16 Best Bass Headphones In 2020

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What Makes A Good Pair of Bass Headphones?

This is a good question, as most us have trouble telling what it is exactly that makes good bass sound good on our headphones. That is why we have this list of 16 best bass headphones in 2020 here for you. We are going to look at some important things you need to keep a lookout for, so that you find the best headphones with the best deal.

There a few areas that need to be touched on and we are going to start from here:

Noise Cancellation

Noise cancellation might not necessarily be the reason why your bass sounds good but it definitely one of the reasons that you can hear it. Most headphones without active noise cancellation features can let in a lot of sound from your surroundings. This is both annoying and destroys the quality of your sound. The bass can become quite bothersome if it’s only causing a buzz in your ears and you can’t hear the rest of your music or vocals. This is why active noise cancellation helps. It isolates you from your immediate surroundings and creates a good environment for enjoying your tunes in peace. This is not only important for your bass but also for just allowing the option to tune out. Sometimes you don’t want certain sounds interfering as you watch your videos or listen to your audio books.

So all in all this option is very important in your selection of bass headphones.

Different Types of Headphones

As the title would suggest there are many different types of headphones out there and so how do we know which pair is going to point us in the right direction? Some people think that the size and shape of the headphone cups dictates its ability to produce quality bass. This is not very accurate as the bass does not come from the shape or size of a headphone, but instead the driver. This is why you can find in ear headphones that can still produce really good bass. As you will shortly read about in this list of 16 best bass headphones.

For the sake of informing our readers, the different types of headphones are; In, Over and On the ear headphones. All of them can provide an equal level of bass quality and performance and sometimes the difference is only in the additional features, the design or price. This is why it’s important to consider what you are looking for in particular so that you can fine tune your search.

The main difference between these types is the way that they fit on your head and in your ear. This is important because it closely ties with the level of comfort that you can expect. In-ear headphones tend to be slightly more irritating for the skin over time as they lack the padding that the other types offer. Sufficed to say though, you can still run into uncomfortable pairs of over-ear headphones as well, it’s just less likely. Padding is important and that brings us to our next important area of note.

Best Bass Headphones In 2020 – Top 16

Best Bass HeadphonesModelRatingReview
Sony MDR 1000X4.2Read Review
V-MODA Crossfade4.4Read Review
Yamaha PRO3.6Read Review
Beyerdynamic4.1Read Review
Sennheiser Momentum4.4Read Review
AKG K7024.6Read Review
Sony MDRXB950BT4.2Read Review
OPPO PM-34.7Read Review
Powerbeats 23.6Read Review
Bowers & Wilkins4.1Read Review
Bose QuietComfort4.3Read Review
Beats Solo24.2Read Review
Sony MDR1A4.3Read Review
Denon AH MM4003.7Read Review
AKG N603.9Read Review
Shure SE4254.0Read Review


This is a topic that we almost always touch upon as it is incredibly important, no matter the reason behind type of headphone your going for you want to enjoy your time using them. Nobody wants to stop listening to their music or watching their videos just because they can no longer stand wearing the headphones. This is remedied by quality padding over the ear cups and at times over the headband as well. The padding comes in varying degrees of quality, some headphones do it better than others and that is why we pay particular attention to this.


This is the engine that drives our sound, without it we would not be here in the first place. Drivers are usually located under the ear cups and produce the sound that we hear. Some headphones have separate drivers for the bass and mid and high tones but more often than not they are compact into one. The quality of the driver dictates the quality of not only the quality of the bass but the general audio quality in whole. It can difficult to assess the quality of driver just by reading about it. It is advisable to get your hands on a pair of headphones that you have in your sights before buying it, just to give it a test run. Just like when you are buying a phone or a PC, just because two different devices have similar specs does not mean they perform the same. Headphone drivers work in a similar way and the specs are just a first stepping stone. Obviously there are some drivers that are better, straight off the bat, but this doesn’t always have to be the case. Either way, drivers are important when it comes to bass and you want to make sure that you are well covered in this area.

Build Quality

Once you have managed to find something that fits the criteria above it is advisable to check the durability of the headphones. After you’ve coughed up your hard earned money the last thing you want happening is the headphones breaking. This is why it’s important to make sure that the headphones are both functional and tough. You want the freedom of flexibility and the assurance of strong build quality. This is highly dependent on the type of materials used to make the headphones and this is highly dependent on the price. So if you see a higher cost you can assume that the quality of materials used is also enhanced. Although this can be a bit pricey you can be more than sure that they won’t break easily.


This is something that is important for our individual freedom of choice. It’s vital to remember that all specs aside, if we don’t like the way something looks we don’t have to buy it. You don’t want to be sitting next to a pair of headphones that you are never going to use because it doesn’t fit your taste. For some this is not the case and they have bought their headphones more for their functionality than anything else. In which case that is okay. It’s all up to personal preference and that is why design is so important, it’s the core building block in your stages of personal preference.

The headphones in this list of 16 best headphones in 2020 come in many different shapes and sizes, colours and materials. Make sure that you look through everything that interests you and that you pay attention to all the varying options that are offered for a particular pair of headphone, as usually there is at the least more than one option.

Sony MDR-1000X Noise Cancelling, Bluetooth Headphone

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First off on our list of 16 best bass headphones we have the Sony MDR-1000X. We’ve had this as our top pick once already and it was in our list of top 10 best headphones for airplane travel. The reason why it’s back here is really a no-brainer.  The headphones are amazing and there is little that they can’t accomplish with perfect satisfaction. Sony has definitely earned some major respect for these headphones.

The Sony MDR-1000X are rather robust and large headphones but this only makes them more imposing and ostentatious. The simplicity in their design is one of the major points of their attraction. The edges are smooth, it curves perfectly into its shape and the materials of its build are of very high quality. This speaks more than enough for first impressions but this is only the start.

The headphones don’t have any other tones of colour splashing in, they come in two options and it’s either white or black. This is typical of most brands as these two colours are the most popular amongst products like this.

The build quality of the headphones is astounding, they simultaneously feel sturdy and flexible. You can rest assured they can handle a battering. Due to the higher grade materials they are slightly heavier than conventional headphones but this doesn’t cause too much of an issue in terms of comfort.

Comfort wise the headphones are well padded and they sit comfortably on the head, but for some longer periods of use we would have wished that perhaps the padding around the ear cups was done slightly better. Other than this they are still more than accommodating and are perfect for your commutes to work or school.

The headphones are wireless with Bluetooth connectivity. They are packed with features and one of them is the NFC pairing that allows for quick pairing by placing your device flat against the right ear cup. Definitely a faster alternative than the conventional methods of pairing nowadays. The battery life is slightly above the curve at 20 hours of play time. They charge pretty quickly and if they do happen to run out of battery life you can always just hook them up to your cable and listen to your music that way.

As we have already mentioned that they come with a bunch of features we would be wrong not to mention some of the more outstanding ones. For starters the noise cancellation on these headphones is one of the best on the market currently at this price range. They do an excellent job of isolating you from the outside. In the case that you do want to let some sounds through you can opt to just turn the noise cancellation off or turn on a unique feature on the Sony MDR-1000X that allows only voices to be transmitted through. This way you can listen to your best tunes and still be able to hear someone calling for you. Ingenious! Apart from this, the headphones have gesture controls built into the right ear cup that allow you to interact with your playlist via touch gestures. This is a great step away from buttons that tend to sometimes clog the outside of the ear cup.

Now that we have covered some of the fun little quirks we get to the big stuff. The sound quality. Is it worth the price tag? The answer is one hundred percent, yes! They sound fantastic. It’s not just because of the boomy bass and the on point highs, but how they all transition seamlessly into a loop of gorgeous symphony. Considering the fact that this list is about the bass in headphones, we should mention that these headphones are perfect for the number one position on this list. The bass is neither overpowered nor is it too subtle. It’s just in between and equalizers would only do them injustice.

All in all these headphones are amazing in all respects, they sound great, they look expensive and they are exquisitely built. The price tag is a bit steep but it has gone down a lot since they have come out and you can get them as cheap as 298 USD. Considering everything that you’re getting and the fact that they have been featured for the second time in first place on our lists, you be assured that they are very good and well worth the coin.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Great sound quality and powerful bass

Lots of features, including gesture control and NFC pairing

They look amazing and the build quality very sustainable

Good battery life ( Around 20 hours )

They are comfortable but the padding could be slightly more worked on

V-MODA Crossfade M-100 Over-Ear Noise-Isolating Metal Headphone

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The first thing that you notice when you look at the V-moda crossfade M-100 is how different they are in terms of design when compared to other headphones. They have their own unique little look that is unusual but isn’t bad. They are still very impressive and if anything, the fact that they do look different and that the headphones are still positively accepted, commends the bravery of a company that thinks outside the box.

The build quality of these headphones is definitely something to talk about. They are extremely flexible and durable. Where other headphones would probably break or get damaged the V-moda crossfade M-100 endure. They are really sturdy and they fold up perfectly. They are extremely portable due to the way that they fold up, which allows for a smaller carrying case and more bag space. Speaking of a case, the headphones come with a black hard shell case that is both small and durable enough to make for a perfect storing solution.

The headphones are decently comfortable but prolonged use of them can cause slight discomfort as the clamping force is a bit tense and the padding is a bit harder than usual. This being said, they are still more than capable of offering a decent play time with considerable levels of comfort.

The sound of the headphones is really crisp and clear, despite the boom of the bass that sits comfortably in the backdrop. The high and mid tones are really vibrant and on point. The bass is powerful and although the padding might be a bit tough, this works great in conjunction with the bass, as it causes the padding to vibrate ever so slightly, intensifying the experience in a positive way.

The headphones don’t have active noise cancellation, but the sound isolation that they do provide is still more than satisfactory. Also the fact that these headphones don’t have active noise cancellation means no battery. Since there is no battery you don’t have to worry about charging the headphones. The downside to this is that they are not wireless and without the cable you got nothing. Speaking of cables, the V-moda crossfade M-100 comes with a very unique cable, a cord that allows multiple headphones to be plugged into one device.

The V-moda crossfade M-100 are asking for a quite the donation in monetary terms, but your money is well spent if your spending it on buying headphones for their predominantly bass heavy sound signature and you have little better than these. So if different is your style and you like things that are not too mainstream but still get the job done then look no further.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

The sounds is crisp and vibrant

Good powerful bass that is not over the top

They look different and in the best way

They are a quite expensive

They could be slightly more comfortable

They are not wireless

Yamaha PRO 500 High-Fidelity Premium Over-Ear Headphones

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The Yamaha Pro 500 is the new flagship for Yamaha’s higher end headphones. The headphones are a flagship with good reason as they blow most competitors out of the water. We don’t often find Yamaha products in our lists and the fact that this one has a spot in one of them and not to mention in the top three, speaks well for the headphones.

First off, they may look similar to a pair of headphones we are already familiar with. Yes, it’s the Dr Dre Beats and yes they were influenced by their design. Their sleek polished finish, well rounded shape truly makes them stand out as a unique pair of headphones despite their similarities with the Beats counterpart. The headphones come in two colour options, blue and black.

The build quality features a mainly plastic body that feels slightly brittle which is a bit worrisome. Despite this they are said to be rather durable and so you can rest assured they won’t be breaking anytime soon as long as the right amount of care is given to them.

The headphones come with their own carrying case. The case is hard and well built but is also quite large. Despite the fact that the headphones are foldable, they are still quite large after they fold up. This isn’t the best solution to portability and Yamaha could have done a bit more work around this. Despite this their size does make them imposing and a statement and if this is your type of thing, then maybe you have found what you are looking for. Apart from the case the headphones also come with two cables, one longer and one shorter with controls on it for answering calls and interacting with your playlist. The cables can be plugged into either headphone ear cup which is a little strange but in the positive kind of way.

The sound quality of the headphones is where they truly shine. The sound output is very crisp and clear. The vocals are at perfect pitch and the bass is perfectly balanced with the rest of the tones. The headphones are great for everyday use and the scope of genres that the headphones cover effectively is diverse. The bass could use a bit of equalizer tweaking but other than that the sound signature of these headphones is unique and something to be sought after.

Finally the comfort of the headphones is a bit subpar. The padding on the ear cups is soft but not soft enough and before long they do start to cause slight irritation. This can be quite the nuisance, but is easily remedied with a quick break every so often.

All in all the headphones are really impressive especially come from a company that is not known widely for its work in the field of headphones. They are rather expensive but if these headphones are your type of style or you appreciate music more toned towards jazz or vocals, then this is your go to.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

They look expensive and visually appealing

They sound great and the tones are well balanced

They are not the cheapest pair of headphones out there

They are not too comfortable, especially over longer periods of time

Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro Plus Headphones

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The Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro are one of the most unique headphones in the list so far, starting from their look and ending up at their bass ports (which we’ll get to shortly). The first of the reasons for their uniqueness is due to their look. They, unlike standard headphones have interchangeable parts and as such you get the word Custom in the name. The interchangeable parts include the Velcro sealed headband and the plates on the outside of the ear cups. Though the headphones do only come in white and black colour options the customisable features more than make up for the difference.

The build quality is solid but they are lacking slightly in the department of flexibility and do put up a bit of resistance when stretched out. Other than the headphones are still very durable and the flexibility issue should be no reason for concern.

The headphones come with detachable cables which is a great bonus as it means that if some damage was going to happen to the cables they can easily be replaced. Another thing to mention is that you can plug in a microphone into the cable port as well if you so choose.

Now the big thing with these headphones and what makes them great for this list of 16 best bass headphones is their unique inclusion of the bass port feature. What this is essentially is a dial that either tones up or tones down the level of bass that you experience during your listening session. This feature is completely unique and quite mind blowing. For the sceptics out there, it really does work and is perfect for cycling through different genres and getting the best out of it without running to an equalizer for help. Apart from the bass port, the sound frequency and response is great and the deep and rich lows transition flawlessly into the mids and highs.

The headphones are comfortable and the ear cups are soft and plush. They will serve up a good few hours of listening time before becoming a too much, at which point you should be done with them anyway. So comfort is not an issue.

The final verdict for theses headphones is that they are brilliant and the price is quite fair. They are different in many ways but this is definitely something that makes them more appealing than vice versa. So if you are looking for something that you can put your own little touch to through customisation or just like the idea of the bass ports, you should give the Beyerdynamic Custom One Pro’s a spin.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

They are customisable

They include distinctive features like the bass ports that separate them from their competitors

They are reasonably priced

They are not too flexible

They don’t fold up and are quite large so they do take up quite a bit of room

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 for Apple Devices

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At 191 USD this is our first slightly more budget headphones in the top 5 of our best bass headphones list. The price is less than the other headphones, but does this make them worse? Well let’s take a look and where better to start than their look. The headphones are unlike anything else Sennheiser usually makes and they really do look like a standalone pair of headphones from the rest of the production line. The headband is thinner than expected and leather coated, the headphone cups are large in comparison to the overall size of the headphones and the metal foldable finishes.

Sennheiser have definitely taken a different approach with this pair of headphones, but we feel the pay off has been in their benefit, as the end result has yielded this amazing pair of Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 headphones. The ear cups have a precise circular shape that enhances sound isolation and offers a sweeter fit all round. The padding is coated in leather just like the headband which not only enhances their comfort but also makes them feel a lot more expensive. The slimmer headband is somewhat of a flaw as it is not the most comfortable but it’s far from unmanageable so we’ll leave out from here on.

The sound of the headphones is great and Sennheiser have really done their homework when it came to the bass on these bad boys. The bass deep and powerful enough to leave your skin crawling, but not so over the top that it muddies the mids and highs. Speaking of mids and highs, highs could be an area of future focus but this is a small step back and one that can easily be dismissed. All this aside the complete package is perfect and makes the headphones slightly more suited for genres like, RnB, hip hop or dubstep.

The build quality of the Sennheiser Momentum 2.0 is commendable and they feel both durable and are flexible. Though they do appear somewhat brittle due to the thin nature of the headband this is nothing more than the ruse of false appearances.

So if you do plan on getting your hands on this pair of headphones know that you are taking a step away from traditional Sennheiser design. In doing, you so are perhaps taking a step towards something new and brilliant in a completely different way.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

The headphones are built from high quality materials

They are fairly priced

The bass on these headphones is very impressive

The sound isolation is more than decent

The headband is not the most comfortable

The headphones are not wireless

AKG Pro Audio K702 Channel Studio Headphones

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Good reputation, people are talking highly of them, simple straight forward, not too many features, open back headphones, one of the most comfortable pairs of headphones, ear cups are huge, memory foam type ear, light weight dont swert cause its not  leather, fit alol type of head shapres, light leather headband holds nicely, inside of the ear cups big open space, flat, clean balance, sound stage is wide, sound leak is a big deal as they are open back, they are thus good in the studio, not the best for music listening, but great for studio work, brusherd metal and some leather, awesome for monitoring,

The AKG K702 headphones have built up quite the reputation and with good reason. The best part is that they used to be a lot more expensive before and you can now get them for just USD 224.

The design of the headphones is very simple and straight forward. Nothing over the top but definitely still visually pleasing. Their build doesn’t use a lot of materials and the headband is a leather strap, suspended between two plastic rods. The concept of all this makes them really lightweight and means that, firstly they are more durable and secondly they are more comfortable. The colour scheme is basic in that it doesn’t burst with bristling colours but instead goes for a subtle blend of blacks and red or silver tints.

The AKG K702 due to their lightweight nature and massive ear cups means that they are already very comfortable, but on top of that the ear cups are made of a memory foam type material that is just amazing. The foam feels like a pillow on your ears and the finish of the material is very smooth meaning no sweating, as is the case when leather is used. These are definitely one of the most comfortable headphones you will find in this list. Considering these headphones are meant for monitoring then it also makes sense that they are so light and comfy.

The headphones are very flexible and despite the lack of materials are also very durable. Their flexibility allows for easy fits on all head sizes and the fit is always snug.

The sound quality is a little different from the other headphones we’ve looked at thus far as they are open back. That automatically means audio leak, flatter low tones and bigger sound stage. Considering once again these are reference headphones this all makes sense. So although these might not be the answer for everyday casual listening to music they are great for monitoring or work in the studio. They do leak a lot of sound so keep this in mind if you plan to use them during commutes. The sound stage is truly phenomenal, the large ear cups have your ears encompassed deep within the memory foam and really makes the experience very enticing. The bass is present and its powerful but it is slightly over emphasized, but then again these headphones are intended for a different purpose.

All in all these headphones are amazing and once we take into that price reduction they become quite tempting. They might not be the choice for casual listening, but for monitoring work they are definitely a great piece of comfy tech.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Very comfortable pair of headphones

The sound stage is really wide and well balanced

They are very reasonably priced

They are very durable

There is quite a substantial amount of sound leak

They are not great for everyday casual listening

Sony MDRXB950BT/B Extra Bass Bluetooth Headphones

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The name Sony MDR-XB950BT is a bit intense, but then again so are the headphones, so it’s probably justified. Well we’re here to tell you it is. The headphones are amazing straight out of the box. They look very intimidating with their size and bold appeal. They are definitely a strange pair of headphones and the ear cup size is something that immediately points towards this.

Design wise, they look stunning, they are almost all black with splashes of red tints around the ear cups and some metal finishing on the headband. The Sony logo sits boldly on both ear cups so as not to mistaken what you are wearing. They look quite expensive and feel likewise, despite them being quite light. One would not imagine that they are so light considering their size, but the materials used are in majority made of plastic so this justifies the reasoning.

The headphones are very comfortable and the massive ear cups are covered in a plush leather that makes them completely acceptable for longer periods of listening.

These headphones include a lot of features, something we haven’t seen so much in the past few pairs of headphones in our list of 16 best bass headphones. First off the bat, we’ve got NFC pairing for quick pairing with your devices. Next up is the array of buttons on the side of the ear cup that allows for interaction with the playlist as well as answering calls. The feature that is by far the most impressive with these headphones though and the reason we are here is, the Bass Boost. This is a feature that extends the capabilities of the bass. So before we get into this lets touch up on the sound quality of these headphones.

The vocals are pretty clear and come through quite prominently, considering that these headphones are already potent enough in the field of bass power, this would be a reasonable concern. But the mids and highs are still very well balanced. The bass though is where these headphones shine. The bass is very impressive and immersive. This is all being said excluding the fact that we still have a bass boost option. Once we push that button everything changes. Things kick into another gear and the headphones take a whole new turn. The bass really becomes intense, not overpowering but definitely intense. The sound quality does take a slight kick but for those of you who just love the bass this is your remedy.

The headphones are wireless and have a very decent battery life of about 20 hours. They can still be used with a cable but in that case you can no longer use the bass boost option. They can be charged via micro USB through a charging port located at the bottom of the ear cups.

In summation, the headphones are amazing. The experience is exactly what we would expect in a list of top 16 best bass headphones. So before you move on, strongly consider these headphones as they are truly a marvel of the tech industry.

Advantages and disadvantages:

The headphones are very comfortable

The price tag is accommodating considering the product that we are getting

The bass is something worth looking into and the option of the bass boost really puts them over the top

They have good battery life

The bass boost does ruin the sound quality ever so slightly

OPPO PM-3 Closed-Back Planar Magnetic Headphones

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Oppo might not be a well known brand but despite that they have made a brilliant pair of headphones. The Oppo PM-3 headphones are testament to that. They are quite pricey but its justified once you hear us out.

The design is nothing spectacular or over the top. They look like a basic pair of headphones. They are almost completely clad in black with the few exceptions of some metal bits and panelling. They look simple and straight forward, which is neither disappointing nor amazing, but it’s what’s on the inside that we’re after.

The headphones feature a special type of magnetic driver that is usually not installed into portable headphones as it usually requires an amp to perform optimally. Also these types of drivers are rather heavy. But somehow the Oppo PM-3 headphones have managed to do it. They have made a portable device that uses these drivers without the need for an amp. Meaning your devices can take full advantage of them. Though they do perform better hooked up to an amp at least you have both options. They are a little on the heavier side but the extra weight is compensated by the soft padding of the headband and ear cups.

The ear cups are a little smaller than normal and you should try them on if you can before buying them just to be sure. If you don’t have this option they are still not that small to leave you alarmed. Despite this they headphones are still really comfortable and when they do fit its very pleasing.

The sound quality is where we kick into the reason why these headphones are so expensive. With the power of the magnetic drivers backing up the sound signature you can imagine they sound absolutely stunning and they do. The lows and mids are perfect. Vocals are extremely clear and these headphones are perfect for classical music or jazz. The treble can at times roll off the top slightly but the mids are there to cover the fall. The bass is exceptional and the headphones do a great job of putting you into the studio environment. The sound isolation is also commendable as there is little to no leak even when we consider that these headphones do not include active noise cancellation.

To sum things up the Oppo PM-3 are a great pair of headphones. Despite the fact that some us might not be familiar with this brand or this brand at least in the headphones industry, well they are and these headphones are a great reason why this is a good thing. Do not be discouraged by not being familiar with the brand, once you try these headphones out, you’ll know what we’re talking about. So if you can manage the 399 USD price tag then you are well on your way to enjoying every minute with these babies.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

They sound amazing

They use advanced magnetic drivers that really drive the sound qulaity home

The headphones are comfortable

The headphones can lay flat for easy storage

The ear cups could be ever so slightly larger

The Oppo PM-3 is a little on the heavier side

They are quite expensive

Beats Powerbeats 2 Wireless In-Ear Headphone

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Finally we come across our first pair of Beats in this list. It’s no surprise that Beats finds a way into one of our lists. This brand is big in the world of headphones and the company has made plenty of headphones and it is therefore no bombshell that we find them here in our list of 16 best bass headphones.

The Dr. Dre Powerbeats 2 are not over ear headphones, instead we are looking at in ear headphones that use ear hooks to stay in place. These headphones are aimed at the athletes of our community and as such are water and sweat resistance. This is quite useful for those of you who sweat a lot when you work out as you don’t have to worry about any damage or discomfit of this form.

The headphones are an upgraded version of the Powerbeats and this is quite evident just by looking at them. The design has made great strides in terms of their visual appeal. The headphones are comprised of a combination of matte finished plastic and rubber. The rubber is there for an extra measure of flexibility when you’re exercising and the matte is just there to keep to the look. The headphones come in two different colours, namely black and red or white and silver. Both colour options look very nice and the headphones look and feel very expensive. The earpieces are held together by a tangle free cable that is adjustable. The cable features a remote that allows you to answer calls or to interact with your media.

The next upgrade with the Dr. Dre Powerbeats 2 comes in the form of wireless connectivity via Bluetooth. This is an import distinction as you want to stay away from cables when you’re exercising. The connectivity and range is solid but the battery life is quite weak when compared to some of the other headphones in this list with only 6 hours of active play time available. Beats compensated for this lack of battery life with a feature that allows for quick charging, approximately 15 minutes of charging equals 2 hours of play time.

The ‘Achilles Heel’ of these headphones is the comfort. They have troubles in some cases with their fit and their seal. They tend to have troubles staying in your ears when you move vigorously. This is not quite what you expect for headphones aimed for a community that is to use them for exercise.

The sound quality of the headphones, despite them being in ear headphones, is actually quite decent. The bass is powerful and they pack quite the punch. The vocals are pretty crisp and the mid tones are well balanced. Again though, we come to the issue of seal. With the headphones suffering to hold a proper seal the sound quality is somewhat diminished. Not what you would expect from headphones intended for fitness.

The headphones come with a nice little, black, hard shell, carrying case that perfectly fits the headphones inside and provides some protection along with storage solutions.

In conclusion the headphones fall short of their goal. Although they are an improvement to the Powerbeats in many ways they still have a long way to go. This being said some people might not have this issue with the fit and for them this just might be their solution to having your own music at the gym.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

They are water and sweat resistant

They are wireless with Bluetooth connectivity

They are quite affordable

They don’t have the best fit

They lack in comfort

Bowers & Wilkins P5 Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

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These are the Bowers & Wilkins P5 Bluetooth headphones, as there is a version with a cable. The trend nowadays tends to move more towards this wireless movement and as such Bowers & Wilkins have taken the leap here too.

The Bowers & Wilkins P5 headphones have a very unique look and curve more towards the classic, retro look rather than the more modern and contemporary trend today. It’s nice to see companies do things differently from time to time and this is definitely one of those moments. The headphones look very stylish and expensive. They are coated in black leather that makes up for the majority of the material that you see on them. They are very durable and they can flex quite a lot. The strange thing with these headphones is that they don’t have the usual adding around the ear cups that cause you ears to sink into them, instead they are flat. This doesn’t compromise the comfort at all as there is still soft padding underneath and they can be worn for long periods of time without ear fatigue.

These headphones use the same driver that the cabled version uses. The drivers were good on those headphones and they are good here. The sound quality is on par with some of the bigger contenders out there. The bass is deep and rich, the sound profile is well balanced and the treble is fair. The only downside is that the ear cups are flat, so there is some sound leak and the sound isolation is not too great and as such you don’t get that full bass experience.

The Bowers & Wilkins P5 come with a carrying case that looks very sleek and stylish, all black. The battery life of these headphones is in the region of 17 hours. This is not as much as we would want and there are headphones that have better battery life, but it should be more than enough.

In summation these headphones are quite expensive and considering that the battery life could be better and that the sound isolation is not the best, you could do better with your money. Not to get us wrong, they are still very decent and they look very different, but if you are looking for something with slightly better statistics, keep looking.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

The sound quality is very decent

They look very unique

They are very durable

They are wireless with Bluetooth enabled connectivity

They are comfy

They are pretty expensive

They do let some sound leak out

They could have better battery life

Bose QuietComfort 25 Acoustic Noise Cancelling Headphones

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Bose is a brand that focuses on the high end consumer market and as such their headphones are usually quite pricey. It is no different with the Bose QuietComfort 25, but are they worth their price tag and why haven’t they made the top of this list of 16 best bass headphones? Well let’s take a closer look and then in the end we’ll make our final remarks.

First off the headphones are an upgrade on the former QC 15 and much has gone in the way of visual redesign. The Bose QuietComfort 25 headphones look a lot more contemporary and have a far more modern feel to them. They look stylish and luxurious. The downside to their design or build quality at that would be the over use of plastic components. While they don’t look as cheap they certainly feel quite cheap. The plastic finish makes them feel rather fragile and this causes some tension when we flex them. Though they feel this way, they are still pretty durable and it will take some significant effort to break them, although we suggest to refrain from trying.

The headphones are not wireless which is another downside but this is not that bad. They come with a cable that has a remote attached to it for answering calls and interacting with your media library. The active noise cancellation works on a batteries and the solution to the battery problem comes in the form of triple A batteries. This is quite uncommon with headphones, usually they come with inbuilt rechargeable batteries. Though this is the case, the battery life is still pretty decent.

The comfort of these headphones is what rescues them from the bad initial first impressions. They are absolutely beyond comfortable. They have deep, soft, memory foam padding that cushions your ears from any form of pressure perfectly. You can easily enjoy hours of play time with these headphones without the thought of discomfort ever arising.

Next up is the sound quality. Is it that good, to cover the price tag? Well not exactly, though they are amazing at noise isolation with their on board active noise cancellation, the sound is still not that great. They are far from terrible, we just feel that the sound profile they offer doesn’t justify the asking price. The headphones don’t have the most boomy bass, and the lows can tend to roll off the mids at times, but the highs and vocals are pretty decent. This being said the headphones are extremely good at sound isolation, perhaps one of the best on the market. If this is something that you prioritize than definitely take a more in depth look into these headphones.

In the end our final remarks are somewhat caught in the middle, between not quite as good as we expected and amazing. They are great in some things and in others they disappoint. So keep an open mind when looking for your pair of headphones and remember what your priorities are when purchasing a headset.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

They are incredibly comfortable

They have one of the best active noise cancellation features on the market

They look expensive and are a step up from the QC 15

They use triple A batteries

The sound quality is somewhat subpar

The headphones are not wireless

Beats Solo2 Wired On-Ear Headphones Luxe Edition

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Here we are, at our 12th place in our list of 16 best bass headphones and we’re looking at another pair of Beats headphones. The Luxe Edition headphones are slightly cheaper than the Beats Solo 2 version.

First off the headphones look amazing and beats has always been on point with design and presentation, all the way from the packaging and to the final product itself. The headphones come in many different colours so there is no lack of options. The colours that are offered are, black, blue, white, blush rose, hunter green, luxe black, luxe red, luxe blue, luxe silver, pink and finally red. All the colours look fantastic and all the additional parts like the cables are colour coordinated with the pair you bought. Beats has always been a brand of diverse design options and the Beats Solo2 Luxe Edition headphones are testament to that statement.

The headphones are generously comfortable for the first while but soon enough the clamping force gets a bit much and until the headphones stretch out slightly you will feel some discomfort while wearing them. The padding on the cups is soft and is comprised of a plush memory foam that feels really smooth to the touch. The headphones feel slightly on the brittle side as the build is almost one hundred percent comprised of plastic parts, save the hinges.

The headphones do fold up nicely and come with a soft travel case that does a great job of simultaneously keeping your headphones safe and offering a viable storage option. They also come with a colour coordinated cable of decent length. The cable has a remote control as we often see and allows you to interact with your play list via it’s buttons.

The headphones do a great job of sound isolation. They mute out most of the ambient sound around you effectively and at times you can barely hear yourself. The sound quality of the headphones is definitely on the bass heavy side. It might just be ever so slightly over done, where the bass overlaps into the mid tones but for those bass lovers out there, even this might not be enough bass. The mid tones are decent and the highs come off pretty crisp, but these headphones are clearly intended for more boomy genres, like EDM, hip hop or RnB.

In conclusion these headphones look great and in terms of bass they will leave you more than satisfied. The asking price is just where it should be, they are neither under or overvalued and you are getting exactly what you paid for. If you’ve used Beats before or are a new patron then you should definitely consider giving these headphones a run for their money.

Advantage and Disadvantages:

Good sound isolation

Good and punchy bass

Comes in many different colour combinations and looks fantastic

The all plastic build makes them feel a little brittle

The headphones are not too comfortable as the clamping force is quite pronounced

Sony MDR1A Premium Hi-Res Stereo Headphones

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Yet another pair of Sony headphones and here we have a quick look at the Sony MDR1A. These headphones don’t look as amazing as some of the others previewed in our list of 16 best bass headphones, but they certainly have their own vibe. They are a bit robust and bulky with large cushions but all in all the colour scheme is pretty interesting and is quite impactful.

The comfort of these headphones gets some mixed reviews. Some people say that their ear touches the inside of the ear cup and some don’t. For those that do complain about this issue do suffer slightly whereas the other half have no qualms. So there is a bit of risk involved pre purchase but if you are unsatisfied you can always try and return them. The headband also has some padding on it too and that helps somewhat.

The build quality of the headphones is somewhat subpar. The headphones feel slightly cheap, as their build is mainly plastic. This also makes them really light. All of this does not baud well for Sony, but the headphones are durable and they can take quite the punishing. The ear cups swivel around their axis to allow for a smooth and adjustable fit.

The sound quality of the Sony MDR1A is where they get a little back. They sound pretty amazing. The bass is well balanced, is right where you want it to be in terms of intensity and the mids and highs sound really warm and vibrant. The headphones are generally well suited for all genres but probably excel most in EDM or RnB genres the most.

The end result of these headphones leaves us with a somewhat uncertain verdict. They do sound great, but they don’t look too great and they do have some complaints in the department of comfort. So what do you think? What’s more important for you? Comfort or sound? Once you know that, you’ll have the answer to whether or not you want them.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

Good boomy bass and overall sound quality

They are good for almost all genres

They can cause some issues with comfort

They are quite expensive

They feel a little cheap

Denon AH-MM400 Music Maniac Over-Ear Headphones

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These are reference headphones, which means that they are meant to cover the entire spectrum of sound. They are supposed to pick minute details in sounds and as such they have a high frequency range.

The Denon AH-MM400 are very different in terms of their look, starting from their walnut like ear cups and all the way to the aluminium hinges. They are something between modern, contemporary and retro, classic. They are definitely unique. They do look quite high end and their build quality is quite good. The ear cups have a sweet mesh like finish that covers the soft padding, this design extends to the headband padding as well. This is definitely a nice touch on top of the already interesting look of these headphones.

The headphones come with a long braided cable for extra strength that features a remote control for playlist and media library interaction on the go. They fold up really easily and are super easy to store. They do come with a soft carrying bag. It doesn’t offer much in the sense of protection but it is a viable storage option for keeping all your accessories neatly in one place.

The Denon AH-MM400 headphones as we mentioned are reference headphones so their sound profile is going to be vastly different from other headphones. They are meant to reproduce the sound as close to the way it was recorded in the studio as possible. They do manage to accomplish this with a fair amount of accuracy faltering only sometimes. The bass is present when playing genres that are heavy on the side of low tones and vice versa they can go high as well, when the song is focused more around vocals. All in all the frequency range of these headphones is quite refreshing and they definitely get the job done.

In terms of comfort, there are no qualms. The headphones sit well on the head. The abundance of soft padding means that you should be care free from any thought of discomfort, even for longer periods and the clamping force is not too over bearing.

In conclusion the Denon AH-MM400 are different and they are not a brand that is too popular or well known but they are very decent and if you don’t mixing things up once in a while, then this is the perfect place to start that journey.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

High frequency range

Very decent sound quality

Interesting feel and design

They are accommodatingly comfortable

They are slightly on the expensive side of the fence

They can feel a little cheap to the touch

AKG N60 Noise Canceling Headphone

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Finally we come to another pair of AKG headphones. This is a brand that makes a lot of appearances on our lists and this is because they are very diverse in both the quality of their products and the price range at which their products are sold at. The AKG N60 is a pair of headphones that is on the lower end of the quality spectrum and also on the slightly more expensive side. So what makes them worth the money?

First of all, let’s take a look at their appearance. The headphones are quite compact, the ear cups are small, their overall size is not very big and they don’t look very intimidating. The design is quite basic but it’s pretty sleek and  they look pretty nice. The material of the build is a mixture of plastic and leather. The otherwise classic approach to the headphone design.

The comfort of the headphones is not bad, they sit well on the head and are more than flexible enough to fit all head shapes and sizes. Due to the small nature of the ear cups you don’t get a perfect seal but they go a long way in terms of comfort. The headband also provides some extra cushioning and the clamping force is very manageable.

The sound quality is the part that will ultimately determine the worth of these headphones. Is it enough? Well yes and no. The headphones are everywhere and nowhere at the same time. The general focus of these headphones in terms of sound is to form some sort of equilibrium. It’s got everything you need but in smaller quantities. It’s got deep bass, good balanced mids and vibrant highs. So it does have it all but it could all be one step better and that is all that they are missing. But in general they are decent all round performers that could be a little cheaper.

So even though the asking price is a bit high, you won’t be disappointed. You won’t be blown away either but they are more than capable of keeping one happy. With a battery life of 30 hours these headphones have one of the longest lasting battery lives up till now. So if you take everything into consideration and want to give these AKG N60’s for a spin then you are definitely not going wrong in doing so.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

 They are satisfyingly comfortable

 They look pretty decent

They have long lasting battery life

They are quite small in overall size

They sound good but they don’t really shine in any one area particularly

They are slightly overpriced

Shure SE425-CL Premium Sound Isolating Earphones

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The Shure SE425 are the last pair of headphones in our list of 16 best bass headphones and they are definitely good enough to close out the list. The headphones are in ear and they are unlike any of the ones we’ve seen thus far.

Design wise this is where you can notice exactly how different they are. First of all they are built such that you can see right through them and into the electronics on the inside. Not many brands do this and even fewer do this with in ear headphones. It’s a strange look that you either love or you don’t. It’s very peculiar but different is good and it’s nice to have a change of pace once in a while.

The build quality of the headphones is solid. They feel tough and seem like that they can take a beating. They are made almost completely of plastic. The cable includes a remote control for interacting with your music and it’s built quite tough.

As you can imagine they lack the comfort of padding and they can cause some discomfort when using them for longer periods of time. It is vital to pick the right ear pieces as this will minimize discomfort and get the best seal possible.

The sound quality of the headphones is pretty rich in bass and the punch is definitely present. They lack some potential in the area of highs and the treble, but all in all the mids are well balanced and the bass and mids transition well into one another. It is important to note that with in ear headphones if you don’t get a good seal the sound quality will take a hit so it’s important to make sure that the headphones are properly adjusted before you start listening.

So they are strange, they do have some issues with comfort, but they do sound pretty good for in ear headphones. Do the characteristics justify the price? Well it’s a close cut but considering that for this much money there are better over the ear headphones that are in the least more comfortable it’s difficult to say. The Shure SE425 do have a better fit and are more inclined for use on the move whereas normal over the headphones would not fare as well. So consider your reasons and think hard and hopefully you’ll find what you’re looking for.

Advantages and Disadvantages:

They sound pretty good considering they are in ear headphones

They look unlike anything you will see

They are not very comfortable

The asking price is a bit steep

So, What Should We Take Away From This List?

Now that we’ve gone through the everything and taken a close look at the 16 best bass headphones we can talk about some of them more defining features that we should look out for when purchasing theses headphones.

Good Drivers

First off, the quality of the drivers in the headphones is very important. Essentially this is where the sound is coming from and if the source is bad you can’t expect much from their appearance to get in the way of things. Driver quality is a thing of internal nature and it is difficult to tell how well they perform just by reading up. So this is why you have lists like this, to inform yourself on different opinions and if you find enough to validate a point then you’ll know you’re onto something good.

Drivers produce the sound and the fabrication of these pieces of electronics is the reason you sometimes hear headphones that have better bass and some that have better highs or just better overall balance. It’s because that is how the drivers are built to perform and output audio. So make sure that you are well informed on what type of genres a certain type of headphones is dedicated to in the case that you are looking for a certain type of listening experience.

Sound Isolation

This is another important area when it comes to bass, as when you don’t have good sound isolation you probably have a poor seal and when you have a poor seal, sound is leaking out and that means the bass doesn’t live up to its potential. You want your listening experience firstly to be uninterrupted and secondly you probably want to feel the thud of the bass. If you don’t have that all important sound isolation then you just might miss on the full package.

Apart from this it is also to just good to be able to isolate yourself from the ambient sounds protruding from your surroundings. Some headphones, work around sound isolation through the means of over ear headphones doing the job while others do it through active noise cancellation. Now while active noise cancellation is better it automatically carries a bigger price tag and battery consumption with it. Be wary of this as it is not always necessary to jump at the noise active cancelling headphones, some do a very decent job without this feature and a fraction of the cost.


The look is not important in terms of the bass quality in so much that it’s important for you to be happy with your headphones. It’s easier to appreciate the finer things of something if you like it already and what better way to like something quickly then by the way it looks. It’s the thing that gives us a first impression and if it’s a positive one then that should usually help us see everything else in a brighter light.

Looks speak to us on a personal level and this is something we should prioritize according to our own thoughts. So whether or not someone says that a pair of headphones might not look too good to them, this should not stop you from picking them, if you like the way they look.

Build Quality

Build quality is a necessary field to consider when purchasing headphones as you want the assurance when you buy something that it will endure the test of time. The last thing you want to see is your brand new headphones breaking, because at this point the quality of the bass is indifferent. Build quality is important in some cases to determine the quality of the headphones. When a company uses cheaper materials it is a fair assumption to assume that the drivers are cheaper too and if that is so, then perhaps the sound quality is also not as good.

Another reason why build quality is important is that it can give us a hint of the weight of the headphones. For example headphones comprised mainly of plastic tend to be lighter than headphones made more from metal parts. If a pair of headphones is heavier than it means that you need a stronger clamping force to keep the fit snug and if the headphones don’t have a good way for compensating for this, you can experience slight to moderate discomfort. This brings us to our next topic.


Comfort is quite self explanatory. We want something that we can use for as long as we like, all the while maintaining a manageable to pleasing level of comfort. We don’t want to have to be making breaks because are ears feel like they are about to fall off.

There are many different types and variations of padding or cushioning on the headphones in this list and some are better than others. Though this might not be the most important aspect for some, just remember you still want to accommodate for some level of comfort no matter what you are looking for.


Finally we come to the price. The price is something that ultimately depends on your financial position and how much you willing to spend. Not everyone sees the same price the same way, it’s relative to one’s earnings and current financial situation. Either way, no matter how much money you have it is important to inform yourself on what you are buying because not everything is worth as much as it’s being sold for. So make sure you know what you want before you go chasing after your 16 best bass headphones in 2020.

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