27 Best Cheap Earbuds (In-Ear Headphones) Under $20 In 2018

(Last Updated On: February 16, 2018)

Are you looking for a pair of comfortable quality earbuds that doesn’t cost a fortune? It’s not impossible. Our list of 27 best cheap earbuds (in-ear headphones) under $20 offers you possibility to choose good and inexpensive accessory for your phone or player.

Does Cheap Mean Bad?

During many centuries, music has been making our lives more pleasant, more interesting and more emotional. It can distract us from bad thoughts, awaken pleasant memories and give us joyful moments. The problem is that, along with music popularity growth, audio industry has been expanding and they have become unreasonable. They have started producing more and more incredibly expensive earbuds loaded with numerous features and the number is constantly increasing.

Of course, this is great for rich people who have enough money to spend on expensive earbuds as if they were diamond rings. They can buy platinum earbuds with active noise cancellation technology in order to relax when they are flying in their private airplanes. However, that is bad option for an ordinary buyer, who just wants a pair of earbuds that works nicely and doesn’t break easily. It is true that among numerous cheap models exist those that you’ll have to replace after a couple of days. Their number is extremely big, but that doesn’t mean that cheap is bad. You don’t have to be afraid of cheap things. There are many famous companies that make both expensive and cheap earbuds because they know that not all their buyers have enough money to spend on earbuds. That happens because their main goal is profit and they can certainly make more money if they sell more products. That’s the reason why there are two markets – one for ordinary and the other one for rich people. Earbuds for ordinary people don’t have as many features as expensive ones have, they aren’t usually made from the same materials and they may not be available in many shiny colors, but their quality isn’t questionable.

The list of 27 best cheap earbuds protects majority of buyers and offers them interesting inexpensive in-ear headphones with great sound and construction.

Best Cheap Earbuds (In-Ear Headphones) Under $20 In 2018 – Top 27

Best Cheap EarbudsModelRatingPrice
Panasonic RP-HJE120-K4.3$7 - $10
VAVA Flex4.1$15 - $20
Mxstudio SE-5704.8$10 - $15
Tonicstar4.8$8 - $12
Mxstudio4.7$10 - $14
BYZ4.7$10 - $14
Betron YSM10004.5$12 - $20
Panasonic RP-HJE125-K4.3$6 - $16
VMTOP4.2$10 - $14
Acode4.3$10 - $14
Tonicstar EL1534.3$7 - $10
ROVKING4.2$10 - $15
SoundPeats B104.3$9 - $14
Sony EX100AP4.2$14 - $18
Mpow Jaws4.1$18 - $20
UiiSii C2004.1$5 - $8
Skullcandy Ink'd4.0$15 - $20
Anker SoundBuds4.0$18 - $25
Hiearcool T13.9$16 - $20
JVC HAFX8B4.1$6 - $8
JVC HAFX5B3.9$5 - $10
Koss The Plug3.8$10 - $15
Philips SHS81003.8$18 - $20
Samsung Active3.8$12 - $18
NoiseHush NX803.7$9 - $15
Monoprice3.7$10 - $12
MEE audio3.6$12 - $16

Why Do We Need in-Ear Headphones?

In-ear headphones are portable audio devices with great noise cancellation ability. In order to listen to music, you have to put silicone or foam ear tip into your ear canal. These tips are usually made from those materials that stick to your ears and enable you to isolate yourself from sounds around you (voices, cars…). Earbuds are also interesting and different from other types of headphones because of their size. They are small, thin and light, so that you can take them in your pocket with you wherever you are going.

Earbuds can solve problems for those people who love listening to loud music. Thanks to these small accessories, nobody will be able to hear sounds coming out from your player or phone and you will be able to listen to your favorite music as loud as you want.

Thanks to their size and construction, earbuds allow you to listen whatever you want in the noisiest crowd without drawing attraction to “the thing on your head”. Earbuds are small and if you have long hair or wireless earbuds, nobody will be able to notice them.

We have mentioned comfort above. There are two versions of stories about earbuds being comfortable (or uncomfortable). On the one hand, some say that earbuds become uncomfortable when you wear them for several hours and that you can become very tired because of that. On the other hand, all manufacturers and many users claim that earbuds have compact size that doesn’t cause any discomfort during running, walking, working out, sightseeing or any other activity.

All in all, earbuds are the most popular type of headphones in noisy modern world with crowded streets, metro and bus stations. Places like those are unpleasant for everyone and the best way to run away from them and still be present is to use earbuds and dive into the world of great melodies. Most of earbuds can be connected to almost every audio device and every time you use them, they will show you what a great choice they are. Although they are put into ear canal, they don’t harm your ears and hearing, especially if you use them wisely and don’t listen too loud music for very long time.

What Kind of Earbuds to Buy?

Both audiophiles and ordinary music lovers who often use headphones will hardly ever decide to buy the first pair of earbuds they see in the street. Those cheap earbuds can’t please you with the quality of their sound. The price is not the only problem, it’s the unprofessional manufacturing. If you want to listen to songs that sound realistic and natural, the first thing you should think of is the company that makes earbuds. Some of old and reliable companies such as Sony or Panasonic offer great products for small prices. Their products deserve to be trusted because they were given five stars not only by ordinary customers, but also by highly trained specialists.

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After that, you should decide what do you need your earbuds for. Depending on the purpose, you shall buy different types of earbuds, so think about whether you need earbuds for walking, running, working out or something else.

The list of best cheap earbuds presents quality earbuds that can be bought for less than $20. There are two types of earbuds – earbuds which regular price is under $20 and more expensive earbuds that can be often found on sales for less than $20. Many of them don’t have outstanding features, but they have managed to combine decent sound quality with interesting design and some additional features like microphones and remotes without increasing their price.

The List of 27 Best Cheap Earbuds (In-Ear Headphones) Under $20

Panasonic RP-HJE120-K in-Ear Headphone

Approximate Price: $8.00

Nice design, comfortable ear tips, great sound and small price; that’s all that perfect earbuds should have and Panasonic RP-HJE120-K certainly have it.

The design is quite simple and even without the logo, you could say that Panasonic made those earbuds. They have 3.6 ft. long cord. Because of that, you can hold your player in your bag and the cord will easily go from it, under your jacket or shirt right to your ears. This model is available in nine different catchy colors with matching cables and you will definitely be able to match the color of your earbuds to the color of your phone or player.

Panasonic RP-HJE120-K in-Ear Earbuds have solid construction. They are made from strong and durable plastic. The cable is flat and rounded, but it’s so durable that you will use these earbuds for years before you’ll have to replace them. Ear tips are incredibly soft and comfortable. They are made from silicone and they come in three different sizes. When you choose the right size, you have to snuggle them deep into ear canal in order to prevent them from falling out and to maximize sound quality.

These earbuds are so light so you won’t even notice that they are in your ears. Ear tips fit perfectly user’s ears, which means that they are adequate for workouts. They have L-shaped jack, which is more durable that straight jacks are.

Although many people wouldn’t expect great sound quality from earbuds that cost less than $20, in this case, they would be surprised. The sound is clear and loud. The bass is strong but your ears won’t hurt because of it. Although these earbuds don’t have special noise cancellation technology, they act as if they do. That happens mostly because of well-shaped ear tips.

VAVA Flex Wired in-Ear Earphones with Mic  

Approximate Price: $19.00

VAVA Flex Earbuds are made by company famous for its Bluetooth speakers. However, they have managed to make great earbuds for the price. These are made in silver and black colors that make them look stylish and elegant. Mic is built in a controller on audio cable. The controller has three buttons, which enable volume control, playing and pausing songs, changing tracks, answering and ending calls and activating voice assistance. Thanks to that, you won’t have to use your phone at all.

VAVA Flex Earbuds have solid construction. Housing is made from light but durable aluminum alloy material. Ear tips are made of silicone. They are soft and pleasant for wearing. The cable is thin, but very strong, elastic and durable. It consists of oxygen-free cooper wires that improve sound quality and connection as well as gold-plated connector does.

These earbuds come with two spare pairs of ear tips in different sizes and one carrying case for storing earbuds in a safe place when they are not in use.

We can’t say that sound is perfect, but it is clean and balanced. These earbuds are good for everyday use, but you shouldn’t expect them to isolate or cancel noise. One amazing feature these earbuds have is the possibility to change sound mode from natural to deep bass in just one ear tip rotation. With their 8mm drivers, VAVA Flex Earbuds offer you good quality for small amount of money and great companion while travelling.

Mxstudio SE-570 in-Ear Earphones with Mic 

Approximate Price: $13.00

Mxstudio SE-570 earbuds have simple design. They are available in white color and ear tips are transparent with yellow parts. 3.9 feet cable is flat and thin and it doesn’t tangle. Remote controller is on audio cable; it has two buttons and a built-in mic. One of those two buttons is used to turn the volume up and down. The other button is in fact multifunction button. If you press it once, you can play or pause songs and answer or end calls. If you press it twice, you skip to the next track, and on the third click, you can skip to the previous track.

Mxstudio SE-570 earbuds are strong and durable. Audio cable is flexible and strong and it can’t be easily damaged. Ear tips are made from soft silicone material that enables perfect snug into your ears. These are not made only for walks, you can use them in your gym and they will stay in your ears as long as you want. These earbuds weigh only 1.1 ounces, which means that they are extremely light and pleasant for wearing for many hours.

SE-570 in-ear earbuds come with three spare pairs of silicone ear tips in three sizes (L, M and S) and a clip for attaching the cable to your clothes. In this way, you can find the right size for your ears in order to prevent falling out and moving.

SE-570 earbuds have strong, natural and clear sound, which is completely unexpected for earbuds in this price range. They offer you not only strong and powerful bass, but also great noise cancellation system that enables you to shut out disturbing background noise in the street, in your gym, at work, etc.

Tonicstar in-Ear Wired Earphones with Mic  

Approximate Price: $9.00

Tonicstar Wired Stereo Bass Earbuds are one of the cheapest models on our list, but you would be surprised with the value you get for such a small amount of money.

These earbuds have some small flaws in design. The fact that they are available in only one combination of colors is not as big problem as the choice of colors is. When you don’t offer choice to buyers, you should at least carefully choose colors of your product. The combination of green housing and black cable with black ear tips is not the luckiest combination. However, in case you find some other characteristics more important than design, these earbuds will certainly satisfy your needs.

Tonicstar Stereo Bass Earbuds have very simple mic, which is built in the simple controller with only one button. If you press it once, you can play/pause songs or answer/end calls. On the second press, it allows you to listen to the next track, and on the third press, you will listen to the previous song again.

Tonicstar Earbuds come with three pairs of replaceable ear tips in three sizes and one shirt clip. There aren’t many gifts in the package, but you will at least be able to adjust the size of ear tips to your ears.

With these earbuds, you can be sure that if you go to your gym, they will stay in your ears during long, difficult and sweaty workouts. Sweat won’t damage them. The cable isn’t as long as it should be; it is rounded but quite durable and strong.

Sound quality is more than satisfying for $9. It is clear and loud and the bass is quite strong. These earbuds will certainly help you avoid noise coming from crowded places like gyms and busy offices.

Mxstudio in-Ear Wired Headphones with Built-in Microphone  

Approximate Price: $13.00

Mxstudio in-Ear Wired Earbuds are cheap and quality earbuds with only basic features that will surprise you. If you buy these earbuds, they will accompany you for a long time.

These earbuds have simple but interesting and elegant design. Earpieces have black housings with red circle on their front side. Connector is also black and audio cable has rubber transparent finish. Wires in different colors can be seen through the rubbery finish and that gives these earbuds vivid design. Ear tips are transparent and made of soft silicone material. Controller and mic are placed on audio cable. The controller has only one button, which is used to play/pause music or answer/end calls (on the first click), skip to the next track (on the second click) and skip to the previous track (on the third click).

Mxstudio in-Ear Wired Earbuds come in a simple package with one shirt clip and three spare replaceable ear tips in three different sizes. You won’t find there any carrying case, but there’s user manual although the operation that earbuds can perform are quite simple.

These earbuds have solid construction. They are cheap but very durable. You can pull it and tangle it and they will hardly break. Silicone ear tips are quite comfortable and soft and the earbuds in general are really light. That means that you will be able to wear them for many hours without that unpleasant feeling that something hurts your ears. They are also good company in gyms, because they don’t fall out from user’s ears.

When you hear the first song, you will be pleased with these earbuds. The sound they produce is surprisingly good, just like the bass. Song sound natural and clear and the earbuds have standard 3.5mm connector, which is compatible with most of audio players.

BYZ in-Ear Headphones with Mic

Approximate Price: $13.00

BYZ in-Ear Headphones are one of the most popular models of cheap earbuds. They have very simple, minimalistic design. They are available in black color with some silver and red elements, which give them kind of elegant look. From the housing, black plastic ring goes around audio cable and protects that important part that goes into the earpieces. Ear tips are available in grey color and they are made from some kind of gel material that fits user’s ears well.

Mic is on the cable and it is built in one-button controller that enables you to answer/end calls, play/pause music or change songs. The only problem is that you have to do that by clicking once, twice or three times, but it will definitely save you some time because you don’t have to look for your phone every time you have to change song.

BYZ in-Ear Headphones come with 3 spare sets of ear tips. They are replaceable and you can adjust them to the size of your ears. These ear tips are soft and comfortable and they won’t fall out from your ears. That means that you can wear them during workouts in order to shut out the noise in your gym and motivate yourself to work harder.

BYZ earbuds have solid construction. They aren’t made from expensive materials but they are durable and they will definitely last for quite some time. The cable is made from quality TPE material, which means that it is able to survive strong dragging.

These earbuds offer great clear sound with enhanced bass. They have 3.5mm connector and they are compatible with most of modern audio devices.

Betron YSM1000 in-Ear Noise Isolating Headphones

Approximate Price: $15.00

Betron YSM1000 Earbuds are one of those great earbuds that surprise you with their sound and construction quality, as well as the price. Their price is usually more than $20, but they can be found on sales for even $15.

These earbuds have very interesting and stylish design especially because of metal housing that gives them elegant look and they can be worn in all occasions. Audio cable is covered in transparent rubbery material and colorful wires can be seen through it. There’s no mic on these earbuds, but with other great features, that doesn’t even seem to be disadvantage.

Betron YSM1000 Earbuds come in elegant boxing, carefully covered with some kind of foam that protects them. There are also two pairs of replaceable memory foam ear tips and three noise cancellation silicone tips in three different sizes.

Betron YSM1000 Earbuds have metal housing, which is extremely durable and the cable is tangle free. These earbuds have standard 3.5mm gold-plated quality connector that can be connected to any audio device that is popular nowadays.

Sound quality is great; sound is clear and loud, the bass is strong. Betron YSM1000 use noise cancellation technology that helps you isolate yourself from most of the noise that surrounds you. However, Betron YSM1000 Earbuds are too heavy for some people because they are made from metal. Also, some people find their ear tips too big and uncomfortable for wearing. Besides those flaws related to size and weight, these earbuds are great and affordable option for music lovers.

Panasonic Wired Earphones 3.5 mm Jack Blac  

Approximate Price: $16.00

Panasonic Earbuds have interesting but simple design without any excessive features. They have remote controller with built-in mic and one button on the controller. They appear in 9 different vivid and pleasant colors and color combinations and anyone can find perfect version for himself.

Panasonic Earbuds come with three spare pairs of ear tips in three sizes (S, M, L). That’s pretty much everything you will get in that package, but that’s more than enough for a price like this.

These earbuds are mostly made from plastic materials, but considering the price, they are quite durable. They have 9mm dynamic driver and neodymium magnet. Audio cable is 3.6 feet long and it can go under your clothes all the way from your ears to your bag where your phone or player can be. You won’t even have to take the device out every time you want to skip to another song, because you have that button on the controller.

Panasonic Earbuds have L shaped 3.5mm plug. It is compatible with majority of modern devices, more pleasant for using than other plugs and also more durable.

Sound quality is great, even better than expected. It is balanced, natural and clear, without too heavy bass. These earbuds cancel surrounding noise well and the sound of those melodies that you’re listening won’t leak and be heard by people in the street. Of course, that depends on the volume. If you listen to rock music at high volumes, it just has to leak.

All in all, these are great earbuds with small weight and pleasant for wearing. You can wear them for many hours, at work, in the street or even while working out.

VMTOP in-Ear Earphones with Microphone

Approximate Price: $13.00

Unlike most earbuds, VMTOP in-Ear Earphones have unusual shape adjusted to the shape of human ear. They are available in only one color combination – black/red. These have flat thin audio cable that tangles less than standard rounded cables. Mic is built in the controller on the Y intersection of the cable – between play/pause (answer/end) and volume control buttons. The mic might be a bit further away than usual, but the person on the other side will hear you surprisingly well anyway.

Besides earbuds, you will get only user manual and nothing else. These earbuds don’t have special ear tips because they are made in one piece.

VMTOP earbuds are made from quality plastic material and the earpieces are designed in the way that shows which one goes to the right and which one goes to the left ear, so there’s no confusion at all. They are really light (0.5 ounces) and definitely very pleasant for wearing. The plug is straight standard 3.5mm jack so it will be compatible with all smartphones as well as different players, computers etc.

Thanks to the shape of earpieces and quality speakers inside them, sound quality is truly great for this price. These earbuds are designed in the way that maximizes sound output and minimizes sound loss. The sound is clear and strong, and the bass is deep and rich but it doesn’t hurt your ears.

For the price of $13 you will get quality earbuds, with all the important features, that will serve you well for a long period of time.

Acode in-Ear Earbuds with Mic

Approximate Price: $13.00

Acode Earbuds have very attractive design. They are available in four different colors – black, gold, silver and rose gold. What attracts people most about their design is magnetic attraction of earpieces. Because of that feature, you can put them around your neck to avoid losing them when they are not in use for a short period of time and you don’t want to put them in a carrying case and take them out again soon. Mic is built in a controller placed on tangle-free audio cable. The controller has three buttons that enable you to control volume, play/pause or change songs and answer/end/reject calls. Besides that, there is one more switch and it is used when different cell phone models are connected to these earbuds.

Acode Earbuds’ package includes one carrying case and three extra pairs of replaceable silicone ear tips in S, M and L sizes.

These earbuds have metal housings, but they are still quite light (0.8 ounces) and they are pleasant for wearing. Ear tips are adjustable to the size of your ears, but they are also made from soft silicone material, which is sweatproof. That makes Acode earbuds sports friendly and you will be able to wear them during workouts without fear of ear tips falling out.

These earbuds offer great sound no matter what you are listening. They have clear and loud sound and pleasant bass. You won’t have to turn the volume up to the maximum in order to hear something. They are great at noise cancelling so you can walk, run or work out in your gym without being annoyed by other people talking and yelling or by engine and horn noise.

Tonicstar in-Ear Earphones with Microphone

Approximate Price: $8.00

Tonicstar Wired Earbuds with Microphone have very simple design. They come in black color that gives them a touch of elegance. However, they still have that cheap look, but you shouldn’t really expect anything fancy for $8.

Housing is black and the result of designer’s effort to make these earbuds distinctive is interesting black and white audio cable. The cable is split in two by one-button connector. The button is used to complete all operations that can be completed without using phone. By clicking once you can play/pause music or answer/end calls. By clicking twice, you will skip to the next song and with the third click, you can go back to the previous song again.

Tonicstar EL153 come with one shirt clip and three spare pairs of ear tips in three sizes (S, M and L). Thanks to that, you can adjust their size to the size of your ears, improve sound quality and make sure that the tips fit perfectly your ears in order to prevent moving and falling out. The cable is 4.1 feet long, which is more than average and it enables you to do whatever you want without taking off your earbuds.

These earbuds offer you quite good and pleasant stereo sound for such a small price. The bass is also quite good. On the negative side, you will maybe have some problems with 3.5mm connector that can produce some kind of noise when you move it. Although they say that these earbuds are compatible with most of devices, there might appear some problems with the controller when the earbuds are connected to an Apple device.

Rovking over-Ear in-Ear Noise Isolating Sport Earbuds with Mic

Approximate Price: $14.00

Rovking Noise Isolating Sport Earbuds are one of a few earbuds made for small ears in particular. If you have problem finding the right size of earbuds for you, you should try these.

These earbuds have very interesting design and they are available in many colors (black, white, blue/black, red/black or orange/black). They are in-ear headphones but they are designed to go over your ears because they are made to be used during physical activities such as working out in a gym, running etc. Ear tips are small and they can snug into your ears in the way that will keep them there as long as you want and they won’t fall out.

They have built-in mic located on one-button controller on audio cable. With the button, you can play/pause music, answer/end calls and change tracks. If you press the button once and hold it for a few seconds, you can start Samsung or Apple voice assistance.

With Rovking Noise Isolating Sport Earbuds you will get 3 more pairs of soft and comfortable ear tips in different sizes and one shirt clip.

The construction of these earbuds is quite good. Audio cable is sturdy and durable and earpieces have protective layer that makes them sweatproof. These weigh only 0.8 ounces and because of all these characteristics, they are ideal cheap solution for sweaty exercising.

Sound quality is more that good for the price, especially because of noise cancellation technology that they use. The sound is clear, the accent is on bass, but in general, it is pleasant for listening all kinds of music.

SoundPeats B-10 in-Ear Headphones

Approximate Price: $10.00

If you are a bass lover and the main reason, you are looking for a pair of earbuds is listening to music, SoundPeats B-10 Earbuds are the right choice for you.

SoundPeats B-10 are ergonomic, simple and minimalistic earbuds. They are available in black color only; you don’t get to choose between many colors, but you won’t have problems matching them with your device as black can be perfectly matched with almost everything. These earbuds don’t have mic, so the only thing you will be able to do with them is to listen to music. If you want to make some calls, you will have to take out your phone.

Besides mic, SoundPeats B-10 don’t have any surprises in the package. It is really simple and it contains the earbuds and 3 extra pairs of replaceable ear tips in three sizes (S, M and L).

SoundPeats B-10 have solid construction. Audio cable is 3.9 feet long so you can perform different activities while listening to music. During all those activities, your phone/player will be safe in your pocket or in your bag. The cable is made from durable and sturdy rubbery material that can resist pulling and dragging. This product is a bit heavier than average earbuds. It weighs 1.1 ounces, but it is still comfortable enough for wearing even for a few hours. Ear tips snug nicely into your ears and they don’t move, no matter if you are cleaning, jogging or simply walking.

Sound quality is great for that price. It is clear and balanced; the bass and treble are quite satisfying. You won’t notice any distortion. SoundPeats B-10 have standard 3.5mm plug that can be easily connected to any device and they will work perfectly.

Sony MDR-EX100AP/L in-Ear Headset

Approximate Price: $14.00

Sony MDR-EX100AP/L have simple yet pleasant design. The front side of each housing is in blue or pink colors that makes these earbuds quite attractive. Audio cable is quite long (3.9 feet) and it allows you to keep your device in your pocket or bag and do anything you want while listening to music or speaking to someone. On the cable, there is a mic that is built in one-button controller that enables you to play/pause music and answer/end calls, but you won’t be able to turn the volume up or down. At the end of the cable is L shaped 3.5mm connector compatible with all Android devices.

Sony MDR-EX100AP/L come with a plastic clip, which is apparently meant for winding the cable and 3 extra pairs of ear tips.

These earbuds are mostly made from plastic and rubber. Earpieces are made from hard plastic, partly painted in metallic blue or pink color. Ear tips are made from really soft silicone and that is normal for Sony products. Their tips are very comfortable and lay nicely in user’s ears without falling out. The cable is covered in rubbery material which makes it flexible. It is flat and tangle free.

Sony MDR-EX100AP/L sound quite nice for cheap earbuds. Fast response and vide range of frequencies make good impression during listening. Speakers send us clean and live sound with minimum distortion. Bass lovers won’t be completely satisfied, but for an ordinary user that wants a device that can shut out the world and enable enjoying in favorite melodies, these earbuds with good noise cancellation technology will be more than enough.

Mpow Jaws V4.1 Bluetooth headphones with Mic

Approximate Price: $20.00

Here we have one more product we’ve found on a great discount. Mpow Jaws got their name because their manufacturer designed them to look like shark jaws. These are available in black color with nice matte finish. On the top of the neckband, there are magnets that are used to hold earpieces in safe place when they are not in use. Thanks to the magnets, cables can’t tangle or be damaged. However, we can’t say that Mpow managed to give them premium look, but it’s not bad for the price.

Mic is built in the neckband, just like the controller. You can use it to answer/end calls, skip tracks, play music and control the volume.

Mpow Jaws come with USB charging cable and a few pairs of replaceable ear tips in different sizes so that users can adjust the size of buds to their ears.

We can say that Mpow Jaws have great quality of construction. The neckband is made from silicone and the rest of necklace is made from some kind of plastic. In that way, they have managed to reduce weight to only 4 ounces, although they may seem heavier.  It might be more comfortable for wearing but it is surely less sturdy and durable than it should be.

Sound quality is really good, which is expected from that kind of earbuds. The mic is close to your mouth and the person you are talking to will hear you perfectly. These earbuds also use noise cancellation technology that works really well and enables you to listen to your favorite melodies in peace.

Battery life is remarkably good; construction method enabled manufacturer to insert battery of big capacity, so you will be able to listen to music or talk with somebody for 13 hours without charging.

UiiSii C200 in-Ear Sports Headphones with Mic

Approximate Price: $6.00

“Fighting Bird” as manufacturer called them, remind us of bird’s head and are designed to stay deep and secure in your ear canal. They are available in many attractive and catchy colors such as red, pink, black, white and green. Audio cable is quite long (3.9 feet) and it enables you to put your device into a bag or pocket. Inline mic is located on the cable and it is built in the controller with only one button. This button enables you to perform basic activities (play/pause, answer/end calls, change tracks) without using your phone. However, if you want to play your favorite song, you will have to reach for the phone.

UiiSii C200 come in a really simple box with small user manual and 2 spare pairs of ear tips.

These earbuds are made mostly from plastic and rubber mostly, but it doesn’t affect their sturdiness and durability that much. Housing is made from plastic and ear tips from some kind of silicone. The cable is thick and durable, it doesn’t tangle and it is covered in rubbery material that makes it very flexible. At the end of the cable, there is 3.5mm connector, compatible with every 3.5mm audio device, but it sometimes can make problems because if you hit it while it is connected to your device, it can produce annoying sounds or simply disconnect.

UiiSii C200 produce balanced sound with deep and rich bass. We can say that these earbuds are quite good at noise cancelling, but there might appear some problems with sound leaking at quiet environment.

Skullcandy Ink’d Earbuds

Approximate Price: $19.00

Skullcandy is one of the most famous companies that release affordable and good-quality products. One of their cheapest models is Skullcandy Ink’d that you can get for approximately $19.

Skullcandy Ink’d Earbuds have pleasant and interesting design. They are available in 14 colors (black, white, red, green, gold, pink, yellow, silver etc.), which is probably more than any other manufacturer can offer. On the front side of each housing, you will find Skullcandy logo. Audio cable is 4.2 feet long; it is flat and tangle-free, although it’s probably thicker than average cable of this kind of earbuds. Inline mic is on the cable and it is built in one-button controller that enables skipping tracks, playing/pausing music and answering/ending calls.

Skullcandy Ink’d Earbuds come in a simple transparent box with only one extra pair of ear tips in smaller size than those that are preinstalled.

These earbuds have plastic housings that look quite cheap and fragile but for the price, they are really durable. Ear tips are made from silicone and they are comfortable and pleasant for wearing. The cable is nicely rubberized and flexible. The connector has standard dimensions (3.5 mm) and it is gold-plated, which means that it enables better quality of sound and connection.

Speaking of sound quality, we can say that it is more than satisfying for earbuds in this price range. It’s nothing special, but it is balanced and vocals are clear although we noticed slight quality loss at high volumes.

Skullcandy logo is practically everywhere, on ear tips, on housings, on the controller, but you won’t find L/R marks there which is very strange. Other, than that, this is really good product if you’re looking for something cheap for casual everyday use.

Anker SoundBuds Slim Wireless Earbuds with Mic

Approximate Price: $19.00

Anker SoundBuds are one of those great products that can be found on sales for very low price. The price might seem a bit low for wireless earbuds but performance and design are quite good. They have simple but nice design and they seem durable. They are available in black, red and white. Mic is located on audio cable and it is built in the controller with three buttons. Two of them are used to control the volume and change tracks and the third one is used for playing/pausing songs, answering/ending calls and turning earbuds on and off. These earbuds have magnet in their housing so you can wear them around your neck when they are not in use.

Anker SoundBuds have some interesting elements included in the packaging. There are micro USB charging cable, carrying case and three extra pairs of ear tips in three sizes.

The construction is solid and the earbuds are quite durable. Earpieces contain metal elements while ear tips and ear hooks are made from soft silicone that makes them very comfortable and pleasant for wearing. Besides that, these earbuds are extremely light (0.5 ounces) and you might even forget that they are in your ears or around your neck. They are covered in protective layer that makes them waterproof and sweatproof. Because of that, they are great choice for sweaty workouts.

Anker SoundBuds have balanced and clear sound, but the best result can be achieved only if you pick the right size of ear tips in order to prevent unpleasant feeling of suction. SoundBuds use Bluetooth 4.1 technology and battery can survive 7 hours of work without charging. For this price, this is more than satisfying.

Oucomi Hiearcool T1 in-Ear Earbuds with Mic

Approximate Price: $17.00

Hiearcool T1 Earbuds are ergonomically designed earbuds with one purpose – to stay in your ears as long as you want and be very comfortable at the same time. They are available only in black color, but to be honest, that’s enough because you can match it with most of phones and players. Earpieces have hooks that provide extra stability. Audio cable is 3.9 feet long and that allows you to do anything while your device lays safely in your pocket or bag. These earbuds also have mic, built in the controller with only one button. Because of that, you can easily make hands-free calls, play/pause music or change tracks.

Hiearcool T1 come in a nice box. Besides the earbuds, you will get 3 spare pairs of ear tips and extra ear hooks. This enables every customer to adjust the size of ear tips and hooks to the size of his ears and make sure that he gets maximum sound quality.

Hiearcool T1 have good construction, they don’t look cheap, but they aren’t most durable earbuds in the world. According to the specifications, they are sweatproof, but it is not really true, so be careful is you’re using them during workouts. Ear tips are made from rubbery material, they are soft, pleasant and can snug nicely in your ears without hurting them. Their plug is standard 3.5mm plug and it is compatible with most smartphones we have today.

These earbuds offer you more than great sound for the price you pay. It is clear and strong and the bass is really good. You won’t have problems with any type of music, rock, pop, classic music etc. In addition, they offer you good noise cancellation technology and minimum sound leakage because the manufacturer used noise-insulating materials that enable you to listen to anything you want in peace, without worrying that people around you will hear it.

JVC HAFX8B in-Ear Headphones

Approximate price: $7.00

JVC HAFX8B Earbuds are made by company that makes relatively cheap products that have good quality. This model is extremely cheap, as it costs only $7, but for that price you will get a pair of earbuds that have good sound and can last some time, and you don’t have to take care too much of them, because they don’t cost a fortune.

JVC HAFX8B have very simple design, improved only by variety of colors they are available in. You can choose between 8 different colors (black, blue, green, pink, red, violet, white and sky blue), so there’s a great chance that you will find something you like.

These earbuds come with 3 spare pairs of ear tips of different dimensions, which means that any user can find the right size for himself.

Just like most cheap earbuds, these are also made from plastic and rubber materials. Earpieces are made from hard plastic, but it looks cheap and the front side of buds is painted in different colors. Audio cables are painted in matching colors and they are only 3.2 feet long, which means that they are below the average in this price range. Ear tips are made from soft silicone that snugs nicely into ears. They are quite comfortable and sweatproof so they can be worn during workouts. However, sometimes they fall out, so prepare yourself for that possibility. They have standard 3.5mm gold-plated connector that enables quality connection.

Sound quality is quite good, the bass is not too expressed, but the sound is balanced and pleasant. To be honest, these aren’t made for audiophiles, but they offer really good noise cancellation, which is great for such a cheap pair of earbuds.

JVC HAFX5B Gumy Plus Inner Ear headphones

Approximate Price: $10.00

JVC Gumy Plus are great in-ear headphones that you can get for less than $10. They are compatible with Apple audio devices and, because of that, they are available in 8 different lively colors easily matched with any color of Ipod Nano 5G. They don’t have special or catchy design, but they are nicely curved and the range of colors makes them worth the price. For that amount of money, you won’t get mic or volume control buttons, but considering the price, we can forgive JVC for leaving that out.

JVC Gumy Plus come in a really simple box and there are no gifts, besides 3 extra pairs of ear tips in 3 different sizes, so users can choose the right pair for themselves.

Housing is made from hard plastic; it looks cheap but these earbuds have proven themselves to be more durable than some others, more popular models. Ear tips are made from some soft rubbery material, as well as audio cable. The cable is thicker than expected and it tangles less often than earbuds of some other brands do, although it’s shorter than average (3.2 feet). At the end of the cable, there is straight gold-plated connector, which means that it offers better connection and sound.

Sound quality is quite satisfying for such a cheap pair of earbuds. It is pleasant and relatively clear; treble and bass are quite good. The sound in general is balanced and ear tips offer great noise cancellation, so you will be able to shut out almost all the noise from any environment and listen to your favorite music.

Koss ‘The Plug’ in-Ear Headphones

Approximate Price: $15.00

These earbuds were made by US company called Koss. It produces vide variety of earbuds, headsets and microphones for amateur and professional use.

Koss The Plug have simple and minimalistic design. They are available in 6 different colors (blue, black, green, orange, red and white). Ear tips are flexible and they adjust to the shape and size of your ears. Audio cable is really thin and it is not very durable. This model of Koss earbuds doesn’t have mic or controller, which means that the only purpose of these earbuds is listening to music. If you want to make calls or play or pause music or change the volume, you will have to reach out for your device.

These earbuds come in a simple thin box which is transparent on the front side, so you will be able to see immediately what you are getting. There’s nothing else but earbuds and one spare pair of ear tips.

Koss The Plug are made from plastic and the cable is covered in rubbery material. The thing that sells this product mostly are ear tips. They are a bit bigger than regular ear tips and they are definitely made from an unusual material – memory foam. That material enables ear tips to fit perfectly to anybody’s ears. However, there’s short procedure that you have to respect if you want them to snug nicely. You have to put them one by one and before you put the tip in your ear, you have to squeeze it, insert it into your ear canal and wait for a few second in order to feel how the tip adjusts to the shape of your ears. After that, you can repeat the procedure with another one.

These earbuds have powerful bass. Those who love rock or metal music will be very grateful for this kind of earbuds. They are also very loud and at high volumes you might get a headache. Koss The Plug offer great noise cancellation, but in order to get maximum sound quality, you have to make sure that ear tips have snug perfectly into your ears.

Philips SHS8100/28 Earhook Headphones

Approximate Price: $20.00

Philips SHS8100/28 are designed mostly for jogging, biking or other physical activities. They have ergonomic design, they are light (0.5 ounces) and because they have ear hooks that go around your ears, there’s less chance for them to fall out. These earbuds have simple minimalistic design and they are available in black color only, but the fact that they have ear hooks makes them really attractive.

Audio cable is 3.9 feet long and that’s long enough if you want to put your device in a pocket or a bag. However, there’s no mic or volume control buttons, so you will eventually have to take the device out if you want to change anything. The cable comes out from ear hooks rear; it goes around your ears and behind your face, so it won’t disturb or annoy you.

Philips SHS8100/28 come in a simple box and the only things you get are earbuds and 3 pairs of replaceable ear tips in different sizes.

Philips SHS8100/28 have good construction but they aren’t the most durable earbuds in the world. Earpieces are made from plastic; ear hooks are made from rubber, which makes them soft and comfortable for wearing. The cable is rubberized; it is quite thin and it doesn’t seem really durable. It ends with 3.5mm gold-plated connector, which is straight and easily breakable, especially if you often wear your device in your pocket.

Sound quality is not bad for the price. These earbuds have small 15mm drivers, but they send strong and powerful sound to you. The bass is strong and the sound is clear and detailed. In addition, they offer good passive noise cancellation with low sound leakage.

Samsung Active in-Ear Headphones

Approximate Price: $16.00

Samsung Active Earbuds have simple basic design. The main thing that makes it attractive and interesting for purchase are nicely shaped ear tips with ear hooks. These earbuds are available in 4 basic colors (black, white, blue and red). The tips are designed to snug tightly into your ears and if you use the ones with the hooks, you can be sure that these will stay in your ears no matter if you’re just walking of running.

In spite of the price, this model has inline built in mic, placed on the controller on the cable. There are three buttons on the controller; you can control the volume, play/pause music or answer/end calls.

Samsung Active Earbuds come with four spare pairs of ear tips; one of them has hooks.

Construction is really satisfying. Ear tips and ear hooks are made from very soft gel that adjusts to the size of your ears. The cable is flat and soft and it doesn’t tangle as rounded cables do. This model of earbuds uses straight 3.5mm connector, which means they can be connected to all 3.5mm devices, but they will reach maximum compatibility only with Samsung Galaxy S/ and S8.

Samsung Active Earbuds offer their users great sound quality with accent on bass. Also, the shape of ear tips makes music sound better and more natural and clear. They create some kind of noise cancellation, too. However, one thing that is not so great about these earbuds is the durability of speakers/earpieces, because, after a few months they may just stop working.

NoiseHush NX80 in-Ear Earphones

Approximate Price: $10.00

NoiseHush NX80 Earbuds have simple yet interesting design. They are available in different vivid and attractive colors such as red/black, white/black, blue/black and white/red. Ear tips are comfortable and soft. Because of that, you won’t be uncomfortable wearing them for many hours straight. Audio cable is flat and tangle-free, but it riffles and it might be annoying when you can’t straighten it easily. These earbuds have mic that is built in one-button controller. Surprisingly, the button doesn’t offer you anything else but answering and ending calls.

These earbuds come with three pairs of replaceable ear tips in three different sizes and that’s pretty much all that you will get for the price.

NoiseHush NX80 have quality construction and they are quite durable. Ear tips are made from gel and that makes them extremely comfortable for wearing. At the end of the cable, there is standard 3.5mm gold-plated connector that provides compatibility with majority of modern devices and better sound quality.

Speaking of sound quality, it is really satisfying. Besides that, the mic works great and the earbuds use noise cancellation technology, which means that you won’t hear any annoying sounds that surround you and when you speak to someone, the person on the other side will hear you perfectly.

All in all, NoiseHush NX80 offer great stereo sound and many hours of comfortable and pleasing listening to your favorite melodies or speaking on the phone for only $10, so be sure that you won’t regret if you decide to trust this well-known company.

Monoprice Enhanced Bass Hi-Fi Noise Isolating Earbuds

Approximate Price: $11.00

Monoprice Enhanced Bass earbuds are one of the cheapest Hi-Fi earbuds on the market. They have quite simple but interesting design. Bigger part of earpieces is placed in ear shell and the smaller part (ear tips) is in ear canal. Audio cable is thin and it doesn’t seem very durable. It has standard 3.9 feet length. Manufacturer says that they should be worn around the ear. These earbuds are available in 4 basic colors – white, black, silver and pink, so there’s something for both traditional users and fashionable ones.

They come in a simple box, which is transparent on the front side, so you can immediately see what the earbuds look like. In the box you will find two pairs of spare ear tips in different sizes in order to enable users to find the best size for their ears.

Monoprice Enhanced Bass earbuds are made from plastic and fabric mostly. Earpieces are made from sturdy plastic and ear tips from soft silicone. The cable is covered in fabric, which is not the best solution in our opinion, because it can be easily damaged, especially if you wear them over clothes, near zippers. It is also rounded, which makes it prone to tangling. The connector has standard dimensions (3.5 mm) and it is covered in gold layer that enables better connection and prevents corrosion.

Monoprice Enhanced Bass earbuds send really good sound into your ears. They have 14mm speakers, which are bigger than average. These speakers are used because the earpieces are also bigger than usual and you can’t really put them as deep as you can put some smaller models. This is the reason why they often move in ears and the quality of sound gets worse. However, when the buds are in the right position, the sound is very pleasant and rich, so you might even forget that these are cheap earbuds.

MEE audio Sport-Fi M6P in-Ear Headphones with Microphone  

Approximate Price: $15.00

MEE M6P Earbuds are one of the most popular cheap earbuds. They have simple design but they are also available in 7 different colors. You can find them in some traditional colors like white, black, blue, pink, orange and purple, but they also have one interesting innovation – they have made special transparent version of these earbuds. When you look at them, you can see practically everything they are made of.

MEE earbuds are available with or without microphone, but our review is about non-mic version. These earbuds were designed to fit well your ears. They have to be worn around the ear in order to prevent falling out, which makes them good choice for workouts, especially because they are sweatproof.

These earbuds come with 6 spare pairs of ear tips in different sizes and shapes. That enables practically every user to find the best option for himself in order to hear the music better and reach maximum sound cancellation level.

MEE M6P are made from plastic materials, audio cable is tangle free and the ear hooks are made from memory wire that lays nicely on your ears. They are also quite light, so you can wear them for many hours and they will still be comfortable. Their connector is L-shaped 3.5mm plug so it means that it is more durable than straight ones.

Sound quality is really good for the price. The sound in general is pleasant and bass and treble are nicely done. Because of the shape of earpieces, ear tips can’t go as deep as some smaller models can and that might cause loss of sound quality, but if you find the best tips for your ears, you will certainly be more than satisfied.

Choosing earbuds always makes users limit themselves. Some of them want trusted brands, others think it is easier to just go and buy a pair of cheap earbuds. The market is filled with different options and some of them differ only by color and shape. In order to make the right choice and buy good inexpensive earbuds, it is necessary to define priorities and arm oneself with patience.

How to Choose Earbuds Correctly?

If you need a pair of earbuds, visit some of numerous virtual stores and look for the option that suits you best. Many companies don’t suggest the list of available headphones. There are many categories and you have to find out where are those earbuds that you want to buy. Also, these categories don’t have to be standard ones, so you have to be careful and thorough.

There’s no official classification, but there are headphones for listening to music, for working out, talking on the phone, gaming headphones etc. By construction, they can be classified as in-ear headphones, over-ear headphones etc. It is interesting that one special category often appears. In that category, we can find models for audiophiles or best models for specific types of music.

If you want to buy the best earbuds in your price range, you should pay attention to the following things.


There are so many reasons why people buy earbuds. Some of them can’t travel without them, others can’t stand everyday commuting and need something to shut the noise out. Many users like to be able to make hands-free calls on phone or Skype while walking, working out or driving. Truth to be told, none of these activities requires expensive gaming headphones that make pressure on your head and ears; one pair of cheap earbuds will do its job in most situations.


When you decide what you need earbuds for, you can think about those features your perfect earbuds should have.

First of all, there is frequency range. This tells you in which range the sound will be produced. The quality of sound depends of frequency range wideness. Sound quality also depends on the size of membranes in earpieces. Wider membranes ensure wider frequency range and better sound quality.

Second of all, response level is one more important characteristic. It depends on the volume level that is acceptable for every one of us. Earbuds’ response level should be above 100 dB.

Also, there is resistance. Information about resistance should be written on every box or mentioned in the manual. The level of resistance depends on the gadget. In our case it should be between 16 to 50Ω. Resistance affects the quality of signal. Better resistance means better signal.

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We can’t forget about output. As well as resistance, output depends on the type of device. If speakers output is bigger than predicted for that kind of device, it will stop working soon.

When your device produces sound, slight distortion can be allowed. The best sound have those devices with the least percentage of distortion.

Some of additional characteristics that almost all people pay most attention to are weight and dimensions. They are very important characteristics too, because they affect how you will feel while wearing earbuds.


We can discuss for days, which are the best earbuds for audiophiles, sportsmen or ordinary people. We can also try to inspect which manufacturers are the best and which models are the cheapest. No matter what we do, our choice will always depend on comfort. It is not impossible for even the most expensive earbuds in the world to be uncomfortable for someone. We are all different and our ears and tastes are also different. Expensive doesn’t mean perfect. If you want to avoid uncomfortable earbuds that make pressure on your ears or constantly fall out because their size doesn’t match the size of your ears, you should try some earbuds in stores before you actually buy them.


Earbuds are often presented as cables with small speakers on cables’ ends. That type is universal and it is usually worn down the neck. However, there are different models that you have to wear around the ear and those models are predicted for sportsmen. They usually go around your ear and behind your head so you don’t even feel them during working out and they stay in your ears without moving or falling out. Your feeling depends on materials those earbuds are made from. Ear hooks are usually made from soft materials, just like ear tips, because they have to sit nicely on/in your ear. Housing can be made from different materials such as metal, wood, plastic etc., but some of them can be difficult for wearing like metal and wooden earbuds for example.


When you enter some store in your neighborhood and ask for piece of advice about earbuds, don’t expect much. They will describe each product in the store, as it was the best product ever. People usually believe those salesmen and waste their money on something that breaks after a few days. Because of that, you should first check out reviews online and see what kind of experience other users had with that product. We don’t have to mention that, if you buy something online, you might even get it for lower price.

To conclude, the most important thing about buying earbuds is defining their purpose. Once you define that, you can define what you expect them to have and what your price range is. When you do that, you have to try to find the best possible option.

It’s no question that earbuds are extremely popular nowadays. They have good size, they are light and you can take them with you no matter where you are going. They are often very fashionable and stylish and people notice them easily. These are the reasons why they are always good choice. Remains only to look at our list of 27 best cheap earbuds under $20 and find something that suits best your tastes and needs.

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