headphones. It is highly desirable that cords are sturdy, thick, and not prone to tangling. Sturdy and thick cords are much more difficult to break and less tangle-prone, so you won’t be having those problems during performances if you choose the right piece of equipment.

The second important thing about cords is their length – they have to be long enough to allow you to move around DJ booth, but not too long because you don’t want to stumble over your cords all the time. You can choose the right length based on the DJ booth size and your personal preferences.

It is also really important that your cables are detachable. No matter how careful you are with your equipment, cables often get damaged and that’s inevitable. That’s why detachable cables are better option – you can replace them when they get damaged.

You should also pay attention to the jacks, jacks on your equipment should match jacks on your headphones, but it’s not a big deal if they don’t since there are all kinds of adapters available on the market.

 Replaceable parts (cords, earpads, headbands)

We have already mentioned how important is detachable (ergo replaceable) cable. The same thing applies to all the other parts that get damaged easily. Many DJ headphones have easily detachable earpads, so when they get damaged you can replace them yourself. Some manufacturers even offer backup earpads in the package, along with the new headphones.

 Foldable Headphones

Foldable headphones are something you should be looking for when buying a new pair of DJ headphones, especially if you are buying some expensive pair. Headphones are sensitive piece of equipment and it is nice thing if you can fold them up and place them in some sturdy carrying case when transporting them. That way, they won’t get damaged, and you will be more relaxed.

 Using Noise Canceling (ANC) Headphones for DJing

This is relatively new trend among the DJs. There are some good things about the use of noise canceling headphones and the most important is that you won’t have to boost the volume up in order to hear the music coming from the headphones. That way, you won’t put your hearing at risk. The common problem with ANC headphones is the sound quality and audio balance between lows, mid-tones, and highs, which often differs from desirable audio balance for DJ headphones, but there are also some models that could be successfully used by DJs.

Our list is designed to help you choose the best DJ headphones in 2020. We paid attention to quality and specifications we mentioned above. Some of the DJ headphones on our list will satisfy even the most demanding DJs. Some other headphones would be perfect for the beginners – they may not be high-end products, but still, they offer decent sound quality with strong bass and super-clean highs.

Here is our list of 16 best DJ headphones in 2020

Sony MDR7506 Professional Large Diaphragm Headphone

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We decided to start with one of the oldest models that is still being produced. Sony MDR7506 headphones have more than 25 years old history, and it is one of the most popular and most appreciated headphones ever. Although some would say that these are designed for studio, and could not be used for DJing, we don’t agree. Yes, this model is great for radio broadcastings and studio recordings, but they can also be perfect choice for DJs, especially those who like to hear ‘’the real sound of music’’. Bass is maybe not punchy enough, but they can still offer excellent sound quality and can be more than useful for DJs. They also cost less than any hi-end contemporary DJ headphones, and offer much more than you could expect. That’s why we think that Sony MDR7506 headphones offer the best price/quality ratio of all the products on our list. There are some more suitable headphones for DJs on our list but they also cost more.

MDR7506 headphones come in an original Sony packaging with open front side. Headphones don’t have detachable cable. The cable that you get is 9.8ft long and has gold-plated 3.5mm jacks. One part of the cable is straight, and the other is coiled. Along with the headphones, you will get ¼ inch gold-plated adapter. Headphones are extremely comfortable to wear, and your ears won’t get sweaty even after hours of using. The headband is adjustable, and the earcups can rotate, so you can find just the right position for you. Headphones are foldable, so you can pack them easily, and have them with you wherever you go. Since they have more than 25 years of tradition, we can say with confidence that durability of these headphones is well-known all over the world. Some users had the same headphones for 5, or even 10 years, which is incredibly long period of time for any device by today’s standards. Headphones weigh 0.8 ounces.

Sony MDR7506 have closed-back design, 40mm large dynamic drivers, their frequency response spans from 10Hz to 20KHz, impedance is 63 Ohms, sensitivity is 106 dB/mW, and maximum input is 1,000 mW.

Sound quality is the most praised feature of these headphones. All the audiophiles simply love these headphones because of the incredibly balanced audio. The situation is slightly different with DJs since some prefer more bass, but this is probably a matter of taste. No DJ in the world would say that these headphones are bad. Furthermore, MDR7506 headphones are great at isolating ambient noise, which is really important for DJs.

For those who still think that MDR7506 are not the best choice for DJs, you should know that one of the most popular DJs in the world Paul van Dyk uses these headphones.

Advantages and Disadvantages

More than 25 years of tradition

Comfortable (lightweight, adjustable headband, rotating earcups)


Replaceable earpads

Closed-back design

Great noise isolation

Great price for that kind of quality

 /  Perfectly balanced audio (maybe too balanced audio for some DJs)

Audio cable is not detachable

Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Monitor Headphones

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Audio-Technica is Japanese company that makes audio equipment since 1962, and ATH-M50X headphones are one of the most popular products of this company. They can be used for studio recording, DJing, but can be also really good choice for listening to music at your home. For some reason, they remind us of the Transformers, and they look like some prop from this movie.

Headphones come in a nice packaging, along with 3 detachable cords, one 1/4 in adapter and a carrying bag. There is one 1.2m-3.0m coiled cord, and two straight cords (3m long and 1.2m long). Headphones are available in two colors – black and white. You can also buy Bluetooth adapter with amplifier, which is available for additional $50. Headphones are really comfortable, they have adjustable headband and swiveling earcups, so you can wear them on one ear without any problem. They are also lightweight (10 ounces), which means that you can wear them for hours without feeling any pain. They are completely made of plastic, so they don’t seem as durable as some others, but you get 2 years warranty for any Audio-Technica headphones. Headphones are foldable so you can easily pack them and take them with you. If you are traveling a lot, it might be a good idea to buy some sturdy carrying case and use it instead of carrying bag that comes with the headphones.

ATH-M50X headphones have closed-back design, 45mm large dynamic drivers, frequency response spans from 15Hz to 28,000Hz, impedance is 38 Ohms, sensitivity is 98 dB/mW, and maximum input is 1600 mW.

Sound quality is more than satisfying with nicely balanced audio, although bass should be deeper (especially for DJs). As we already mentioned, DJ headphones with higher impedance can have completely different performance when connected to different devices (these headphones don’t have such a high impedance but the rule still applies). Noise isolation is not as great as advertised, but it’s pretty good.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Comfortable (lightweight, adjustable headband, rotating earcups)

3 detachable cords

Foldable design

Good sound isolation

 /  Great sound (bass should be deeper)

Don’t seem durable (completely made of plastic)

Sennheiser HD280PRO Headphones

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Sennheiser company was established in 1945 and since then, it has been one of the leading producers of audio equipment (along with Sony, Audio-Technica, Pioneer, AKG and couple others). HD280PRO are one of the most popular headphones among DJs all over the world, and their best and highly praised feature is definitely great noise isolation. Noise isolation is, as we already said, really important for DJs because it makes the job much easier. You won’t be having difficulties with monitoring your cue if you decide to buy these.  The biggest downside of these headphones is their bass, which is perfect for regular users but should be a little bit deeper for DJs.

Sennheiser HD280PRO come in an original Sennheiser packaging along with gold-plated ¼in adapter and 3.3-9.8ft long coiled cable with 3.5mm gold-plated jack. Although cable is not detachable, the manufacturer claims that it is replaceable, but you will still have to bring them to some authorized shop to replace it for you. It would be much easier if the cable was detachable. Headphones are comfortable, earpads and headband are well-cushioned and they are really lightweight (285g) so you won’t feel much discomfort after hours of use. Some users have been complaining about their ears getting warm and sweaty after long wearing, but this is not such a big issue. Headphones are entirely made of plastic, but they are surprisingly durable, and you can expect them to serve you well for at least a couple of years. In addition to that, earpads and headband are also easily replaceable, so when these parts get damaged you can change them and prolong the lifespan of your headphones. Headphones are foldable, but you won’t be getting any carrying bag or case with these headphones, so if you are going to use them for DJing and you travel a lot, you should buy one separately. Earcups can swivel so you can easily use them for one-ear monitoring, and headband is adjustable.

HD280PRO headphones have closed-back design, frequency response spans from 8Hz to 25,000Hz, impedance is 64 Ohms, sensitivity is 113dB/mW, and maximum input is 500 mW. Sennheiser also shows THD percentage, which is less than 0.1%.

HD280PRO headphones offer great sound quality with clear highs, but as we already said, the bass is a little bit flat for DJs. This is not such a big problem since they offer great noise isolation, which is great compensation factor. These headphones can isolate up to 32 dB of environmental sound.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Durable (although mostly made of plastic)

Comfortable (swiveling earcups, adjustable headband, lightweight, well-cushioned earpads and headband)

Replaceable earpads and headband

Foldable design

Closed-back earcups

Great noise isolation

 /  Cord is not detachable, but it is replaceable

Great sound quality, bass could be slightly deeper

Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80 Ohm Closed Studio Headphone

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Beyerdynamic is German company established in 1924, and DT770 PRO headphones are one of the most popular products made by Beyerdynamic, and it is also one of a few products on our list made outside of China and other Asian countries. These headphones are available in 2 colors – black and gray. You can also buy them in 3 versions with different impedances – 32 Ohms (for everyday use), 80 Ohms (for studio recording and DJing), and 250 Ohms (for studio mixing). We will review 80 Ohms model since this one is recommended for DJs.

DT770 PRO headphones come in a white stylish packaging along with ¼ inch gold-plated adapter and black carrying bag that doesn’t seem so safe, so you might want to think about buying some hard and sturdy carrying case. Headphones come with 3m long straight cord with 3.5mm gold-plated jack. The cord is not detachable, which is not so great feature, but the cord seems solid and durable enough, and there is possibility of replacing it if it gets damaged, but you have to ask some authorized service to do that for you. These are one of the most comfortable headphones on the market – they are lightweight for this type of headphones (270g) and have adjustable headband and swiveling earcups. Earpads have velour padding which feels really nice on your ears. Earpads and headband are replaceable, so you can prolong lifespan of your headphones by changing these parts.

These headphones have closed-back earcups with 45mm large drivers, frequency response spans from 5Hz to 35KHz, impedance for this model is 80 Ohms as we already said, sensitivity is 96 dB/mW, and THD is less than 0.2%. The maximum input is not given.

DT770 PRO 80 Ohms headphones offer incredible sound quality with just the right amount of bass, which is a little bit too punchy for some users. These headphones are practically what every DJ needs. Highs are super-clean, and it is really easy to differentiate them form lows and mid-tones. Sound isolation is pretty good thanks to closed-back earcups. Headphones can attenuate up to 18 dB of ambient noise, which can be helpful for DJs.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Made in Germany

Models with different impedances

Durable (made of quality industrial plastic)

Comfortable (lightweight, swiveling earcups, adjustable headband, velour-padded earpads)

Replaceable parts (earpads and headband)

Perfect sound for DJing, booming bass

Pretty good ambient noise isolation (up to 18dB)

Cord is not detachable

Sennheiser HD 8 DJ Headphones

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This is another Sennheiser product on our list. Sennheiser is highly popular among DJs, so it’s not a surprise to see more than one Sennheiser product on any list of best DJ headphones. HD8 DJ headphones are the latest Sennheiser product and one of the best headphones on the market. They are also one of the most expensive ones, so the price could be insurmountable obstacle for some people. But if this is too much for you, don’t despair – there is bunch of cheaper and still really good headphones on this list. HD8 DJ headphones follow the great tradition of the previous HD 25 version and have all the great features of its predecessor with some really nice improvements.

Since the moment you get the box, you know that you bought something expensive. In this great stylish packaging, you will find your headphones, 2 detachable cords (first one is 1.5m-3m long coiled cord with gold-plated 3.5mm jack, and the second is 3m long straight cord with the same 3.5mm jack), one gold-plated ¼ inch adapter, one nice-looking sturdy carrying case, and two spare earpads. Headphones are made of quality materials – there are some metal parts and they look and feel like they could last for a long time. Headphones are comfortable with soft padding on earpads and soft adjustable headband. Earcups can swivel and you can place them in any position you find appropriate (210 degrees rotation), so you can use them for one-ear monitoring while wearing them around your neck. Headphones are a little bit heavier than some other (285g) but that’s not such a big issue. The cord can be connected to either left or right earcup, whatever you find suitable. Earpads and headband are replaceable, just like cords.

HD8 DJ headphones have over-ear closed-back earcups, dynamic drivers, frequency response spans from 8Hz to 30,000Hz, impedance is 95 Ohms, sensitivity is 115 dB/mW (really loud headphones), THD is less than 0.1%, while the maximum input is 500 mW.

Sound that these headphones produce is just the thing that every DJ wants. Perfect audio reproduction with deep and punchy bass and super-clean treble is what you get with these headphones, and we guarantee you that you will be satisfied. Closed-back over-ear design does a great job at isolating huge amount of ambient noise and makes HD8 DJ one of the best in the field of noise isolating among DJ headphones.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Appealing design

Durable (lots of metal parts ensure long life)

Comfortable (soft headband and earpads, adjustable headband, swiveling earcups – up to 210 degrees)

Replaceable earpads and headband

Detachable cords

Great sound reproduction for DJs

Great noise isolation

 /  Really loud headphones could be double-edged sword (take care of your ears)

 /  Slightly heavier than other DJ headphones (285g)

Expensive (but worth that kind of money)

Sennheiser HD 202 II Professional Headphones

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HD 202 II headphones are one of the cheapest headphones on our list, and probably our first choice for beginners since they don’t cost much and offer the type of sound that DJs need. Of course, they have some flaws, you can’t expect perfection for that kind of money, but they are still great choice.

Headphones come in a simple packaging along with cable winder and ¼ inch screw-on adapter (not gold-plated). HD 202 II have interesting design, they are not bulky as some other DJ headphones, partly because these are supra-aural (on-ear) headphones, they are super-lightweight (130g) and you won’t feel any discomfort after hours of use. Some good-quality materials were used for making them, and thousands of users confirmed that these are really durable, but you might have problems with the cables. Since they are thin, it happens sometimes that one headphone just stops working, and it’s not the problem with the headphone but only with the cable. The situation is even more complicated since the cable is not detachable, and it is Y-cable which means that you will have to change the cable along with earcups or to go to some authorized shop and ask them to change the cable. Anyway, you get 2 years warranty, so if you experience this problem during the first 2 years, you can simply ask the Sennheiser to send you the new pair. Earpads and headband are well-cushioned and feel comfortable. They are also replaceable. Earcups can’t swivel so you might be having problems when trying to monitor your cue with one headphone. Cable is 10ft long and gives you enough space to move while mixing.

Headphones have on-ear earcups with dynamic drivers, frequency range spans from 18Hz to 18,000Hz, impedance is 32 Ohms (so you can use them with all kinds of devices like phones, iPads, PCs), sensitivity is 115 dB/mW (really loud), THD is less than 0.5%.

HD 202 II headphones offer great sound reproduction with really strong bass and balanced highs. All the DJs will be happy with such a powerful bass. Since headphones have supra-aural design, isolation won’t be as good as with circum-aural headphones but it’s good enough and when you combine it with extreme loudness you won’t be having problems while monitoring with one headphone.

Low price

Interesting design

Comfortable (soft earpads and headband, adjustable headband)

Replaceable earcups and earpads

Great sound for DJs with powerful bass

Super-lightweight (130g)

 /  Really loud

 /  Decent noise isolation (there are much more effective headphones on the market, but they also cost more)

Earcups can’t swivel

Problems with Y-type cable (too thin and prone to braking)

Not foldable

Denon DJ HP1100 | Professional Over-Ear DJ Headphones

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Denon has long tradition of making audio equipment. It was established in 1910, in Japan. Denon makes first-class DJ equipment since 1993 and DJ HP1100 headphones are one of the latest products made by this company. They are specially designed for DJs, and we think that these are at least among the top ten best quality headphones for DJs on the market, and definitely deserve to be mentioned.

There are three different models of Denon HP series headphones – HP600, HP800, and HP1100 with different characteristics and drivers. On the top of that, every model is available in on-ear and over-ear version. We are going to review HP1100 over-ear model because it offers the best sound for DJs, and has bunch of other important features that DJs find important.

Denon DJ headphones come in a stylish black box, and along with the headphones you will get semi-coiled cable (which is not detachable) with 3.5mm gold-plated audio jack, ¼ inch adapter, and carrying bag (if you want to transport them you should probably buy some sturdy case). One of the great features of these headphones is comfort. They have well-cushioned earpads and headband. The headband is adjustable, and earcups can swivel around vertical and horizontal axis, which is perfect thing for one-ear monitoring and one of the things that DJs like the most. Earpads are also replaceable. They have some metal parts, and plastic parts seem sturdy, so we assume that they are durable. One thing that’s bothering us is one-year warranty, while most of other headphones on the list have 2 years warranty. This raises some doubts regarding durability, but there were no complaints about this feature.

Denon DJ HP1100 headphones have over-ear design with huge 53mm drivers, frequency response spans from 5Hz to 33,000Hz, impedance is 36 Ohms, sensitivity is 105 dB/mW, and maximum input is 3,500 mW.

Headphones offer perfect sound across the spectrum with strong orientation towards bass. You will easily differentiate bass, mid-tones, and highs with these headphones. Noise isolation is good but could be better. Certain amount of sound leaks through the headphones.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Comfortable (adjustable and soft headband, soft earpads can swivel in two directions)

Durable (metal parts and sturdy plastic)

Replaceable earpads

Great sound thanks to 53mm drivers, deep bass

 /  Good sound isolation, but should be a little bit better for that price

Cable is not detachable

Sennheiser HD25-1 II Basic Edition

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These are the last Sennheiser headphones on our list, and probably the most popular ones among the DJs all over the world. Some of the greatest names in DJ industry use this exact model. This might seem a little bit odd because we know that over-ear headphones are the most desirable and popular among DJs, but these supra-aural (on-ear) still managed to find their purpose and place in the world of DJing. Now, that has to be for a reason and we are going to try to explain all the features that made HD25-1 II headphones one of the most popular.

Headphones come in an original Sennheiser packaging, in which you will find your headphones with straight audio cable with 3.5mm jack (cable is not detachable), ¼ inch adapter, spare pair of earpads, and a carrying bag.

The first thing you will notice about these headphones is design, which is stylish and simple. Sennheiser made these headphones very lightweight (140g) which enables you to use them for a long period of time without feeling any discomfort. They are made entirely of sturdy plastic, which seems a little bit cheap, but thousands of DJs use them regularly, and there were still no complaints regarding durability, so you can be assured that these headphones are made to last. One of the downsides of these headphones is that they are not foldable so you will need to make a little bit more space in your suitcase when transporting them. Earpads are made of vinyl and well-cushioned, so your ears won’t be under some great amount of pressure. Earcups can swivel which is good for one-ear monitoring. The headband can be split in two, which allows you to find the most appropriate position and most secure fit.

HD25-1 II headphones have closed-back earcups with dynamic drivers, frequency response spans from 16Hz – 22,000Hz, impedance is 70 Ohms, sensitivity is 120 dB/mW, and load rating is 200mW.

What you can conclude from this list of specifications is that they are definitely loud, and that is obviously one of the things that makes them so popular. They can also be used with phones and players (impedance is 70 Ohms), but they will reach their full potential only with some proper DJ equipment.

End now the most important part – the sound quality. Sennheiser didn’t make any mistakes regarding this feature – you will be simply amazed by the sound of these headphones. Perfect bass response, full mid-tones, and clean highs is what you want and what you get with these headphones. This is the most important and the best feature of HD25-1 II, and the that’s why they are the first choice of many DJs. Noise attenuation is also excellent for supra-aural headphones, and when you combine it with loudness and deep bass they produce, you get one of the best DJ headphones on the market.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Simple but stylish design

Durable (sturdy plastic)

Replaceable earpads

Comfortable (soft earpads and headband, headband can be split in two for better fit, lightweight)

Great sound quality (great bass response, crisp highs)

Excellent noise attenuation for on-ear headphones

 /  Very loud (120 dB is max. SPL)

Not foldable

Audio cable is not detachable

V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Over-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Headphone

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V-MODA is one of the youngest companies in the audio industry. It was established in 2004. As you probably know, being the smallest and the youngest player on the market and trying to attract your fair share of buyers is not an easy thing. V-MODA managed to become one of the leading producers of audio equipment (mainly speakers and headphones for different purposes) by combining fashionable look, durability, and quality of sound. Crossfade M-100 are the result of that policy and to be honest they are great in every aspect you can think of, although V-MODA is still maybe too aggressive with advertising, at least for our taste.

First of all, you should know that Crossfade M-100 are pretty durable. V-MODA put incredible effort to explain that, so it would be rude not to mention it first. These headphones have bunch of metal parts, and V-MODA wanted you to be convinced that they will last. It’s like they are designed to be used in war zones. But, that is not absolutely true. They are not poorly built, but there are some parts that should have been reinforced, especially the joints that connect the headband to the earcups. Some customers complained about those parts being broken after short period of use.

V-MODA made incredible effort to combine fashion and quality. Everything about Crossfade M-100 screams STYLE. Along with the headphones, you will get exoskeleton carrying case (which is also sturdy and incredibly durable), 2 cables (one with mic, and one reinforced audio cable) with 3.5mm gold-plated jacks, ¼ inch adapter, 2 V-corks, and V-MODA sticker. Although made of metal, these headphones are not too heavy (280g), so you won’t feel great amount of discomfort while wearing them. Every part of the V-MODA can be replaced – earpads, earcups, fashionable 3D shields on the earcups, headband, and cables (you can also order them in different colors), so if anything happens, if something breaks, you should know that V-MODA has the spare parts. Like most other DJ headphones, Crossfade M-100 have adjustable headband and swiveling earcups. Headphones have foldable design, so you can fold them and place them in their exoskeleton case and transport them without worries.  Earpads and headband are soft, cushioned with memory foam, and don’t cause any discomfort.

Headphones have over-ear earcups with dual dynamic 50mm large drivers, frequency response spans from 5HZ to 30,000Hz, impedance is 32 Ohms, and sensitivity is 103 dB/mW.

And now, the sound quality – as we said Crossfade M-100 have dual-diaphragm dynamic drivers, which separate the bass from the mid-tones and highs and gives you better accuracy, deeper bass, articulate mid-tones and clean highs, so if you intend to use them for DJing, you will definitely be happy with the sound. Noise isolating is excellent and there is almost no sound leakage.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Fashionable and stylish design

Comfortable (swiveling earcups, adjustable and soft headband, not too heavy, well-cushioned earpads)

Practically every part is replaceable

Detachable cables

Excellent sound quality thanks to 50mm dual-diaphragm drivers

Great noise isolation

 /  Durable but with some flaws (headband ends prone to breaking)

 /  Expensive (but worth that money)

Pioneer HDJ-2000-K DJ Headphones

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Pioneer has gained its reputation by making high-quality audio equipment. It was established in 1938 in Japan. Pioneer HDJ-2000-K DJ headphones are one of the very popular headphones among DJs all over the world, but their price is definitely too high, especially when you compare it to some older models (HDJ-1000 and HDJ-1500). We are not saying that they are not excellent pair of headphones, but the price should be lower.

They come in original Pioneer packaging with detachable 3.5mm to 3P coiled cord (1.5-3m) with gold-plated jacks, ¼ inch gold-plated adapter, and black carrying bag. The fact that you get cable with 3P jack actually means that manufacturer wants you to buy only the original spare cables made by Pioneer, and some might not like that. Anyhow, you are warned about this issue. Headphones are well-built, made of sturdy plastic, and they seem durable. HDJ-2000-K headphones are interestingly designed and comfortable with soft and adjustable headband, and well-cushioned earpads. There are also swiveling earcups for one-ear monitoring. Headphones can be folded and packed for transport, although you should probably buy some sturdy case. On the left earcup, there is stereo-mono switch that can come in handy because you can switch to mono whenever you want to track your cue while being aware of the current playback.

Headphones have closed-back earcups with 50mm large dynamic drivers, frequency response spans from 5Hz to 30,000Hz, impedance is 36 Ohms, sensitivity is 107 dB/mW, and maximum input is 3500mW.

HDJ-2000-K produce nicely balanced audio with great bass response, full mid-tones, and clean highs. They isolate noise really well, and sound leaking is almost non-existing.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Comfortable and well-fitting (swiveling earcups, well-cushioned earpads, adjustable and soft headband)

Durable (made of industrial plastic)

Stereo-mono switch

Foldable design

Great sound quality with deep bass

Great noise isolation


You must buy spare cables only from Pioneer because of 3.5mm to 3P jack audio cable

AIAIAI TMA-2 75002 DJ Preset Headphones

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AIAIAI is one of the youngest audio design companies. It was established in 2006, in Denmark, and almost immediately became one of the important players on the market. The first great success of AIAIAI happened when TMA-1 modular headphones appeared on the market. They have made great product that dazzled buyers all over the world. TMA-1 headphones had simple and stylish Scandinavian design, and there were a couple of models available. They all had the same basic design, and the thing that made difference was the inside – depending on your needs, you could choose different type of speakers (depending on the type of sound you want), earpads, headbands, and cords. TMA-2 headphones follow the tradition of their predecessor TMA-1. Headphones are available in 10 different versions – 2 Bluetooth versions, Tonmeister Preset, Studio Preset, Monitor Preset, DJ Preset, All-Round Preset, Places + Faces Edition, BNR Edition and Ed Banger Edition. AIAIAI headphones are available with 4 different types of speakers (S01- All Round Sound, S02 – Punchy Sound, S03 – Warm Sound, S04 – Vibrant Sound), 4 types of earpads (E01 to E05), 3 types of headbands (H01 – slim, H01 – rugged, H03 – high comfort), and 6 types of cables (C01 to C06). All the models have the same recognizable design, and we will review the version designed for DJs (DJ Preset).

AIAIAI DJ headphones come with S02 punchy speakers (designed for great bass response, and super-clean highs, just like DJs usually like it), H02 rugged headband (reinforced and designed to survive heavy use and provide better grip), E02 earpads (designed to prevent sound leaking and provide good noise isolation), and C02 cable (1.5m to 3.2m long coiled cable with gold-plated 3.5mm angled jacks and ¼ inch gold-plated adapter). Practically every part of these headphones is replaceable, which is a great thing if anything gets damaged. Headphones are very durable and you will get 3-years warranty, which is quite unusual since most of other manufacturers offer 1 or 2 years warranty. AIAIAI headphones are made to last and the fact that there were no complaints regarding durability proves that. TMA-2 (and TMA-1) are definitely durable and reliable model. Earcups can’t swivel, but you can adjust the height of every earcup independently and find the right position for you. TMA-2 are not the lightest headphones, but still not too heavy (270g), so you won’t feel any discomfort while wearing them. Earpads are well-cushioned but they will be a little bit stiff at first and after some time of use (a month or so) they will get softer.

TMA-2 headphones have closed-back earcups with 40mm drivers, frequency response spans from 20Hz to 20,000Hz, impedance is 32 Ohms, sensitivity is 117 dB/mW, and maximum input is 70 mW.

Since they are designed for DJs with special S02 speakers and E02 earpads, you will get just what you need – punchy bass, clean highs, and great noise isolation.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Simple and stylish Scandinavian design

Extremely durable (and 3-years warranty)

Detachable cables

Every part is replaceable (and also customizable – you can choose whatever type of speakers, headphones, cables, and earpads you like and find more appropriate)

Great sound quality, excellent bass response

Great noise isolation

 /  Comfortable but with some minor flaws (non-swiveling earcups, and stiff earpads)

Beats Mixr Wired On-Ear Headphones

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Beats is, as you definitely already know, company owned by Dr. Dre. It was established in 2006 (just like V-MODA) and acquired by Apple in 2014. Beats is probably the most aggressively advertised audio brand ever, and if you get a little bit annoyed by all the Beats commercials and all the hype. we completely understand. Still, Beats Mixr are one of the most popular DJ headphones, especially since some of the most famous DJs in the world use them (e.g. Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, David Guetta). They are specially designed for DJs and the most noticeable features are build quality (reinforced with steel, aluminum alloy parts), comfort, and bass driven sound.

What you should probably know before reading this review and before buying Beats Mixr is that you should be really careful when ordering this product. Just like any popular product nowadays Beats headphones get copied all the time, and there is a lot of fake headphones on the market. If you want to avoid fake products, you should check the product before paying. Some of the things you could do is search for serial number on the box, or read about slight differences in design between fake and original Beats Mixr, and compare the original to the headphones you want to buy.

This manufacturer always tries to make a statement from the very beginning, so even the Beats packaging will look stylish, and you will find inside some accessories that you won’t get with most of other DJ headphones. Besides the headphones, you will get two cables (both detachable) – one coiled audio cable with 3.5mm gold-plated jack, and one Apple-compatible audio cable with in-line mic and remote controls. You will also get one sturdy carrying case and cleaning cloth. Since the company pays so much attention to the fashion trends, these headphones are available in many colors (14 to be precise), so you can choose whatever color you like. The company made great effort to make Beat Mixr durable and we can say they did a good job. The headband is reinforced with steel, and other materials used are hard industrial plastic and aluminum alloy. On the negative side, comfort is not so great, although there are some positive things. Padding on the headband doesn’t seem thick enough and we think it should be softer. Earpads are soft and well-cushioned, but just like all the other on-ear headphones, Beats Mixr also have clamping force that can be exhausting, so you might need to take them off every now and then. Positive things are adjustable headband and swiveling earcups (good for one-ear monitoring). Headphones can be folded and packed. Sturdy carrying case is nice addition, and it is really durable.

Beats managed to keep technical specifications secret. We found only impedance which is 32 Ohms, and sensitivity which is 115 dB/mW (so at least you know they will be loud).

The sound is bass oriented, as we already said. The bass response is perfect for DJs, the mid-tones are fluid, and highs are bright. Distortion is really small (almost non-existing) even at high volume. Noise isolation is really good, so you will hear every sound that comes from the headphones. On the other hand, sound leaks a lot through them. That won’t be a problem if you use them for DJing, but if you want to use them while riding on a train or bus, all the people around you will hear what you are listening to.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Simple, minimalistic and fashionable design

Durable (steel parts, aluminum alloy, hard plastic)

Adjustable headband and swiveling earcups

Detachable cables

Great sound quality, hard on bass

Good noise isolation

 /  Really loud

No replaceable parts (except for the cable)

Prone to sound leaking

Uncomfortable headband

Clamping force can be exhausting on ears

AKG High-Performance Closed-Back DJ Headphones – K181DJ

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AKG is one of the oldest European audio equipment producers. The company was established in 1947, in Austria. Some of the most famous AKG headphones are K240 for studio mixing and recording, K280 parabolic, AKG K701 Acoustics. Their most popular DJ headphones are DJ Tiesto customized headphones (K167), but we decided to present to you K181 model, which has a lot of potential, and it’s not so expensive like some previous headphones on our list.

K181 is excellent example that really good DJ headphones don’t have to be expensive, and don’t have to be widely used or famous. At the beginning, you should be aware that these headphones are definitely not great choice for listening to music (could be uncomfortable because of the clamping force and ear-sweating, but also because of the marginal highs), but if you need them for DJing you will be really happy.

In the packaging, you will find K181 headphones with 5m long coiled audio cable with 3.5mm gold-plated jack (cable is not detachable), ¼ inch adapter, and small carrying bag (you should probably buy some more durable protective case for transporting). Headphones are completely made of plastic, so they will hardly last for years, but you can expect them to last year or two (not that bad for 90 bucks). Comfort is good, but there are some flaws. Good things are adjustable headband and swiveling earcups. Earpads are well-cushioned and feel comfortable on ears, but the headband is not well-cushioned and memory-foam layer is really thin. If you combine this with weight (approximately 10 ounces), there will be some discomfort after a couple of hours. Earpads are the only thing that could be replaced if damaged. On both earcups, you will find bass-boost switch, so you can amplify bass while DJing whenever you need it. There is also Stereo/Mono selector which is useful if you prefer using split cue. Headphones are foldable.

K181 are over-ear closed-back headphones with 45mm drivers, frequency response spans from 5Hz to 30,000Hz, impedance is 42 Ohms, sensitivity is 112 dB/mW, and maximum input is 3500mW.

Headphones offer great sound quality for DJing – deep bass that can be enhanced with bass boost switch, balanced mid-tones, but the highs are just a little bit flat. K181 isolates great amount of ambient noise, and there is almost no sound leaking.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Decent durability

Adjustable headband, swiveling earcups, well-cushioned earpads

Replaceable earpads

Great sound quality with good bass response (and additional bass boost)

Good noise isolation

Uncomfortable headband due to poor cushioning and weight

Audio cable is not detachable

Bluedio U Plus (UFO) Pro Wireless DJ Headphones

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We have mentioned that Bluetooth headphones are not so popular among DJs and that they don’t offer great sound quality, but we still decided to present to you one pair of wireless headphones, at least for those who like wire-free environment. We picked Bluedio U Plus DJ headphones. Bluedio company tried to find its place among DJ headphones producers by introducing new technologies (like PPS12 drivers, but we will talk later about that) and wireless connection (which is still not popular among DJs). Bluedio U Plus headphones are decent headphones, but the sound quality won’t be the same like with other DJ headphones (especially those from the same price range), and you should be aware of that.

Headphones come in a stylish box along with USB charging cable, coiled audio cable with 3.5mm gold-plated jack, stylish and sturdy carrying case, ¼ inch adapter, and user manual. Headphones have really nice design, and if this is some beauty competition they would be in top 3. The headband is adjustable and earcups can rotate towards the headband and these are good things for DJs. Comfort is big issue of these headphones. First of all, they are heavy (397g – the heaviest on this list), earpads don’t feel soft but rather stiff, and the headband should be softer. Clamping force is maybe too strong, and after 3-4 hours they will become really uncomfortable. There were no complaints regarding durability, and there is a lot of metal parts (aluminum alloy, to be precise).

Bluedio U Plus are over-ear closed-back headphones with 12 drivers. Bluedio used revolutionary PPS12 technology and combined 2 50mm drivers (with 42 Ohms impedance), 2 30mm drivers (with 32 Ohms impedance), and 8 20mm drivers (with 32 Ohms impedance). The idea was to produce vivid sound across the full audio spectrum. Frequency response spans from 10Hz to 22,000Hz, sensitivity is 112 dB/mW, and THD is less than 0.1% (at least that’s what manufacturer claims).

Bluedio U Plus offer decent sound quality, bass response is excellent, but mid-tones and highs are muffled, especially at high volume. One problem that we noticed is distortion at high volume which is probably higher than Bluedio claims. The great thing about these headphones is noise isolation and you will be happy with the amount of isolated ambient noise.

Bluedio U Plus use 4.1 Bluetooth technology and can be paired with most Bluetooth enabled devices within 10m range. The battery is pretty durable and it can last for up to 25 hours per one charge, and recharge takes 2.5 hours.

Headphones can work in wired mode, too. What you should know is that they offer significantly better sound with cleaner mid-tones and highs in wired mode.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Stylish design

Durable (mostly made of aluminum alloy)

Rotating earcups and adjustable headband

Good ambient noise isolation

Bluetooth 4.1

Durable battery – up to 25 hours of listening to music

 /  Decent sound quality with good bass response and muffled highs (they sound better in wired mode)

Uncomfortable (heavy, stiff padding)

The last two pairs of DJ headphones we decided to present to you are the cheapest models on the market. By buying these headphones you will get decent sound quality with deep bass and satisfying comfort but poor durability and construction quality. After all, for that kind of money you can’t really expect more than that. These headphones are good choice for beginners, or for those who are not prepared to splash great amount of money on DJ headphones.

Monoprice 108323 Premium Hi-Fi DJ Pro Headphone

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Monoprice is American online retail company which sells all kinds of electronic devices, and most of them come from Chinese and other Asian factories. Like with most cheap electronic devices, you should know that you are not buying some exceptional quality product, but rather something useful that won’t last more than a year. On the other hand, there is always possibility that you will be disappointed with some much more expensive headphones you bought, so it’s not all black and white. Maybe you will be happy with Monoprice 108323, but you should know exactly what you are buying, and we will do our best to help you understand that.

Monoprice 108323 headphones come in a nice black box. In the box, you will find your headphones, one 4ft long detachable audio cable with 3.5mm jacks, one 4ft long detachable audio cable with in-line mic and remote controls, and one ¼ inch adapter. You won’t get any carrying case and you will have to buy one separately if you need it. They are entirely made of plastic, and general impression is that they look cheap. You shouldn’t expect them to last for years, and the weakest parts (based on previous customers’ complaints) are the hinges connecting headband and earcups. Monoprice 108323 offer decent comfort with soft headband and well-cushioned earpads, but there is too strong clamping force that really spoils the impression. Earcups can swivel in two directions, and headband is adjustable, so you won’t have problems with adjusting earcups position while DJing. Headphones are foldable, but as we mentioned if you want to transport them, you will have to buy carrying case.

Monoprice 108323 are closed-back over-ear headphones with 50mm large drivers, frequency response spans from 20Hz to 20,000Hz (but this is probably generically given range, we don’t think they really measured it), impedance is 40 Ohms, and sensitivity is 100 dB/mW.

Monoprice 108323 offers surprisingly good sound for the price. Bass response is great, mid-tones are full, and highs are just a little bit flat. There is maybe too much distortion at higher volume, but if you need these headphones for DJing, you will be happy with them. Passive noise isolation is pretty good – they manage to isolate great portion of ambient noise. There is some sound leakage, but they still do better job at keeping the sound inside than some much more expensive headphones.

Advantages and Disadvantages


Detachable cables

Soft headband and well-cushioned earpads

Replaceable earpads

Decent sound quality with deep bass

 Good noise isolation

Cables are not long enough

Not durable

Clamping force is too strong

Behringer HPX2000 Headphones High-Definition DJ Headphones

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And for the end, the cheapest product on the market – Behringer HPX2000. Behringer is German audio equipment company established in 1989. They make relatively cheap products, but still try to retain satisfying quality. Although HPX2000 is cheaper than Monoprice we believe that they are in fact slightly better option (appealing design, better sound quality, and more durable).

Headphones come with 2m long cable with 3.5mm jack (cable is not detachable), and only thing you get besides the headphones is ¼ inch adapter. They look more appealing than previously mentioned Monoprice headphones and have better design. They are also made of plastic, but they look and feel more durable, and some previous users claimed they’ve been using them for 2 years, which is much more than you could expect for this price. HPX2000 headphones have adjustable headband and swiveling earcups, so they are definitely good for DJs. The headband is well-padded and soft, while many customers complained about earpads being too stiff. Cable is probably the weakest part, and if it gets damaged, you would have to buy new pair of headphones. It would be much better if the cable is detachable (replaceable) – that would prolong the lifespan significantly. Headphones are also foldable, but you won’t get any carrying case or pouch, and you will have to buy it separately if you need it.

HPX2000 are closed-back over-ear headphones with 40mm large drivers, frequency response spans from 20Hz to 20,000Hz, impedance is 64 Ohms, sensitivity is 110 dB/mW, while the maximum power input is 100 mW.

HPX2000 offer much better and more balanced sound than Monoprice 108323 with decent bass response, and much cleaner mid-tones and highs. Sound isolation is not great but it is satisfying. Sound leaking is one more problem with these headphones – they leak more sound than Monoprice 108323, but if you are going to use them for DJing this won’t be such a big deal.

Advantages and Disadvantages

More durable than similar headphones in this price range

Adjustable headband and swiveling earcups

 Well-padded headband

Satisfying sound quality – good bass response. Clean mid-tones and highs

Decent noise isolation

Stiff and slightly uncomfortable earpads

Audio cable is not detachable

Prone to sound leaking

World-known DJs and their headphones

Instead of a conclusion we’ve made a list of some of the most popular headphones from our list and matched them with some of the most famous names from the world of DJing that use them. Some of these headphones are DJs’ trademarks, and some were used occasionally and do not represent their usual choice.

Sony MDR 7506 Paul Van Dyk, DJ Z-trip
Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Blasterjaxx and Hardwell (occasionally), Mr. Belt & Wezol, Project 46,
Sennheiser HD280PRO Knife Party
Beyerdynamic DT 770 PRO 80 Ohm DJ Hardwell, (Armin van Buuren uses DT 250 80 OHms)
Sennheiser HD 8 DJ Headphones Flume, Bob Sinclair, Tujamo
Sennheiser HD 202 II Skrillex (occasionally), Tipper
Sennheiser HD 25-1 II Headphones Blasterjaxx, Alesso, W&W, Nervo, Andrew Rayel, Above & Beyond, Steve Angello, Aly & Fila, Dannic, Kura, Firebeatz
V-MODA Crossfade M-100 DJ Martin Garrix, Avicii, Deadmau5, R3hab, Coone, Don Diablo, The Chainsmokers
Pioneer HDJ-2000-K DJ DJ Annie Mac, DJ Dash Berlin, Showtek, Axwell, Ummet Ozcan, Oliver Heldens, Angerfist, Kaskade, Brennan Heart, Carl Cox, Tenishia
AIAIAI TMA-2 DJ Frontliner, Merk & Kremont, Jacques Renault, Tomas Barfod, Bonobo, Nightwave, Giraffage, TA-KU
Beats by Dr. Dre Mixr Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, David Guetta, DVBBS, Zedd, Dyro, Carnage, Diego Miranda


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