Top 10 Best Bluetooth Headphones In 2018

(Last Updated On: January 30, 2018)


We use earphones often to shut out the noisy world. But can we really do that? Yes, if they are the right ones!

We wear earphones when we are relaxing, when we are working, doing sports; in the bus, the plane, the elevator, in bed. Music which goes rights into the ear can be a pleasant experience and can have positive effects, but only if we don’t exaggerate with decibels.

ENT specialists around the world have noted that an increasing number of hearing disorders are caused by damages by hearing aids. For increased hearing loss and chronic hearing impairment are blamed the wrong ambient noise. The noise in our environment comes not only from the traffic or the neighbor’s drill, on the contrary, most of the noise itself is created by yourself over headphones when listening to music loudly.

How to Choose the Right Ones?

While choosing and purchasing earphones, pay attention to several things, but first and foremost you need to know what you need.

When it comes to listening to music, then sound purity and the so called “flat frequency output” in important, which means that headphones with frequencies are also emitted equally loudly. Also, beware of volume and we point out that strong basses do not also mean a good sound! An increasing number of people are choosing earphones due to the unpleasant noise which surrounds them, on order to concentrate at work or relax at home.

Today there are Bluetooth headphones or earphones which can reduce the noise from the environment by 30 or even 40 decibels. This means that the conversations of the usual volume which are conducted by people beside you you will not hear, and at the same time you are not risking ear damage due to loud listening to music.

Best Bluetooth Headphones In 2018 – Top 10

Bluetooth HeadphonesModelRatingPrice
Sennheiser Momentum 2.04.2$450 - $500
Jabra Move3.9$60 - $80
Bose QuietComfort 354.5$450 - $500
Sony MDRZX770BT4.1$100 - $150
Bowers & Wilkins P74.4$300 - $350
Plantronics BackBeat PRO4.1$100 - $150
Koss BT540i3.8$50 - $100
NuForce BE6i3.5$80 - $130
Beats Solo34.5$200 - $300
Sony MDR1000X/B4.3$300 - $400

The Impact of Bluetooth Headphones on the Quality of Sound

Many of us cannot imagine even a day without enjoying the quality of sound and listening to our favorite music, regardless of whether this is a good concert, a stereo at home or one of the series of MP3 players.

Good, that is, clean and precise sound without doubt depends on the Hi-Fi system which has the greatest impact on the quality of sound and where you can enjoy listening to music and hear every single note.

There is a variety of questions how certain players such as MP3 or MP4 players or music lines (systems) reproduce the same quality of a Hi-Fi system, and there are several factors which this depends on.

Hi-Fi is short for High Fidelity which attains a low distortion or noise which produces precise ranges of frequency. The heaviest burden for the quality lies on the earphones. The central nervous system of every audio video player is considered to be the earphones. There are all kinds of types of headphones, those around the head, to ear buds which are placed directly inside the ears. They differ in many ways, there are good and bad ones, and they can be of different colors and shapes. Are you still looking for the best Bluetooth headphones?

The types of headphones which can be found on the market:

Even though there are many types of headphones, the general classification is into four categories:

  • Over-the-ear (which covers the entire ear)
  • On-ear (with pads on the ears themselves)
  • Earbuds (external buds on the ears)
  • In-ear (earbuds which are inserted directly into the ear)

Basic features of headphones:


These are the biggest headphones compared to the others and they are made from circular or ear buds which cover the whole ear and just for that reason, their design is fully adapted to the form of the head and reduces any external noise. Due to their size, they can also be quite heavy.


With these types of headphones there are pads that flank the top of the ear rather than around the ear and if we compare them with over-the-ear headphones, we can conclude that they much lighter but that they reduce external noise much less.

Earbuds or earphones

These are the so-called small headset earbuds, lightweight and portable but for many very uncomfortable because they are put only on the outer part of the ear (not the ear canal), and often fall out of the ear. They belong to very cheap kind of headphones with significantly poor sound insulation and for this reason the sound needs to be turned up in order to neutralize the sounds from outside.

In-ear earphones

These involve a type of small headset, or those which are placed directly into the ear canal. Their price varies greatly, from very favorable to very expensive but the fallout from the ear is much less and the insulation and external environment as well as the sound quality is much higher.

Cables and plugs

They are also another important factor when it comes to excellent sound. If the cable is long there is a tendency of decrease of the high frequency so that the use of a shorter cable is considered a much better option, as the insulation of the cables themselves depends on the quality of the sound. In the majority there is PVC insulation but Teflon is significantly better while silver is considered to be the best material.

Quality or price?

Quality is always expensive, but a high price does not necessarily always entail quality. Nowadays, there is less care taken about quality that price. The price, unfortunately, is decisive, but even with cheaper handsets we must choose carefully, because we can find a pretty good quality.

How to assess sound quality

As for everything else, each of us has a different taste for quality and good sound, so you yourself has to decide what is good for you and what you think are the best Bluetooth headphones. Manufacturers design good handsets to be as close to the sound source. Also, the color of the sound is emphasized, because the volume may sound better, “colored,” and the bass is an example, as this is the most common type of coloration.

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The relevant factors during the assessment of good sound for earphones are the following: frequency, sound balance, clarity or a disruption or sensitivity.

  • Frequency:

Frequency range (in Hz) is the span which the handset can effectively reproduce. The human ear can hear sounds from 20Hz to 20,000Hz. Outside this range, sounds cannot be heard, but there are exceptions. So, the higher the frequency range, the better the sound will be. If you love music with a lot of bass, pay attention to the low frequency. For jazz and classical music, important factors are the medium and high frequencies.

  • Sound Balance:

This is related to the state of balanced audio, that is, the coloration of sound. These can be separated basses or high tones. Amplifying the color of sound can significantly distort real sound.

  • Clarity or distortion:

This refers to the ability of the handset to find a better detail or a lack in the sound. Better headphones reveal more details or defects.

  • Sensitivity (Volume):

Sensitivity is a measure of the efficiency of the handset in decibels. A small number of the same means that the headphones need more power for the sound to be louder than those with higher sensitivity. Portable headphones – earbuds, should have a high sensitivity due to lower consumer power. Modern headphones have a sensitivity of 90 dB and above. Portable headphones should have a minimum sensitivity of 100 db. Decibel (dB) is a measure of volume, and the dB scale is logarithmic and a modification of 10 dB represents a sound 10 times more powerful. Thus, 20 dB is 10 times louder than 10 dB.

  • Impedance:

It is measured in ohms. The larger the impedance, the more power there should be to produce sound, which means that lower numbers are better, especially with portable headphones.

The advantages of wireless headphones

The comfort that is provided by wireless appliances has crept into all aspects of technology. So today, there is an increasing popularity of wireless headsets that allows you to sit on the terrace and quite loudly listen to music that only you can hear, or watch a game on TV in a way so that nobody around you minds the sound. You can do everything, with no cables to restrict you.

Searching for headphones

Looking for the best Bluetooth headphones, you must first clearly define what you need them for, whether it comes to listening to music during certain sporting activities via a mobile phone or looking for top-quality Hi-Fi headphones. In our rich offer, you can find the ideal headphones and read their detailed features.

Top 10 Best Bluetooth Headphones

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless with Active Noise Cancellation


Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 Wireless with Active Noise Cancellation

Approximate Price : $440.00


A serious set of headphones at a serious price of around $440, but they are full of great qualities.

 Comfortable, very well built, great battery life.

 Awkward multi-function button, expensive.


With leather of different textures covering the headband, the stainless steel sidearms are hinged, creating great comfort, and yet the finest detail – the ear cups – house the magic and the sound quality. They are also very comfortable to use.


It is a truly great experience listening to music with these headphones, as the bass is responsive and not overbearing, while the mids and highs are perfectly pitched and don’t get lost in the sound that is put out by these headphones. These headphones have a fantastic battery life with a claimed 22 hours of usage, from a 3-hour charge.


The use of top quality materials, a great design, and a great sound performance. If you ignore the price, then these headphones will deliver for you in every way.


Just the awkward function button, so it seems you need to make more effort. And don’t forget, the price that just seems very high for this sort of set of headphones.

Final verdict

Connoisseurs already know the value of Sennheiser, and wish for others to experience the quality of these headphones. But at such a price it is more likely that only a few will get to experience it.

But if fantastic sound performance and great craftsmanship are your cup of tea, then these headphones will pay for themselves.

Jabra Move Wireless Stereo Headset


Jabra Move Wireless Stereo Headset

Approximate Price : $79.00

A set of Sporty Bluetooth headphones that aim to surprise.

 a bold design, light, a full sound.

 bad sound leakage, bad noise isolation.


These wireless headphones are one of the best values out there in the world of Bluetooth headphones. With their minimalistic design combined with exquisite blue styling, they stand out immediately, and they do keep on delivering when you start using them with a good function and performance.

So overall, yes, you will find deeper lows and mids and highs in comparison with other headphones but they will cost you more, so for the money ($79), these headphones offer a good full sound with their striking looks.


The sense of sportiness runs through these headphones, the striking color and its lightweight minimalistic and yet flexible design all adds to this feel. With mesh fabric that is dirt resistant across the headband and the steel spine, it offers strength and yet stays supple.

The set creates an appeal with its mesh fabric, lightweightness and bold colors.


Looking fashionable with its striking looks, these good looks would not be worth very much if the performance didn’t match. So luckily, these headphones give a good sound quality and a few features combined with a good battery life.

These headphones could fool you with their smallness but inside the ear cups there are little speakers that offer a surprisingly good sound quality, also offering a good sound performance of the bass, the mids, and the highs – all at a very affordable price, with a good battery life that seems longer than the advertised 8 hours.

Noise isolation, however, is not so good with the padding.


The fact is, that for around $79, you are getting great value for money. A set of lightweight esthetically pleasing wireless headphones, with a surprisingly good sound quality.


There is not too much wrong with these headphones, except the noise leakage might be a problem for some.

Final verdict:

The Move may seem cheap, but don’t let that blind you to the fact that they offer outstanding performance and are a fun and good product.

Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling


Bose QuietComfort 35 Wireless Headphones, Noise Cancelling

Approximate Price : $350.00


The market leader of the noise-cancelling feature has picked up wireless, but we won’t be missing the wires soon at all.

  • a broad and clear sound
  • fantastic noise cancellation
  • good battery life
  • fast and trouble free pairing.

  • the Active EQ can be an acquired taste
  • bland looks.

This is the first time that Bose is using its famous noise-cancelling headset in wireless space. What is also surprising is how few compromises this company has made to create this product. It is priced at around $350.


With its familiar design from the Bose 25, these headphones are Bose’s first wireless headphones. While they may not set pulses racing like some of their competitors, they have brought their fantastic noise-cancelling feature to these headphones with very little compromise.

Available in either silver or black, the ear cups are well padded as is the headband and sit very comfortably on your head.


The soundstage of these headphones is fantastically wide, so if you are listening to a high quality recording, it is very easy for you to become absorbed totally in the sound.

As with the QuietComfort range, the real magic is the noise cancelling and these headphones are as good as any other in the range.

The Battery life on the QC35s is very good, with a stated 20 hours of lifespan when the usage is wireless.


These headphones give great sound quality and the best noise cancelling of any headphone on the market. They are also very comfortable to wear over any length of time.


The Active EQ doesn’t seem to add anything at all to the listening experience.


A wireless headphone that offers you the best noise cancelling and with a sound as good as any of the wired headphones and yet still gives you all the pluses of wireless, but with none of the minuses that used to bother them.

Sony MDRZX770BT Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Sony MDRZX770BT Bluetooth Stereo Headset

Approximate Price : $99.00

Our Verdict:

A very affordable set of wireless headphones that gives more than the price tag.

  • Good build quality
  • Nice fit
  • Great battery life
  • Price

  • Restricted soundstage
  • Lacks bass

These might not be the fanciest option, but for those who are looking for special features, there is a lot to like about these headphones, with a good build quality and materials above the typical in this price range. The quality of sound won’t rock your world, but it is still very listenable with a full sound. However, their stand-out feature is the battery life.


With the design of a headphone being as important as its sound quality for buyers, Sony’s offering is well equipped with design effects that spice them up, being equal parts black and blue with an all leather wrap where the headphones come into contact with your head and with splashes of blue on the inner band giving a sporty and fun feel. These headphones give plenty of possibility to be extended so that they can fit comfortably on the largest of heads. The ear cups have a very comfortable padding which is covered by a thin layer of leather. Compared to many other wireless headphones, Sony’s multi-function button is very simple to use.


With its design, which make it very easy to listen in style, the backbone inside is able to give a by and large satisfying listening experience. The sound quality and the soundstage does seem a little tighter than over-ear headphones should be, but generally, the sound is balanced across all genres of music, with clarity in the mid and high ranges. However, the bass presence is somewhat lacking.

The battery life easily reaches the advertised 17 hours of life.

Final verdict:

These headphones won’t win any awards for its sound quality, but they will receive applause for the battery life, comfort and the design.

Bowers & Wilkins P7 Headphones (Wired)


Bowers & Wilkins P7 Headphones (Wired)

Approximate Price : $399.00

Our Verdict:

The maker delivers what it is famous for with these headphones, a great design and quality construction coupled with a great sound when listening to the right choice of music.

  • fabulous looks
  • fantastic build quality
  • lively, thick sound

  • lacks a mid presence
  • bad volume button placement


These headphones have leather covering the headband, which is cushioned. The ear cups have good quality metal with the rest of the ear cup being covered with very soft leather while inside the ear-cup there is memory foam, which does give a little noise isolation.


These headphones have so much control over their bass that they can handle the most demanding of bass laden compositions. With a lively sound overall and coupled with a bass, which gives them a highly energetic delivery overall.

Because of the bass profile of these headphones, it can lead to a loss in some of the details in the mid sounds, with the mids seeming to get a little buried in the mix.

The battery life is a good 17 hours.


The rich sound experience created by these headphones is amazing. The quality of the construction is excellent, as you would expect for a price of around $399. Also, they look good.


Given that these headphones emphasize bass, more subtle tracks can lose a little in the mid range. Also, the volume controls could have been placed a little better.

Final verdict:

For fans of the right music genre, these are a great pair of headphones, such as drum and bass or hip hop, but if you prefer your headphones to be less specific and more general, then these might not be the ones for you. It is advised that you try them before buying.

Plantronics BackBeat PRO Wireless Noise Canceling Hi-Fi Headphones with Mic


Plantronics BackBeat PRO Wireless Noise Canceling Hi-Fi Headphones with Mic – Compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android, and Other Smart Devices

Approximate Price : $150.00

Our Verdict:

Here we have a set of headphones that offer an incredible 24 hours of battery life, good sound quality good noise cancellation and good value for money at a price of around $150.

  • fantastic battery life
  • multi-point Bluetooth
  • agreeable sound

  • bass can overwhelm at times
  • styling may not be suitable for all

Everything considered, though, it’s hard to think of a better travel headphone for the price.


Due to the styling of these headphones, you will either love them or hate them, and with a dark brown color and a fake wood lean that looks like it should belong in a car and not on a pair of headphones, they may seem cheap and out of place.

The headband and ear cups are both lined with leather which makes them very comfortable to wear for long periods of time. Also they are very light, which is good news for travelers as they take up less space and weigh less as well.


Some users of these headphones will find the bass a bit too heavy, although it is very satisfying when heard. But because of the bass heavy leaning of these headphones, some of the highs can be lost or get hidden, likewise, the mids are ok but can be calmed down by the heavy bass. The soundstage is adequate, but don’t expect an out of body listening experience.

These headphones are really all about the battery life, which is an incredible 24 hours of usage.


For the price of around $150 it is hard to find anything at real fault in these headphones, as the battery life is fantastic, although the noise cancellation is not the best on the market but it is still very good. However, this is a great set of headphones for travelers.


The styling, which you will either love or hate.

Final verdict:

For the given price, you are getting a great pair of travel headphones that offer good sound quality and a fantastic battery life, as well as comfort and good value for your money compared to some of its competitors.

Koss BT540i Full Size Bluetooth Headphones, Black with Silver Trim


Koss BT540i Full Size Bluetooth Headphones, Black with Silver Trim

Approximate Price : $89.00

Our Verdict:

These headphones are one of the best values out there for a set of wireless headphones, with a well balanced sound quality and smooth design at a reasonable price of around $89.

  • a low-profile design
  • reasonably priced
  • well balanced sound

  • confusing button layout
  •  NFC connection


The ear cups are made from a black matte plastic with little hints of polished metal, and being flexible, they have a good range of motion which means they will fit comfortably. The headband is covered in leather on the top side with the underside being soft and fluffy and with the cushioning being wrapped in material that feels like felt cloth.


These headphones give you a natural, well balanced sound that stays away from being too treble heavy or bass heavy, and gives great clarity in the lows, mids and the highs. In fact, they don’t lean to the low or the rich mid ranges, they give you a good overall sound. For those that prefer a warmer sound in those lows and mid ranges – these may not be for you.

The battery life is good and compares favorably with others in the market.


If you are looking for a set of wireless headphones that give you great sound, but you don’t want to break the bank getting them.


The button layout on the right ear cup can take some time to learn, so be prepared to make some mistakes before you get the hang of it.

Final verdict:

If you are looking for a set of no-frills wireless headphones with a good design, good sound quality and don’t want to pay too much, then these could be for you.

NuForce BE6i Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with aptX, AAC and Long Battery Life

NuForce BE6i Wireless Bluetooth Headphones with aptX, AAC and Long Battery Life

Approximate Price : $129.00

Our Verdict:

These in-ear headphones offer a good battery life, water resistance and a good sound for those who have an active lifestyle.

  • solid build quality
  • good sound quality
  • plenty of accessories

  • tricky fitment
  • low-priced remote

As more and more phones seem like they will be abandoning their headphone jacks, the need for Bluetooth headphones is more and more urgent.

These in-ear phones are made from aluminum and give a great sound for the price of around $129. Their battery life is a good one, at 8 hours, they are water resistant and thus give some protection from sweat and rain. They come with seven pairs of ear tips so it could take you some time to find the right one. But once you have found your fit, you will find a very balanced sound capable of playing all types of music with good clarity across the ranges as well as a tight bass sound


For the price, they offer good sound, a solid build quality and a more than average battery life.

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Beats Solo3 Wireless On-Ear Headphones

Approximate Price : $225.00

Our Verdict:

A stylish set of headphones that offer good sound.

  • great looks,  comfortable
  • lengthy battery life
  • good sound

  • price
  • low end sound needs to be better

Beats certainly knows how to make headphones. Even though the company was picked up by Apple, which hasn’t a heck of a lot for its specific ‘cool to hate’ issue, the Beats Solo 2 Wireless headset means that haters have no reason to complain. In fact, Beats has liberated the 2 Wireless cans by cutting the cord and adding Bluetooth connectivity. Well, not entirely – the wired option is there if you want it, but now you have the option of blissful wireless connectivity of up to 30 feet.


Using the same design as their solo 2, with just larger ear cups for the battery and the controls. Mostly made from plastic, yet durable and comfortable to wear and lightweight. They are capable of bending and twisting within the realms of normal without fear of snapping. Also, they fold neatly into their soft case.


The sound range of these new headphones compared to previous models is now clearer and much warmer, so that now they can handle a wider range of musical genres, even with their main use for hip hop and electronic music.

With no active noise cancellation, even at this price of around $225, they do a reasonable job of cutting out outside noise. The biggest issue with the sound is at the low end – when the volume is raised they can get a little distorted.

The battery life is pretty good at around 12 hours.


The battery life is good, the set is comfortable on your ears and with a great stand-out design.


The sound range still focused on bass, and there are better sounding headphones on the market, but none maybe with this design or label.

Final verdict:

Looking great, feeling great, and sounding great, you can find better sounding headphones for the price, but you can’t find the fashion or style statement that these headphones have.

Sony Premium Noise Cancelling, Bluetooth Headphone, Black (MDR1000X/B)

Sony Premium Noise Cancelling, Bluetooth Headphone, Black (MDR1000X/B)

Approximate Price : $400.00

Our Verdict:

If you want to avoid Bose yet want a quality set of headphones, then these could be for you.

  • the Quick Attention mode
  • noise cancellation
  • long battery life
  • LDAC codec

  • pernickety Ambient Noise mode
  • expensive


With these headphones, the ear cups don’t just cover the ears, they devour them completely, which surprisingly makes them very comfortable for longer periods of use. Now, where are the controls, I hear you asking. Well, that’s the thing = there are none, they are all touch activated on the right ear cup.

As regards the battery, Sony asserts that MDR-1000X can be expected to play for some 20 hours, including when Bluetooth is turned on, as well as active noise cancelling, or a little less than 24 hours but with no noise cancelling. Other claim that if worn about 8 or 9 hours per day, the battery will fall just under the 50% indicator.

However, the touch controls are able to work only in wireless mode. Thus, you will not be able o control the sound unless it is plugged into a phone, laptop, or tablet.

Features and performance:

Now, the noise cancelling has another twist – it identifies various types of sounds and works precisely to counteract them, but for the price of around $400, you can’t expect much less. And it works very very very well indeed.

Another useful and costly feature is the Quick Attention mode – if you hold the right speaker in your hand, the volume lowers straight away so that any noise from outside comes straight into the set. In effect, this can be useful if someone wants to quickly speak with you or you are trying to listen for information (like for example, at an airport).


A real set of premium headphones with some great features, such as fantastic noise cancellation, very comfortable and a really good sounding pair of headphones.


Yes, you can find better sounding headphones for less money but then you have to sacrifice those features and the noise cancellation. As the old saying goes, you pay your money, you make your choice.

Final verdict:

Being the closest rival to Bose, matching almost completely the market leader, it could just come down to Sony being better than the Bose.

Top 5 Best Bluetooth Headphones Pros and Cons


With the right pair of headphones, we can solve a series of audio/video problems. The best model can enable listening to music and watching movies late at night without waking others up. Headphones allow you to carry your favorite music with you – while jogging, doing housework, gardening – anywhere. They can completely eliminate the confusing noise around you while you are at work or traveling.

While choosing the appropriate headphones, you must take two things into consideration: what need should the headphones fulfill and what kind of music do you listen to generally speaking?

You need good earphones for listening to music at home or at work

If you want a little late-night listening, or if you want to listen to a MP3 or a CD at work, it is important that you have a comfortable pair of Hi-Fi headphones. They are also an affordable way to get better sound from the TV, because most quality Hi-Fi headphones can be purchased for less than the price of new speakers.

First, consider whether you want headphones with a closed or open design. Select closed for listening in noisy environments where you need sound insulation, e.g. in an office space shared with colleagues whom you do not want to disturb (sound may ‘leak out’ of open headphones, especially at higher volumes).

If you don’t need the insulation provided by closed headphones, an open design of a handset can provide the best overall sound quality. Ear pads cover the earlobes well and leave no room for sound to escape, as sound is reflected back and forth between the plastic headphones and the ear, which on the other hand, may create unwanted resonance. If you plan to wear a headset for a long time, look for those that have a lining and are adjustable in order to make them comfortable with regards to the size of your head.

Whether you connect headphones to your TV, or to your computer, make sure the cable is long enough. If you’ve got an eye on a nice pair of headphones or the cable is too short for your needs, the extension cable designed for headphones can bridge the gap.

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You desire headphones for using with home movies

If you love to watch movies or you are a gamer, quality headphones can provide an excellent surround experience. Look for a headset that offers virtual surround sound. These headphones use sophisticated processing to trick your ears so it seems that the sound is coming from more directions. If you already have a TV, check your manual to see whether the receiver can deliver surround sound for headphones; most new receivers offer this option, so you need only headphones.

Maybe you want the best wireless headphones. They allow you to listen to your favorite music while you’re on the treadmill, doing housework, or strolling through your home without the hassle of a typical headphone jack with a cable. They are also excellent for watching TV without disturbing others in the room. Most wireless headphones use the 2.4 GHz radio frequency transmitter to send audio from a source, such as your A/V receiver, to the battery-powered handset. The transmitter connects to an audio source via a connection for headphones or stereo RCA outputs. These smart devices enable you to move anywhere within a certain range, and still get great sound. So, if you don’t really like the idea that the wire is dragging the floor or around the head, a wireless headset is for you. And if you want the best possible reception without tampering with the controls, see the best wireless headphones that allow automatic adjustment.

Using headphones with a MP3 Player or a mobile telephone

You must be thinking: “I bought a player with headphones – no need to buy another.” But if you care about sound quality, this is not always the case. Portable headphones which include MP3 players and other similar devices are nearly always very basic, and you’ll get much better sound if you upgrade your headphones. The only question is, which features should you be looking for?

The answer depends on what you do while you listen to music. All headphones designed for portable use are lightweight for easy mobility. If you work out, you need a model that will not easily fall out. Headphones pushed into the ear lobe or a headset with clip-ons are designed with active use in mind. Some people prefer holders which are fixed on the neck, so it doesn’t mess up your hair, and you can wear a hat or a cap while listening.

If you use public transport to get to work, look for earphones for the ear which are pushed into the ear itself – they are slightly smaller in size than the ear canal, and naturally block external noise so that you can listen to music rather than the people talking next to you. If you need a portable headset to work with your iPhone or other mobile device, see models with a microphone and controls built into the cable. Like home wireless headsets, most portable wireless models come with a small transmitter that connects to the headphone connector on your mobile phone. The transmitter then sends music and calls from the phone to a tiny receiver built into the handset.

Whether you have wired or wireless headphones when you receive a call, you can pause your music and take an incoming call by pressing the button. Best of all, this can be done while your cell phone or music device is safely packed in a bag or pocket, making it a suitable choice for long walks or riding public transportation to work or school.

Important for your health:

What we certainly have to mention is how important is is to be aware that earphones can over time accumulate earwax, so they need to be regularly cleaned or the gel must be replaced from time to time. And never share your headset with others – this is an easy way to spread bacteria.

You need to isolate yourself noise:

Whether you travel a lot, you are working in an environment surrounded by distracting sounds or you simply live in a lively household, headphones that eliminate noise can be a godsend. They use active noise control – a sophisticated circuit that relies on small microphones to pick up sounds around you. Headphones then reproduce a signal that is in the opposite phase with unwanted sounds, which helps to silence and even cancel the noise. Just be aware that this works best with a measured, constant sound, like the sound of an airplane engine – they cannot ‘delete’ loud, sudden noises. Most handsets have adapters for air audio compositions. So if you’re on a flight, you can choose whether to listen to the plane’s audio selection, your portable player, or sweet, sweet silence.

What will you listen to?

After you have chosen a design that meets your needs and is comfort for you, you should look at some of the following features for each model that you are considering to buy in order to find a pair that fits your habits. Various drivers and materials reproduce sound differently, so you should be familiar with a few terms, so that you know what to look for.

Drivers and metal framework: What’s inside?

If sound quality is important to you, then be sure to choose a well-made pair of headphones, regardless of the design chosen. Pay attention to the type of driver that produces sound, as this will help determine the quality of sound. Most headphones use “dynamic” drivers, which work just like real large speakers. You can count on them to deliver the whole audio spectrum with a lot of detail and clarity.

Balanced framework is much better than dynamic drivers and may be smaller, and thus they are mostly used with earphones. However, they are limited when it comes to reproduction of extremely low or high frequencies, and have a good fir in the ear in order to deliver the full audio spectrum.

Frequency response: How low – and high – can they go?

A frequency response is the sound range which the headphones can produce, measured in Hertz (Hz). If you’re watching the numbers, keep in mind that the human ear hears only sounds from 20 to 20,000 Hz, and most headphones can easily cover this range. Some people claim that wider spectrum can be reproduced, but the tiny drivers and framework of the headphones traditionally have difficulty playing sounds lower than 20 Hz. However, a wider range of better, because a lower bass and higher tones provide better overall sound performance.

If the main concern is obtaining an accurate, dynamic sound, select some high-quality headsets that can be worn with a wide range of frequencies. Lovers of jazz and classical music pay extra attention to the headphones that deliver more details in the middle and high tones. For rap and hiphop, select those that deliver more bass (in general, if you want more bass, then you will choose a headset with larger housings, because their size allows a better low frequency response).

Other important details to review

When purchasing a headset, make sure the cable end has a connector which is compatible with the component or the portable reproducers you’ll be using. Most handsets use a stereo mini plug, and if your source has only a full-size outlet (6.35), an adapter is required. Some headsets come with one or more adapters. If the handset that you want to buy does not include an adapter, do not let that deter you from buying it because they can be bought additionally and relatively cheaply.

Some headsets include detachable parts, such as ear pads and cables, which can be replaced if necessary. This is quite useful, for, if you destroy the cable, you will not have to buy a new handset. But of course, prevention is cheaper than cure: if you frequently transfer headphones, look for a model that comes with a carrying case.

Be careful with your hearing!

Listening to loud music can cause serious damage to your hearing, and more and more people start listening to incredibly loud music at a young age. So what can you do to protect your hearing? Start listening at lower volume levels, rather than relying on the volume and regulating external noise.

Also note that inserting earphones into the ear canal has the effect of significantly increasing decibels. This happens because sound is less dispersed and is more directed into your ear. Consider using a headset for longer listening, while using the portable ones only when you cannot avoid it. Headphones with noise cancellation technology also can help keep the volume low, without any loss in the joy, due to the reduction of external noises which would otherwise prompt you to increase the volume.

60 minutes, 60%

As with all things, when using headphones, the rule is: do not overdo it. The golden 60/60 rule: listen to music up to 60 minutes and up to 60% of the volume. Then make a break for 10 minutes and listen to the world around you: the birds, the sound of the wind, or something your colleagues have been trying to tell you all day.

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