15 Best Bass Earbuds In 2020

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Today’s music is, more than ever before, driven by bass, and since the popularity of that kind of music grows exponentially, the number of people searching for the best pair of bass headphones raises every day. The headphones manufacturers are trying to meet the modern-age requirements by making all kinds of headphones and earbuds with an improved bass response, but unfortunately, not all of them have the same success. There is a bunch of bass headphones and earbuds on the market and they are not all great. Most of them will never be able to fulfill your expectations, and you are always in danger of throwing your money away for nothing. This article is made for all the bass heads searching for good bass headphones in 2020. We are going to be focused only on in-ear headphones (earbuds) and our list of 15 best bass earbuds in 2020 is designed to help you with your choice. We are going to point out some important things you should know about bass, explain the importance of bass and bassline in music, and clarify all the important features you should pay attention to when buying bass earbuds. After a short introduction, we are going to present to you 15 best bass earbuds in 2020 currently available on the market. We have managed to find great bass earbuds from different price ranges – there will be some cheap, but also some incredibly expensive earbuds, so whether you are prepared to splash some serious amount of cash or you are trying to save some money and still get a good product, you will find this list useful.

Things You Should Pay Attention to When Buying Any Pair of Earbuds

Since you’ve decided to buy earbuds, the first thing you should know is that there are some common features important for any pair of earbuds, and those features are: price, comfort, construction quality, quality of wires and jacks (or quality of wireless connection in case you decide to buy Bluetooth earbuds), noise isolation (reduction, cancellation), and of course sound quality (which will be in the center of our attention in the next section).


Price is something that you can’t neglect nowadays, whatever you buy (unless you are filthy rich). Prices of earbuds range from a few dollars to couple hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The prices can be really high, and the general rule is that you get more if you pay more. But, there are always exceptions to rules, and we gave our best to find some affordable but still good quality earbuds, and we are going to present to you some of those too.


Comfort is important feature for every type of headphones, but since earbuds go inside your ear which is kind of unnatural, comfort is even more important. Some people are so repelled by the very idea of having some foreign object inside their ear, and earbuds are obviously not designed for them. Even if you don’t find earbuds repelling, you should pay attention to how they fit your ear and do they cause some unpleasant pressure. If they don’t fit well, or you feel too much pressure, you will never be happy with those earbuds, no matter how good sound they produce. Also, pay attention to all those in-ear and over-ear hooks that come in the package. They are used to stabilize earbuds and prevent them from falling out of your ears, but they can be pretty uncomfortable if they don’t fit the earlobe or if they are made of some too firm (inflexible) material.

Construction Quality

The general rule that you get more if you pay more applies here too, but unfortunately, you can easily end up disappointed with some expensive earbuds, or pleasantly surprised by durability of some much cheaper models. What you should be looking for are basically good quality materials – sturdy industrial plastic or metal (usually some aluminum alloys since they combine 2 important features – firmness (durability) and lightweight at the same time). If you choose one of these options, you can be certain that your earbuds will survive heavy use during long periods of time, and they won’t fall apart the first time they get dropped on the ground.

Quality of wires and jacks (quality of wireless connection)

Before we say anything about audio cables and quality of connection, let’s make one thing clear. If you are having doubts about what type of earbuds is better – wired or wireless, and you are concerned only about the sound, wired earbuds are better option. Wireless earbuds have to compress audio in order to enable continuous reproduction, and due to that compression audio quality suffers. The reason for compression is that currently available Bluetooth versions can’t transfer that much data wirelessly without problems. This doesn’t mean that Bluetooth earbuds distort the audio much. These differences in sound quality between wired and wireless earbuds aren’t at all that big, but they still exist. When talking about cables and jacks, the things you should be looking for are thick, sturdy, tangle-free cables and strong jacks. Some people think that gold-plated jacks are better than silver-plated, but there is no noticeable difference in sound quality between those two. Gold-plated jacks are used only because they are more resistant to corrosion.

If you decide to buy wireless earbuds you should pay attention to the version of Bluetooth they use (currently used versions are 4.0, 4.1, and 4.2). Newer Bluetooth versions can transfer data (audio) faster so there will be less compression and have smaller power consumption so the battery will last longer. You should also pay attention to the maximum distance between Bluetooth enabled device and your earbuds, and to the compatibility with different devices.

Noise Isolation

In order to experience the real potential of your earbuds, they have to seal your ears well. Along with earbuds, you will usually get ear tips in different sizes, and you can choose the right tips for your ears. The idea is to prevent as much ambient noise as possible from coming into your ear and allow you to enjoy your favorite songs without disturbance. There are many earbuds on the market that use different types of passive and active noise canceling technology, but be careful when buying them, because you can spend more money on something that doesn’t really reduce noise that much. The most important thing is still that ear tips seal your ear canal perfectly.

Best Bass Earbuds In 2020 – Top 15

Best Bass EarbudsModelRatingReview
Sony MDRXB50AP4.2Read Review
JVC HAFX1X4.1Read Review
Sennheiser CX 3003.8Read Review
Audiophile Elite4.2Read Review
Pioneer SE-CH5T4.8Read Review
Yamaha M100BL4.3Read Review
V-MODA Zn3.9Read Review
MEE audio M73.9Read Review
RHA T10i4.1Read Review
Audio-Technica ATH-E404.2Read Review
Sennheiser IE804.2Read Review
Sony MDR-XB90EX4.2Read Review
Sennheiser IE 8004.1Read Review
Westone W404.0Read Review
Shure SE846-CL4.4Read Review

What Differs Bass Earbuds from Other Types of Earbuds?

Bass earbuds are no different from other earbuds in terms of design or weight. The difference lays inside the earbuds – in their drivers, which are their most important parts. Drivers are small devices inside your earbuds that transform electrical signal into an audio wave, and manufacturers perform different types of enhancements on those drivers in order to boost the bass. Be aware that not all manufacturers achieve desired results. It happens sometimes that boosting bass leads to distortion of audio, and that ruins completely all the joy that you should feel when listening to music. So, even if you are extremely passionate about bass, be aware that something called ‘’too much bass’’ really exists, and even more – there are situations were no bass at all is better option than unreasonably distorted sound.

Things You Should Pay Attention to When Buying Bass Earbuds


It is usually good thing to search for earbuds that use multiple drivers (triple-drivers, quad-drivers) which have separate drivers for different frequency ranges. Most professional earbuds have this kind of drivers, but they also cost significantly more than regular bass earbuds with enhanced dynamic drivers. However, you don’t have to despair because of that. You can get really good sound with deep bass even with a single (or dual) driver, especially if the manufacturer didn’t exaggerate with bass boost.

Sound Quality

What you expect from great bass earbuds is of course bass, but there has to be something more than that in terms of sound quality. You don’t want mid-tones and highs to be muffled because you will never experience your music in the best possible way if you can hear only bass. So, deep bass and great bass response (ability to reproduce low-frequency tones below 100 Hz) with well-balanced mid-tones and highs is the combination you should be looking for. And you shouldn’t be making compromises in order to get stronger bass if you don’t want to see what the term ‘’too much bass” means.

Our list consists of products from different price ranges, but all of them meet the requirements we have mentioned above. Some of them are really cheap, some are not so cheap but offer great value for the money, and some are really expensive (maybe even unreasonably) but represent the very best high-end bass earbuds on the market.

Hopefully, you will find this list of 15 best bass earbuds in 2020 helpful.

Sony MDRXB50AP Extra Bass Earbud Headset

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This relatively cheap product made by Sony is one of the good examples of great value for money. They really don’t cost much, and what you get is great sound quality with enhanced bass (which is not overwhelming) and nicely balanced mid-tones and highs. On the negative side, you shouldn’t be expecting great construction quality and durability, and there were some complaints regarding these issues, but we will discuss them later.

MDRXB50AP bass earbuds come in a nice stylish packaging, and the whole presentation is really appealing, it’s much more than you can expect for 27 bucks. We mentioned the packaging for a reason – there is a lot of fake Sony headphones and earbuds on the market and the first thing you can notice about these fake headphones and earbuds is the packaging, which usually looks much cheaper than the original. Headphones are wired, the cable is 1.2m long, it’s flat and tangle-resistant, and it has 3.5mm gold-plated jack. There are in-line remote controls and mic on the cable with one multifunctional button, which you can use to change tracks (2 clicks to skip the song, 3 clicks to play the previous song), or to answer or make calls. You can’t control the volume through the remote controls, and you have to use your phone or player to adjust the volume. In the packaging, you will also find 3 pairs of ear tips (small, medium, large) so you can choose the pair that fits best your ears, and a small carrying pouch. Ear tips are made of silicone and they feel really nice. They seal your ears good and don’t allow much noise to come in, or sound to leak. We are highly satisfied with noise isolation. What seems to be the problem is durability and quality of construction. This is not something you can notice at first sight, in fact, they look sturdy and well-built, but there were complaints regarding durability. Earpieces are usually the problem – some customers complained about them (or sometimes only one earbud) not being able to produce sound after 2-3 months of use without any apparent reason. In some other cases, there were no sound problems, but the color started to peel off. Most of these complaints about color peeling off were made by people that used these headphones during workout, and these earbuds are not designed for that (they are not water or sweat resistant), so we can’t say that this is Sony’s fault.

These earbuds use 12mm large drivers so they seem a little bulky but they are not too heavy (0.28 ounces). Drivers are cone-shaped, which is good for directing the sound right into your ear canal. Frequency response spans from 4Hz to 24,000Hz, impedance is 16 Ohms (which means they can be used with any type of phone, player, or any other device with 3.5mm female jack), sensitivity is approximately 110 dB/mW (which means they are pretty loud), and maximum input power is 100mW.

Thanks to their 12mm drivers (dynamic, neodymium magnets) and great seal, Sony MDRXB50AP earbuds deliver great sound with strong bass (but not too strong), and balanced mids and highs. Sound doesn’t get distorted at high volume, so you can enjoy your favorite songs without annoyance.

Advantages and Disadvantages

 Affordable price

Stylish design

3 colors available (black, blue, red)

Flat, tangle-free cable

Simple and easy-to-use in-line controls

3 pairs of ear tips (S, M, L)

Great sound quality with deep and punchy bass and balanced mids and highs

Poor construction quality and durability

Can’t adjust volume with in-line controls

Not sweat or water resistant

JVC HAFX1X Headphone Xtreme-Xplosivs

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JVC is one more Japanese company among audio equipment manufacturers. It was established in 1927. HAFX1X earbuds are their answer to high growing demands for more bass oriented earbuds. These earbuds produce incredibly strong bass, and they can be really good choice for all the bass heads all over the world, especially because they are not too expensive, but we would never recommend these earbuds to any audiophile (or anyone who likes more balanced audio) because the mids and highs suffer too much because of the bass (at least in our opinion). The second weak point of these earbuds is construction quality.

HAFX1X earbuds come in a simple JVC packaging, along with sturdy carrying case which can be really useful for transport, and 3 pairs of ear tips in different sizes (small, medium, large). Earbuds are wired, and the cable is 1.2m long and Y-shaped with 3.5mm gold-plated jack. There are no in-line controls (not even for volume) or in-line mic on the cable, so they are designed only for listening to music, and you will have to control the playback and sound volume through your phone or mp3 player. As we already said, the earbuds come with silicone ear tips in different sizes, so when you choose the right size for your ears, you will be able to listen to music without any discomfort. They are also very lightweight (only 0.18 ounces) which makes them even more comfortable. Just like most cheap earbuds, durability is the biggest issue. You will maybe use these earbuds for a year, but anything longer than that will be a surprise. The weakest parts are earpieces and cable (joints between the cable and 3.5mm jack, and between the cable and earpieces).

HAFX1X earbuds have 10mm large drivers with neodymium magnets, frequency response spans from 5Hz to 23,000Hz (which is pretty big range for any pair of earbuds), impedance is 16 Ohms (can be connected to any audio device with 3.5mm F-jack), sensitivity is 104 dB/mW and maximum input is 200 mW.

And now, the most important feature – sound quality. As we have already mentioned, if you are so crazy about bass, you may find these earbuds useful, but if you like more balanced mids and highs, these earbuds are not made for you. Maybe because of such a deep bass, or for some other reason, mids and highs get muffled a lot (especially at high volume), almost to the point where you can’t understand the vocals. On the other hand, sound isolation is excellent, and these earbuds (if they seal your ears as they should) isolate huge portion of ambient noise.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Affordable price

Stylish design

Comfortable (3 pairs of ear tips made of silicone in different sizes, lightweight)

Deep and punchy bass

Great noise isolation

Poor durability (poor cable quality)

Muffled mids and highs

Sennheiser CX 300-II Precision

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Sennheiser CX 300 II earbuds are one of the cheapest Sennheiser products on the market. What you will get with these earbuds is great sound with slightly enhanced bass (not too much), and articulate mids and super-clean highs, so they are really good choice for every listener and every music genre. The weakest parts are once again cable and 3.5mm jack, and we will elaborate on that later.

CX 300 II earbuds come in original Sennheiser packaging with more accessories than you can expect for 30 bucks. Earbuds are wired and have 1.2m long asymmetric cable (right earbud cable is longer than the left one, and should be worn around your neck). Many people don’t like this uneven cable length, and we want you to be aware of this feature and take it into consideration when deciding which earbuds to buy. The cable ends with 3.5mm gold-plated jack (angled under 90 degrees). There are no in-line controls or mic on the cable, so you will have to control the volume or track playback with your phone or mp3 player, and you won’t be able to make or answer calls with these earbuds. The juncture between cable and jack is covered with some kind of plastic or rubber. Along with the earbuds, you will get three pairs of ear tips in different sizes (S, M, L) and black carrying bag with Sennheiser logo. Comfort is not an issue with these earbuds, they will fit your ears thanks to different sized ear tips and you won’t be having any problems regarding comfort. They are lightweight (0.2 ounces) which also contributes to the comfort. On the other side, durability is the biggest problem with these earbuds. Customers often complained about cable being too thin and prone to fraying (especially rubber juncture between the cable and 3.5mm jack). You really have to be careful with this part since it is incredibly prone to breaking. It happens sometimes that breaking this part doesn’t ruin completely your earbuds (sound is still untouched), but your earbuds will certainly die soon after that. We didn’t expect this kind of issue with any product made by Sennheiser, but as you can see, it happens even to the best. The good thing about these earbuds is that you still get 2-years warranty, and you can replace them if they get damaged, but only if you used them in the way it was intended (the most important thing is that you don’t use them for workouts, since they are not designed for that, and Sennheiser won’t accept warranty if they are damaged during that kind of activities).

CX 300 earbuds have dynamic drivers, their frequency response spans from 19Hz to 21,000Hz, impedance is 16 Ohms (they can be used with any phone or player without problems), and sensitivity is 113 dB/mW (pretty loud).

Sound quality is definitely the best feature of these earbuds – they provide excellent bass response, with just the right amount of bass (at least for our taste), full mids and clean highs. Sound doesn’t get muffled at high volume, and general impression is that the sound is just awesome. These earbuds don’t have such a deep bass like previously mentioned JVC HAFX1X, but we think that even if you are huge bass enthusiast, you will love CX 300 II earbuds. Noise isolation is excellent, especially if you choose the right pair of ear tips.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Affordable price

Stylish design

Comfortable (3 pairs of ear tips in different sizes, lightweight)

Great sound quality – punchy bass, nicely balanced mids and highs

Good noise isolation

Durability issues (cable not thick enough, juncture between jack and cable gets broken easily)

Audiophile Elite Earbuds

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Audiophile is one more generic Chinese brand on the market. Although we often relate Chinese products (especially generic brands) with poor quality, these earbuds have something to offer, especially when bass (and sound quality in general) is concerned. They have two drivers – one is in charge of low-frequency tones, and the other is in charge of mids and highs. The sound that these earbuds deliver is really good, and these are definitely among 10 best bass earbuds in under $50 price range. The negative things are cable (which gets tangled often), poor design, and poor build quality.

These earbuds come in a simple cardboard packaging, and along with them, you will get only 3 pairs of ear tips in different sizes (S, M, L). There will be no carrying pouch or anything else. The design is not something we love about these earbuds, they are simple and don’t look as appealing as some other earbuds on our list. Earbuds are wired, the cable is 1.2m long and there are no in-line controls or mic, so you can use them only for listening to music, and you can control volume or playback only with your phone or mp3 player. The cable is prone to tangling, and you will definitely have to detangle it every time you want to use earbuds. Earbuds are kind of bulky and feel a little bit heavier than other earbuds (0.32 ounces) and that’s one of the reasons why they are not so comfortable. The other reason are the ear tips, which are made of silicone, but they are not so soft, and even if you choose the right pair of ear tips there will be some discomfort. Earpieces don’t seem durable, they seem poorly built and manufacturer should’ve paid more attention to their quality.

Earbuds have frequency response that spans from 5Hz to 31,000Hz (which is really huge range even for on-ear or over-ear headphones), their impedance is 16 Ohms (can be used with bunch of different devices), and sensitivity is 118 dB/mW (they are extremely loud).

Sound quality is the best feature of these earbuds. They deliver strong bass driven sound, with great bass response, and articulate mids and highs. There is no much distortion even at higher volume, and noise isolation is really good, although there is still that comfort issue – the earbuds will seal your ears well, they will isolate great portion of ambient noise but your ears will start to hurt after an hour or two.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Affordable price

Great sound quality – great bass response, full mids and clean highs

Great noise isolation

Design is not so attractive

Uncomfortable (bulky, heavier than average, hard silicone ear tips)

Earpieces don’t seem durable enough

Cable is tangle-prone

Pioneer In-Ear Hi-Res Audio Headphones SE-CH5T

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Pioneer is one of the famous audio equipment manufacturers and it would be shame not to mention it when talking about great sound quality earbuds. We picked one of the cheapest Pioneer’s products on the market – SE-CH5T earbuds. The best feature about these earbuds is their sound, which is simply amazing (probably one of the best under $50.00), and the biggest issue is comfort since they are supposed to go inside your ear (not only ear tips but the whole earpiece) and we don’t all have the same ears.

SE-CH5T earbuds are available in 3 colors – black, silver, and red. Silver and red models are slightly more expensive than the black one. Along with earbuds, you will get 3 pairs of silicone ear tips in different sizes and a carrying bag. Earbuds are wired, cable is tangle-resistant, it is 1.2m long, and it has 3.5mm gold-plated straight jack. On the cable, you will find in-line controls with mic. You can use controls to answer or end calls and to change tracks, but you have to use your smartphone or player to adjust the volume. Earbuds seem really durable, they are well-built, edges are rounded, and general impression is that these earbuds can survive heavy continuous use without any problem. The cable is also very strong, and the juncture between the cable and 3.5mm jack is reinforced with sturdy rubber. Cable problems that often happen with other cheap earbuds won’t happen with these. Comfort is probably the only problem with these earbuds. Although they come with 3 pairs of ear tips and they are ergonomically designed (that’s what Pioneer claims), you might find it difficult to place them in your ears. The whole earpiece is supposed to go into your ear, so finding the right size of ear tips for your ear canal is not enough. If you have slightly smaller or bigger earlobes than ‘’regular’’, earpieces won’t fit well – it will hurt your ears (if you have small ears), or fall out (if you have big ears). Our suggestion is to try these earbuds in some audio store before deciding to buy them. If they fit your ears well don’t think twice – these are perfect in every other aspect.

Earbuds have 9.8mm dynamic drivers and well-engineered airflow port which additionally improves the sound, their frequency response spans from 8Hz to 45,000Hz, impedance is 26 Ohms (slightly higher than other earbuds, but still offer great sound quality when connected to any phone or mp3 player), sensitivity is 108 dB/mW (pretty loud), and maximum input power is 100 mW.

Sound quality is definitely the best feature of these Pioneer earbuds. Excellent bass response, with crystal-clear mids and highs, is what you will get. Bass is not overemphasized, but it’s really deep, and the best thing is that mids and highs don’t suffer because of such a good bass. Noise isolation is pretty good if they fit your ear well.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Affordable price

Durable (great construction quality, reinforced junctures, strong cable)

In-line track controls and mic

Great sound quality with punchy bass and clean mids and highs

Comfort issues for people with smaller or bigger ears

Volume can’t be adjusted with remote controls (you have to use your phone)

Yamaha EPH-M100BL Earphones

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You’ve probably heard about Yamaha motorcycle company, but Yamaha also makes instruments, high-end music production equipment, studio equipment, and audio and visual equipment. Yamaha earbuds we will be talking about are EPH-M100BL high-performance earbuds. Like most of other earbuds on our list, the best feature is sound, extremely deep bass, and excellent bass response thanks to 15mm drivers. The biggest flaw is cable quality. Cable should really be better, there were reported tangling problems (although it is advertised as tangle resistant) and complaints about poorly built jack.

Earbuds are available in three colors – black, blue, and white. They come in original Yamaha packaging with lots of accessories. Besides the earbuds, you will get even 5 pairs of silicone ear tips in different sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL), sturdy carrying case, and gold-plated 6.3mm adapter. Earbuds are wired, the cable is 1.2m long and it has 3.5mm gold-plated jack. There are in-line remote controls with mic on the cable. You can use them to adjust volume, change track, or answer and end calls. These earbuds really offer great amount of comfort – Yamaha did great job by adding extra-small and extra-large ear tips, so no matter how big or small ears you have, you will find just the right pair of ear tips. Yamaha also made ergonomically angled earpieces in order to additionally improve comfort and stability. Earbuds are a little bit heavier than average (0.67 ounces), but that’s not a big problem, and it doesn’t affect comfort. Durability is the biggest issue of these earbuds and the most of the durability-related problems are caused by the cable. We can’t say that it looks cheap or not thick enough, but customers still complained about cable quality. 3.5mm jack and the L-shaped juncture between cable and jack seem sturdy and well-designed, but some people complained about that L-shaped jack because it often gets stuck when trying to pull the phone out of pocket.

Earbuds have really large 15mm drivers (these are the largest possible drivers for earbuds), their frequency response spans from 20Hz to 20,000Hz, impedance is 28 Ohms, sensitivity is 106 dB/mW, and maximum input power is 30mW.

The sound quality is the best feature of these earbuds, especially if you are bass enthusiast. If you like more balanced audio with just a bit deeper bass, these are not for you. Yamaha EPH-M100BL earbuds deliver really strong bass with slightly muffled mids and highs (that’s why we said that these earbuds are not great choice for those who like balanced and clean audio). Noise isolation is just perfect when you find the right pair of ear tips. One more problem with these earbuds is the mic, which picks up a lot of noise when trying to talk to someone during windy weather or in some noisy environment.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Stylish, appealing design

Lots of accessories (5 pairs of ear tips in different sizes, carrying case, 6.3mm adapter)

Comfortable (ear tips, angled earpieces)

Easy-to-use controls

Really strong bass

Durability issues (mostly with the cable)

Mic issues (mic picks up lots of ambient noise)

Slightly muffled mids and highs

V-MODA Zn In-Ear Headphones

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V-MODA became famous for making DJ equipment, especially for making DJ headphones. Zn in-ear headphones we decided to present to you can be considered small brother of V-MODA popular models Crossfade M100 and Crossfade LP. They have perfect sound quality with emphasized bass and great stylish look. The biggest, and probably the only issue you will experience with these earbuds (besides the price, which is probably too high) is cable that gets damaged (frayed) after a year or so, especially near the earpieces.

Earbuds come in nice and stylish V-MODA packaging with lots of accessories. Besides the earbuds, you will get 4 pairs of ear tips in different sizes, one pair of over-ear hooks (designed for sports), cable management clip, and black carrying pouch made of leather. Earbuds are wired, cord is 1.2m long and has 3.5mm angled gold-plated jack. On the cable, you will find in-line 3-button controls and mic. You can use controls to adjust the volume, control the playback, and answer/end calls. V-MODA also offers the same earbuds with 1-button remote controls. V-MODA always brags about their products’ durability, and they are mostly right. The earpieces are made of zinc alloy, and the cable is reinforced with Kevlar. They really are made to last, but there is small issue about the cable which sometimes gets frayed near the earbuds after couple months of use. Even if that happens, you should know that you get 2-years warranty, which is not the case with most cheaper earbuds. There were no complaints about the comfort, and that it is understandable since the manufacturer put great effort to provide you with numerous ear tips in different sizes and even one pair of over-ear hooks if you want to use these earbuds for workout. It is maybe important to mention that these earbuds are not sweat resistant or waterproof, so even though they are durable, you should be careful with them during workouts.

These earbuds have 8mm dynamic drivers, their frequency response spans from 2Hz to 25,000Hz, impedance is 16 Ohms, and sensitivity is 105 dB/mW.

V-MODA Zn earbuds offer just the right sound for bass heads. The bass is so deep that sometimes muffles mids and highs but not too much. Audiophiles will find these headphones not balanced enough, but if you really love bass-driven music, these earbuds will be just perfect. Noise isolation is another great feature of these earbuds – they really isolate as much ambient noise as possible, more than many other bass earbuds.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Catchy design

Lots of accessories (4 pairs of ear tips, carrying pouch, 1 pair of over-ear hooks)

Easy-to-use 3-button controls


Durable (Zn alloy, cable reinforced with Kevlar)

2-years warranty

Strong and deep bass

Excellent noise isolation


Cable gets frayed near earpieces

Mids and highs are a little bit muffled

MEE audio M7 PRO Hybrid Dual-Driver In-Ear Monitors

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MEE audio was established in 2005 and during 12 years of existence this small company managed to find its place in audio industry. They make headphones and earbuds of different kinds (sports, wireless, professional) and they are known for making good quality and affordable products. MEE audio M7 PRO earbuds are one of the latest products of this company. It is a little bit more expensive than other MEE audio models (especially because of two drivers), but the price is still not so high. The best feature of these earbuds is sound quality, and the biggest flaw is durability (people often complained about the cables).

M7 PRO earbuds come in a very rich packaging along with 2 sets of cables (both 1.3m long with 3.5mm gold-plated jacks, one with in-line controls and mic, other without), 5 pairs of silicone ear tips in different size (XS, S, M, L, XL) and 2 pairs of memory foam ear tips, ¼ inch adapter, and stylish and sturdy carrying case. Earpieces have interesting design – they are made of transparent plastic so you can see the inside, and they can be separated from the cable, which is a good thing if anything gets broken. If only one earpiece breaks or stops working you can buy spare earpiece from MEE audio. The same thing applies to cables. Comfort is one of the good features of these earbuds – MEE audio included even 7 pairs of different ear tips so finding the right fit for your ears won’t be a problem. Once you choose the right pair of ear tips you can wear these earbuds without any problem for hours. One more thing we should mention is the over-ear design – these earbuds are supposed to go over your ear and then into your ear canal, which improves stability and prevents your earbuds from falling out. Cables also have interesting design, they are covered with flexible plastic which should improve durability. Unfortunately, that plastic cover isn’t so effective as it should be and most of the complaints were related to cable quality. MEE audio made some improvements based on previous complaints, they reinforced the junctures between jacks and cables. Small plastic parts of the earpieces where they get connected to cable should also be reinforced since they tend to break after couple months of use. All these durability flaws we’ve mentioned would be much bigger deal-breaker if you would have to buy completely new pair of earbuds when something breaks. Luckily, every part of these earbuds is replaceable – ear tips, earpieces, cables.

MEE 7 PRO earbuds have 2 drivers – one 10mm large dynamic driver (in charge of bass), and one balanced armature driver (responsible for mids and highs), their frequency response spans from 10Hz to 20,000Hz, impedance is 16 Ohms, sensitivity is 96 dB/mW (not so loud as some other earbuds on this list, but still decent amount of loudness), and maximum input power is 30 mW.

MEE 7 PRO earbuds offer great sound quality, they deliver deep and punchy bass (thanks to dynamic driver) and super-clean highs (thanks to balanced armature drivers). Mids are slightly muffled but this is barely noticeable. Balanced armature drivers can be tuned to produce optimal sound quality in certain frequency range, and these earbuds would be even better with one more balanced armature driver for mid-range frequencies, although that kind of earbuds would probably cost much more (because balanced armature drivers are more expensive than dynamic drivers). Silicone and especially memory foam tips enable very good seal, which isolates huge portion of ambient noise.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Interesting design

Great packaging with lots of accessories (7 pairs of ear tips, 2 cables, carrying case, ¼ inch adapter)

Replaceable parts (earpieces, cables, tips)

Comfortable (7 pairs of ear tips for perfect fit, over-ear design)

Tangle-resistant cable

2 drivers (one dynamic and one BA driver)

Great sound quality with strong bass and clean highs

Great noise isolation

Durability issues (cable and earpieces)

RHA T10i High Fidelity In-Ear Headphones

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If you are looking for premium and highly durable earbuds RHA is the right brand for you. RHA is Scottish company, and it’s the youngest company on this list. It was established in 2011 and in a really short period of time it has become synonym for durable high-end products. One of the RHA’s most popular products are T10i earbuds, and we think they absolutely deserve to be on this list.

Like all the other RHA earbuds, T10i come in a premium packaging with lots of accessories. Along with earbuds, you will get 8 pairs of silicone ear tips in different sizes, 2 pairs of memory foam ear tips, 3 pairs of tuning filters (one pair for bass, other for treble, and the third pair which is considered default), and sturdy carrying case with RHA logo on it. Earbuds are wired, their cable is 1.35m long with reinforced 3.5mm gold-plated jack. There are in-line controls with mic on the cable and you can use them to adjust the volume, change tracks, or answer/end calls. Cable also seems very durable, it’s thick and strong, and there is no chance that you will experience some durability issues (breaking, fraying) like with some previously mentioned earbuds. Earpieces are made of stainless steel and from what we could see, they are extremely durable. If all that we said about durability is not good enough proof for you, you should also know that RHA offers 3-years warranty for every product. People from RHA are really convinced that these earbuds can withstand heavy use during long periods of time. Although these earbuds excel in the field of durability, they are not so great when it comes to comfort. First of all, they are heavier than any other earbuds on this list (41g), so you will need some time to adjust to their weight. Second of all, unique over-ear hooks designed by RHA really improve stability of the earbuds and you can be assured that they won’t fall out of your ears, but they aren’t so comfortable. On the positive side there is more than enough ear tips in different sizes, so you will be able to find the perfect fit. RHA T10i earbuds are far from being completely uncomfortable, but there are some issues that should be resolved.

RHA T10i have 770.1 dynamic drivers, their frequency response spans from 16Hz to incredible 44,000Hz (this is maximum frequency response if you use treble filters), impedance is 16 Ohms, and sensitivity is 100 dB/mW.

T10i are without any doubt made for bass heads. Bass is incredibly deep and strong even if you decide to use treble filters, and if you use bass filters you can be 100% certain that you will be absolutely amazed by bass. On the other hand, mids tend to sound a little bit muddy with any filter, and highs are pretty clean when you use treble filters, but it could be even cleaner. Noise isolation is very good once you find the best fitting ear tips. To conclude – these earbuds are perfect choice for all bass enthusiasts, but audiophiles and people who like well-balanced audio should probably avoid them.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Stylish design

Premium packaging (10 pairs of ear tips, 3 pairs of tuning filters, sturdy carrying case)

Extremely durable (stainless steel housings, reinforced jack, strong and thick cable)

3-years warranty

Perfect sound for bass heads (deep and strong bass with any tuning filter)

Comfort issues (heavy, over-ear hooks might be uncomfortable for some people)

Audio-Technica ATH-E40 Professional In-Ear Monitor Headphones

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Audio-Technica is well-known manufacturer of audio equipment and almost every Audio-Technica product is synonym for good sound quality. We decided to present to you ATH-E40 professional in-ear monitor headphones that are often compared to some great Audio-Technica over-ear headphones (like M40X and M50X). Many users claim that these earbuds are absolutely capable of delivering great sound quality with deep and punchy bass just like famous over-ear headphones made by Audio-Technica.

ATH-E40 earbuds come in a premium packaging along with 4 pairs of ear tips in different sizes (XS, S, M, L), ¼ inch gold-plated adapter, and sturdy carrying case. Earbuds are wired, and cable is detachable so it can be replaced separately (just like earpieces) if it gets damaged. Cable is 1.6m long and has L-shaped gold-plated 3.5mm jack. Cable is strong but seems not thick enough, although there were no complaints regarding durability of these earbuds. Earpieces are well-made with transparent plastic on the front side of the housings. They seem really sturdy, but a little bit bulky. Some users find these earpieces too big and thus uncomfortable for longer use, but to be honest it all depends on the size of your ears. Our suggestion is to try these earbuds in some audio store before deciding to buy them. This is basically the only comfort issue we noticed. Positive thing about comfort are 4 pairs of ear tips (so you will probably find the right pair unless you have really big ears since there are no XL tips), and memory cable ear hooks (or loops as manufacturers call them) are really pleasant and don’t cause any discomfort even after hours of use.

ATH-E40 earbuds have two dynamic 13mm large drivers, their frequency response spans from 20Hz to 20,000Hz, impedance is 12 Ohms, and sensitivity is 107 dB/mW,

As you can always expect from Audio-Technica, sound quality is perfect. These earbuds can deliver punchy pass (but not too much of it), and nicely balanced mids and highs. Some people might want more bass, but we think that this is just the right amount and ATH-E40 earbuds can be good choice for bass heads, but also for all the people who love well-balanced and clean sound in mid and high range. When you manage to place earbuds in your ears and when you find the right pair of ear tips, you will be able to concentrate completely on music since the ambient noise isolation is very good.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Stylish Design

Premium packaging with 4 pairs of ear tips, ¼ inch adapter, and sturdy carrying case

Detachable (replaceable) cable and earpieces


Great sound quality with deep bass, full mids, and clean highs

Very good noise isolation

Comfort issues (bulky earpieces)

Sennheiser IE80 In-Ear Headphones

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Having more than one Sennheiser product on the list of bass earbuds is no surprise. Recognizable Sennheiser sound quality is something you can expect from any earbuds made by this company and IE80 is not an exception. These earbuds are successors of the previous IE8 model and have similar but a little bit clearer bass-centric sound, and practically no visual improvements.

IE80 earbuds come in premium Sennheiser packaging along with 3 pairs of silicone ear tips in different sizes (S, M, L), 1 pair of over-ear hooks, one cable clip, and premium carrying case. These earbuds are wired and cable is detachable, which is a good thing since cables get damaged more often than other parts. Cable is 1.2m long and has silver-plated L-shaped jack (it is strange for any product in this price range not to have gold-plated jack, but you shouldn’t be suspicious since we said earlier that plate doesn’t change things significantly). There are no in-line controls and mic on the cable, so these earbuds are designed exclusively for listening to music, and you have to use your phone or player to adjust volume and control playback. These earbuds seem really durable – they have housings made of industrial plastic and metal, cable is thick and pretty strong, but just like with many other earbuds there were complaints about cable being damaged on the joints near the earpieces. The positive thing is that you will get standard 2-years warranty, so if anything happens you can request another pair. Comfort is probably the worst issue of these earbuds. First, there is one pair of very uncomfortable and quite unusable over-ear hooks. They really don’t feel nice on ears and don’t provide required level of stability – earbuds don’t stay in place during exercise or running and you have to readjust them too often. When you remove ear hooks, things get a little bit better. At first ear tips felt a little bit stiff, but they soften after some time.

IE80 earbuds have dynamic drivers, their frequency response spans from 10Hz to 20,000Hz, impedance is 16 Ohms, and sensitivity is 125 dB/mW (they are extremely loud).

As we already said, the sound is very bass-centric, while the mid-tones and highs stay articulate but not completely clean. We wouldn’t suggest these earbuds to audiophiles, but they are just the right choice for all the bass heads. IE80 in-ear headphones are one of the best in the field of noise isolation, and Sennheiser claims that they can attenuate noise for up to 26dB.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Stylish design

Detachable (replaceable) cable

Great durability

Excellent bass response

Great noise isolation

 /  Extremely loud earbuds (be aware that threshold of pain for human ears is 120dB)

 /  Over-ear hooks are uncomfortable, ear tips are stiff at the beginning

Sony MDR-XB90EX In-Ear Headphones

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These are the second earbuds made by Sony on this list, and while the first ones (MDR-XB50AP) were very much affordable, these are definitely not. MDR-XB90EX earbuds are often advertised as ‘’Japanese import’’ and you should be aware that doesn’t necessarily mean that they are made in Japan. Some people might consider this kind of advertising misleading and they are probably right, but what kind of quality you get for the money is much more important. Having that in mind, we must say that these are probably the best bass earbuds that Sony has to offer, and one of the best on the market, although we still think they are overpriced.

These earbuds come in a simple packaging, which is kind of disappointing since you have to pay so much for them – they could at least make better presentation. You won’t get many accessories along with earbuds, which is another disappointment (just see what you get with V-MODA’s Zn earbuds, and they cost ‘’only” $180.00). You will get 4 pairs of silicone ear tips (XS, S, M, L) and 3 pairs of Comply foam ear tips with urethane cushions, one cheap-looking carrying pouch, and one cable clip. No carrying case, no additional adapters – Sony should really try harder especially because making more appealing packaging with more accessories doesn’t cost that much as making the earbuds sound great. These earbuds are wired, cable is not detachable, it is 1.2m long and has gold-plated L-shaped 3.5mm jack. Cable is also flat and tangle resistant, so you won’t have to detangle them every time you want to use them. Earbuds are made of plastic and seem durable, although there were complaints about rubber part that is used to close the earbud falling out without any particular reason after couple months of use. Thanks to 7 different pairs of ear tips, you can find just the right size for your ears. Earpieces have ergonomically designed angled ducts which provide more stability and secure fit. There were no complaints regarding comfort, and we can say that they don’t cause any pain or fatigue.

These earbuds have 16mm large dome-shaped dynamic drivers (which is the main reason why bass sounds so strong), frequency response spans from 4Hz to 27,000Hz, impedance is 16 Ohms, and sensitivity is 106 dB/mW.

The sound quality, especially deepness and clarity of bass, is the brightest feature of these earbuds. They really deliver sublime and rich bass, and we have to acknowledge that Sony made excellent bass-centric earbuds. Mids and highs are articulate and well-balanced, but there is still room for improvement. MDR-XB90EX earbuds isolate decent portion of ambient noise, and there were no complaints regarding this feature (you should also know that comply foam ear tips are better at noise isolating than silicone ear tips), although there were some complaints about sound leaking through that small rubber part on the front side of the earbuds (we mentioned it earlier as part that falls out without any particular reason, but sound leaking issue made us think that it probably falls out because of the sound pressure).

Advantages and Disadvantages

Comfortable (7 pairs of ear tips)

Excellent bass response with articulate mids and clean highs

Good noise isolation (especially with memory foam ear tips)

 /  Durable, but with some issues (rubber parts on the front side of the earbuds)


No premium packaging

Sound leaks through the earbuds

Sennheiser IE 800 Audiophile Ear Canal Headphones

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IE800 earbuds are one of the latest high-end earbuds made by Sennheiser. They are designed and made in Germany and we truly think that these are state-of-the-art bass earbuds and probably the best on the market. There are some more expensive earbuds, there are earbuds with stronger bass, but still, we would take these without any doubt. The clarity of bass, incredible balance between bass, mids, and highs, absence of distortion, appealing design, perfect fit, and great durability are some of the things you can expect from these earbuds. The only flaw we managed to detect is sound leakage due to dual bass ports on the front side of the earbuds.

Earbuds come in premium Sennheiser packaging, along with five pairs of silicone ear tips in different sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL), carrying case made of leather, cleaning cloth, and short manual. If you compare this packaging to previous Sony packaging, you can see that Sennheiser is much better at presenting its product than Sony. IE800 earbuds are wired, cable is 1.1m long and has gold-plated L-shaped jack. We didn’t say much about the design of previous earbuds (mainly because bass was the most important thing we paid attention to), but here we have to mention that these are beautiful. Housings are made of black ceramic, cable is reinforced with Kevlar while joints between cable and jack are strengthened with hard industrial plastic, so there is no doubt that these are made to survive heavy use during long periods of time. There were no complaints regarding their durability, and from what we said you can see why. Earbuds are also incredibly comfortable, they are lightweight (8g), and when you find the right pair of ear tips you will see how good they seal your ear canal, and how stable they are.

IE800 have small 7mm dynamic drivers with wide frequency response (from 8Hz to 41,000Hz), impedance is 16 Ohms, sensitivity is 125 dB/mW, and their total harmonic distortion is unbelievably low (less than 0.06%).

Even though they are so well-designed, durable, and comfortable, the sound quality is still the best feature of these earbuds. IE800 deliver excellent bass response with full mids, and super-clean highs, there is practically no distortion, and bass clarity is just perfect. These earbuds are great choice for any bass enthusiast, but also for any audiophile. Earbuds can attenuate up to 26 dB of ambient noise when your ear canal is perfectly sealed. As we already mentioned, the only downside of these earbuds is sound leaking through dual bass ports, so it is probably better to use them for listening to music at your home than going out with them.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Stylish and elegant design

Durable (ceramic housings, reinforced cable)

Comfortable (5 pairs of ear tips, lightweight)

Great sound quality with booming bass, full mids, and sizzling highs

Good noise isolation (up to 26 dB)

 /  High price (but worth every cent)

Sound leaks through dual bass ports

Westone W40 Quad-Driver Universal Fit Noise-Isolating Earphones

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Westone is an American company established in 1959. It became famous for making high-end professional earbuds and earbuds for audiophiles. We decided to present to you W40 Quad-Driver earbuds, which may have too balanced audio for bass heads, but it is still very deep and without distortion. If you want more bass there is also W60 model with enhanced bass, but the reasons why we didn’t pick those are poorly balanced mids and highs and unreasonably high price for that kind of quality.

W40 Quad-Driver earbuds come in a premium Westone packaging along with 2 cables (one audio cable with 3.5mm gold-plated jack without in-line controls and mic, and one MFI cable for Apple devices with 3-button in-line controls and in-line mic; Android-compatible cable with in-line controls and mic is available separately), 5 pairs of silicone ear tips in different sizes, 5 pairs of foam ear tips, 3 pairs of faceplates in different colors (black, blue, and red), cleaning tool, and sturdy carrying case. Earbuds are made of sturdy industrial plastic and seem really compact, and audio cable seems strong and can survive heavy use, but the joints between earpieces and cable are problematic, and there were some complaints regarding audio cable quality. Luckily you can always buy a new one separately. It is safe to say that W40 (and every other Westone product from the W series) has very durable earpieces, but not so great cables (which will still survive at least one year of heavy use). Engineers from Westone developed their own ‘’true fit’’ technology which makes their earpieces extremely comfortable and lightweight. On the negative side, ear tips are slightly loose and some customers complained about ear tips staying in their ears when pulling out earpieces.

Westone earbuds have 4 balanced armature drivers (one for bass, one for mid-tones, and 2 for highs), frequency response spans from 10Hz to 18,000Hz, impedance is 31 Ohms (higher than the average, but they still can work with any phone or player although they will probably sound better with an amplifier), and sensitivity is 118 dB/mW (very loud).

W40 earbuds deliver very good sound quality with punchy bass (although real bass heads might want more), full mids, and clean highs. Earbuds manage to isolate big portion of ambient noise (up to 25 dB), and sound doesn’t leak through them at all.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Stylish, catchy design

Premium packaging with lots of accessories

Detachable (replaceable) cable

Good sound quality with decent amount of bass

Good sound isolation

No sound leaking

 /  Durable earpieces, not so durable cables

 /  Lightweight and comfortable earpieces, but slightly loose ear tips

 /  Very loud (118 dB/mW), but be aware that the threshold of pain is 120 dB

High price

Shure SE846-CL Earphones with Quad Micro Drivers and True Subwoofer

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Shure is along with Westone the most reputable manufacturer of professional in-ear monitors. The company was established in 1925 in Chicago, Illinois. Their SE846-CL earbuds are, in our opinion, along with Sennheiser’s IE800 the best bass earbuds on the market. Thanks to 4 balanced armature micro drivers and true subwoofer these earbuds offer incredible sound quality with excellent bass response and perfectly balanced mids and highs.

Earbuds are available in 2 colors – bronze and clear (transparent). They come in premium Shure packaging with lots of accessories. Along with earpieces you will get 2 detachable cables (one 1.15m long with MMCX connectors on one side (used to connect earbuds) and gold-plated jack on the other side, and the other 1.6m long cable with the same connectors and jack), 3 pairs of foam ear tips in different sizes, one pair of triple-flanged foam ear tips, one kit for frequency response customization (changeable filters (nozzles) for different sound signatures so you can choose the type of sound you want), gold-plated ¼ inch adapter, airline adapter, cable clip, carrying pouch and sturdy carrying case, volume controls (which you can attach to audio cable), and user manual. If you want to use them with different Bluetooth enabled devices, you can buy separately Bluetooth enabled cable. These earbuds are extremely durable – earpieces are made of hard industrial plastic, cables are reinforced with Kevlar, there are also some metal parts and there were no complaints regarding the construction quality. On the other side, there is small comfort issue since the earpieces and ear tips are kind of bulky, so if you have smaller ears these earbuds could be really uncomfortable.

As we already mentioned SE846-CL earbuds have four balanced armature drivers with true subwoofer, frequency response spans from 15Hz to 20,000Hz and can be adjusted with frequency response customization kit, their impedance is 9 Ohms, and sensitivity is 107 dB/mW.

SE846-CL earbuds deliver great sound quality, especially in low and mid-range, while highs sound just a little bit muddy, which is not something you would expect from so highly-priced earbuds, and this is the main reason (except for comfort issues) we think that they are overpriced. These earbuds are probably the best at passive noise isolating among all the earbuds we mentioned – they are able to attenuate up to 37 dB of ambient noise which is much more than any other earbuds on our list. Triple-flanged foam ear tips proved to be the most effective at noise isolating.

Advantages and Disadvantages

Premium packaging with lots of accessories

Durable (earpieces made of industrial plastic, reinforced cables)

Great bass response

Great noise isolation (up to 37dB)

Comfort issues (especially for people with smaller ears)

Muddy highs


How to Avoid Buying Fake Earbuds

In order to be as helpful as possible, instead of a conclusion, we will try to explain to you how to avoid buying fake earbuds, and how to check if your earbuds are original. This kind of scams happens today more than ever before. There is bunch of companies that make fake products and abuse some of the most famous names in audio industry (Sony, Sennheiser, Audio-Technica, Pioneer). In order to avoid fakes, you should buy from verified resellers. If you are not sure if some store or website is verified you can check that by visiting official website of the company in question. If you have already bought your earbuds, and you are suspicious (or even if you are not) you can visit official site of the company and register your earbuds in support section. If the online questionnaire doesn’t recognize serial number you entered, then you have probably been scammed. Majority of famous audio equipment companies have the option to register (or authenticate) the product you bought. Some companies (like Audio-Technica) also offer you a list of unauthorized online resellers in order to advise their customers not to buy from these resellers.

What is Bass?

Bass is common name for all the low-frequency tones. All the tones ranging from 16 Hz (or 20 Hz, since that’s the point where human hearing starts and anything below that is not audible) up to 256 Hz are considered bass tones. Among those bass tones, we can make difference between sub-bass, mid-bass, and upper bass ranges. Sub-bass spans from 0Hz to 80Hz (or 100Hz), mid-range from 80Hz to 150Hz, and upper-bass from 150Hz to 256Hz. Depending on the source, you might find some different numbers, and what is considered bass usually goes up to 300Hz (or even 400Hz). Some of the instruments in charge of bass parts of a song or a musical piece are timpani, tuba, bass trombone, bassoon, double bass, cello (in orchestra), upright bass (in jazz songs), electric bass guitar and kick drums (in rock songs), electric synthesizer (in electro/trance music, hip-hop or rap music).

What is Bassline and Why is it Important?

Every song consists of two parts – bassline and melody. While the melody is something that you can easily recognize, the bassline isn’t always so obvious. Whenever you sing (or whistle) a song, what you do is reproducing the melody of that song. You probably couldn’t do the same thing if someone would ask you to reproduce the bassline. You can think of a bassline as of some kind of support to melody. The role of bassline in a song is to determine the rhythm and harmony and to underline the root note of every chord and put an accent on the first beat. Basslines are not always so melodic, and that’s the reason why you can’t really sing the bassline, but there are songs with more than famous bass parts that you can recognize in just a few seconds. Songs like that are, for example, Ace of Spades by Motorhead, Come as You Are by Nirvana, My Generation by The Who, Beat It or Billie Jean by Michael Jackson, or Another One Bites the Dust by Queen.

So, what we have learned so far is that bass parts (or basslines) refer to all low pitch tones and that you can differentiate them from melodies based on the instruments performing these parts. We have concentrated our attention on classical, rock, and pop music so far, but there is bunch of modern music genres (especially in the field of electronic music) where the bass became more emphasized, even to the point where it can be considered music (or melody, if you want). Today we have genres like dubstep, post-dubstep which is also called bass music (yes, there is even music genre called like that), reggae-step, contemporary R&B, and many other genres where bass and rhythm play incredibly important role, much more important than before. All these new genres can be considered as bass-driven music, although if you look at the bigger picture basically every music, starting from classical is driven by bass, although not to such an extent like these contemporary genres.

Why Is Bass-Driven Music so Popular?

Believe it or not, there is even scientific explanation why is bass-driven music so popular. Researchers from Canadian McMaster Institute for Music and the Mind proved that human brain tends to follow bass tones (low-frequency tones) with more ease than high pitched (high-frequency) tones, and that is practically explanation why we can easily get hooked on rhythmic music with lots of bass. The brain just reacts to the bass much better, than to the treble, and since this is the matter of nature and science, there is no point in fighting against it. The only thing you can do is to embrace this bass-driven music and enjoy it. This leads us to the next three sections of our article where we are going to explain what kind of earbuds you should be looking for in order to experience the bass of your favorite songs in the best possible way.

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